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Being Burdened About Activities Related To People From Heyworth House...

Brian Joseph Johns
Do I make up lies about other people or lies in general? No. I generally do not lie and I do not purposely spread rumours about other people unless I am harassed and stalked about them or things pertaining to them. When being pressured by people who harass and stalk a person over someone else's secrets, it can become a bit too much of a burden and most often its one that should not have become a burden at all in the first place.

Is that the fault of the person whose secrets are the ammunition or catalyst for that harassment or is it the abusive nature of the people who do the harassing that are the problem.

One thing for certain is that when a group of people target someone for that reason, to make someone else's secrets a burden to that person, they are purposely trying to destroy that person by pushing them to the point that they have to explain what is happening, and in the process this makes that person like a "complainer" (the harassers and abuser's own words) or a gossiper.

I don't believe in the bible or the new testament or the quran for that matter so I don't live by those rules at all. I believe that the harassers most likely do and they also abuse and harass their victims enough to destroy their life quite literally. I am also not a scientologist and never have been though I'm not certain if this activity is related to scientology. It might be? It is definitely tied to crack cocaind and a community of people who protect it and use other people as their garbage bags, whom they then turn into "guns" and use them as weapons against anyone who poses a threat to their trafficking and consumption. I just happen to be in the line of fire to this cult and I've become a convenient place for them to put their garbage. I usually take the information contained in that garbage and share it with the Federal Police. The local Police don't seem to incensed to do anything about it and to them its almost a daily game as much as it is to the people involved in trafficking and consumption. Its a very bizarre feeling to see the two working together to dump a collection of burden related to trafficking onto someone not involved in it at all or a plethora of other activities of which none are related to my life. As I've said, I don't even know these people. I don't socialize. I am mostly a computer nerd though I certainly don't take guff from anyone after years of being bullied by people like this. Maybe they think they're craft masons or something of that nature (like the people in Prince Hall who try to turn video game playing boys into men by setting them up and sending them to prison). I guess some people have some pretty wretched ideas about how to do craft masonry and there's probably a lot of wannabes. I don't believe that these people are masons are all, but they did make mention of a particular notorious form of craft called murder craft. That's apparently something to do with black lodge gnosticism and is a means of committing murder without actually having to get your own hands dirty.

It involves a group of people using Machiavellian tactics to play a person between two or more dangerous groups of people to the point where it becomes in the interest of those groups to "dispose" of the person being played by such means. The motive then points to those groups and the person being played having crossed them in some way, perfectly obscuring the real murderers and the real motive. So far nothing like that has surfaced though I suspect that group stalking is a factor behind mass killings. I believe that it is being covered up as well by the people who perpetrate it because it would put those people in the same class as terrorist groups who radicalize people to terrorism. Certainly not a masonic activity, most likely that of a community or grass roots movement seeking to get rid of everyone with the mark of the beast or Cain blood or something of that nature. Some people who might take scripture to be an instruction booklet of how to secretly conduct genocide against people of a violent streak more so than they take scripture to be series of a stories.

Some of you have likely read my long winded rant posts and that is exactly from whence they arrive. I don't have any malice within me whatsoever. But when I'm stalked and harassed for someone else's secrets, I have a breaking point and when I reach that breaking point, I'll let those secrets fly. I don't spread people's personal secrets unless I've become unfairly burdened with them and I'm stalked about those secrets. I have a group of people in Regent Park who do this sort of thing every single day without a break. In fact, its gotten to the point where I actually have to spend about three hours a day blogging a post about it, which takes away from other activities that could benefit my career and future.

So the people who do the harassing know this and that's why they make them a burden for one person alone and usually the person for whom they make them a burden is a complete substutite of convenience for their circle of friends. That is, the people that harass and stalk me do not know me whatsoever. I don't socialize here. I don't have friends in this community. Its far too abusive and Toronto has become a cesspool of people who thrive on other people's good efforts but when those people become victims of malice, nobody does a thing to stop it. So in a sense they're like cannibals. They're ready to eat your life and output any time you present it. I used to be active with Amnesty International quite often and when my own rights were under threat, nobody - not a soul did anything about it. From that moment on I stopped doing anything for anyone else in terms of activism. I watched a community of people watch my rights go down the tube and do nothing about it, while they stole the credit for any efforts I made for others through Amnesty International and credited those efforts to other people entirely as if I did nothing. It was a few years later that after this cult stealing my novels and crediting them to completely different people that I gave up writing novels about four months ago. This is how a cult use and abuse the ability to spy on a person's internet and its not like I'm a paedophile or internet predator or cyber bully.

So now that they've killed those aspects of my life, their current effort seems to be directed towards making me responsible for the secrets of other people who are or were from the shelter system. So that means this cult harassing more for the activities of people I barely know of if at all. Its not the fault of those people for having secrets. Its the fault of this cult for making those secrets such a big deal to someone who has nothing to do with their lives.

In addition, the cult members constantly seek to replace my identity with that of someone Tanzanian. In other words this racist cult believes that I must pay for someone else's blood based upon their interpretation of colour symbolism. I've already explained that these people are racists in the sense that they force Caucasian people who are in a relationship (or have a love interest) in someone Mandarin Chinese. That's because members of the Chinese community often enjoy aspects of colour symbolism as part of their cultural heritage. Specifically the colours red and brown. If as a Caucasian person you are in a relationship with someone Chinese, the members of the racist cult I've described will force you to pay for the blood of someone with brown skin (but not from India because they're against people from India) because the racist cult interpret the colours red and brown to have a different meaning than they do to Chinese culture. The racists force a person to symbolize the colour brown to mean the colour of a person's skin. So if Caucasian and you're in a relationship with someone Chinese, the racists force you to pay for the blood of someone with brown skin who meets their criteria. If you don't, they'll work to sabotage the relationship by pressuring both you and your Chinese spouse. I know because I've been through this twice. Once with a spouse I was with who is Mandarin Chinese. Once with a lady I was with who is Korean. The way the racists did it with the Korean person was through the colour symbolism of my eye colour versus what my eye colour means to Korea. My eyes are green. In Korea the colour green means love.

The racists who are against Caucasian people being in any relationship with someone from the Far East of Asia tried to force the colour symbolism of specific cultural blood related to the colour green, rather than the Korean definition. In doing so, the racists would then burden my girlfriend with anything related to a particular person who could be symbolized culturally by the colour green whose burden was particularly heavy. So after any time I'd spent time with her, they'd stalk her and abuse and harass her about the burden of that person based upon my eye colour being green as a means to break us up, and to prevent Korea's definition for the colour green as being the standing definition. That's how racism perpetuates in Toronto and quite often, when its perpetuated against members of the Asian community, its over looked. Keep in mind that form of racism comes from Caucasian persons, from African persons, from Jamaican persons and from Caribbean persons. It victimizes members of cultures from Asia, specifically people from the Far East of Asia and quite often from India and Malaysia. As I stated, I experienced it non-stop when I was in a relationship with someone Chinese and later when I was in a relationship with someone Korean. Worse, my spouses in both relationships experienced it as much if not more. So these scumbags did that to Women.

As a victim of near constant stalking I haven't been in a relationship or partership of any kind for more than 9 years. My last relationship being with the Korean lady of whom I spoke. To these scumbags this whole thing is a game. They've been outside today harassing me from the street for the whole day much like they did the day before. The neighbours take over at night and do the same thing. Racism in Toronto has two faces. It has the face most people recognize that is commonly associated with originating from one culture (most often Caucasian culture) and directed at another culture (most often African, Jamaican and Caribbean culture). The face that most people don't see is the African, Jamaican and Caribbean racism that is directed at members of the Asian community and at Caucasian people, especially if such people are in mixed culture relationships of which these racists disapprove. As I stated, they live according to a colour coding scheme that they literally and criminally enforce upon other people.

I have no stance against any relationship involving consenting adults. No matter the cultures. No matter the gender. That's the business of the couple and nobody else's. There needs to be accountability for racism that targets people in this manner. Many people from the Far East of Asia won't speak up when they're subjected to this sort of treatment because they don't want to make trouble. That's literally what my Chinese girlfriend said to me about the issue. My Korean girlfriend struggled to explain what was going on and I could barely comprehend what she was going through until I experienced it myself from the other side.

Now I don't want to dump the secrets of the people which I am being harasse for despite the fact that those secrets have nothing to do with myself or my life and they're not my responsibility to carry but I will explain them fully should I continue to be harassed. The people conducting this harassing are part of the same ideology that did the same thing to my girlfriend Helen Yi Chen and to my girlfriend Jasmine Lee. You'll never see violence from me towards people of this ilk unless the threat of harm befell those Women. I will continue to fight this ideology and racist group with words and information but most of all, with truth. I never could understand how a group of people in their twenties and early thirties could gang up on a Chinese Woman of 51 years old (when I dated her, she's in her sixties now and I'd still be with her loyally), a Korean Woman of 48 (Jasmine's age at the time I was in a relationship with her who is very much a loving Woman and a great partner), and a 51 year old guy. What is it with these people wanting to gang up on a computer nerd? I mean I've been bullied for my whole life, and it really has made me rough around the edges but ultimately I'm a computer nerd versus ruffians from the hood. The big tough people that they are. I suppose if it wasn't me, they'd be picking on someone in a Senior's home or as I stated earlier, they'd probably pick a fight with a baby. This isn't love/hate blood fire ideology by the way. Its truth. True truth.

Here's something that certainly fits into the concept of liberation. The cult I've exposed here clearly spies on me while I do anything creative or even watch a movie or write a book or short story (back when I used to do that prior to four months ago).

So this cult it turns out, takes the elements of the story of whatever it is they're sourcing from the life of the person they're spying upon, and apply those elements to the lives of other people. So for example, if in the case that I am writing for a book like Stories From The End, the cult might take events from the lives of one of the character (lets say the character Trent) and they might apply those elements to someone else's life in reality. So that person might get the impression that those elements are part of their life and not even know about the book or who is writing it.

Later at some point, the person becomes aware of the book and then within that book they see elements from their own life as part of one of the characters. They then fall under the impression that the writer was stealing elements from their life to use in the story, when in fact, a cult of people were spying illegally on the writer's book as they wrote it with some kind of keylogger or something of a similar technology. The cult then would take what the writer wrote and apply it to the life of that person. From the person's point of view however they believe that the writer is stealing elements from their life to use in their book. The truth is though that the cult is stealing from the writer's book and using what they spy illegally to apply to someone else's life in real life and likely in order to later create conflicts between the writer and the person who presumes that elements of their life have been stolen.

Then the cult actually try to steal parts of the writers life and apply them to someone else's life as their own history so that when the writer explains what is happening that they sound to be victim of exactly the same thing. That their own life and distant history is just bits and pieces from someone else's creative effort that another group of cult members similarly stole from someone they spied upon illegally to apply to the writer's life.

Most people aren't swift enough to catch on to this, and so they'd tend to blame the writer for stealing the elements of their life. Then the same cult really do steal elements of the writers own history to apply to the lives of their friends and fellow cult members. When the writer complains about that happening, they are reminded about the person who claimed that the writer was stealing elements of their life to use in their story.

So this cult create havoc by doing such things to people and playing them against each other.

Currently they've been trying to swap my identity with that of a guy named Eugene Francois (not the French spy but an adult film maker who'd been arrested in 2002 for using hidden cameras to film Women in bathrooms in the Eaton's Center according to allegations for which he served time in jail. The only reason for which I am aware of this person's existence is because I used to work for Videolink before I worked for Ferretina Film Productions Ltd. Eugene and I were in a relationship with the same Woman though not at the same time. Lillian I am referring to. Eugene is allegedly a member of Prince Hall and so allies of Prince Hall try to steal whatever I produce and credit that to their allies. Eugene is one such ally. They then try to turn me into a "blue rose" (which I'm not) or even just a "rose" so they can store their burden on me without it leaking into the public awareness.

Eugene is one of the people with whom my identity was swapped in 2001, and then that swapping was again reinforced in 2004, in 2007 and then in 2010. I've reported this aspect to the Federal Police as well.

Whenever you use something that is of the colour blue on your computer, this cult tries to apply their symbolism of the colour blue. In a sense they try to force upon you in much the same way they do when you're in a relationship with someone of a different culture of which they disapprove of in terms of a relationship. Again similar to the red brown scheme they use when a Caucasian person is in a relationship with someone Chinese. The racist cult force the Caucasian person to pay for the blood of someone with brown skin. In other words, they force the definition for the colour brown away from whatever it is traditionally defined as in Chinese culture (usually age and wisdom), and instead force it to mean either hate or brown skin, which is actually racism and a violation  of the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

So when they spy on someone using their computer, if that person is using a software whose interface colour is primarily the colour blue, the same racist cult do something similar. They define the colour blue as meaning a polarity reversal forcibly. In my case right now, because prior I was using a software whose interface colours and logo colours were primarily blue, the cult therefore tried to imply that everything I've posted here was what they call blue love. Blue love is basically hate means love. If you say something hateful to someone, it means love. Likewise if you say something loving to someone, it means hate. So this cult often try to define the colour blue for their convenience especially just after someone has spoken out against them, by trying to reverse the context of that person's words against them to mean the opposite. The cult members believe that if they can do this, that everything I've stated here would be reversed in context and that would have very devastating results for me and my life while being very beneficial to the lives of the cult members who do this sort of thing.

I'm not a member of any group that defines the colour blue that way. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Not the opposite of what I say. I'm not a hell's angel and never have been. Likewise I'm not a member of the Salvation Army and never have been. My love interest really is Mandarin Chinese and I really am against what this racist cult do to other people, especially the cultures of the Far East of Asia.

Also this cult are very blood centric. When you manage to win your own polarity, they then try to make you pay for the blood of one of their cult members. This effort seems never to end. They're under the impression that people of their selected culture are superior to everyone else and they forcibly try to make their victims pay for their blood. In other words, they believe that I never would have spoken up in this way if not for their blood. I just have to live in proximity to someone with this superior blood and it imbues myself and all others of "lesser stock" with the ability to achieve. That's this cult's belief. They always seem to want to make other people believe that someone like myself is a member of their religion so that if my statements manage to muster up enough support, this abusive cult will be protected by association despite the fact that I am disgusted with their activities and their behavior. So I am not on the blue team in that sense. Besides, I am not even a member of any Abrahamic religion. I'm a Taoist and a Buddhist. The members of this cult can't seem to accept that. As I've stated they've been harassing me all day. They were quiet for about forty minutes and then they started up again. So naturally I started revealing their efforts once again. I'm not a Mormon with all due respect. I never have been. I'm certainly not a Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall.

I suppose that I should finish this and enjoy about a half an hour's peace until they begin harassing me again.

Have a good night those of you who are inclined towards living a happy and peaceful life. Even if that peace is enjoying a good action film or playing a strategic war video game. I mean pushing pixels is certainly a lot less damaging than hurting people.

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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