Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Interesting Trip To The Government Office And The Food Bank

Whew! That was a long post (the last one). I was expecting some trouble when I went out today but it actually turned out to be really informative and confirmed a few things about which I'd done some research in the West End of Toronto when researching hate groups that operate in Toronto. By hate group, I don't specifically mean a group of Caucasian persons. I mean a group of any denomination that actively engages in verbal or psychological harassment against others of different culture, or others in mixed culture relationships and member of the LGBTQ community, though hate groups can have representation from that community as well, directed at another group.

One common practice of hate groups is something called identity and statehood denial. I think I've made it pretty clear what identity denial is but to recap, its identity swapping or erasure or complete denial of a person's existence. Statehood denial is when a hate group denies a person their nationality and citizenship by social means (ie regarding a person as not being a Canadian or forcing the identity of an American or the identity of a citizen of another country onto their victim).

One of the most common forms of identity denial is identity replacement. There are hate groups that believe that a person can become "possessed" by the disembodied spirit of someone else, usually a member of the hate group who practices a sort of hate ritual at night with which the entire hate group takes part, from thec comfort of their own beds. Usually it involves a lot of verbalization of hate and accusations directed towards a particular neighbour (usually someone poised against their ideology).

During this hate rite, the ideology members believe that their spirits can become disembodied and enter into the bodies of other people. The next day the hate group then makes it a social game of trying to find anyone who is possessed by these supposed disembied spirits which they believe to be mind controlling their victim.

They use a variety of methods to test for possession. The first one is by provoking or harassing the person for something that isn't related to them but related to the person they presume to be possessing the victim. If the victim reacts to this provoking and harassment, the cult then assumes the victim to be possessed and continues perhaps with other tests to confirm.

One of the other tests they do that I encountered today, and this is something I read about years ago while researching the various hate groups that exist in Canada. The hate group believe they can use animals to test for possession by someone else by the way that the animals react to the person. Hate groups often use this to check to see if a person is possessed by someone of a different culture with dogs that don't react well to people of those cultures. I kid you not.

I usually get good reactions from animals all the time. Many of them seem to inherently trust me but I am also not foolish. For instance, when riding my bicycle to Kinmount to go camping at a friend's farm, on the road between Norland and Kinmount (just an hour's bicycle ride north or Coboconk) I encountered two bears play fighting in the woods just off to the side of the road. I stopped my bicycle and I was literally between ten and fifteen feet from them, behind a tree watching them. They didn't seem to mind and they just kept on playing. They were definitely young adults. I didn't approach them any closer but they didn't bother me and I literally sat there watching them for about twenty minutes to half and hour. So I didn't push my luck, but they knew that I was there and they didn't seem to mind. I even helped a friend of mine (a tenant in a basement apartment in the house I was renting upstairs) get a Skunk out of the house. It was a young Skunk that had made its way into the basement through an open door and then found itself trapped in the living room space. My neighbour came upstairs and told me and I came downstairs with a large box and managed to coax it into the box and then take it outside without it spraying me. I had withnesses for that time. It was actually a cute little one. So I'm usually pretty good with animals.

So when I was walking by a length of fence today, I passed two dogs who started barking fiercely at me. Now I'd read about how some hate groups use dogs to detect if someone is possessed by someone (on the basis of the fact that such dogs in the possession of hate groups are usuallyh taught not to like one or more ethnicities). And such groups believe that when they react that way to a Caucasian person, that is a sign that the Caucasian person is possessed by someone of a different ethnicity. These are the same groups that enforce a colour coding scheme that people must adhere to if they're in a mixed culture relationship, which I've explained before. In my case, such people believe that I have to pay for the blood of someone with brown skin because if I'm going to be in a relationship with someone Chinese, I have to follow the colour coding scheme of this cult and hate group and how they define the colours rather than how Chinese people define colours. Likewise with many other cultures of the Far East Of Asia. Of course, this colour coding scheme doesn't include people from India if you get my drift. So according to Canada's Human Rights Act that's a clear violation on the grounds of discrimination on the basis of colour. Likewise making someone else pay for your blood can be considered criminal extortion, especially if it has dire consequences for anyone who doesn't pay for it.

The truth is that members of the cultures of the Far East Of Asia all have their own meanings for colours, and those meanings aren't racist or exclusionary and if they are, that is the right of the individual to associate and not to associate with whom they choose and it is a violation of the Charter of Rights And Freedoms to be discriminated on the grounds of association.

My posts and this post will stir up a bit of tension but ultimately this is important because it returns the dignity to the people of the cultures of the Far East Of Asia rather than someone outside determining for everyone else what those colours mean and then making other people pay for the right to bare those definitions of colours. That quite honestly is criminal extortion according to the Canadian Criminal Code:

346 (1) Every one commits extortion who, without reasonable justification or excuse and with intent to obtain anything, by threats, accusations, menaces or violence induces or attempts to induce any person, whether or not he is the person threatened, accused or menaced or to whom violence is shown, to do anything or cause anything to be done.
So extortion is not specific to money. I understand that there would be difficultings in making something of this nature stand up in Court, but it is a current issue and one that is of growing relevance in Canada.

Also, I do not take ownership of the cultures of the Far East Of Asia in standing up in this way. There are probably many people in those cultures who disagree with my statements and quite honestly, they are not responsible for my statements nor do I seek to gain anything from members of those cultures. I only wish to honour their rights because they deserve nothing less. While I homeless between 2004 and 2012, it was members of the Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai and Japanese communities who were among the first people to help me onto my feet again. I was hired by members of those communities several times for work and many times in the morning, I could sweep their store fronts or shovel snow for them for a quick meal and a coffee. So they really encouraged a good working ethic for anyone in that situation when they could afford to, and that is one of the most important aspects of getting on your feet. I mean newcomes to this country do it all the time. The come here with nothing, they take the lowest paying jobs and work their butts off and after years of doing that and applying themselves they buy property or a store or something to start their own business. That is definitely something from which many of us should learn.

I remember when working for Ferretina Film Productions, I told my employer that a lot of Canadians should start out the way that newcomers do because they'd learn to appreciate whatwe have in this country. I also included the fact that all Canadians should have to take the Citizenship test (but not be denied Citizenship upon failing but rather be required to have a specific passing grade of 80% at which point they'd be no longer required to do the test). I gripe about a lot of things. Wait, I protest from my little corner. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes it doesn't but I always appreciate what we have here, and I always marvel at the fact that when I was at my lowest, it was many newcomers (amongst other Canadian Citizens) who helped me to get back onto my feet.

The people that push you down will get their chance at the bottom and when they do, they might actually learn something.

Anyway, I'm not possessed by anyone else. I am myself, Brian Joseph Johns and I'd gladly take on any hate group for my right to identity as I would for my right to relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese with whom I've already been in a relationship anyway. I don't scare too easily.

Please remember though that all of us, Caucasian people too have rights.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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