Monday, September 30, 2019

Wild Experience Grocery Shopping At 1:30 AM

Brian Joseph Johns
Tonight I decided it might be good to try shopping at night. So I went to the local Metro Grocer at 80 Front Street East in downtown Toronto at 1:30AM.

Shopping at that time is a lot more peaceful with a lot less harassment though there was a little bit but far less than what there is during a day excursion. I imagine that would be quadrupled thanks to my most recent posts, however I have no fear. Its an inconvenience and occasionally a serious frustration at most.

So late night shopping seemed to be the answer and it worked out quite well. During my walk there I passed the Moss Park Armoury where I had signed up and trained as a member of the Queen's Own Rifles years earlier, never getting my jump wings unfortunately as life had become very unaccomodating to being in the military. Perhaps people in the background who preferred to keep me away from it? Who knows. I did my best and eventually the committment between my militia shifts and work shifts collided. Eventually work won out at that time unfortunately. Maybe someday I'll get my jump wings privately just to close the book on that. As I've stated I have no fear of skydiving at all. So ironically I get to pass the Moss Park Armouries every time I venture into southern downtown Toronto.

I was surprised at the selection at the store, as I'd assumed that I'd have to buy the more ethnic end of the content for my Chinese stir fries and Indian Chicken dishes such as spices and specialty items (rice vinnegar or Chinese cooking wine) from another grocer. It turns out they had the vast majority of what I needed. I managed to get a Whole Chicken and Pork Shoulder for a reasonable price. They also had a vast selection of seasonings including a wide variety of spices and condiments from just about every corner of the Earth. Prices that were competitive though a tad bit higher than what I was used to.

The real doosie for me was when I arrived at the checkout, there was nobody there. That's because the checkout is self checkout. You literally scan the items and bag them yourself after which you pay by whatever means you choose (including by air miles rewards). I used to do POS installations, with a simple scanner setup and a computer and accounting backend about twenty years ago (actually with some help from an ex-OPP Liaison Officer) but nothing of the scale they have today. My brother in-law actual works on the hardware and software development end of POS systems even of this modern self serve variety but it was my first time seeing them in action. It was an incredible experience and eye opening to just how fast things change.

Fortunately there was no shortage of staff either, as in the jobs lost at the cashiers were replaced by security and grocery stock clerks all of whom were very helpful. My experiences at Freshco were good insofar as most of the staff and those that didn't get involved in the harassment and their prices are still good. I'll undoubtedly keep using them but at least its nice to know that I have another alternative especially if I'd prefer to shop at night.

When I got home, started doing all of my cooking for daytime Monday and tonight (Monday night) I'll probably cook a killer stir fry which might last me two days. Very healthy, high protein, mid fat low carbs (staying away from rice this time and sticking with egg noodles) which makes it keto compatible.

A far cry from the manic weekend posts eh? Well when you manage to get somewhere that you're not completely abused and mistreated socially you tend to be level headed rather than closing in on fight or flight syndrome. Btw, no narcotics were involved in my weekend rants, just social abuse from some nasty people in the community. Fortunately I found some good ones today and managed to have most of my shopping done for the next week and a half and even some goodies for my Kitty.

Thanks for reading this. Sorry if you were put off by the weekend post but some things are better expressed for the betterment and education of the whole. I sometimes wonder if group stalkers aren't like the people who organize and provoke the illegal dog or rooster fights for the gambling revenue and the entertainment of the underground. I guess I should be grateful that I'm not a bait dog in the metaphorical sense.

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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