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Brian Joseph Johns: The guy writing
these posts. The same guy who wrote
The Butterfly Dragon, A Lady's
Prerogative and Stories From The End
There's a lot misimpression with regard to communication mediums such as this one, the internet versus hearing what the same person might say or do in the comfort of their own home.

All of us have seen televison bloopers where pershaps a news anchor person is on camera without being aware that they are. People then get a glimpse into a different person from the one they're used to while they deliver the news. That is not to say that news jouralists and correspondents aren't being themselves when they deliver the news, but quite often in such cases their job requires a bit of professional detachment from the news itself.

This detachment is a safety zone both for the reporters of the news and those who are the subject of the news though when people see bloopers where the news anchor is live when they are unaware that they're live will get a much different impression of that person, even to the point where they might regard that person as not being the same person who moments ago delivered the headlines.

Now this inconsistency doesn't imply that the news anchors are possessed by disembodied spirits who take over either when the news anchors deliver the news  or when the news anchor is off camera. It takes two completely different attitudes and mind sets to deliver the news and as I stated, a sense of personal detachment from the headlines.

The same is true of internet personalities. They two have another side to their life than the one they present but that does not make them disingenous at all. Its actually very professional and not about hiding the bad stuff about their personality so as to fool the public. The truth is if you are the product or the one delivering your message, then you want to reach as many ears, eyes and minds as possible hence the ability to remain in the status quot. While caught off camera or in real life, such personalities might give others a much different impression and this is one of the greatest pressures and responsibilities involved in being a celebrity. The fact that you have to censor your own attitudes and behavior at most times. While in public such people will be subjected to efforts to bring out their worst behavior and attitudes because it makes news in a sort of tabloid journalism kind of way. I mean if you read news of the worst reaction or behavior about a celebrity you liked, you might be tempted to believe that the celebrity you see and the one you don't see aren't the same person. Some people even believe that celebrities and other people are possessed as I stated by disembodies spirits that jump around from body to body at night. Their proof for this assertion that people are possessed by disembodied spirits that jump around from body to body (at night) is inconsistency of behavior from a celebrity's presentation format and their real life. If you aren't consistent with the person on camera, then you aren't that person. The same thing applies to directors, writers, producers, politicians and other public persons. So when someone becomes notable in a public sort of way, they tend to become targets for the sort of things of this nature that enable other people to lay claim to their efforts. Some of this can be quite organized as well and sometimes it can include cooperation from organizations whose interests lie in seeing such persons become controversial to the public.

When this sort of thing happens to someone, it usually involves a large scale organized attack against their person that is denied by others at every opportunity. This isn't just about me by the way, it seems to be pretty common ground as conducted by some people. For some people its a form of competition. Kind of like picking a fight with a baby because you know you have the advantage of resources over a baby and could therefore kick a baby's butt. Yeah, that's competition. Make an enemy out of someone that you many times over outnumber or are in possession of resources not available to such a person and then ruin them to the point of making them the "hate" side to your "love" side and you're the hero. Yeah! I bested a baby who was crying far too much! I'm the better competitor. I didn't just break love/hate for the benefit of blood and fire because I don't operate via either eidos. I love computers at tools, but I'm not a computer. My synapses just like those of most evolved biologically organic and sentient life forms am capable of a superposition of more than two states in terms of thought and emotion. I mean I'm not just limited to feeling love or hate so why would I limit myself in that way? Likewise why would I limit the scope of my paradigm of belief to blood and fire?

Living in that way of doing things often becomes a circus for the masses with a few people pulling puppet strings to make one of the circus performers the good person and one of them the bad person. The masses who observe this in most cases will follow the path of "good" outlined for them by this circus, because they don't want to be associated with the "bad" person that has been clearly defined for them. You're on one side of the fence or the other and from within that area until you arrive at the next fence within it. Each fence isolates you further from other people, breaking people up into smaller and smaller groups. Dividing anything by a series of ever branching factors is called systematic bifurcation in Mathematics and Chaos theory by the way. At least now you're aware of it. Remember though, that the bad person is struggling against the forces of the puppeteers in order to represent their issue in a conducive manner more so than the proscribed and prefabricated "good" person. That might sound a bit cynical but its actually quite true. Its like a stage play, and these are the characters that you get to root for or despise. The hero from the prior play becomes the villain in the next, so everyone gets a chance to be puppeteered (except the puppeteers). That's the way things work in that regard unfortunately and you'll encounter this more and more as you get older and if you don't conform with the most prevailing opinion. I'm sure that if you examine what I just stated a bit more closely that you'll discover it for yourself. If you don't like it, fight the puppeteers. They're usually the ones whose efforts to affect others' behavior negatively is never recognized or even acknowledged. The puppeteers affect just about everyone that ends up before the public. Politicians. Celebrities. Activists. Anyone who can become an icon because icons can be used to control masses of people who follow that icon. I'm trying as much to liberate myself as I am everyone else. I'm trying to transcend the love/hate game that is played on a daily basis, where my output is judged by the puppeteers as to whether it constitutes being the love side or the hate side in regard to a competition that is played out between two people unknowingly. A sort of Gnostic battle if you will despite the fact that I am not a Gnostic, not a member of Prince Hall, not member of Christianity or Islam or Judaism, I'm not a Scientologist, not a Rose or a Mason. I'm just a solitary 51 year old guy with low resources and functioning mind that's trying to liberate us while a bunch of other people try to make me into the bad guy. I'm a guy that people with immense resources seem to pick fights with for whatever reason. Its not a case of David and Goliath. Its literally like the adult that picks a fight with a baby. My resources do not even put me anywhere near the same category as the kind of people who pick battles with me, and the ones who do call that competition.

I don't believe in hermetic philosophy either, in other words I don't live by the idiom: as above, so below and as below, so above. That's a sort of Baphomet way of doing things. It roughly means that in the extremes of any groups, the two extremes will operate as each other. So the rich become the poor and the poor become the rich. That doesn't mean that actual monetary resources switch hands. It just means that for a day, you'll be treated as the other.

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada if you happen to become a victim of this cult and no, I'm not talking about Satanism or anything of that nature for whom Baphomet is the poster boy and ironically a goat, much like my Chinese Astrology sign though I can assure you that I'm not Baphomet and never would be. I love Chinese Astrology as well and there's no correlation Baphomet and Chinese Astrology. Now because I speak out against social abuse and I don't pull any punches when it comes to revealing where this happens and how, I am often painted as the "bad" person by the puppeteers.

Colour symbolism comes into play often with regard to this activity and this often involves a competition between the colours red, blue and brown despite the fact that in Canada that violates the Human Rights Act. I'd consider myself to be more so on the red team than anything though as I said, I'm not blood centric and I'm not a member of Christianity or Islam. I'm actually a Taoist and Buddhist (which might seem strange to some people seeing as I'm Caucasian).

A lot of people try to associate the colour red with some pretty horrible things and this battle often involves a lot of social abuse. In a sense the cult that does this sort of thing even has a means of cursing people so that whomever they presume your love interest to be will end up tortured and harassed in much the same way. Its a method they use to push their victim into isolation and eventually suicide. In Toronto Ontario Canada as I stated this activity is rampant and there is a lot of corruption behind it. Nobody likes a whistle blower with regard to this activity either so there's a lot of effect to keep it quiet. For instance, my identity and existence is almost completely erased socially. Nobody ever acknowledges my full existence or my identity. Most of my friends and relatives take part in this as well (not all but most). I'm not schizophrenic so this isn't a side effect of mental illness.

As I said, I'm trying liberate, not oppress. I don't believe in the Bible. I don't believe in the New Testament. I don't believe in the Quran. I'm not a spy though I do on occasion give intel to Federal Authorities in order to keep them abreast of the current situation. So that should be an indication that I'm not anti Government or due process. I vote. I file taxes. I even used to be employed. When you end up victim to this sort of thing you lose all of your social rights in that regard and there's a lot of people who protect this whole thing despite the fact it violates the rights of citizens. I don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all. I don't swap identities with people. That's an activity that this cult undertakes and a form of their identity denial attacks against their victims. They'll use the output of a person like myself to fuel the life of their members and at the same time, my victimization goes to the credit of the person with whom I'm swapped. So any effort towards helping goes to the person with whom my identity is swapped rather than myself as my existence isn't even acknowledged. There's a lot of corruption that keeps this sort of thing in place in Toronto. There needs to be a formal investigation from an outside group and party with enough power to do it.

Just to clarify, I'm 6 feet tall. I weigh about 170 lbs. I have dark hair, green eyes and am clean shaven except for a lipstache on my bottom lip currently. I'm fairly fit despite my age of 51. I make about $350 CDN a month to survive on with a $50 tax rebate every month and a $72 tax rebate every three months. My name is not Chuck, I have never been in a relationship with anyone named Karen and I have never been to prison. I don't live at Jane Street and I don't live on Finch Avenue. I don't use, buy or sell narcotics either. I'm not a paedophile either and never have been.

I suspect that some members of this cult purposely try to label people as paedophiles as a means of control over other people. They could also be doing this so that others who by way of accident end up carrying whatever burden ends up upon myself, believe that I am a paedophile because the meaningful coincidences they experience would lead them to believe that it is something related to paedophilia. So in essence this cult who are most likely a hate group of some form purposely try to label their enemies as paedophiles, especially if things get too "red". Another motive is because this cult believes that if people are forced to carry the burden of someone, the person who is the originator of that burden is actually controlling everyone who is forced to carry that burden and keep it secret. The heavier the burden, the more the control.

The cult often attempt to apply this to people who have a public following of some kind. That's because the cult believes that if others relieve that person of that burden, the people who've relieved that burden are under the control of the originator of that burden. So that results in people trying to sneak their burdens onto celebrities and politicians and anyone who has the public's attention and a public following. When I say hate group, I don't specifically mean Caucasian people. I mean any group of people who target others based upon racial or religious differences or about mixed culture relationships of which this cult do not approve as targets to be subjected to a near constant stream of hate. I personally believe that if two adults want to be together romantically in a consensual manner, nobody has a right to try and stop them or deny them that regardless of their culture, religion or gender. I myself am heterosexual but I completely support LGBTQ rights and marriage and I see no contradiction in that regard.

Hate groups in the past used to target members of the LGBTQ community and attempted to label many of them as paedophiles because they knew the public was becoming more accepting of the LGBTQ community but that the public was against paedophilia. So that was a method by which they galvanized the public against LGBTQ rights in times earlier than the 1980s. That isn't to say that such claims shouldn't be looked into, but it is important to note that it used to be a method of ensuring public support against the LGBTQ community.

I'm certain that similar methods were likely used when two adults of differing cultures became involved in a relationship that was not approved by the community as well. That isn't to say that everyone who is in a same culture relationship are haters. That is to say though that there are many who oppose all or certain mixed culture relationships and will go to great lengths to prevent them or cause them to break up/divorce.

Ironically, many School Teachers apparently experience at some point in their life as being labeled as paedophiles. In the vast majority of cases by and far this is completely untrue. The truth is that Teachers become beloved icons of their students and often become role models for the ideal impression of an adult of that gender. Hence many students form crushes on their Teachers from a young age. Of course this results in a great burden for the Teachers, who become the love and fantasy interests of children and youths at a time when these young students are beginning to explore aspects about that sense of their identity. A difficult topic for certain but it is truth nonetheless. Its ironic that in cultures where this topic is outright public and often a part of the entertainment of that culture that such problems are seldom encountered in the reality of society (of course I'm speaking of Japan and some other cultures of the Far East of Asia). Perhaps there is something to be learned from this that could advance our society while protecting both vulnerable children and adults who can end up wrongly labeled just because of their working proximity to children? As a child I myself was guilty of such feelings. I mean who doesn't love intelligent and beautiful Women? Be careful, this cult will try to take whatever I say and use it to fuel someone else's life as if it were them that said it or took action to post something of this nature. That's why this cult swaps people's identities. Its like they use people to fuel their own lives, kind of like leeches while preventing those people from whom they leech from earning their own living, so that they can justify taking the output of such a person.

Actually here's an irony. The people who speak up the most often and hit the button on the nose, are often referred to as "pigs". According to this cult, a pig is someone who whenever there is need for someone to speak up for an issue, take action in terms of speaking up and often before others do. So the term "pig" refers to the fact that the person speaking up isn't leaving any opportunities for others to prove their own merit or worth to society, by taking them all. I'm often regarded as a "pig" for this reason and I believe that this cult targets those they regard as "pigs" to fuel the lives of others. The truth is though that it usually takes me a bit before I speak up. So there is usually plenty of ample opportunity for others to speak up. I think that its my words that this cult want to take and that's why I've been pushed to a sort of state of non-existence by this cult. I mean if I don't exist, and this cult spies on my computer or internet usage so they know when I post something, they know well in advance where there's good pickin's to fuel their lives. I'm not trying to take the credit for other people's clear actions or efforts. My words are meant to inspire, not take away. I always thank my inspirations because without them I wouldn't have words to say or perhaps a heart with which to say them. The cult locally in my community literally watch for what I do, and then claim those efforts as having originated from their friends as a result of their superior blood. Once again, we're back to this cult believing that they control and possess other people into doing good things. Their justification is that if they can provoke a bad enough reaction from their victim, the cult members will carry that burden but they also get the credit for their victim's good efforts. The cult essentially operate by their idiom: how can one take the credit for their own good actions and efforts if they don't accept the blame for their bad actions and efforts. So their method of theft is geared towards stealing from other people by provoking bad reactions, taking the blame for those bad reactions and thereby getting the credit for their victim's good actions and efforts. Often this cult being racists and haters sort it out according to culture or blood, diverting any good efforts towards the culture they believe to be of superior blood and that's not confined to only Caucasians. So there's racism from a variety of sources involved in this too. I'm not Marty Shea by the way. Another person with whom the membership of this cult try to swap my identity.

For some reason, if what I write here is worth it, the cult for some reason cannot believe that it came from me, I guess to this cult, being impoverished and all means that people aren't capable of anything so it must have some from someone with superior blood. That's their line of reasoning. When I break the possibility of being one person, they assign another identity that is not mine. I keep breaking them, they keep replacing them with other people's identities and it always benefits one of their cult members rather than my own being. So you end up never getting ahead. You can't earn enough to relocate because what you produce is constantly stolen from you to fuel someone else's life,  sometimes someone who is vastly wealthy and I am not against having wealth, I'm just not motivated by money in the same way others are but I'd like to be able to earn as a result of my own output. The problem is that when you are illegally spied upon and have your output stolen from you, you tend not to be able to get ahead. The people who do this to a person have no conscience whatsoever or ambition to do their own things, especially if there's someone nearby whose life they can just siphon from. Then when I go out into the community, I'm abused by other people in the community for the lifestyle of my neighbours in the same building or in other parts of the city.

I wouldn't write these posts if I didn't care about Toronto or Ontario or Canada. There's definitely something afoot here that needs to be investigated on a large scale and Regent Park (where I live) would be the best place to start such an investigation.

I'm going to continue working on my delphi coding (I'm developing another program). Its a good way to stay creative seeing as a I'm not writing novels or short stories anymore thanks to this cult's theft. I'm not any King at all. I'm not Ron Silk (a person whom they refer to as Celtic King Ron).

As I've stated this cult are racists. They're against me being in a relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese, so they hide the fact that the culture of my love interest is Mandarin Chinese by trying to force me to conform to this cult's symbolism of colours based upon skin colour and the colours red brown even though Chinese culture define those colours much differently. The racist cult believes that its wrong for a Caucasian person to be in a relationship with someone Chinese because it breaks this cult's rules on colour definition. In other words, this cult want others to have the impression that I'm African, Jamaican or Caribbean so that these blog posts aren't associated with my in person identity and so that they only benefit members of that culture. That's how the crime of identity denial works though it can happen to anyone of any culture. The cult of which I'm a victim seems to be very racist in that regard. So I am not currently in a relationship with a Mandarin Chinese lady, I am referring to someone who is my love interest. I've been in a prior relationship with an older Mandarin Chinese lady in 2006 where that relationship was broken up as a result of the members of this racist cult stalking her. We eventually broke up in order to protect her. The cult members since that time tried numerous times to replace my identity. Once they tried to replace my identity with that of a crack cocaine dealer and a pimp. Another time it was a paedophile. Its been pretty harrowing so far but I'm still alive and I still have a roof over my head. Every time this cult attacks, I'm going to knock them down ten steps farther until there's nowhere left for them to hide. Also, I am not Guyanese with all due respect. Also I am not Tanzanian either. For some reason they keep on trying to apply the identity of someone who is to replace my own identity. I mean no disrespect to anyone of that culture, but I don't like having my identity replaced with anyone's. I like being myself. Not only that, but I'm pursuing this legally. The cult also seem to be obsessed with keeping people in the impression that I am a Jehovah's Witness which is certainly not the case. If you read my last post you'd be pretty clear on that detail. I am not a Jehovah's Witness and never have been. Likewise I am not a member of Prince Hall.

In addition, this cult seems to be attempting to swap my identity with that of the boyfriend of a lady named Annika (she told me her name was Annika Copehag in 2007). She was referred to by several people as Angelina and Princess. She is part Italian and part Aboriginal as well. She is one of the people that took part in the attempt to transfer the responsibility and identity of a crack cocaine dealer and a pimp to my identity in 2007 as a means to prevent me from being in a relationship with a Chinese lady. This was an attempt by this racist cult to destroy my reputation because reputation is an important factor to the family of Chinese Women. They want to ensure the best for their daughter. So this situation was setup by organized crime in the Regent Park area as a means to discredit me and to prevent any such future relationship with said Chinese lady. It was orchestrated by several people from Regent Park. Even after that incident I protected her interests despite my disdain with her own disregard for her health and lifestyle and the fact that she was being played by scumbags who just saw her as another play toy. This effort to discredit me extended through several places throughout the shelter system as well after I'd left Ferretina Film Productions Ltd in 2004 and ended up homeless shortly thereafter as a result of stalking. I had no substance abuse issues or anything of that nature. So this was an effort by organized crime to discredit me after leaving Ferretina Film Productions Ltd. This isn't a confession as there's nothing to confess. Can victims of organized crime confess their victimization?

So after all of these attempts to rewrite my identity and history by organized crime throughout Regent Park and Toronto, I finally ended up with housing. Here's the irony. My housing worker at Heyworth House was Annika's landlord at the time which would be a conflict of interest. Regardless I accepted the housing (in which I live now after being here for 7 years since April 2012). The "organized crime" had let me into this housing so that people in Regent Park who were connected to this organized crime would have access to me. That access involved illegal eavesdropping that had been going on since 2006 (spying on my laptop and cellular devices). Again, it involved organized crime with almost 100% certainty, and I have a lot of proof. I actually reported much of this activity to the RCMP along with a complete breakdown of its methods and that's after spending close to ten years as an unofficial hunter and collector.

Shortly after I received my housing I began the effort to rebuild my career. The cult who conducts the illegal eavesdropping of course had other plans. Their idea seems to have been that they would steal anything of value that I accomplished online or with my computer and give it to the credit of several other people in their cult. They did this with much of my activism for Amnesty Internation and the United Nations. Literally stealing any efforts I made and giving them over to the credit of their friends. They did this by spying illegally on my computer so they'd immediately know when I was doing anything of that nature. I spent about four years from 2012 as an activist for a variety of different causes, all the while the organized crime and cult in this community were stealing my efforts to fuel the lives of their friends and then harassing me for their crimes (like dealing in crack cocaine or living off the avails of the sex trade). That in turn damaged my reputation further and further and eventually as a result of that combined with ever growing harassment, I started to post on my blogs about what I was experiencing in the way of abuse.

During my activism I wrote to Stephen Harper in protection of Aboriginal Women. Later I did the same thing with Justin Trudeau and expanded my letter to include members of the LGBTQ and transgender community. That seemed to cause quite a stir amongst my harassers and stalkers, who once again stole the credit for those letters and the replies I received from both Prime Minister's Offices. Then once again this cult would treat me as if I was a crack dealer, pimp and paedophile any time I went out into the community. Meanwhile this cult's friends were walking around being treated as if they'd corresponded with the Prime Minister's Office and were working as software developers and novelists. So this cult were using my output to fuel their lives and any time I blew the whistle on them they'd claim it was the other way around. They'd claim I was stealing from the people to whom they were giving the credit for my efforts.

This continued for another year until at the five or six year mark I gave up activism altogether and focused on my writing and software careers. The harassment I would experience was ever growing as well as were my posts speaking out against it. Once again I filed several complaints and reports to the RCMP and when I tried to file a complaint to the TCHC, they told me that I had to have another witness, a security guard who had seen the harassment for themselves. Of course, this was never going to happen so the three times I tried to file a complaint to the TCHC, all three were shot down yet I witnessed situations where others complaints of harassment were being accepted without witness accounts. In some cases, I was even being harassed by TCHC employees themselves.

So my letter(s) to the Prime Minister's Office that I sent in protection of Aboriginal Women were credited to Annika's boyfriend whom I presume is Jamaican or African, with which I see no problem at all. The problem is that my efforts are being stolen and branded as his, and possibly his efforts are being applied to having originated from me. I have no love interest in Annika at all whatsoever. As I've stated, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I've been targeted by a racist cult that doesn't believe that Caucasian people should be allowed to be in relationships with Chinese people. So rather than let that happen, they destroy the reputation and life of the person from such a relationship. Its almost as if they're trying to make my life seem like trailer trash when I'm not like that at all. Also, I know people with trailers who aren't like that cliché either.

In addition racists of this nature believe that every bit of social burden they can make for others involved with Chinese culture is a sure fire way to hurt Chinese people. That is this racist cult makes Chinese people carry the burden of the lifestyle of these racists and that burden often being related to crack cocaine or other narcotics, prostitution and a variety of other burdens. The racist cult actually call that "Chinese food", meaning the kind of burden that you take to a Chinese person if you are different from their culture and have regular dealings with them. The racist cult use people who aren't Chinese but have relationships with Chinese people as garbage trucks in order to use Chinese people as garbage dumpsters. This comes from a variety of different people too. Once again, not just Caucasian racists but also Jamaican racists, Caribbean racists and African racists. The people who do that sort of thing are complete scumbags. In Regent Park there's an organized group that operate here in that way and that seems to involve a lot of illegal activities including surveillance and eavesdropping of their victims.

The Butterfly Dragon by the way is NOT Annika nor is it based upon anyone from Heyworth House at all. Likewise A Lady's Prerogative. The character the Butterfly Dragon is actually Mandarin Chinese and her name is Ai Yuanlin Ying. Her Father gave her a different name upon their arrival to Canada, Heylyn Yates. She grew up to become the owner of her own fashion design firm and a martial arts expert while her best friend Alicia Westin received her Doctorate in the new field of Quantum Biology. Ironically one of the theories from my book The Butterfly Dragon has become reality. A Polish Scientist has published a paper on Quantum Darwinism, which is very close to the theories in my work of fiction, The Butterfly Dragon. I am certainly not trying to take the credit for other people's work but it is quite remarkable how close the whole idea is to some of the concepts explained in my work of fiction. The Butterfly Dragon has nothing to do with Jehovah's Witnesses or Prince Hall. Likewise for A Lady's Prerogative. Also, I am not rich at all in terms of money. As I've stated, I live on $350 a month Canadian and not because I am incapable of earning more but because my options are limited as a result of this cult's abuse.

There seems to be a connection to Mormonism or at the very least, the Hell's Angels and the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints as well. The harassers most often try to force the identity of someone onto me from a specific set of religions and ideologies and the FLDS seem to be amongst the ones used by this harassment cult. As well, the cult constantly tries to keep the identity of a paedophile onto me despite the fact that I am certainly not a paedophile and never have been. Once again, I believe that everyone has the right to belief but not the right to violate other people's rights and freedoms in Canada or throughout the world according to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The cult that conducts this abuse when confronted directly in a way that might get them into trouble with the law claim to be doing "love/hate" and "blood and fire" though they continue the abuse long after I've demanded they cease. As I said, they're racists against mixed culture relationships involve Caucasian persons and Mandarin Chinese persons and I've stated this over and over again. They just spent the entire night harassing me. I am not a Mormon or a Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint. I am not a Rose either if it means being subjected to constant abuse by an abusive community who seems to be above the law. A lot of corruption in that regard I'm seeing. Its a shame because it hurts the good people. The cult could also be trying to damage Toronto and Canada by abusing one person and trying to unload all of their angst onto that person in order to turn them into a weapon (of course I'm talking about myself). Then that person would post rants that stand against such behavior and treatment in Toronto and risk damaging Toronto's and Canada's reputation. In doing so, I'd get the blame for that rather than them for their nearly constant abuse. I believe that this is an organized methodology and that it also involves organized crime locally.

Another aspect is that the members of this cult are constantly trying to associate me with a 15 year old girl in this building despite the fact that I do not know anyone in this building nor do I socialize with anyone. I actually tend to like older Women (my last two girlfriends were both older than myself). If I do appreciate the beauty of someone younger, they're usually either very refined and of an age greater than 27 as I'm 51 years old. I certainly don't Womanize and never have. In fact, it has been more than nine years since my last relationship. That's mostly as a result of this abusive cult's harassment. As I said, they swap people's identities and use people as substitutes for their crimes though this is a form of organized crime that has yet to be formally investigated. The 15 year old girl matter appears to have something to do with someone named Clarence or Terence, neither of whom I personally know and I only know of their names as a result of the cult trying to swap my identity with that of one of those two people. Many people in the Regent Park community seem to be members of a religion that believes that people become possessed by disembodied spirits that float around from body to body at night as a result of nightly hate rituals practiced by this cult. The following day, they make it a game of trying to track down these disembodied spirits in other people despite the turmoil and damage it causes to their victim's lives. They seem to be incapable of compassion and are almost addicted to doing this. This isn't hate means love. I am stating the truth.

This cult and criminal gang actually plan scams far in advance. They steal their victim's past by abusing their victim in order to make the victim appear to contradict their own past at which point they attempt to give the past of someone else from around the same time. So they'll steal a person's past and give it to the person most consistent with it at some point later in time while harassing the person who's past they are stealing in order to make them contradict that past. Their goal is literally to swap the histories of two different people by these means and this is actually a scam that this cult plan in advance. This is also a scam that is perpetrated by organized crime, especially with ties to narcotics distibution in the areas where it occurs.

For example, this cult actually attempted to swap the identity of someone who assaulted me in a legion with my own identity, so that I would become the attacker and he would become the attacked. Ironically even employees of some organizations will get in on this sort of thing if it means cleaning their friends of responsibility for past crimes. Very much a conflict of interest not to mention a very serious crime.

Another situation involved a friend of mine being assaulted by a youth of 19 years old at the time (a guy by the name of Shane). At a date much later (at least 12 to 15 years later) others who must have been aware of that situation tried to swap my identity with that of the assailant despite the fact that the person assaulted was a friend of mine.

So this cult plans scams of that nature to swap the identities of their friends with that of someone whose past they're going to steal. As I've stated, nearly constant harassment and abuse is used against the victim in attempt to make the victim appear more consistent with the identity that they are attempting to swap to the victim, while stealing the victim's past and giving it to someone else, usually the perpetrator of a crime of some form.

A lot of harassment overnight as well. A bit more than usual. I hope that this isn't a preview of what to expect over the weekend as this cult often increases its activity on the week ends.

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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