Thursday, August 1, 2019

On The Streets The Night Meets...

Brian Joseph Johns circa 2010
(I'm not a Leo but t'is the season of the Lion.
Nor am I a Lion On A Leash. 
I've eaten many leashes as have I the ones 
holding them.)
Linda walked home along the same path she always had. It had been another early shift at the club as it had any other time. She'd been the first bar assistant for some time, struggling to pay her way through an education. Sure, her institutional loan and her bursary for good grades helped but it still left bit of room due to rising prices. The kind of thing that many working professionals that make decision of policy tend to overlood.

Gratuities would often make the difference though they could hardly be relied upon as a steady stream of income for a working student. Linda was the star player of her family. In fact Linda was the only play of her family's team. Both her Mother and Father had worked their fingers to the bone, working out of need rather than want. Her parents had put their whole lives and mutual happiness on hold (as do many parents) just so their daughter could succeed. That unseen push that many children fail to fully appreciate. Linda was different. She'd seen and known what her parents had given for her aspirations to blossom.

They'd known how she'd idolized Doctor Alicia Westin and her advances of the field of Quantum Biology much like Professor Jim Al-Khalili and Doctor Wojciech H. Zurek for his work on Quantum Darwinism.

She had ventured out from the bar through a back entrance that had led directly into a Toronto alley that ran parallel to the main street of Yonge just south of Dundas Street. Outside of the lights of Dundas Square. After all, what you cannot see is what cannot hurt you, at least so the audience might have believed.

On this night however there were those who were the prey, and those who were the predators.

Linda had suddenly become aware of this game, quickly drawing a pepperspray can from her purse, holding it before he person.

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