Sunday, June 30, 2019

Pride Toronto 2019

Its been a while and I've been making efforts here (and at home) to clean up as it were.

This post is mostly to address the fact that I've reposted most of the stories, which I'd taken offline from about two months ago while I collected myself.

So the majority of A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon material has been relinked and can now be read at your convenience.

As many of you know if you've read Bella's Tarot Reading, I am a supporter of the LGBTQ(2?) community and had Barris and other characters experience life as a member of the opposite sex for a short time. It was my tribute to other writers who've explored the same topic, some of which include Robert A. Heinlein and Lex Gigeroff (of the hit scifi television series Lexx).

This support isn't the result of mystical influence or any other mode by which someone might entice a person into a viewpoint that is different from that of their own being. I mean if you have to give up your own identity and being to protect someone else's rights, then in fact human rights have not progressed at all. Instead they've become conditional at the cost of someone else's. Besides, if I was being say... mesmerized into doing someone else's bidding, it most likely would be of a Woman's doing. I won't elaborate on that.

In addition, most Canadians will be celebrating Canada Day over the June 29 long weekend with Monday being the holiday. I'd like to wish all of you a Happy Canada day and would ask that you please consider the plight of indigenous Women around the country especially with regard to what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referred to as a genocide. I personally wrote to the Rt Hon. Stephen Harper and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about this issue from 2012. What really disgusts me about this issue is that there are people who use this situation and its publicity to promote crack cocaine, by associating Indigenous Women with its consumption for the benefit of those involved in importing and distributing the narcotic. Completely disgusting that any group of people would lower themselves to that level by resting it upon the laurels of Indigenous Women and using their genocide to promote narcotics such as crack cocaine.

So this Canada Day, please consider these aspects of our society and consider how we should move forward in preventing the victimation of Indigenous Women and in our efforts to protect human rights  including those of the LGBTQ(2) community at home and abroad.

Happy Canada Day and Happy Birthday Canada!

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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