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Blood Centric Ideology Versus Blood Paid...

Brian Joseph Johns
Much to the chagrin of others...
I mirrored my post from one of the other sites I own and write for to Shhhh! Digital. It seems to be a bit pertinent nowadays.

I by the way am NOT on the blue team in terms of it meaning a polarity reversal. So what I state here is intended the way it is written. Not the opposite of what is written. Hate does not mean love and love does not mean hate. Sincerity before polarity.

I am NOT a Jehovah's Witness and I am NOT a Roman Catholic. In fact, I am not a member of any form of Christianity at all. I'm a Taoist and Buddhist. With all due respect, I'm not Scottish.

I'm actually 6 feet tall and about 170 lbs in weight with green eyes and dark hair like in the photo in case anyone tries to steal my identity or replace it with theirs.

There are many blood centric ideologies popping up around the world and some that have existed for a very long time. I'm going to focus on the disparity between what blood paid is intended to mean by abusive cults that want to steal the output of other people and apply that output to their own lives. They're essentially social leeches. Usually they'll pick one person to watch and everything that comes from that person they'll steal, instead crediting members of their cult with the credit for those efforts. Good or bad. The reason for them taking credit for the bad is because they use that as justification to steal the good.

Their logic is that if a person did something worthy of remaining secret (not necessarily bad) around the same time span that they achieved something good, that the person who achieved the good thing must be responsible for the secret. If they don't keep that thing secret or deny being responsible for it, then how could the good thing be theirs?

For this ideology that is their numero uno modus operandi, or most used method of operation to justify stealing the history, experiences and achievements from other people's lives to wear as if they were their own. This often revolves around such a group believing that their blood and heritage is superior to that of those from whom they are steal. That's the moral focalpoint that motivates these people to do such things.

"How could they achieve that when my blood and ancestry is so much better? They're making me look bad!"

That's basically the logic they apply that justifies them to steal other people's efforts.

When those people see someone achieving they believe that person is in possession of blood for which they have not paid and that's because their interpretation of blood paid is:

You get the blood. The blood gives you the capability to achieve. You achieve.

Rather than what it really means:

You achieve. Through your achievement, you have represented the ideals of other of like mind and heart. You get the blood which means that you can number yourself amongst them.

So their version is basically criminal extortion. Actually if you look it up in the Canadian Criminal Code (I'm sure that other countries have a similarly worded law) you'll find that the first case fits exactly with criminal extortion in the case that someone forces you to pay anything for the use of their blood having prior achieved something for which the extorting party believes that you did not pay in terms of the blood of someone with superior genetics or ancestry.

Here's the actual wording of the law:

Every one commits extortion who, without reasonable justification or excuse and with intent to obtain anything, by threats, accusations, menaces or violence induces or attempts to induce any person, whether or not he is the person threatened, accused or menaced or to whom violence is shown, to do anything or cause anything to be done.
However the criminal code should be expanded to include harassment by individuals or a group and such groups that employ harassment to achieve their goals of criminal extortion should be charged as organized crime for the fact that they do so with three or more individuals to achieve the same goals.

Imagine if in the Wizard Of Oz, The Cowardly Lion had to pay for the courage first, and having the courage, they faced the Witch. If the Tin Man had to buy a heart first, before he could feel. If the Scarecrow had to buy a brain first before he could think.

Instead the way it really goes is that you face your fears, and then you've earned the courage. You express sincere compassion and then you've earned your heart. You do your best to solve a complex problem and then you've earned your brains.

I'm not saying this in order to switch everyone to the Wizard Of Oz paradigm of earning your daily badges. Not at all. That example is meant to demonstate what blood paid really means.

If you're a Canadian, you don't go around renting your blood out to someone else in order for them to be considered Canadian. How dare you!

To be Canadian you have to stand up for what it means to be Canadian and that's pretty well defined in our Constitution, our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and our Human Rights Act.

If you were born in Canada that doesn't give you the right to rent your blood out to others and expect them to carry your burden in exchange for your blood. Nonsense! How dare you!

What about the Aboriginal people? They were here long before any of us were. They don't force us to pay for their blood and really in that paradigm, that's the way it would be.

So to be a Canadian that includes doing your part to help right the wrongs of the past too.

If you're one of these scumbags that takes part in group stalking, I'd have you ejected from the country. The same goes for anyone who uses their access to infrastructure for criminal purposes or to violate the rights of any citizen of Canada. You'd be out quicker than the blink of an eye. No matter whether you were born here or not. No matter your culture or ethnicity.

The same goes for those who steal other people's identities. If you take over someone else's identity either on paper or legally or socially (without legal documentation) you'd be out.

When I say you'd be out, I mean you'd face the worst that the law would allow for any violation of a statute or law because those violations pave the way for violent revolution rather than due process and the vote.

Your Canadian blood isn't your to rent to others. Its paid for by standing up for what it means to be a Canadian as defined in the Constitution, The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act and as I've stated, to right the wrongs of the past.

So, blood isn't a rental commodity that those who feel they have superior heritage or ancestry or genetics can go about doing nothing all day and charge others a price for that blood. That's not a reference to Royalty because honestly, Royalty do more and likely have more diplomatic pressure than the majority of citizens and members of Parliament. Especially when in public and that is certainly what caused the death of Princess Diana.

Blood paid means that you've achieved something that is recognized by others that represents their ideals in some way that they would gladly number you amongst them.

If someone stole that very achievement and wore it as their own they'd be ejected under the same rules I outlined before. They'd be punished via the law in the worst that the law would allow.

Creative Properties, The Butterfly Dragon, A Lady's Prerogative 

One additional thing I'd like to address here is the fact that an ideology based upon this idea of extorting from people in order to pay for one's blood has been trying to associate my creative properties with something they have nothing to do.

My character and book The Butterfly Dragon: Heroes Of Our Own is not a property of DC Comics or DC Universe Online.

The reason for this dispute is that I created a character based upon one of the characters from my book The Butterfly Dragon: Heroes Of Our Own on DC Universe Online. So I'm guessing that the assumption is that the character is of DC origins which its not. The character is a completely original character of Mandarin Chinese ethnicity. One of the things that organized crime will do is spy illegally upon a person and steal their creative properties or attempt to create the impression that their properties were stolen. I mean if you can see something as its created, and you have financial resources far in excess of that of an individual living on the poverty line, you could pretty much steal anything you wanted to from such a person. That appears to be the case with some of my books.

A hate campaign has been leveraged against me involving a lot of group stalking and atttempts to replace my identity as being Italian or another different culture from my own ethnicity has also been going on as well. I'm not Italian with all due respect. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness and never have been. I'm a Taoist and Buddhist and have been since 2007. I'm also a Scorpio and ironically this cult tries to force me to pay for the blood of a scorpio so that I can call myself one. This is one of the points I was trying to get to in this post. I am a Scorpio. I was born in mid November. No other way around it.

So this group that conducts this illegal spying on me essentially tried many times to steal my books, their names and the characters and sometimes the stories and make it appear as if they were originated from someone else. Almost as if to erase my existence once again and my creations as well.

In my community there's an around the clock abuse effort from community members and neighbours that the Toronto Police Service completely ignores despite my having reported the hararssment and abuse three times. So I'm guessing their in on this as well.

The group tries to replace my identity with that of someone else and I believe that the TCHC and some people from the shelter system are involved in this swapping. I've reported it to the RCMP a few times as well and I tend to trust them a bit more. Still, nothing has been done and the harassment continues as does the effort to steal my identity and replace it with that of someone who I'm clearly not. In other words, they want that person to have the credit for anything I've written. This is centered around having stayed in the shelter system for 8 years as a homeless person. So that's basically their army though it seems to involve ties to actual infrastructure as well meaning there's people in infrastructure who are facilitating the swapping of my identity with that of someone else even using the computer and data resources of the Government to achieve this goal.

I'm certainly not an anti-System kind of person and in fact, I'm certain that the goal of this cult is to make it appear like I am someone different from my own person, the person I was ten or twenty years ago so they can say that's not me. Achieving that involves a large group of people abusing and harassing me in a strategic way so that it appears that I contradict being myself from 20 years ago. Inconsistent behavior.

So this cult uses those methods to steal people's identities and this method of blood paid is just one of them.

Also, when I received this apartment, I was asked to give a signed copy of my lease to the shelter I left and to my housing worker. I checked with some legal resources that I know personally and they advised me that this is not usually policy to give a signed copy of a lease in that regard to parties not a party to that contract. I fear that copy of the lease may have been misused for the purposes of attempting to swap my identity with that of someone else.

In doing so, the same people are now trying to lay claim to everything I've produced from April of 2012 onward, under the guise that this other person produced my creative works.

So. The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own is not a property of DC Comics or DC Entertainment and never was. I, Brian Joseph Johns am the sole creator and originator of that book and the characters within that book and all other books to follow. Likewise, A Lady's Prerogative I: The Yearning And The Learning is of my creation as well as are all of the characters and the sequels.

I wrote and published those books in mid 2012 so they've been around for some time. They were first published on Then they were published under their own respective sites: and both of which now lead to this web site.

I had also originally sold the books on Amazon but pulled them when the sales for the books were horrible. I figure that I was the target of a smear campaign and an attempt to steal my creative properties likely by organized crime, possibly originating in the Regent Park area of Toronto or possibly having much further links to my having worked at Ferretina Film Production Ltd which I found out in 2015 was allegedly funded by the proceeds of the Lufthansa Heist of 1976. So that connection may be a reason or motivation for the attempted theft of my creative works and the harassment campaign that I've experienced for a very very long time.

One of the things that this cult or ideology attempts is to associate my being with narcotics despite the fact that I don't use them at all. I drink occasionally. In my distant past I've used cannabis and I feel there's really little if anything wrong with it other than the same risks as there are for smoking cigarettes. In fact, when cannabis became legal in Canada in October of 2018, I tried some of the legal variety but refrained once the novelty wore out. I believe that those who enjoy cannabis are closer to being like wine connoisseurs than they are to being criminals though keep in mind that there are those that drink alcohol that have no appreciation for anything but the alcohol itself. Its much the same with cannabis and THC and CBD.

So let it be known that the Butterfly Dragon is officially Mandarin Chinese and has been since I invented her. Also, the character has no attachment to any publish other than my own, Shhhh! Digital which is mostly a company run under my own name which would make my operating business number my social insurance number. I'm sure that if I was making loads of money, the CRA would be very quick to contact me about my income and probably audit me though they did recently ask for my rent receipts. Maybe another attempt by this cult to create another game of my own address not being my own until I give those receipts. This cult operates that way and as I've stated, they misuse Government and infrastructure resources for that very purpose in order to keep their little social game going of stealing the life and effort of other people. I find it ironic that BIG, RICH entities would target for theft an impoverished and broken writer, programmer, musician and graphic artist. Wow, there are some REAL bullies in the world aren't there. I'm certainly not a populist either.

I'm not a member of the Salvation Army. As a matter of fact this all started very aggressively from the time I arrived there homeless at Broadview Av and Gerrard Street in Toronto. Ironically Scientology built an office right behind the shelter about a month after I arrived. Not only that, but I contracted pneumonia about two months after that. That might be conspiracy fodder but its truth. I guess they don't like the world knowing about Xenu. That's alright because I didn't like contracting pneumonia while I was homeless and had to work the very next day after I was diagnosed with it. Mirculously I did work and hard that day and didn't die as a result. Its funny how some people's truth can sound like conspiracy. I guess that's because the kind of people who steal other people's creative properties and destroy their lives prefer it that way. Helps them to avert being investigated.

I mean if you're a charity that's lost its tax status in Canada and elsewhere and you've been accused by official sources numerous times of laundering money for organized crime, that might tell you something. But when an impoverished victim of social abuse after being homeless for 8 years alleges incidents that are clearly truth, it must be conspiracy and therefore the ramblings of a crazy person.

Another thing this cult does frequently is attempt to get the identity of a paedophile onto my own identity despite the fact that I'm not a paedophile. I believe that this cult tries to put all of the crimes and sins of one kind onto a single person and then if those sins and crimes are bad enough, they abuse that person in attempt to get them to kill themselves. That is more likely what Christianity is. The unwilling sacrifice of innocent people who become substitutes for the actions of others who are then killed/pushed to suicide in order to dispose of those sins/crimes. From my point of view it certainly seems that way.

I'm certainly not American or the President (any President) so don't involve me in you're f#ckin' game, and that goes doubly for Prince Hall. Love and hate are not the same thing you liars. Besides, if I voted in the United States, I would have voted Hillary Clinton. I don't vote there so that solves that. I only found out about the Impeachment Inquiry into President Donald Trump and I'm pretty happy to hear that there's going to an investigation. Maybe this will result in a better defense case against extradition to America for Meng Wanzhou. I never pictured Americans as the kind of people who'd take Women hostage as bargaining chips during trade negotiations and then attempt to make their neighbour complicit in such a deal. No disrespect but I'm not Chuck and I have nothing to do with Karen and I'm not Tanzanian. I'm not from Nova Scotia either and have never been there.

Also, I'm not John Penny with all due respect to him. My love interest is actually Mandarin Chinese and she's about 13 years older than I am and someone with whom I've prior been in a relationship. I'm 51 years old currently. This abusive racist cult took away my time with her between late 2006 and now.

I am not a member of Christianity at all and am not a member of any religion derived from the line of Abraham. That means that I'm not Muslim. Im not Jewish. I'm not a member of Christianity. I'm not B'ahai. I'm not Rastafarian. It basically clears me of being a member of any Western religion. No disrespect but I'm Taoist and Buddhist. Quite honestly after my treatment from many people who number amongst religions drawn from the line of Abraham (except Jewish people who've always been very good to me), I'd never join any such religion, especially after having left Roman Catholicism in 2007. The worst most hypocritical blood centric racists I've ever known. As I've said, they attempt to pile all of their sins and crimes onto other people and then push them to suicide. They're still religions based in unwilling human sacrifice and substitution.

As a result of today's abuse, I am planning to look into methods to end my life. My first priority will be to make arrangements for my Cat and ensure that my Cat has a good home and a long life ahead of her. Next I'll look into methods of doing it. My prime motivation is because of this cult trying to harass me for other people's crimes or sins, especially paedophilia with which I have nothing to do. Also because this cult harasses me around the clock and tries to replace my identity with that of someone Tanzanian, Irish or Italian despite the fact that I am Caucasian and not of those cultures. I'm guessing that this will likely open the doors to the Police conducting surveillance upon me as per the law, which was likely part of the goals of this cult. Abuse someone until they're a danger to themselves or others, which opens the door for surveillance. I've reported this to the RCMP as well and the possibility that corruption may be involved including collusion with organized crime locally and abroad. I don't really care if the Police spy on me because I don't do anything illegal or worthy of being spied upon for. Besides they're corrupt. They disappear whenever there's cocaine or heroin arriving or flying around in the community and mysteriously show up a couple of days after its run its course. Like they purposely side step being around when it arrives here. So there's a good chance they're involved in this nonsense too. I used to trust them but since I've seen their true colours, I don't anymore. I don't use, buy or sell narcotics but I'm surrounded by people in a religion that purposely apply other people's identities to their victims and make them responsible for that person's crimes. So because this activity isn't stopped, and even ignored by the Police, I think its time to check out permanently.

I think this cult and organized crime are in bed with the Police quite honestly. As I've stated, they've tried numerous times to apply the identity of alleged paedophiles to my own. Quite honestly, these people are the real Goofs. I'm not a member of any criminal gang and never have been. This cult are abusing me for the crimes of someone else purposely in hopes that I will react with violence or become suicidal because that's how they gain the right to conduct surveillance upon their victim. They are organized crime and they work with Police. Corruption unbound.

I completely deny my French blood. Likewise my Spanish and British blood. As well my Cree blood. So no bloods or love and hate. The world is better off without that ideology.

Credibility has a dollar value and religious association. If you don't have those, you're not credible in this day and age.

If you don't like what I say, then don't steal my identity, my books or any of my other creative properties that I don't specifically choose to share.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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