Saturday, July 20, 2019

Another Harassment Attack On The Weekend

Me: Brian Joseph Johns
Well another weekend harassment attack began upon my person sometime in the afternoon on Friday (July 19, 2019) and continued throughout the night and into Saturday morning. Between about 8AM and 12:30 PM on Saturday they seemed to stop and I managed to get a bit of sleep during that time.

I've described how this ideology tries to use people as their "guns". I've also described how they use the symbolism of colours to ruin people as well. For instance the colour blue often means a polarity reversal which means that anything that you state while on the blue team has the opposite meaning or intent.

It also means that when you say "up", you mean "down". This applies to the map directions of North, West, South and East as well. North becomes South and East becomes West and vice versa.

One way this manifests is in relation to your location. If you claim to live relative to an intersection, then generally that is taken to mean the opposite. So for instance, I truly live South of Dundas Street and on the West side of Sherbourne Street. That would be interpreted as meaning that I claim to live North of Dundas Street on the East side of Sherbourne Street. The exact opposite coordinates relative to Dundas and Sherbourne. Ironically there is a similar low rise building that is at a similar distance with which this ideology swaps the activities between buildings.

So that occurs between 251 Sherbourne Street (the building I truly do not live in) and 200 Sherbourne Street (the building I truly live in). Ironically the Police, Fire Fighters and Ambulance services also get involved in this activity as well, especially with regard to the symbolism of colours as I'll explain.

I am more often than not a front line defender of first responders and have been for most of my life, so doing this isn't easy but it took a lot of betrayal on their part for pitting this activity against me and having a very detrimental effect upon my peace of mind and life.

This ideology likes to trick or convince the public that they are mind controlling someone. Its an illusion that they try to create of the people whom they victimize in this regard. In fact, this ideology attempts to see-saw their victims to extremism based upon a dualistic paradigm of some form. Two polar opposites through which they try to bounce their victim and create a sort of action/reaction form of manipulation of their victim. It is literally a form of organized radicalizing of people.

So by me actually speaking out against the participation by first responders in this activity, they could use that to assert that I'm being "mind controlled" or that I am "possessed" by someone inclined towards terrorism or something of that nature which of course would be nonsense. The idea is that if I behave in a way that is very different or inconsistent with my past or prior viewpoints and opinions, that I am likely not myself. That's how they build the illusion that they are controlling someone. By putting them in circumstances whereby they contradict their own past views or expressed opinions. They do this using the symbolism of colours as well.

Now in this community this is an activity undertaken by numerous people. Both the first responders, some of the people who might be involved in the narcotics and contraband related activity in the area, and some of the religious community as well unfortunately. These people work together to destroy your reputation and then steal your identity, especially if it is associated with anything good from your own past. They'll attempt to replace your reputation and identity with that of someone else, most often detrimentally to your own life while convincing other people that anything that was a past accomplishment of yours was actually the result of someone else, rather than yourself. Then they send you packing with someone else's identity and reputation and when you get to whereever you end up, the same ideology in that location begins an entirely new game of the same thing. That's the nature of corruption in the city of Toronto and likely throughout Canada. I love Canada, but this aspect of living here has diminished my views of Canada over the years.

This ideology and others will also try and pit me as the "hate" side in some giant love/hate game as well. I'll be the one they try to claim hates Toronto or Canada (and first responders) and they'll be the ones who love Toronto, Canada and first responders. In terms of colour symbolism they'll try to label me as being on the blue green team, which symbolically means that I'm trying to control people by saying something very burdensome that most people will say the opposite in order to avoid being associated with my statements. Hence why it is considered a form of "control" of other people though my expressing any of this has no such intent or purpose. I don't try to control people at all. Its a fun role play fetish, and I love Japanese erotic content of that nature (I even have an account on a legal Japanese erotic site through which I peruse such content) but I'd never in real life try to control anyone. I believe in freewill. So I believe that by revealing this secret use of colours in that regard that I am basically bringing that whole way of doing things to the attention of many people.

I am not a Scientologist or Ex-Scientologist. I am not a member of Christianity or Islam. I'm not Jewish with all due respect. I'm not a Gnostic. I don't believe in God or the Devil or Jesus Christ or Allah or Mohammed or Jehovah or Yahweh or Jeshua. I'm not a pilot or a guitar or a guitar player or a car or a puppet. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall. I'm not a Freemason or Rosicrucian (no disrespect meant to Freemasonry or Rosicrucianism). I'm not a member of any blood centric ideology so don't take part in anything related to love/hate or blood and fire. I'm not a member of the Salvation Army. I'm not a member of any organized (or disorganized) crime organization.

I'm a Taoist and Buddhist. I'm Caucasian. My love interest is Mandarin Chinese. I'm not Italian. I'm not Irish. I'm not African. I'm not Caribbean. I'm not from South America. No disrespect meant. If you're offended by the statements in this paragraph, then chances are you're racist because it would be as wrong to be offended with me being of any of those ethnic origins or cultures as it would be to be offended because I am not of one of those ethnic origins or cultures. I completely support LGBTQ rights and marriage and always have. Also, I deny my French heritage for the simple reason that some of the ideology in the Regent Park community attempt to swap my identity with a couple of different people for whom the burden is particularly heavy. I'll explain fully.

Someone named Donald Sebastien Des Rosiers claimed to be an undercover Police Officer. I contest that pretention because on numerous occasions he used the services of a (toothless) African or Jamaican prostitute in the Regent Park area , and purposely tried to make sure that some people knew that of him, while also ensuring that the entire narcotics and crack cocaine using community of Regent Park knew that as well as likely he was operating as a "gun". In other words, he would purposely place the social burden of those activities onto other people as a form of attack against those people, meaning that those people would inherit the burden of his activities in that regard and be harassed in the community as if it was them that was using the services of a (toothless) African or Jamaican prostitute. Remember, this is someone who alleged that they are an undercover Police Officer. From my experience, anytime someone in this community makes such a claim, they're actually using that impression as camouflage for some form of criminal activity. I've never claimed to be an undercover Police Officer, Spy or Agent and never would. It takes a lot of training and a specific set of skills to be successful as such. Anything I do for the Federal Police is purely as a volunteer. I don't make one penny for it at all and never have. Likewise, there is no ulterior motive or revenge tactic at play despite the career and life ruining abuse and mistreatment I've experienced for almost 30 years now.

Of course after making these statements someone is going present someone in much worse circumstances that were "no fault of their own" in order to make my griping with this situation seem selfish and discredulous. That's actually a common tactic employed by hate groups by the way. Abuse someone to the point of protest, then when they protest the abuse, bring someone into the picture who has it much worse than anyone could by "no fault of their own". So such groups often exploit people who have it much worse, purposely in order to discredit someone else who protests abuse or harassment.

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is

So regardless, I don't use the services of prostitutes and never have. I mean no disrespect to the Women involved in that activity because I'm certain that no little girl ever dreams of becoming a prostitute when they grow up. However, I honestly believe that Women have the final say on what happens with their body and as I've stated before, I'd only hope that they could find a safer more lucrative way to earn an honest living.

So, that is one reason why I deny my French heritage. Because if I don't, the people who are members of this abusive ideology will give me Donald Sebastien Des Rosiers identity and then treat me as if I'm responsible for his prior activities.

The second reason that I deny my French heritage is because the same ideology have some association with the Jehovah's Witnesses, which seems to be very much a blood centric ideology. That is, if you were raised by a Step Father, they would treat you more like your biological Father and do everything that they could to imply that people inherit their qualities as a result of blood more so than upbringing. In my case, it seems that this ideology knows that my biological Father had a bad reputation. He left my Mother when I was around three years old. He allegedly got mixed up with prostitutes and heroin and used to hang out at cheap motels. Meanwhile, my Brother and I were raised by my Step Father, who had no such qualities, is a professional piano player and arranger and with my Mother, a Juno nominated act. Despite my Mother's early struggles as a single Mom, when she met this Man my Brother and I had a great upbringing and great life. The problem is that blood centric ideologies and cults believe that this person isn't my Father, and that when I make that claim that I'm sucking his blood. I'm a piano player too. I don't use, buy or sell narcotics but I have used cannabis in my life. While under his care, we (my Brother and I) always had a safe roof over our heads and a full belly. No matter what.

I have a couple of relatives who are (current or former?) Jehovah's Witnesses on my Mother's side of the family. That side of my family has the French blood. So there is an intense effort to keep my association with French culture so that I am associated with the Jehovah's Witnesses and in such a case, the ideology can then try to imply that I am more like my biological Father than my Step Father or the Man who raised me. So much of the effort from this ideology is all about keeping that impression even if it is a lie. As I've stated, I don't use buy or sell narcotics. I don't use or hang out with prostitutes nor do I hang out in cheap motels.

So the second reason that I have to deny my French heritage is because if I don't, I'll be forced into a grouping with Jehovah's Witnesses with whom I have no membership. In being grouped with them, the members of the abusive ideology then try to force everything to blood and in doing so they try to paint the false impression of my involvement with heroin or crack cocaine (keep in mind that I don't even smoke) and prostitutes which as a result of them creating that false impression has completely destroyed my reputation and my efforts to build and rebuild a career. Keep in mind that the people involved in this activity have criminal ties and use those ties to conduct this activity. So I deny my French heritage for those reasons.

My connection to the RCMP comes from two places. First, when I was a child my parents were good friends with people they'd known from playing in night clubs as a lounge act. In fact, my parents were the highest paid lounge act in Canada at that time. They made enough money to pay the mortgage on a nice home for certain that would be upwards of 800K market value today. The lot is big enough that it could easily hold two homes. We weren't rich but because of the industriousness and professionalism of my parents, we were comfortable. Keep in mind that before that, from my age of 7 (my Brother was 6) that it was extremely low income housing up until that point. So we didn't start out well off.

So I was saying that my parents had made friends from doing live performances, and one of those friends was a Constable of the RCMP named Lisa Little. Lisa at that time was a member of the LGBTQ community (that was in late 1970s) and had a girlfriend named Karen. My parents would have barbecues on the weekend and they'd regularly come over as a couple and spend the day. At some point later, Lisa was working at the Toronto International Airport (which is now called Lester B. Pearson) and she was one of the Officers that discovered the body of known Mafia Gangster Paul Volpe in the trunk of his car.

Ironically, one of the forms of harassment I'd been subjected to (though it could have been a coded message) was that through my BOINC client, one of the projects was called Volpe. This came up long after I'd registered my membership to the project and I didn't notice it until one day I saw a screen saver with the name Volpe sprawled broadly across my computer screen. At the point that I saw that, I immediately assumed it was part of the targeted harassment because there were very few people who knew of that connection between myself and that RCMP Officer. Keep in mind that this was when I was 45 years old and after having worked for Ferretina Film Productions with allegedly was funded by the proceeds of the Lufthansa Heist of the 1970s at John F. Kennedy International Airport, though at that time I did not know of that connect, though I'd known that something was up that was likely related to the Mafia. I don't think that the Director was involved in that aspect. I think he put on a big show as a result of the kind of people that he had to deal with in terms of financing. Regardless at that time I was also in communications with the RCMP. I found out about the connection between the Lufthansa Heist and Ferretina in 2015 after an ex-Mob Capo wrote an expose about the fate of the Lufthansa Money. I read part of it and it seemed to line up time and date wise in terms of the movement of funds and production timing.

So the irony of this whole situation is that after working for Ferretina and ending up in the middle of this very stressful situation, all the while being stalked and harassed as well, I lost my job and became homeless for 8 years. That's after making about $1000 a week for a few years (on and off as I was contracted). I filed returns for all of my earnings as well, even missing out on an $1800 tax return by filing too late. I could have used that when I was homeless.

So during that time that I was homeless, I ascertain that the elements connected to the Mafia and possibly the Hell's Angels tried to keep my location and fate a secret from the RCMP and possibly CSIS. I never worked for any of those organizations officially, but I did provide intel as a volunteer and I never once asked for money.

So much of the harassment I've experienced is related to much of this, hence my frustration and especially so with the Police who seemed to help the crack cocaine community in Regent Park steal my identity and replace with that of someone involved in crack cocaine, which I've never used myself.

The see-saw seems to be the lawless side and the lawful side playing me between the two and that seems to be a well organized part of their ideology, as if they do this knowingly and have done it many times to other people. Hence I stood by the RCMP, who at the same time seemed to be under much attack of a similar nature. As a matter of fact, much of the security sector were.

The scariest part is that a good portion of the shelter system took part in this activity. Many clients and some workers. That is, they literally attempt to remove my own identity and to replace it with someone else's. I allege that organized crime was involved in that aspect as well.

During this time from about the last quarter of 2005 and into the last quarter of 2006, I secretly dated a Chinese Woman, who is older than me by almost 13 years. We kept it secret and I honestly did not understand why we had to keep it secret. Eventually it was discovered by the same ideology that seems to conduct the stalking and they began to stalk her as well. This is after she'd made a public declaration of her love for me, by wearing her hair fully down in public when I went to meet her. That's a big and important symbol in Chinese culture. That's a Woman's way of letting everyone know that she has found her love. Shortly after this occasion she began to be stalked and we eventually had to break up to protect her. I was a much different person at that time, and if I knew what I know now, things would have unfolded much differently. I'd bet that there'd be a lot of people facing some very serious time in prison because I would have had the pieces and understanding necessary to give the intelligence to the Federal Police that would result in their investigation and a very strong case being built against them. Organized crime and Regent Park and the street gangs that support them. They contribute to the local stalking and some of them appear to be protected by Police. So this ideology literally destroyed the love of my life.

After that, about four or five months later they attempt to make me into a Gnostic with the help of someone named Mohammed Bashir and the method of sponsorship, which requires that you carry the weight of burden of someone else's activities in order to earn their association  or "blood". He was (allegedly) involved in some of the prostitution related activities as a local house owner in Regent Park, looking to sell his home and to get out. I was hired to work for him through the temp agency Labour Link, through one of the workers (Diana Galleano) who left for Venezuela between 2008/2010). She indicated to me subtly that she'd known one of my prior girlfriends, Lillian Fries. Ironically one of the people with whom this ideology tried to swap my identity with is one of Lillian's other ex-boyfriends named Eugene Francois, an alleged member of Prince Hall. I have nothing but good wishes for Lillian. Our breakup was never her fault and at the time I was with her, I completely failed her. I have no qualms in taking responsibility. I wish her much happiness and a good life.

So the idea was that at this house of Mohammed Bashir, that some people from the local community would try to make it appear that I was involved in prostitution, and specifically involved with a girl of Italian and Aboriginal culture they called Angelina and "Princess" and sometimes Mary Jane. She was 19 at the time and had a crack cocaine problem. She wasn't a prostitute, I believe that was the impression that people were trying to create of her and I also believe that they used her situation to turn her into a weapon against people like myself. Probably from what I know now, she had connections to organized crime. From what I've been able to ascertain, she was related to someone who was involved in cocaine. Either buying or selling. That person likely had ties to organized crime and possibly through to the people who'd been financing or producing Ferretina. So there was likely an organized crime connection. There's more evidence to support this and most of these situations were purposely setup by the ideology in this community at that time. Many people even made it into a shaming game of calling me a "substitute". One of the shelter workers would often refer to me as "lamb for the slaughter", which means the same thing. Substitute. Also there seems to be an alleged connection between Angelina and someone with whom I knew prior named Ray Sare. Ray Sare allegedly had ties to Hell's Angels and Mafia as well as being allegedly involved in cocaine trafficking. He ran a Management Agency called Hollywood North, and was the manager of a band with whom I was a member and gigged with, while working as a computer technician for Compuserve Canada and Vernon Computers.

Prior to the situation with Angelina, around Christmas of 2006 I'd gone to see my Step Father play a gig with a big band. At that gig, I met a lady named Sandy Romanelli, who is related to the Romanelli Construction Family (though I didn't find that out until much later). It appeared to be another sort of setup introduction. We were introduced and we began talking. We hit it off quite well and ended up leaving together after my Step Father's gig. We went and hung out at a coffee shop all night and eventually found our way to her place. We actually hit it off pretty good and became intimate. I spent the weekend with her and I learned that she is actually an amazing singer and song writer. I played the piano for her as well so we had much in common though I was still a little edgy as a result of the way that Yi (the Chinese lady) and I were forcefully broken apart. Definitely a racist group involved who did not like Caucasian people being with Chinese people.

After our weekend together, Sandy asked me to go to a bank and argue for money she'd told me was an inheritance. She wanted me to go to the TD Bank and to argue on her behalf for an inheritance of $180,000. I thought about it for a while and then simply told her that it wasn't the kind of thing that I'd do for anyone, especially someone I'd just met. I told her that it would cheapen the great start we had. I then offered to buy her lunch. She seemed very pissed off but accepted. So I went to get us a pizza. When I returned, I saw her get in a car with someone else and drive off. She never even said goodbye.

When I got back to the temp agency and to work, I'd been informed by the temp agency that someone had graciously donated $180,000 to the temp agency and that with about $1700 of that money that they wanted to hire me to design a web application whereby they could automate the signup process, which would automatically schedule the WHMIS training session for both the new signup and the temp trainer (Diana).

Between working on designing the web app, I was occasionally hired to work on Mohammed Bashir's house as well, and that's when they tried to setup a situation that made me appear to be involved in crack cocaine and possibly even to be a pimp, involving the Angelina person. During that time there was a large bust of customers of prostitutes in the area (around 200). Of course, customers of prostitutes are called "Johns", which is my last name. I happen to know that this ideology operates in that way. Coming up with definitions for the colours you wear, the colour of your eyes and hair. The meaning of your name. The ideology literally tried to swap my identity with that of a pimp and a crack dealer local to the area.

I continued doing the web programming job for around $1700 (at a rate of $25 an hour, what I'd made working for Ferretina as a programmer before I'd become homeless). So I did that job, and then I was contracted to build a network for them at another location (the Mill Site at Pape Avenue and Gerrard Avenue). I was $17/hr for that job and I hired a lady to help me and paid her $9/hr from my wages and trained her on setting up networks.

While all of this was going on, I was living at the Salvation Army in at Broadview Avenue and Gerrard Avenue. It was scheduled to close on June 30 of 2007 and we were all promised housing by the time it closed. When the shelter closed, Attila (a Hungarian guy who had been staying there since 2004 like myself) and I were the only two people who did not have housing. After three years of being homeless I didn't get housing not to mention that I'd been laden with the reputation of being a pimp and having a crack cocaine problem in order to have Mohammed Bashir as a Gnostic sponsor despite the fact that I am not a Gnostic and never will be a Gnostic. Especially if that's the way they do things. Destroy a person's life and reputation. There's more to this situation than that, but that information is for the Federal Police.

So I didn't have a home, or anywhere to go. So I went to Broadview Av. Park and tried to grab a snooze on the grass. When I woke up, all of my belongings were gone. Everything except the clothes I was wearing. It was all in a large hockey duffle bag. I'd purchased a laptop to help me with the web app job and to do future jobs. I'd purchased a cellular phone. Clothing and work boots. My toiletries. Everything came to around $1000 or more and it was all stolen. So now I had nothing from that point and further I had the reputation of being a pimp and crack cocaine dealer.

Setups and situations like this continued all the way up until April of 2012 when I finally received housing. I had been living at Heyworth House at that time. My identification and phone had been stolen a number of times in order to ensure that I didn't leave and likely because someone else was wearing my identity. A common crime of this cult. Likely to fool someone who'd known I worked for Ferretina or someone who'd known about the RCMP as well and were trying to keep me from their finding. As well, I'd also made it clear that my love interest was still the Chinese lady and I think that this cult are racists and completely against that sort of relationship. A Caucasian guy and an older Chinese lady.

From the point I moved in, the stalking and harassment took on a different nature. I had my own apartment but my neighbours were now actively part of the harassment as well as many people in the community at a growing level. I had denounced my membership to Christianity in July of 2007 and had become a Taoist and Buddhist. I swear that I will never return to Christianity ever again nor will I have anything to do with any other religion after what I experienced. They really showed me their true colours. Likewise I am not a Scientologist and never will be. I will never be a member of any Abrahamic religion, though I am not against Judaism. I just want nothing to do with the Bible, the New Testment or the Quran with all due respect. I lean towards atheism in terms of what I believe about the existence of God. I don't believe in the devil.

So while living in 200 Sherbourne Street, the effort continued towards stealing my identity and something that I can only describe as non-consensual exorcism. A very abusive practice whereby people believe that they are removing evil spirits from you by tricking you into contradicting something about their nature. So in other words, whenever I do or did something good, this cult believed that it wasn't me that was doing it. They believe that it was whomever I was possessed by. So this cult uses that justification of their belief to steal a person's history and past. In my experience, even the First Responders and Organized crime (Hell's Angels, Bloods and other African and Caribbean street gangs, Mafia and hate groups of various origins) and religion take part in this effort. It involves being stalked by this cult who basically ruin your life.

In fact there's someone outside the building in a car right now who beeps the horn every time I type something that breaks his ideology or group, whatever he's a part of (most likely organized crime).

So the RCMP will likely read this and put a few things together and this will also confirm that I am myself because I remember all those aspects of my life. Secondly, I'm not a member of any gang. I'm not an ex-Scientologist or current Scientologist either. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness, I'm not a member of Prince Hall. I'm not "complain" as this cult calls you whenever you say something with which they disagree. They do the same thing to Women who claim to be rape victims. They believe that it goes in line with the defintion for the colour blue. I love colour, but quite honestly I don't let colours determine my consciousness or run my life.

So as I typed this whole thing, this cult illegally spied on my computer and likely will use it to fuel their life in some way. This cult ruins people's lives by the way. When you describe what they do to you, they blame you for manifesting it.

When their life is going good, its manifestation too. When someone else's life is going bad, its manifestation. In other words, they use the concept of manifestion to blame others for their own failures and to take credit for their own success, when very clearly there is involved stalking and harassment and the theft of other people's efforts and the credit for their accomplishments.

Toronto is very corrupt that there's a community here that they can watch this happen illegally and the Police do nothing about it and sometimes contribute to it. Its a game of bouncing you around between the red and the blue for them. They seem to believe that its a method of controlling others, probably using the teachings of the Kybalion to do so. A lot of corruption here. I'm not a gun or a rose by the way. I'm not FudG. I'm not Mike Martin. I'm not on the blue team with all due respect. I don't do the colours thing with teams. I'm not Chuck either.

Chuck seems to be someone with whom they swap my identity more recently. Someone assocated with the lady named Karen who lives in this building. I don't know or socialize with anyone in here so I don't know these people. They just kind of spy on me illegally and then try to associate me with their lives. So Chuck is someone who has apparently spent time in prison and is the boyfriend of a lady in here named Karen, who apparently has some form of ties to the Hell's Angels. Again, I have nothing to do with. I want nothing to do with this cult anyway. My love interest is Chinese. Its not Hai with all due respect.

One of the recurring themes that happens with this cult is that they're trying to use my own poetry against me.

I wrote a poem while I was at Ferretina and shared it with someone called Magic Adriana (who at that time had the email address She claimed to be Croatian, from Rijeka Croatia.

So anyway, I sent her this poem back in 2002 I believe.

What was then is now,
What was then is not.
What is to be and when,
Are now what's just thought.

Living in the past,
makes harbour for regret.
The good things you remember,
is the future you beset.

This cult are plagiarists and thieves not to mention they use a person's own creative efforts as weapons against them. So they try to weaponize your art in much the same way they try to turn people into guns by piling them with social burden that becomes their ammunition.

So they're basically trying to weaponize that poem. They make it a game. They abuse and harass me for days before their game. Then when I gripe about the abuse and make a post like this, they utilize my art as a weapon against me. When you're abused, the most difficult thing to remember is the good. Worse, nobody else stops it. If they see you being harassed, they don't stop it. For that reason I won't stand up for other people's rights anymore. I took myself off of the mailings lists for content of that nature as a result of my rights being ignored.

I'm not Marty Shea. I'm not Tanzanian. I'm not Michael Jackson. The harassing cult members seem to keep on trying to force that identity onto me. I'm not Shane. I'm not Doug. I'm not a paedophile. I've never used cocaine or crack cocaine. I've never bought it or sold it. I've never used a prostitute. I don't believe in god or the devil or jesus christ or allah or mohammed and no amount of harassment will change my mind in that regard. I won't convert no matter what. I'm a Taoist and Buddhist. I'm also not a pirate. I'm not Tom Cruise and never thought that I was Tom Cruise. I'm not Oscar Isaac either. I've never been a scientologist and never will be. I know it gets a bit bizarre here, but right now I'm being harassed extremely by members of this cult in my building. I'm not Trent (that lives or lived in this community). I'm not a rose of any kind. I'm not a gun either. I'm not the rapper snow (Darren O'Brien) and I never grew up in Allenbury Gardens. I'm not from Nova Scotia and have never been there. I'm not Italian. I'm not Irish. I'm not Australian. I deny my French heritage too. Obviously not very good if it doesn't come with rights. I don't believe in Cain and Abel. I'm not spaceman by the way. I'm not a jehovah's witness or member of prince hall either.

I'm not on the red blue team at all. I'm not on the purple team either. I'm not on the blue team. I'm not on the brown team.

Oh, here's a screen shot of the options screen of the translation tool I've been working on...

I don't want any people to act as roses form me by the way. I'm not a member of the salvation army.

Sending love to Kyoto Animation Studio and the Kyoto Firefighters after the devastating fire. Please be well!

Regardless, I am not on the blue team and my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. Besides, that shouldn't matter. Sincerity matters more so than anything rather than trying to make a game of the definitions of colours when love and death are involved. I also truly do not believe in the holy spirit.

In expressing what is going on in that regard, I am not trying to make this the internet's problem because it isn't. In fact, these people might be harassing me for the express purpose of trying to turn me into a means by which they can dump their garbage onto the internet. From what I read, my harassers sound like griefers, only not on the internet, in real life.

Not to mention they're identity thieves and swappers. A very common and corrupt practice here in Toronto. I'm sure there's others who fall prey to this as well. Seems to be a racist group focused around the symbolism of colours. As I've stated, they're dead set against mixed culture relationships between anyone Caucasian and anyone from East Asia. If you're in a relationship that breaks their colour coding scheme, they'll harass both people in the relationship until they have to break up. As well they keep claiming that I am someone they call "Valentine" which is certainly not the case. I am Brian Joseph Johns.

I'm certainly not a terrorist but I'd say that much of the social abuse comes from people who are trying to make others into terrorists. They're likely doing this with me because I deal with the RCMP. So this cult is likely trying to turn the tables. Harassing me to the point they get a harsh reaction or that I sound anti-Government or anti-First Responders or something like that. Even many of the First Responders get in on the harassment as well, so they're probably not too impressed that I took this to the RCMP. After having this happen for so many years, I'd have to question as to how much social violence has resulted from this activity being conducted against others? I mean maybe this activity is actually the source of many such attacks.

One thing that I forgot to mention about polarity reversals and the cult that uses them to turn situations around is that they also use them to get away with their harassment. That's because they remember cause and effect reversed. So effect comes first and then cause. So after harassing a person for weeks, they'll remember the victim's reaction as happening first, then their harassment (which they probably remember as being the opposite as well which would make their harassment into compassion according to their memories). This cult also seems to believe that the more they abuse you, the more of their blood you inherit. In other words they believe that they can completely replace your identity with theirs.

Some of them believe that if you're treated hatefully, that if you behave lovingly that its because of them. They believe that a person's behavior also can become the opposite of how they're treated. A sort of see-saw effect but I'd very much contest this. I've been in relationships where we were nothing but loving to each other, and it never resulted in a diametrically opposed emotion from either one of us.

I do believe though that this cult also targets people in order to provoke abusive reactions from them towards their spouses, their children, their pets and anyone else that the victim loves. In other words they treat their victim like a kettle, and seek to have it boil over while that victim is in the presence of those they trust and love.

I am a Scorpio by the way (but not Dwayne Johnson as I'm not a Lutheran or even a Christian for that matter). I'm a Goat in the Chinese Zodiac. There's a difference between the Chinese astrology of mainland China and that of Hong Kong. Because Hong Kong was Christianized when the British invaded in 1841, Chinese astrology was changed in Hong Kong in order to be compatible with Christianity. The sign of the Goat was changed to a Sheep, which is decidedly more Christian than a Goat (which is often regarded as the form the devil takes).

Also, the Demi-God Baphomet (which serves as the model for Satan and as the poster child for Hermeticism around which the Kybalion forms much of the philosophy) is an androgynous half-human/half Goat. Baphomet was the alleged God of the Knight's Templar, hence their being branded as pagans and heretics by the Catholic Church in the 1300s. I am not a Templar myself nor am I Catholic. I am not Muslim either nor am I anti-British or anti-Royal Family. I just tend to distance myself from both my French and British heritage because the racists whom most often torment me are against mixed culture relationships involving Caucasian persons and Chinese persons. They believe that such relationships should follow rules symbolized by colours, and very specifically should only include an African or Caribbean person, not Caucasian people. In other words, mixed culture relationships that involve Chinese persons much conform to the concept of red brown or blue brown. The do not interpret red brown or blue brown with any racist definition though it is not a common tradition to have mixed culture relationships.

The racism comes from people who soley try to define the colour brown as referring to skin colour. The same racist group will often force Caucasian people to pay for the blood of someone African or Caribbean in order to date or marry someone Chinese. This is my experience while I was in a serious relationship with an older Chinese lady and similarly when I was in a relationship with a Korean lady. There's a lot of racism against mixed culture relationships that involve Caucasian people and people from the Far East of Asia. Once again, it mostly has to do with the interpretation and definition of colours. Ironically the racist ideology that forces those definitions of colours are never confronted legally by others despite the fact that such definitions for colours violate the Human Rights Act of Canada.

Because I am not a member of Christianity, I prefer the mainland Chinese astrology to the Hong Kong version and regard myself to be a Goat rather than a Sheep, though I really love the city of Hong Kong as much as I love mainland China. I have friends from both places. I like that song by Cake: Sheep Go To Heaven, Goats Go To Hell though I don't take the lyrics too seriously. It does sound like a stab at Chinese astrology though, branding mainland China as Goats and Christianized China as Sheep. Unfortunately there are many sects of Christianity that regard China as the devil. There are also many sects that regard the Bible as a script rather than prophesy. That means that they believe, "so it is written, so shall it be done". In other words, there are some sects of Christianity (and other religions) that will make their interpretation of apocalypse or revelation happen. That's a very scary prospect. A little bit like the Handmaid's Tale.

You have to be very careful with this cult. If I'm fighting for my right to be with someone who is Chinese, and sticking up for the cultures of the Far East of Asia, this cult will try to give the impression that I'm on the opposite side of that fence, and then they'll give someone else my identity and the credit for my standing up for those cultures. They are very Machiavellian and to tell you the truth I am not trusting of any member of the ideology of whose membership I am aware.

You could literally fight for the rights of yourself and others for years, and then have it all stolen from you and applied to someone else's life. The abuse they subject their victims to is in order to put their victim in a nearly constant negative state of mind. If you haven't experienced this, you have no idea what it is like. Imagine a group of people who in shifts spend 24/7 trying to drive hate into you and you'll get a small glimpse of what I mean. During that time, you still have to justify your social support while they have no similar inclination towards the social safetynet. In other words you could end up on the streets and they will never have the same fate despite the fact that most of their effort is abuse and harassment. Nothing else and I kid you not. Not to mention, they deny you your own identity the whole time. Its literally like being erased from society. Everything you produce goes to the credit of one of their cult members. Meanwhile they transfer their activities to your burden. Its like they trade lives with people and take the better life.

Don't get me wrong, I completely appreciate having a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Things could be much worse, but that's not an excuse for people who treat other people that way. I'd be willing to bet that if those people ended up homeless for a few years, when they got housing once again, you'd likely never hear another peep out of them (unless of course they fell victim to their own cult, then they'd likely be making posts like this on a blog). Keep in mind that I am not and never have been a member of any group like that at all.

I don't do love/hate or blood and fire. I'm not a member of any ideology that operates around that paradigm. I'm not a Gnostic and I don't put up with tenebrous ones nor do I fear them.

I believe that this is likely happening to me because this cult believe that I know something of value that they want to steal from me, because they believe that if it becomes their secret that they will suddenly have "power". The people involved are certainly tied to organized crime in some way, though they're the foot soldiers of the street rather than the Capos or or Lieutenants so to speak. More likely tied to religion more so than a criminal aspect of organized crime (except that maybe the ideology of which they're members possibly launders money through charitable donations). So someone probably put them up to abusing me since having left Ferretina and ending up homeless.

I likely had a few different groups of people involved in this. Some who assumed that I was a Mafia gangster or something of that nature. Some who probably assumed that I was a Hell's Angel (which I am neither). Most probably assumed that I knew some great hidden secret that if they managed to torture it out of me, they could then take over that secret and from it they'd gain power. The power they assume that I have, which I don't have any power at all nor do I want it.

I do know things from piecing bits and pieces of clues that I'd encountered during my time at Ferretina. My internet is certainly monitored by the same people (a street gang with ties to a religion and who are likely the foot soldiers of something tied to organized crime).

So this group that I call a "cult" are a group of people who abuse me and try to take everything I reveal as a result of that abuse and then keep it secret themselves thinking that it will give them power. They also believe that the more that I reveal, especially about my life, the less that I am myself and the more those who keep my secrets are me.

So this is likely an organized method of information extraction and possibly erasure. I mean erasure of my existence and having existed.

So I'll give up a few more secrets. As many of you know, I worked directly with Frank Avianca and him and I actually became close friends. Regardless of the stereotypes people have about Sicilians, he was a great man. I don't agree with organized crime (or disorganized crime for that matter) but quite honestly there's a line between law and lawlessness that is walked by many people Frank Avianca is one of those people and seems to have been an ambassador between the two sides. Him and I went and saw a few movies together and had many dinners together during my time at Ferretina. I never saw eye to eye on many of his views, but he always respected the fact that I was a different person from himself. He never tried to play me, like some other people did. A genuine person.

Others in his midst (a particular Producer) viewed people in a much different manner. A power struggle whereby one would try to make another subservient while retaining the air of being a gentleman. People of that ilk tend to see others who are in the service of others as being "pushovers" or in street language "bitches" (not a term I use). His friend Dennis was never that way, and Dennis certainly possessed a lot of wisdom which he was willing to share in small doses. Likewise, Don aka "Skippy", was more brash but still had a great heart.

So these people here who abuse me, they're after secrets that will get them power, and will help to protect them and their hood while making persons like myself appear like monsters when in fact, they're the monsters. People that abuse others so much and so often tend to see only love and hate. Nothing in between and they'd rather see everyone in such a stark contrast, because if they're hateful enough, they can reverse polarity and become the love side, and no matter how calm and kind a person has been, they will become the hate side when they're outnumbered in such a case. No freewill there. Just a bunch of people who voted you onto the hate side of the fence because they deny truth and they outnumber you. They live by the eidos: might means right rather than might for right.

They believe that if they can extract that one secret, of which I don't even know that they will somehow gain power. The better they protect it the better they'll be protected. That's essentially what they believe, and when people believe something of that nature, they can be convinced to commit great attrocities against their fellow humankind, including erasing people.

I recently looked up this entry while doing a search on the name Joseph Balsamo. I won't tell you the relevance to what I'm talking about. Those in the know who are monitoring my internet will immediately know and understand (and probably already do). The Regent Park community that is spying on my internet illegally (the street thugs I referred to) possibly won't get much from it but it will make them talk or think about it. Don't get me wrong either, I still side with the RCMP and I believe in them, even if I was double crossed while in the shelter system and homeless for 8 years though I somehow doubt that was them. About halfway through my time homeless the tone changed from one of good treatment and kindness to them trying to steal my identity, erase my existence and replace my identity with that of someone involved in crack cocaine and possibly even a pimp. They then divided up my identity amongst a group of other people. Maybe that's Osirification?

For those of you who don't know, in Egyptian mythology Osiris was killed by his brother Set, who then broke him up into 13 different pieces and scattered him throughout the world. There are different versions of the myth. Some where other Egyptian gods each received a piece of Osiris (hence gaining a little bit of his power). Isis, his wife kept his Phallus (his penis) and with it conceived a child who would become Horus-Re. Horus-Re then got revenge upon Set for his father's destruction.

Osirification is often talked about as a path to enlightenment, though I have my doubts. It certainly serves as the foundation for what would become Christianity though there are many who would contest that, though that in turn probably originated from Sumerian and Babylonian myths such as the Epic Of Gilgamesh, Enkidu and Enlil and the Dragon Tiamat and Pandora's Box.

Regardless, what ended up happening was that a group of people, primarily African and Caribbean did not like the fact that my girlfriend and love interest was Mandarin Chinese. That was the first time that I was betrayed by such people and their racist views. To me it was extra harmful as I'd stuck up so many times for members of those cultures, African and from the Caribbean. So when they started making me pay for their blood according to colour symbolism that they implied I had to stick to in order to be with a Mandarin Chinese Woman, I was completely disgusted by that betrayal. They wanted me to pay for their blood in order to be a part of the red brown team. If I didn't, then they would force me onto the blue brown team. In that case, they would define the colour blue as a polarity reversal meaning that everything that I said about being in love with someone Mandarin Chinese would be interpreted as the opposite. This racist cult in such a case swaps Asia and Africa so that every time I claim to love a Mandarin Chinese Woman, they interpret it as being an African Woman. Because I was still with the Mandarin Chinese Woman at the time, they stalked her until we had to break up for her safety. She is 13 years older than myself, and I'm 51 now which would put her in her 60s. I was 37/38 at that time that we were in a relationship so I'm as old as she was when we were together.

I swore to myself that from that point I would do everything that I had to do to take this cult down. No matter what. I would use whatever means I had to in order to investigate it and to understand it. My resolve to do just that solidified especially after the setup involving Angelina/Princess and Mohammed Bashir/Haitian Yaya and Sam. That included playing the part very convincingly at Heyworth House though ending up very damaged there too. In the end I did manage to figure everything out. The only thing of which I'm not certain is where the $180,000 came from (the donation to Labour Link) after the Sandy Romanelli situation. I did some follow up investigating and she had later won a song writing contest for $180,000 from local radio station Q107, but that all happened at different times and that still doesn't account for the (alleged) $180,000 donation. It also doesn't account for the fact that when Riverdale Salvation Army closed, I was the only person who didn't get housing. Attila, the only other person that didn't receive housing when the shelter closed, received his housing within a couple of months. Not to mention that I had every one of my belongings stolen immediately after the shelter closed and I'd been wrongly labeld as a crack dealer and a pimp. I'd also had my identity swapped with that of Eugene Francois (alleged Prince Hall member) of the website debacle.

I finally got housing in April 2012 for which I am very grateful, but the stalking and harassment continued as well as the racism against the fact that I've stuck to my ground in terms of my love interest being Mandarin Chinese. Apparently this cult are trying to swap my identity with one of Angelina's (Annika?) current boyfriends so that my good efforts fuel his life and so that I am never with someone Mandarin Chinese. Again, probably organized crime involved. Certainly street gangs too. As I've stated, something with which I have nothing to do. This cult clean their garbage onto "substitutes" whom they make carry the weight of their burden, often in order to pay for their blood. Its a sort of sponsorship scandal kind of thing. Sponsorship gets you in the door in their pyramid scheme.

In some sort of twisted way this is all connected to Ray Sare, Donald Sebastien Des Rosiers, Ferretina and organized crime.

That's a common theme it seems.

A few more things that I'd like to add to this long post. First of all, it appears that this cult are trying to exploit something inherent in the universe as explained through Gnosticism (through the cult's understanding) and Science through Quantum Entanglement. First of all, I'm not against Science at all but I am against it being misused as a social weapon much the same as I am when Religion is used in that way.

It seems that the cult are using a method of connecting two people that was long ago taught as part of Gnostic teachings, and perhaps related to the Greek philosopher Empedocles' teachings on love and strife.

When two people want to become linked to one another (willingly) they engage in a sort of love and hate behavior between the two of them. One of them takes the love side and the other becomes the hate side. With enough emotional exchange in this way the two will enforce a connection between one another. This is actually described in Gnostic texts (specifically those linked with the Roman Catholic Sacrament of Marriage). I'm not Roman Catholic by the way and will never go back to Christianity under any circumstances. In this sense the process is consensual rather than invasive.

I'm also not a Jehovah's Witness at all or a member of Prince Hall and once again I'll never become any of those things under any circumstances.

What the modern day stalking cult do in this instance is they attempt to conduct that Gnostic rite, using the love and strife teachings of Empedocles (to name one such philosopher whose ideas they employ) but they do so with an unwilling person and do so as a group to that one person. That is not to say that Christianity is the source of this nor is it to say that it is the result of Greek philosophical texts. More so the responsibility lays solely with the people who do this to their victims. Nobody else.

Where this relates to Quantum Entanglement is that Quantum Entanglement might be the Scientific explanation for this occurence in nature. Quantum Entanglement is when two particles, a photon or an electron (and in some cases compatible molecules) become connected in such a way that state information of one can be discerned by state changes in the other. Also, no matter the distance between the two this transmission of state information is instantaneous meaning that it violates the speed of light. In fact, Albert Einstein spoke out against this "spooky action at a distance", writing several papers with other scientists to write it off as nonsense, yet like his own theories of Special and General Relativity, Quantum Entanglement has been proven in laboratory tests many times over. The changes in state between entangled particles reflect the state of the other particle and this relates to the spin of the particle and its orientation relative to the axis of spin. This apparently has also been tested on successfully molecules as well (meaning that some elementary particles, once again only photons and electrons of the atoms that make up those molecules are entangled). Photons are emitted from an atom when an electron jumps to a different orbit, either closer or further from the nucleus of the aton according to the standard model. It is photons that are responsible for the transmission of electromagnetic radiation either as a particle or a wave representing the probabilities either velocity or position of said particle.

I knew about most of this prior to writing The Butterfly Dragon (and actually as a result of reading OMNI, National Geographic and Discover when I was a young teen thirty six years ago).

However, I didn't know that there was a group of people who practiced forcibly connecting themselves to other people via love/hate (or blood and fire which is also used as part of this rite).

So the cult use this as a means to measure someone's state of mind and behavior by forcibly connecting themselves as a group with a solitary individual that they target.

More recently it seems as if someone took their understanding of Quantum Physics and applied it to this abusive philosophy as a means to rewrite a person's history, ie to transfer the history of one person to another.

Many people that you explain this to will claim that it is manifestation. If you believe it, it will happen that way. Remember this though, that the cult that perpetrates all of this believe that the colour blue reverses polarity. That is if you are "blue" by their recollection or measure or they force you onto the "blue" team, your manifestation works the opposite. That is if you wish positive things for yourself or others, it will bring about calamity for them. So when this cult want to ruin someone, if that person manifests good for themselves or people that the cult are against, the cult members work towards trying to force that person onto the blue side of the fence so that the manifestation occurs in the opposite.

If the victim speaks out against their cult, the cult members attempt to do the exact same thing. Force the victim onto the blue team so that their manifestation actually benefits the cult.

Most people don't understand that aspect of things and most people who attempt to manifest aren't stalked and harassed. Also the cult who use polarity reversals also remember things in reverse. That is they regard effect as happening before cause. So your misfortune happens before their harassment, not the real way that it happens, their harassment, your misfortune.

Its a very difficult concept to communicate but that's essentially how it operates.

The Quantum Physics of how this cult can transfer someone else's history is actually quite remarkable if it is truth and works in reality but it also opens the doors to some serious moral implications about how some people misuse knowledge. It requires a lot of people to be complicit in keeping a secret in order to work.

Anyway, I'm still on the same page. My love interest is Mandarin Chinese and nothing has changed about that whatsoever. I'm not on the blue team and never will be in the sense of polarity reversals. Also because being on the blue team would affect my love interest and her culture adversely and that is something that I don't want to happen at all.

Sorry, but in my last addition I forgot to mention that I believe that everyone has a right to their beliefs. No matter how different they are from my own (or anyone else's). The problems occur when someone's beliefs and corresponding actions result in the violation of other people's legal and Constitutional rights. As well, I love science. Especially Quantum Physics, Astronomy, String Theory, Biology and Computer Science.

My only qualms are the harassment I receive from this cult. The racism directed towards and against members of the cultures of the Far East of Asia, and especially when it involves a mixed culture relationship between someone of those cultures and someone Caucasian. As I've stated, I'm Caucasian and when in such a relationship I was literally forced by this cult to pay for the blood of someone else on the basis that if I didn't I wouldn't be allowed to be in such a relationship because in order to, I had to be a part of the "red brown" team. The people who tried to force me to pay for their blood did so on the basis of brown meaning skin colour, which according to our Human Rights Act is racism. So in other words, because I am Caucasian, members of the African and Caribbean community wanted to force me to pay for the blood of someone of their cultures so I could have their permission to be in mixed culture relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese. If I didn't pay them for that blood, they'd get the payment in some other way. That is racism by the way what these people did to us and what they're doing now. The way they tried to cover this up and still keep it on their side of the fence was they tried to swap my identity with that of someone Biafran, so it would be consistent with me saying that I am Caucasian.

Now first of all, I completely support any mixed culture relationship between any two adults as long as it is mutually consensual, so this has nothing to do with me or my attitude. This also involves a racist group on the other side of the fence. A Caucasian racist group as well who operate much the same way. The two sides play a person like myself between the two of them and as I said, if you don't pay, they'll cause grief not only to myself but to my love interest. In fact, while I was with her they started stalking her too and this is why we eventually had to break up. To protect her.

More than ten years later, I expressed the fact that I am still completely enamoured of her. The people here are a completely different group of people from the initial stalkers, but they are connected and they are also identity thieves and racists as well. All just the same towards members of the Far East community and in the exact same way. If a Caucasian guy wants to be in a relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese, he has to pay this (gang?) for their blood. Now according to the Canadian Criminal code, that's criminal extortion. Extortion doesn't explicitly have to involve money. It can involve forcing anyone to make any kind of payment in exchange for goods or a service through which the payee is not a part of the supply chain.

Chinese culture does not define the colours red brown in that way at all, so this has nothing to do with their cultural interpretation of colours at all but more so the racist activity of another group of people who are limiting cultural interactions according to their rules and definitions for colours, which once again is a violation of the Canadian Human Rights Act against both myself, and members of the Chinese and any other community that is victim to a similar activity.

Activities like these affect international tensions and policy by the way. That's because there is a citizen's dialogue that happens here between Canadian Chinese citizens and those living in China. When Chinese citizens here are treated substandard by other residents or citizens, that can have grave consequences for diplomacy and foreign policy in both countries. So activities of this nature can adversely affect the diplomacy between Canada and China. It is the same in China. If Canadian citizens were being mistreated by Chinese citizens, word of that treatment would eventually make its way here and affect our foreign policy towards China. When you consider that this whole affair was escalated into existence amid American tensions during the trade war between both its trade partners, Canada and China with the extradition order for Meng Wanzhou being another bargaining chip for the United States, and seriously putting Canada in a poor diplomatic position with China, activities at this level can have dire consequences for foreign policy. Consider that what I'm explaining was already happening for years before this whole affair. It wasn't just happening with myself, but many others as well and targeting members of the communities of the Far East of Asia. Not only China but Canadian Koreans. Canadian Japanese. Canadian Vietnamese (who seem to be at least a bit exempt on the grounds of the fact that Vietnam was partly a French investment and French soil for years during the colonial era). Canadian Thai community and you have problems that need attending to.

Of course this would not affect outbound tourism to those countries from here because those who seek out the tourism of the Far East of Asia go there to enjoy the people, the sights and the experience. Likewise, the member states of the Far East of Asia who come to Canada as a tourist destination (BC is one of those hotspots and I know because I went there years ago for a vacation) for the same reasons. The people, the sights and the experience. When word of this sort of thing makes its way between both places, it can create a tension that results in pressures and bargaining chips for and against Canada in terms of foreign policy, because when our diplomats go to China for negotiations, they're responsible for everything that happens to Canadian Chinese citizens regardless of the source, and they find out just as we find out when our citizens are mistreated on the grounds of racism in China or the Far East, which is very rare in itself. As a matter of fact, many foreign citizens in the Far East of Asia are in mixed culture relationships and working professionals. These are considerations that should be on the minds of all Canadians of all cultures. When one group of people makes trouble, it costs all of us. Especially with regard to foreign policy and racial tensions between domestic communities. I don't work for the Government but I do support the rule of law and I vote as well. So I take these things seriously. If I'm not writing about them in some way, then either they aren't happening or I haven't noticed them because they aren't affecting my life or circle.

Now, I'm going to have to dodge polarity reversals  that will likely try to pit me as the bad guy. Someone will definitely try to take this last part of my post from me and credit it to someone else, while trying to make me appear anti-Chinese or something of that nature. Its happened before.

Regardless, I stand my ground with regard to my love interest being Mandarin Chinese and I don't play and have never owned a guitar. I do however play piano and keyboards.

I'm certainly not anti-American but I am disgusted with the extradition order for Meng Wanzhou.

One last thing that I'd like to mention. The cult that I'm dealing with seems to be focused around "blood" and limiting a person's options in life according to their ancestry and forcing a specific ancestry that is of the victim's worst.

So in my case, as I stated I was raised by a Step Father (David) who is and was responsible Father figure in my life before my parents separated when I was 20 (in 1991). My biological Father as I'd mentioned prior had a bad reputation of being someone who liked to hang out with prostitutes and was allegedly involved with heroin (underlining allegedly). Fortunately I did not turn out like that one bit and never in my life experienced substance abuse issues. Likewise I was never a Womanizer nor did I ever jump from girlfriend to girlfriend. In fact, most of my relationships occurred because I was approached by the Woman as I am and was very shy. I still am shy about dating though I don't think about it as my mind is focused on someone specific, the Mandarin Chinese lady with whom I was involved prior in 2006. She is fairly well off compared to myself but I am not a person that has ever been motivated by money. I mean I like money, but it isn't the soul motivating force in my life.

The abusive cult for whatever reason seem to like giving others a much different impression from my actual reality and identity and actually use the identities and lifestyle of other people with whom I have nothing in common to achieve that goal. Not that everything has to do with me but I'm sure that this cult tries purposely to give others the impression that I'm selfish. The abuse seems to be geared towards giving others that impression of their victim. To create the impression of narcisism or selfishness in their victims. The truth is that when anyone gets abused, they become self focused in terms of self preservation. In fact racist groups benefit from doing things of that nature to destroy the reputation of their victims. If you're abused by such cult and you protest that abuse by writing about it on a blog, it doesn't take long before the cult respond by presenting something of a person in a far worse situation, purposely in order to make the protester look like a complainer. So in other words hate groups exploit people who are in difficult situations or have challenges in life in order to make the people that the hate group harasses look like complainers when they protest that hate. By hate group I do not mean specifically Caucasian people who are against foreigners or others on the basis of culture, religion or skin colour but rather groups of people who number amongst other cultures along with Caucasians who are blood focused and racist in terms of mixed culture relationships, and purposely abuse their victims in order to break down love/hate ideology in favour of blood and fire. Blood and fire is how this cult use other people as their garbage bags. If such members of a hate group outnumber their victim(s), the cult believe that they can dump their burden simply by lighting a fire. That is, by lighting a lighter or match. This is often what signals to them who to harass about their social burden.

In addition as I've stated, they specifically target people as myself whom they know have a love interest in someone of a different culture that they've forbid Caucasian people from being in relationships with. Many of my harassers are members of a very blood centric cult who operate more like a Caste than anything, limiting a victim's life options according to their ancestry, and usually they try to find the worst example of that ancestry. I am not referring to India or any members of its culture as historically during the Brahman era India was very much a caste society. In modern India it is possible to transcend the caste.

With the cult that I'm referring to, its like they're obsessed by destroying people in that way. In addition, they attempt to setup situations which further paint an impression to others that the victim is more like their worst ancestry than they are any good life influences they've had (such as a responsible Step Father and Father figure who is not related by blood).

In this community where I live there is an effort that occurs every time I step out into the community to drive me to harsh reaction or towards frustrated rants, which probably sound like me talking to myself, in order to further discredit me by the stigma of mental illness, or even to imply that I'm possessed by someone else with a much different mental illness (such as Schizophrenia which I do not have). It must be very difficult to cope with such an illness. I do take medication for Stress Induced Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder.

Unfortunately there are many people in this hate cult that seem to be convinced that people with mental illnesses are really people who have sins on their person for which they've not confessed, or something that they need to get off their chest. That's why the cult make things so burdensome for their victims. If you're carrying the secrets of your love interest, they'll do everything that they can to derail you. Especially if she's of a culture they are against being in a relationship with someone of your culture. Also, they tend to choose a partner for you that they try to herd you into being with by cutting everyone else off from your life and leaving only that one person as an option for partnership. If you go outside of their plan in this regard, they'll start the whole harassment thing over and even target your love interest.

If you have ambitions, they'll steal them from you as you work towards them and at some point later they'll try to trick you into contradicting those ambitions so that they can attribute your efforts to someone else's credit. That's what killed The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative. I just decided that I'd had enough of all the abuse and harassment and stopped writing those books or any for quite some time. Instead I've been focusing on coding/programming (while getting harassed that can be quite difficult). Also I've been trying to get things a bit better on the home front too.

Here's something that many people might suspect about the nature of how this cult operates. They purposely try to setup situations or dig into the personal secrets of their victims that they can use create burden for others associated with their victim.

I'm going to expose something quite big about this cult and something quite personal about myself in order to undermine them considerably in the minds of others who think them harmless.

They try to control other people, including Hollywood and other content creators by creating burdens and situations that force writers, actors, directors, extras and other performers to have to remove those situations as burdens from themselves through their work on the big and small screen. This cult gets off on seeing how their burdens can shape movie productions, including the writing, acting, directing of movies. So this cult purposely attempts to weaponize some people whom they attempt to use as burden for content producers as a means to control their art form, because those creators have to create situations that contradict the nature of that social burden in order to remove it from themselves. Its a form of control that this cult attempts at the highest levels of society and a form of social puppetry.

In my case, the cult in question tried to use one of my personal secrets as a weapon of burden to others based upon my sexuality. I've had girlfriends in the past, and sometimes with them I like to perform cunnilingus, which is the equivalent of fellatio, but with a Woman being the intended receiver and as a means of consensual pleasure. There are many people (especially in this cult) that seem to be against this sort of thing despite the fact that it is personal between the people involved where it involves consenting partners.

So the way this cult operates when they make that a burden to others is that they make "licking" sounds for a lack of a better way to describe it. It took a while for many people to figure out what that burden meant and when they did, lo and behold a lot of people started exposing their tongues, because the cult makes things a burden under different circumstances. They'll make something a burden for anything they find out about that another person keeps secret. They'll make something a burden for anyone who overhears or sees someone wearing blue green say or do something that onlookers clearly disagree with but do or say nothing to express their dismay for it. These are the two main methods of puppetry used by this cult. Their methods are that if you keep something secret, it must be more true than anything you reveal. If you don't speak up against someone who says or does something while they're wearing blue or blue green, you'll be harassed for it as if it was you who said or did that thing. What will end up happening is that you'll react to this harassment and then do something to contradict it. They've just successfully puppeteered you, these assholes. That is one of their biggest secrets by the way. For this cult, its all about making other people into their puppets and they do get off on seeing this manifested on screen in movies and on television. So if you've ever noticed the nearly constant exposing of people's tongues, that's the reason for it. They're trying to ensure that their tongue doesn't remain secret or hidden so that it isn't a vessel for burden related to personal acts of that nature.

This isn't to say that I support what happened in the Weinstein case as that sounds as if it were non-consensual and taking advantage of a situation of casting power. When things of this nature happen it really undermines the prevalent goodness of most Men though Weinstein should have his say in court as should his victims. I can see that when that much burden falls upon a Woman who knows about such a situation where she might feel taken advantage of, that over time that burden and pressure from people who reminded you about it could become health problems if you don't deal with it. So in essence you could say that people who harass others that way are murderers in a way. I'm sure they care less for the damage they cause to people in that regard.

I wonder how many of my girlfriends these scumbags have similarly stalked with such personal secrets. More recently I've seen it become about stalking Women in relation to having given fellatio which once again is a personal thing between consenting adults.

When people do things of that nature and make the private moments that happen in the height of consensual passion, they really cheapen the moments that a loving couple shares. I don't think that such people really understand what love is. They're usually very focused on blood and things of that nature, not to mention they believe that having an orgasm is love. If that were the case, then 75% of all adult Women would have never experienced love quite honestly, so love isn't just an orgasm. That is not to say that Women don't experience love but rather that not enough Women experience orgasm. Thankfully Women are very loving and likely experience the most of it. I think that people who could stalk and harass people about things that happen in their bedrooms, whether by randomly poking and prodding hoping to find a sensitive spot or by knowing in advance what secrets they were going to try to pressure a person about are really incapable of love or even human compassion. I mean if you can make someone else suffer and not feel any compassion towards the suffering that you cause, I believe that you've lost your soul and your humanity. I also don't believe that such people are gods, deities or powerful at all. They're empty husks.

Right now, my neighbours are busy telling me that I'm someone else rather than myself. Something about the holy spirit or about people becoming inhabited by disembodied spirits that float from person to person as a result of this cult's nightly hate rituals. That's what they believe and how they practice identity denial against their victims. I guess the same way that they look at Hollywood (in California I mean) and other content creators and regard them as mere puppets just trying to remove from themselves that with which they were burdeneed by the members of this cult.

So regardless, I'm Brian Joseph Johns. I'm Shhhh! Digital Media. I hope that what I typed on the end of this, my longest gripe and rant post of all time helps many people out in the world by validating their feelings and sense of victimization. They have rights not to be treated that way as does everyone.

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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