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Describing Group Stalking And Abuse And How It Is Likely The Force Driving Mass Shootings

A few more of the harassment cult's methods explained.

One of the aspects of the stalking and harassment cult in Regent Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada is geared towards disconnecting people from one another.

The goal of the cult members is to stalk and harass the victim until they say something that is particularly burdensome for others who care about that person.

The cult members protect each other, so they are never held liable for their criminal harassment of their victim but they hold their victim accountable for their reaction to the harassment.

What the cult members do is to harass their victim to the point that they react in such a way that is too burdensome for those that care about the victim.

The cult then locally offer to take the burden of this weight in exchange for taking the credit of the victim's good efforts.

They typically do this because they're racist and are against certain kinds of mixed culture relationships (specifically those involving Caucasian persons and persons from the Far East of Asia).

The cult operates on a colour scheme despite the fact that using colours in such a way is a clear violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada.

Also, this cult attempts to turn their victims into social "guns".

I believe that this cult is actually the ideology behind the recent mass shootings and attacks of the last two or three decades. It is largely protected by the local community as well and seems to be prevalent in many places throughout North America.

I've tried to report this to the RCMP several times and explain its methodology in full.

Not to mention that this cult attempts to erase its victims from existence by stealing everything related to their output from them as well as their history.

I am such a victim of this cult.

They play musical chairs with people's identities so you might not even have your own identity if you fall victim to this cult.

This is essentially how this cult keeps their victims trapped, impoverished, unemployable and single so that they can use their victim to power their lives.

Some of the cult's methodologies:

These names are not how they refer to them but rather the most suitable description of what is happening according to their ideology.

Speaking in tongues

While in another conversation with someone else, the cult member inserts words or statements in the midst of their conversation. These "subliminal" words and statements are sound as if they're contextually directed at someone else in a completely different conversation. Usually they're directed towards what they call the "holy spirit".

The smarter members of the cult speak in tongues via allegory or metaphor, using the multplicity of the definition of words (such as synonyms and homonyms) to communicate a secret message to the receiver. Sometimes good people trying to thwart the cult might use this method to avoid detection by the cult and to get a message of hope to the victim, though I'd highly recommend to any victim of this to be careful of whom you trust.

Colour Symbolism

The cult uses colours to symbolize much about how they operate. They believe that using colours they can steal the history of a person and transfer it to someone else, while replacing the person's history with someone else's. This activity is resoundingly prevalent in Regent Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Much of it is racist as well, directed towards Caucasian people who have affection for someone from the Far East of Asia. I experience this on a daily basis.

Identity Denial

When the cult members deny a person their own birth identity, instead replacing their victim's identity with the identities of their neighbours and other members of the community or their religion.


Part of a dualistic paradigm used by the cult. Their paradigm either operates according to the rules of love/hate or blood and fire. If it is love/hate, then the cult members attempt to divide everyone up according to their sideness in terms of being on the side of love and kindness, or hate and blood centricity. If love/hate collapses for a person (ie they fall to the hate side), they are then subjected to the blood and fire ideology which actually is how much rosicrucianism works. The people on the blood side of the fence carry the burden for the people on the fire side of the fence. Being on the fire side of the fence only requires that the person have a means to light a fire, ie matches, a lighter or some other source of flame.


Similar to the practice conducted by scientology, disconnection conducted by this cult is about severing the ties between family, friends and others associated with the victim. The cult members attempt to break those people away from their victim and replace them with people who have similar names or look similar in some way.

Secret Opening

Secret opening is the practice of the cult members uncovering every secret of a victim related to their family, friends and any other people they might have known in order to prevent those people from developing a means of trading secrets or developing a secret language using their mutually known secrets. Ie a person can verify if a piece of information came from someone they know by the association of a particular secret that only the two of those people could know. If that secret becomes known, then other people can send information to one of those two people and fool them into believing that it originates from the other one. Also, by knowing all of the secrets between family members and friends of a circle, the cult can intercept communications and effectively know what is being communicated even if they would rather it remain secret. Hence the cult retains the advantage of having secrets over their victims. The cult effectively destroys any means of the victim(s) developing a secret means of communication. That is likely the purpose or goal. The cult combines this with illegal eavesdropping that is often backed by organized crime and collusion from some corrupt authorities.

Polarity Reversals

Polarity reversals are meant to reverse the context of any given situation or statement(s) to their polar opposite. If for instance you profess to love someone, that means that you actually hate them if a polarity reversal is in effect. If you hate someone, that means you love them. They even use cultural references during polarity reversals such as swapping African and Asia. So if someone declares their love interest is Asian, the cult will interpret that as meaning African if a polarity reversal is in effect. One can simply break down a polarity reversal by dropping something on the ground. This proves that gravity is still operating in the correct direction (things are pulled towards the biggest concentrations of mass).


Polarizing is the act of forcefully pushing a victim to one extreme or another of a dualistic paradigm such as pushing the victim to either side of extremity in love/hate. The cult often does this is a person has a relationship or a love interest that is someone Chinese. That's because in Chinese culture, a relationship is seen as a balancing act between the two forces of love and hate. So if one person goes to the extreme on either side, the other one must mirror that by taking on qualities of the opposite extreme. The more extreme, the more difficult the relationship is. The people who do this sort of thing are often very racist against mixed culture relationships between Caucasian persons and Chinese persons, so polarizing is one of the ways they use to sabotage or prevent such relationships.

Also, the cult members see their victims as "cows", that means that they see their victims as a source of milk to fuel the lives of the cult members. If the victim is giving all their milk to their love interest, family, friends or co-workers (if the victim is fortunate enough to still be employed after the cult's abusive sabotage of the victim's life), the cult members use polarizing as a form of radicalization, trying to push the victim to further and further extreme that is very socially burdensome for other people to carry so that the only people that will be available to carry that burden are the cult members themselves. In exchange for doing so, they steal the credit for the victim's good efforts to fuel their lives.

I have a theory that this form of polarizing and radicalization is the hidden force behing the growing trend of mass violence and shootings as I believe that this exact same methodology is being practiced in many places throughout North America and likely in some places in Europe.


The cult members often try to blame the victim for what befalls them as a result of the stalking and abuse conducted by this cult. This they call manifestation. The cult members blame the victims for their own misery by claiming the the victim is manifesting what befalls them from the cult regardless of the fact that cause and effect happen in the order of the cult conducts stalking and abuse of the victim, and the victim responds to that stalking and abuse. This is also often combined by the cult with polarity reversals in order for them to get away with doing this. During a polarity reversal, the cult members regard cause and effect as happening in reverse order, so the victim's reaction comes first and then the cult's abuse of the victim. They also remember it as the cult members being loving to the victim and the victim being loving back to the cult (if the victim reacts hatefully or with anger towards the cult members for their abuse). So everything they do is essentially built upon a lie which they use to hide their victimization of their targets. If the victim attempts to manifest something good for themselves, the cult abuses the victim until the victim becomes negative and protests about what they are experiencing. This the cult claims is their manifestation, the protest of their abuse. Another method they use to sabotage positive manifestation or prosperity is to simply use a polarity reversal, so that positive becomes negative and prosperity becomes despair.

On The Better Side Of Civility

It was a difficult month in terms of bills so I have to rely on the food bank system a little more than usual. I was fortunate enough to get some food for myself at Lourdes Food Bank at 275 Bleecker Street. For that I am very grateful.

Of great importance was ensuring that my Cat, my only room mate has enough food. I went today to the Pet Food Bank at Wellesley Street East and Bleecker Street and got some of my Cat's favourite food (fortunately), so she'll be eating well this month. Thanks to the Civic Offices Located there and the kind people who assisted in ensuring that my Cat has food to eat. I would have ensured that she didn't go without food (I would have sold something of mine to buy food or found casual temporary labour in order to procure it). I am once again very grateful.

Brian Joseph Johns

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