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My Reply To The Broadbent Institute

Earlier today I received a notice about a blog posting on The Broadbent Institute's blog with regard to the securitization of Muslims through Canadian policy makers. I read the email and then the posting and decided to write this in response to both.

The blog posting which is written by Fahad Ahmad is very well written though I disagree with Ahmad's point in the posting that states that the dismantling of religious expression is a thinly veiled attempt to securitize Canadian Muslims. I would disagree in that it isn't targeting Muslims at all, but rather working to protect the foundation of our Constitution, Charter Of Rights and our Human Rights Act, all of which have been experiencing social challenge from those who'd rather see a theocratic regime or religious tribunal running our country. That isn't  a sharpened statement directed at Muslims but at many who've lost faith in Governance and would rather see our society run by the rules of religion, or more specifically to have communities of exception within Canadian territory that are run by the local and most prevalent clergy rather than our elected representatives. This includes replacing our legal system with an equivalent tribunal system based upon the most prevalent religion with distinct communities throughout Canada.

A variety of communities were seeking this during Rt. Hon. Steven Harper's time in Canadian Office and there is a continued social pressure towards such transformation of our society and Government towards the rule of religion rather than the rule of law and our social Parliamentary Democracy. The recent policies like Bill 21 that are geared towards preventing a branding of Government to any particular religion have been created not to oppress or undermine religion, but to keep our system of Government from becoming a religious brand of any kind. That's what secularism is about.

The difference between Theocratic rule and our Parliamentary Democracy is that our statues and laws can be changed in accordance through public representation of our elected officials. Our founding document is the Constitution which lays the ground work for our national identity as Canadians. From there various Acts have been instituted which uphold describe and uphold those ideals and form the back bone of our legal system and public policy. When there is discourse with any of those policies they can later be over turned. Our system can change over time to meet social challenges that occur with the progression of time.

In a Theocracy, the founding document is usually a religious text of some form, which includes all of the ideals, the laws and acts within that text, which are interpreted by a representative of that religion and without the approval of the people because religious texts cannot be changed. There is no theocratic Government in existence whereby the public through representation could transform the actual religion through discourse. The only thing that can change in a theocracy is interpretation. History has proven that with any religion that no two sects can wholly agree with their interpretation of the scripture of their particular religion because they differ through interpretation, not through adaptability in the same way that democracy is adaptable.

That doesn't mean that people should be pressured into giving up their religion. It does mean however that when it comes to how our diverse society is run, that society must represent the interests of us all. The few and the many regardless of our differences in belief. That means that Government should never become a brand of any particular religion. These steps that are being taken, are being done so in the interest of the whole of society rather than in order to target one group of society.

I could not find the case in point involving Mr. Harper's stance against tribunals but I did find this short Globe And Mail article which is proof that legally binding religious tribunals were in fact being pursued by a number of faiths in Canada. Thankfully (though somewhat unexpectedly) Mr. McGuinty banned all religious arbitrations in Ontario, not just those of Shariah.

So here is my response to that email and Fahad Ahmad's post.

Dear Brittany and  members of The Broadbent Institute,

I am writing this email in response to a notification entitled: Securitization and the Muslim community in Canada.

While it is clear that security policy should not target any specific religion, it should seek to uphold the ideals upon which our Constitution, Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and Human Rights Act are founded upon. When those ideals are violated by any group against other Canadians or citizens of the world, it reflects poorly upon the entire religious community and polarizes the public to a state of distrust. A state to which none of us are immune (your truly included). Our freedom here incurs an important responsibility that is shared amongst us all. The intersocial boundaries that we have fabricated have a growing tendency to divide us rather than to allow us to benefit from the merits of philosophical competition and meaningful debate. This is becoming more obvious as more and more public figures are targeted in attempt to rouse unbecoming reaction from them in a of circus of social puppetry. While everyone should be ready to accept the responsibility that their words and action incur, our words and actions should never be wrought from us by harassment or social abuse. There are always three sides to every conflict and the first two contribute to understanding the third, which is the truth. While I am referring to Canada in this reply, it has certain relevance in other parts of the world as well. The point being that our behavior towards others can incur responsibilities on our part as communication is a two way street. Extreme reaction to extreme treatment is therefore the responsibility of both parties.

How does this apply to religion and policy in Canada? The first way it applies is through the common social bias of our history and tradition in the new world, which has a tendency to ignore what came before it. In other words in this land, though seldom legally recognized by our 150 some odd year old Dominion, there was an indigenous population whose land and beliefs were smothered by the arrival of colonists from abroad. Though the tradition of this country in legal terms favours Christian ity and Abraham based Western religions, through expansive immigration policies we've grown in diversity to include representation from just about every faith and agnostic view from around the world. In order to operate as a modern social democracy it is of the utmost importance now more than ever that we ensure that Governance becomes entirely and remains secular so that no one religion represents the people, who are decidedly of a multitude of different religions and traditions and fairly represents those whose beliefs differ from those of organized religion.

This is exactly what Canada seems to be undergoing and rightfully so because this benefits everyone and protects our Constitution, Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and Human Rights Act from theocratic influence that would be decidedly biased. In doing this we are not turning our backs on our tradition, but rather recognizing that Canada ultimately is a place of many traditions. One of the steps to rectifying the mistakes of the past is to ensure that this takes place in order to guarantee a place in our country for the indigenous religions that our colonial ancestors replaced with Christianity. All beliefs have a place here and all should be responsible for their treatment of others in our society just as every person is according to our Constitution, our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and our Human Rights Act. That responsibility is outlined very clearly. We all have rights but those rights are only guaranteed if we protect them. If even one person is denied their rights in these matters then we've failed to live up to what those ideals cost to procure. The response by the security community is a result of those who undermine our Constitution, our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and our Human Rights Act by attempting to puppeteer others by way of harassment and abusive social treatment that is designed to radicalize the reaction and behavior of people in society. 

I believe in the Constitution, the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act. It protects me from being treated in a way that limits or shapes my freedom according to the symbolism of colours. It protects me from being mistreated by others socially because I have green eyes. It protects my love interest and myself from being mistreated because of our differences in culture (I'm Caucasian and she is Mandarin Chinese). It is stated very clearly in the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights of the United Nations. It protects me from having my freedom limited according to what I eat or the colours I choose to wear. It protects me from being discriminated against based upon the people with whom I associate or choose to call my friends. It protects my rights to deny my association to or with others. It protects me from being discriminated based upon the choice of party for which I choose to vote. It protects me from having my statehood socially denied as a Canadian by others who would try to trick me into violating the very rights by which I'm protected. I'm protected from being discriminated against for being a Taoist and a Buddhist. People who would infringe those rights (or try to provoke or trick others into doing the same) are doing this country a great injustice and spitting in the face of what it cost and the people who paid to get us to the point where we are today. That includes our incredible infrastructure, our healthcare system and our social safety net. We have an innovative and diverse business and technology environment and many driven professionals to populate that workforce. Canada is amongst one of the richest countries in the world in terms of natural resources, but that wealth has a price that we must protect the delicate natural biomes within our country from the side effects of resource extraction and refinement. All of that came to be as a result of our Constitution, our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and our Human Rights Act and the will of the people.

So removing religious symbols from places where the institution of our Government operates is the start as that is often the grounds upon which secret religious social battles are fought. This is not policy that states that people must remove religious symbols from their home. It doesn't remove anyone's freedom to their choice of religion. It isn't a public order that all Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples are to be destroyed and replaced with secular, institutionally friendly buildings. It is ensuring a separation between State and Religion. I am grateful for the place in communities that many religious institutions have taken in terms of their service to others while remaining secular in nature despite their ties to religious tradition. The Food Bank system is one such example whereby a person of one religion (or no religion) may enter into the Church, Mosque, Synagogue or Temple of another religion and expect to receive the same treatment and rights as the parishioners of that religion according to Canadian law. Faith and belief come from the inside of a person and not from any symbol they might wear though the idea is that in serving the Government, we must put aside our tendency towards religious bias and consider the bigger picture.

I believe that in this day and age that all religions are experiencing a social change throughout society and Islam is no exception to this. It is evident that the nature and role of religion in society is transforming from one of dogmatic and aggressive conversion of community members to one of service in the community in which they operate. Perhaps the public is coming to embrace difference and diversity while learning to balance an individual sense of tradition and the bonding of people with similar views. There is nothing wrong with having different opinions as there is having different beliefs. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a boundary between oneself, their peers and others outside of their clique. This is human nature and so it is the secularization of Government protects us all from the social or dogmatic bias of any one religion and policy founded thereupon. Instead we all live upon neutral ground and it is within our circles that we practice matters of belief and religion. I'd even go so far as to say that religion is a personal yardstick for a suggested curriculum and measure of one's spiritual progress, the key word being personal. This view is reflected in our Constitution, our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and our Human Rights Act.

It is this guarantee of rights and the public peace and safety that the security sector seek to protect. They are contending with an elusive social dynamic prevalent in society that is very difficult to quantify. The problem isn't the security sector. Its the flaws of every human being that comes into play when security policy is implemented and quite often, security is tested to the extreme for any wrongful and unjust bias, which in itself stirs up many of the contentions that result in an increased security policy. In fact this is how the Israeli/Palenstinian border security has evolved and affected Israeli security policy. The attempt by any group to rouse another group to appear as the proverbial monster. The security sector in Canada is not exempt from being targeted in this way, which breeds segregational and adversarial thinking (us versus them) and further results in a breakdown of public trust, which undermines the institution that they're protecting. The institution that resulted in the Constitution, The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act because it is that collectively that guides our future as Canadians despite our own personal biases. We must find middle ground that protects us all. Easy enough to put down in words but very hard to implement in one's life and country.

Thank you for your insightful take on this situation and for taking the time to read my reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Brian Joseph Johns

I know many will disagree with what I've stated here but I stand firm on this opinion and it is very well justified.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go enjoy a few video games and relax for the rest of my evening. I don't think that is unbecoming of any one who is 51 years old at all. I have to enjoy life within my means but that doesn't mean that I can't express myself with regard to the unfolding of our society and step up for rights where necessary.

Have a good evening.

Brian Joseph Johns

Brian Joseph Johns
Post Scriptum:

Something that I need to say today, on the day following the writing of my letter is that I am not a gun or a rose. I do not use, buy or sell narcotics. I do NOT live in 251 Sherbourne Street but in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 as it says below. I do NOT use crack cocaine or any other narcotic and I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall. In fact, I'm not a member of Christianity at all. I'm a Taoist and Buddhist. It seems that there is a cult in Toronto that attempts to use persons like myself as "guns". That is, they pile the blame for social burden and narcotics related activities onto one person, and use that person as a weapon to shoot other people with that burden, as an incentive to do things their way.

This ideology uses the symbolism of colours to violate the rights of Canadians on a regular basis, not to mention that its very racist. For instance, I'm Caucasian and this cult is dead set against me being in a relationship or associating with member of the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese or Asian community. They purposely swap my identity with that of other people in the community or across the city. This is the ideology that needs oversight and an undercover investigation by an authorized Ombudsman and the Provincial or Federal Intelligence community. Not just for my sake but for the sake of all Canadians and the protection of the Constitution, the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act. I am NOT Jake N. I am NOT Donald Sebastien Des Rosiers. I am NOT Eugene Francois. I am NOT Ron Silk. I am NOT a paedophile. I did NOT grow up in Allenbury Gardens. This ideology seems focused on keeping my own identity from me and applying it to someone else other than myself.

They seem to be focused on trying to keep the identity of being a Gnostic despite the fact that I am not a Gnostic at all and never have been. That is not to say that this ideology is in fact Gnosticism but rather something else. When their victim says something with which they disagree, the ideology tries to force their victim onto the "blue" team or a team which is represented by the colour blue because the ideology defines the colour blue as meaning that what we say means the opposite of what we expressed and intended. I tend to speak sincerely so I don't go down that road and quite honestly I find that forcing the use of such colour symbolism upon a person is a violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada.

This is a cult operating in Toronto and likely they do the same thing to other people here and elsewhere.

An example of their activities are that if you write or say your name, you lose your own name. Same with any other personal information. They believe that what you keep secret is the truth and what you reveal, you lose to someone else who keeps it a secret better than you did. So if you express any personal information, you lose it and someone else takes over that information and identity from you. This is an ideology operating throughout the city of Toronto and one of the primary reasons for my response to the Broadbent Institute. So I wrote my name down and birth date at the food bank today, and this cult in that case would believe that I lose my own identity and age (and Zodiac sign I suppose) and am given someone else's, because I revealed it. That's literally how this ideology operates and they use the symbolism of colours to transfer identities in this manner between people. I am not sure if that is a part of their gas lighting effort as when you try to describe this to others, it tends to make you sound a little unstable which works in this ideology's favour.

The more that I express to others the more of my own identity I lose (that's what this ideology believes and how they actually regard the identity of others). In turn, they believe that what you receive from others in the way of their communications is what you become. So they could say something like "cocaine hit" and that would to them mean that you have a cocaine problem from that point on unless you contradict that statement in some way. If you don't, then you are treated as if you have a "cocaine problem". The same thing applies to any other assertion they make about you in your presence.

Ironically just one day after writing that response to the Broadbent Institute which clarifies my identity, I experienced a huge effort to transfer someone else's identity to replace my own identity within my community.

I've reported this activity to the RCMP a few times prior and will continue to do so until something is done about it. I am certain that this is the ideology that is drawing the attention of the security sector in Canada. I think that in order to keep it secret that the ideology attempts to gas light anyone who discovers it.

This ideology also uses and abuses the symbolism of colours to achieve these goals in violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

In fact, the colours blue green mean trying to control or puppeteer someone into a reaction that is the opposite of something stated by the person who symbolized themselves via the colours blue green. The ideology that operates this way use the symbolism of colours to manipulate people in violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

Eg: A person who symbolizes themselves through blue green says: "They really should do something about immigration". If someone else overhears this and says nothing in response to it, that person is socially pressured in an organized manner about that statement as if they had said it themselves. By doing so, the ideology is conditioning that person so that they will respond or react in similar situations and the people who perpetrate all of this believe that they are puppeteering or controlling other people who react to their statements. This is exactly how this ideology uses colour symbolism. In fact, they take the credit for whatever someone else does that reacts to their statements and they honestly treat the people they victimize like this as robots. That is one of their biggest secrets.

I happen to agree with immigration but that's not the point. The point is that there are people who make statements in the negatory or the opposite context solely for the purpose of puppeteering others and then taking the credit for what the person who reacted to their statements accomplishes. This is all done using the symbolism of colours and most people don't even realize it despite the fact that it violates our Human Rights Act.

In fact this ideology in Toronto will literally keep a person trapped within their living space while they steal every bit of output from their life and attribute that output to other people a part of this ideology. Its like your efforts are stolen from you and credited to someone else as a way to pay for the blood of the members of this ideology, who believe that they're superior to other people. In my case, the members of this ideology literally keep me trapped in my apartment in 200 Sherbourne Street apartment 701 and monitor pretty much everything I do with my computer despite the fact that I am not a paedophile nor do I have any criminal charges or history of charges. Its like they give me the identity of someone that allows them to justify spying on me illegally, and then they take anything good that I accomplish and credit it to other people. If in public I try to clarify my identity as being that of Brian Joseph Johns (which I am), the members of this ideology steal that identity from me and treat me as if I'm completely someone else of a different identity. When they recall my venturing out, they remember it as if it was a different person other than myself. This is a fairly large scale collaborative effort by a cult-like ideology in Regent Park.

I am not schizophrenic though I do take medication for Stress Induced Anxiety and Bipolar syndrome (which is certainly exasperated by the abuse of this ideology which appears to be criminal in nature). There seems to be a large scale effort to imply that I'm from Nova Scotia when in fact I've never even been there in my life. This seems to be a part of the identity swapping effort. I believe that activities of this nature are happening to more and more Canadians and that this is setting off an alarm to the security sector and rightfully so.

I've stated that it also involves a racist ideology as well, who severely oppose mixed culture relationships that do not meet their criteria. For instance they are severely opposed to mixed culture relationships between Caucasian persons (like myself) and Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai or Vietnamese persons where the relationship doesn't meet some cohesion with their ideas about the symbolism of colours. Therefore it is a racist group. In fact, this same ideology literally tried to erase any such prior relationships I've had and replace my distant and recent past with that of someone else's. The identity they stick me with seems to have substance abuse issues despite the fact that I have no such issues myself.

In all truth, the harassment of this ideology often takes the form of people and a car or two remaining parked outside of my building and verbally harassing me from the street up to my apartment. The person(s) in the car also appear to be able to monitor my computer activity as well which would indicate that there is money involved which I'd assume to be related to organized crime. I've reported this to the RCMP a few times as well. The building as I stated is 200 Sherbourne Street and my apartment is apartment 701. For some reason, the membership of this ideology swaps my identity with someone who lives up at 251 Sherbourne Street despite the fact that I do not know or interact with anyone in the community. As well, there is a large scale effort to swap my identity with that of someone who lives at Jane St. and Finch Av. Cocaine is often mentioned so I'd assume that cocaine is involved somewhere between these two places seeing as I don't use, buy or sell narcotics myself. They sometimes even try to swap my identity with that of someone American. That's what I mean about becoming "stateless". According to this ideology if they can trick you into contradicting your own statehood (ie my being Canadian), they can take away your nationality and give you the identity of someone from another country. Essentially swapping your identity with that of another person.

It is actually a form of criminal extortion as the members of this ideology will steal whatever you accomplish as a payment for their blood, which they believes enables others to achieve things. So really they're extortionists who gang up on people and steal their output to fuel the lives of other people. All of this operates through the symbolism of colours and against the consent of the victim.

For some reason the members of this ideology seem to believe that I am possessed by one or more of my childhood bullies as well. In fact many of the people in this ideology don't even believe that I am myself despite the fact that none of them really know me. In fact, I don't know anyone from this community not to mention they seem to be under the impression that I'm a guitar player, yet I've never owned (or borrowed) a guitar in my life.

The ideology are usually about trying to provoke their victim to a hateful reaction (something they define as being symbolized by the colour brown). Often the harassment is conducted specifically by a cultural group towards an individual in order to spur what seems like a racist reaction. As I've stated, the Human Rights Act of Canada defies discriminating on the basis of colour, which the members of this ideology do regularly. Not just the colour of a person's skin but their eye colour, the colours of clothing they wear. Most often the racism and hate I experience comes from members of the Jamaican and African communities despite the fact that I am not a member of any hate group nor have I ever been. Sometimes, even the Police, Fire and Ambulatory services get involved as well in regards to the symbolism of colours. So this is something somewhat large scale that targets specific people.

Often the members of this group try to associate me with the Hell's Angels (with which I have no association) and specifically a neighbour who allegedly has such association (a lady named Karen) despite the fact that I do not know that person. They also seem to be under the impression that I am possessed by one (or more) of her boyfriends or by representation from the gang "Bloods" which apparently exists in this building as well. Again, I don't know these people but this is how the ideology treats me. They refer to someone named Chuck quite frequently who apparently did some time in prison and this is another person with whom the membership of this ideology swap my identity.

Because of the involvement of the Police, Fire Fighters and Ambulatory services and because of the fact that I trust them, I most often deal with the RCMP and occasionally the OPP who've assisted me in accordance with the law in a number of similar situations.

I recently wrote software that allows a person using a Windows computer to very quickly translate between languages directly from their desktop or anywhere with any software that supports the Windows clipboard and text selection. I wrote this application in Embarcadero Rad Studio Rio 10.3.1 and apparently as I wrote and coded it, the membership of this cult spied on my computer illegally and tried to credit the application to someone else in their ideology. It uses Google and Microsoft Bing translation technology. I haven't released it yet but have been considering doing so in the next week as a free Windows utility. The problem is that the members of this ideology who spy on my computer tend to steal the credit for anything of that nature that I do and then when I venture out into the community, they apply the identity of someone who uses, buys or sell crack cocaine or other narcotics, with which I have nothing to do. Regardless, I get mistreated by people in the community as if I am responsible for that activity despite the fact that I've actually been quite forthcoming to the Federal Police about activities of that nature and which involve the bullying and stalking activities of this ideology. I'd certainly say that this is tied to organized crime in the area.

Again this seems to be related to a racist ideology that believes their culture to be superior. In other words, if I don't claim to have African or Caribbean blood, they make me pay for it by stealing whatever I create and giving it to the credit of a member of their community. Not to mention they're very aggressively against my love interest being someone Mandarin Chinese because I am Caucasian. When I confront the people who conduct this sort of abuse and they stand down, the abuse continues from Caucasian racists who as well are against a mixed culture relationship between myself and a Mandarin Chinese lady. So quite often it bounces back and forth between the two different sides. What's worse is they're criminal in the sense that they spy on my computer illegally without interference from the Police. In fact, I believe they share the output with the Police. Especially if and when I contact the Federal Police. I don't think that the Police are necessarily corrupt but they are turning a blind eye to whomever is doing this illegal spying and these spies are not professionals. They seem more like hoods who do it for fun, but probably make a little bit of money doing it which is paid by whomever hires them. The difference is that they share this output with other people in the community as well. Something that professionals would never do, not to mention they provide information related to my computer activities to others in the community who then conduct the harassment. In fact, they seem to swap my identity with that of someone else in the building. When I'm out and about in person, they even use people who look somewhat like my profile pictures as a means to steal or transfer my online identity to someone else. Not for my protection but for the  esteem of this ideology and organized crime. Its a form of identity theft I've never seen before.

This also seems to be a method by which the members of this ideology attempt to weaponize their victims (turn them into what they call "guns"). This involves making a person into a "blue rose", which means that they carry the social burden for very burdensome things that would prove to be very difficult for any one person to bare such a load of responsibility. Then they attempt to provoke that person into verbally attacking another person or group. In doing so, they transfer the burden they'd been carrying, which essentially is the ammunition and it gets transferred to whomever they verbally attacked. That person is then treated as if they're responsible for all of the burden that was transferred to them by the "gun" person. This is referred to as "shooting" someone. So often, the harassment is all about weaponizing a person so they can be used by the community as a weapon against other communities who likely have people similarly that they've turned into "guns".

For the people who get used in this way (as guns) it is very disruptive to their lives and having any sort of a life or career is nearly impossible under such circumstances. Especially where it occurs with myself. The people who conduct the harassment literally go around the clock in shifts. I don't know if you've ever tried accomplishing something while you're being harassed but it is very difficult but not impossible. Insofar as having a life outside, that's impossible because the burden that the ideology put onto you as ammunition is at risk of ending up on whomever you become romantically involved with not to mention onto anyone with whom you're employed. So the people they typically keep as guns are kept at the bottom of society, unemployed, harassed nearly constantly and often isolated. They often use people from the shelter system and prison as a source of ammunition for the guns. If you end up being used as a gun, you'll likely never have a normal or peaceful life and it is something from which it is very difficult to escape. Almost like a form of confinement in a way. The best way to escape though is to analyse the situation, figure it out, and then reveal it publicly. They'll do everything that they can to cover it up but eventually that will become impossible and you'll be free. Keep this in mind. Some of the people they use as guns have the means, money and comfort to isolate themselves from any kind of abuse. If you happen to be impoverished and kept by a community as a gun, you'll live an impoverished lifestyle nowhere near what some of the more fortunate people with money that operate as guns do and in my experience there is no reward for being kept as such. Your entire life is wasted because if you try to accomplish anything, as I've stated it is most often stolen from you. If you protest this fact, you'll be labeled a complainer. Also, if you accomplish anything the cult believe that it resulted from the blood of the people who provided the ammunition, so they'll get the credit for anything you accomplished during that time. Even if they don't have comparable skills or ability to do anything of that nature. So you get nothing and have everything stolen from you.

As of 8:15PM on Friday July 19, 2019 they're outside of my building conducting the harassment. Usually this lasts well into the night and throughout most of the weekend. This has been the case for many years, only pausing during the winter.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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