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On The Elevator Today...

I'm Brian Joseph Johns
On the elevator up from the ground floor after checking my mail today.

Some in the elevator says: Blue won.

I say nothing and point to a red patch on my shirt.

I'm not a slave to the symbolism of colours or a part of the religion of colour.

I'm not on the blue team and never will be because I don't do things that way.

In my building, that's the effort of people within using colour symbolism to transfer the responsibility for their activities to other people.

In this case, it was one person trying to transfer the activities of someone who alleged uses crack cocaine onto my person, which I've never used crack cocaine or cocaine in my life. That's the kind of thing that goes on in my building which is 200 Sherbourne Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where I live in apartment 701. I don't use, buy or sell narcotics. I don't even smoke cigarettes. I'm not a member of any criminal gang and never have been.

To Quietest Revolution who I admire, I have a friend nicknamed Buzz who is a (senior?) member of the Canadian Military and whom is Chinese and a friend since my childhood. If Buzz saw was a coded expression referring to this friend, then thank you though I don't know what he could have seen. I don't know anyone in my area of Regent Park named or nicknamed Buzz.

From what I understand there is someone around here who also has the nickname "Buzz" who is involved in crack cocaine and this local stalking cult knowing that I have a childhood friend named Buzz, often attempt to switch the two in order to associate me with crack cocaine, which as I've said I have nothing to do with. That's because most of this cult seems to be connected with the people who imported it and distributed it throughout Regent Park in the 1990s and they're looking for a place to stash their garbage. Usually, that means trying to find a person upon which to transfer that repute and make them carry it as if they are responsible for it. That's essentially how members of this cult try to transfer the responsibility for their life actions onto other people and rewrite the truth.

While writing this, I received a phone call from the number 416-889-9527, whom I do not personally know. I haven't given my phone number out to many people, though I did reply to an ad on craigslist for work and used my cellular number. That should be one of the only individuals with whom I don't have business that has my phone number. I've also shared it with the people with whom I do my banking as well and of course the Government. Seeing as I don't use, buy or sell narcotics and I don't know or deal with anyone else in the area, I'm actually at a loss as to who that could be? It rang for 19 seconds and failed to leave a message. I don't socialize in the area and don't know anyone from around here in Regent Park. There's a large group of community stalkers here and for people like myself its a very big problem that is ignored for the most part by the Police. I've reported it to the RCMP a number of times and will continue to do so until something is done about it. I'm even being harassed as I write this.

So the person who just tried that, you just got three strikes with me instantly. You're out.

Also, I don't do red versus blue or brown versus green.

I'm not a Jehovah's Witness and actually I don't believe in the Bible, New Testament or Quran. I'm not and never have been a member of Prince Hall. I'm not Roman Catholic despite yesterday's post. I'm not Irish or Italian either. I'm not someone that this cult refers to as "John Cane". I'm not Scottish and I'm not from Nova Scotia. I've never been to jail or prison.

In 2001 I was dating a Police Officer's daugher, named Jennifer and working for both Ferretina Film Productions and a local moving company supply warehouse (I had two jobs). I also had contacts and still do within the RCMP. I'm not a Police Officer and not a secret agent or spy and to tell you the truth I'd never pretend to be anything of that nature. It takes a long time to complete Police College and a lot of training and hard work.

Also, I'm not Gay though I support LGBTQ rights and marriage. Some of the members of this community try to label me as someone they refer to as "gave head", which is slang for fellatio. Although I support LGBTQ rights, I retain my identity as a heterosexual. Also I'm not a Gnostic and not a member of any religion or ideology that believes people become possessed by disembodied spirits that jump around from body to body that results in the members of this cult hunting down these disembodied spirits the next day, which results in what most people call group stalking. So no, my body is not a condominium for Thetans or any other disembodied spirit. Sorry L. Ron Hubbard and Xenu. I believe that Jehovah's Witnesses also believe the same thing or something very similar. They actually attribute the 7 deadly sins as originating from bodily possession by demons for which they proscribe an abusive regimen to remove said demons and spirits from the body of a person assumed to be possessed. Not quite the same thing as Catholic possession, but not far from. Not to mention, they'll conduct these demon extraction activities on unwilling subjects. A vast majority of group stalking originates from that and from other similar religions and beliefs that violate the human rights of their victims.

Naturally being treated in such a way results in a very anxiety prone and reactive victim which the perpetrators of this travesty then label as a hater, while the people who tried to remove these demonic or spirit possessions are the "love" side. To tell you the truth I don't do love/hate or blood and fire at all.

I'm not American. I'm Canadian albeit disgusted to be a Canadian right now and especially a Torontonian given the current state of affairs in the city and the abusive nature of stalkers within.

I am not a hater. I am not a lover. I am not a blood and I don't do blood and fire.

If you do the crime, you do the time. Take responsibility for your own words and your own actions. I'm not a pedophile and never have been. I'm not a rapist or abuser either.

I refuse to carry anyone else's burden that is forced onto me. If you do put it onto me without my knowledge, I'll figure it out and reveal what it is and put the correct name and identity to it.

I don't have any sexual transmitted diseases. Actually I haven't had any sexual activity with a partner for more than 9 years. My last girlfriend is a Korean lady with whom I was with in 2010. I've never owned or walked with a Cane. I don't believe in Cain and Abel. I've also never worked for the TTC but I like their service.

I don't and never have hired prostitutes for anything in regard to sexuality but I did give one $50 to buy her time for herself so that she didn't have to put herself at risk doing that sort of thing.

The only reason that I need to clarify those things is because group stalkers often try to transfer the responsibility for their activities to their targets, of which I am one. So they clean themselves off onto other people. I don't have a fetish for African, Jamaican or Caribbean Women nor do I have a fetish for heavy Women. There are beautiful Women though from all of those cultures and who feel they have weight problems and there's someone out there for all of them. Its just not me as my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. I'm not the kind of guy who looks for a "booty call" only relationship in Women. I'm a boyfriend kind of guy and always have been not to mention that I've never cheated in a relationship.

The Simplest Explanation For Group Stalking

Its unfortunate that group stalkers believe that other people become possessed by these free floating spirits that they seem to believe jump from body to body. Actually they make it into an abusive game.

You see, at night, group stalkers engage in a sort of ritualistic hate session between each other all over the world.

This has two purposes:

  1. The first is that it strengthens their connection to one another, which is biomagnetic in nature. They literally connect to one another via the human biofield, the naturally occurring magnetic field that we all have, that some people call their aura. This field exists and has been proven scientifically (citations). There are many health practices that use this for healing and it has been use for medical diagnosis in the Far East of Asia for perhaps as long as 3000 years.

    Group stalkers aren't in this for healing other people. They're in this to terrorize and destroy their victims and are a far cry from the health practitioners who use Chi, Reiki, Prana and Mana for the diagnosis and healing of other people. The people of the Far East of Asia take this very seriously in much the same way that Western Doctors take the Hippcratic oath very seriously. In fact, one of the tactics used by group stalkers is trying to trick their victims into breaking promises because group stalkers operate on an eye for an eye or do unto others as you would have them do unto you sort of approach to dealing with their victims. They believe that if you break a promise, that other people have a right to break a promise against you. That can mean many things, including the Hippocratic oath or the oath that some protectors swear.

    The vast majority of professionals would never violate such an oath, even given a patient or citizen who has broken a promise prior. The point is that group stalkers try to create openings in their victim's life and behavior that they feel give them the right to violate the victim's rights. They have to, because the following day of their activity requires the breaking of a victims rights in order for them to achieve their goals.

  2. The second purpose is that they believe that by doing so, they can transfer bits and pieces of their own soul or spirit to other people and control them. These effects aren't actually bits of spirit or soul but could possibly be the effects of biomagnetism from the group stalkers' bodies affecting the hormone production of the victim's body in such a way that it increases the likelihood of a reaction to abuse by the group stalkers. It is such reactions that group stalkers believe is proof that they are possessing or even controlling their victims.

So after doing this all night while in a sort of catatonic state, they wake up the next day and make it a game of trying to find their disembodied spirits in other people. Usually they start with their victims but this can grow into anyone who reacts to their abuse. That's because they believe that reaction is an indication of possession or control. In some beliefs this is even what is regarded as the mark of the beast. So some of these abusive people think they're doing the lord's work in hunting down people who have the mark of the beast or a reactive nature. Their specific belief is that this results from possession of their disembodied spirits and if the victimr reacts, they're still possessed and therefore they have to go through another night of trying to dump these disembodied spirits onto their victim and the next day hunting them down again.

It is this game that most people would regard as being group stalking because it entails harassment and trying to provoke a reaction from the victims that would make them appear to be under the influence of these supposedly disembodied spirits. Ironically, I don't believe in God or the Devil or the Bible or the New Testament or the Quran, but I'm still harassed and stalked by the members of this abusive cult.

They believe that their targets can become possessed by more than one of these disembodied spirits at a time, so quite often the harassment used to hunt down these disembodied spirits goes on for the whole day until they believe that their victim is "cleaned out". Then at night they do the exact same thing all over again and continue the abusive activity of hunting down these disembodied spirits again the next day. Its that simple.

I'm guessing enough people are brainwashed into believing the reality of this whole belief that they would forego the law and the human rights code and conduct it against their victims anyway, while other citizens watch and do nothing to stop it.

So my stalkers seem to believe that I'm a whole crowd of different people. When I contradict being one of those disembodied spirits, they try testing to see if I'm someone else and so on. So in essence its a method of identity denial and erasure because I'm never treated as being myself.

Now in order to perpetuate this whole falacy, the stalker cult make claims that the victim is manifesting their own destiny in this regard. In other words, they claim the victim is making it happen. That's because in a polarity reversal (which when the cult members reverse the meaning of statements and intent all based off of the symbolism of the colour blue), they treat everything as being the opposite. So instead of the flow of time working forwards, it works in reverse which means that cause and effect are reversed. So its effect first, then cause.

So their logic is that while in a polarity reversal (when they claim the victim is on the blue team) is that them abusing and harassing the victim happens after the victim protests it, not before. So from the cult members' point of view they claim the victim is making it happen because they're claiming that things operate from effect to cause rather than cause to effect. Another one of their biggest secrets out the window <wipes hands in satisfaction>.

I've mentioned before that stalking victims need to get polarity settled and keep it there when dealing with these scumbags. Gravity is one way to do this. That's because currently, gravity has no opposite pole that our theories can explain. Quantum Mechanics and Relativity don't coincide on their explanation of gravity, and String Theory or M-Theory don't operate the same way in terms of the dual nature utilized by Quantum Physics to explain the most fundamental particles in the universe and the building blocks of energy and matter. So currently insofar as we know, gravity is a good place to start if you want to anchor polarity to a concept that doesn't budge. Not to mention that in an anti-gravity scenario, matter is pushed away from other matter, meaning no structure the way that we comprehend structure could possibly form at any meaningful scale to our understanding. So gravity is a constant and anchor that seems to have no polar opposite in terms of our theories.

So grab onto gravity and hang on if you like sincerity. Time on the other hand is malleable so far as we're finding in experimentation. That is, events in time are dependent upon a conscious observer and time will actually rewrite events backwards from the point of view of a conscious observer in such a way that the past is as malleable of the future and its this phenomenon that arises in the possibility of the multiverse, to explain the discrepancies between what we experience, the fact that what we experienced can actually be different from a current measurement if all information tied to an event has settled into maximum entropy or there's no other conscious observers whose history depends upon their version of events exists. This change of events is said to be proof that there are an infinite number of universes, each of which are representive of every possible position and momentum of every given fundamental particle in the universe. That is dependent upon our measurement of any reference that is not now.

The constant that we do know about time is that we seem to experience this flow in one direction. From the present into the future. We can't experience it the other way, but our theories and experiments don't regard the future and the past as having a difference from one another. Our memories though have one direction though some would argue that precognition is actually a form of a conscious observer remembering the future in the same way that we normally remember the past.

Regardless, the best anchor point is to use gravity because its easier to use it to dispute polarity reversals because so far there's no mathematical theory that supports it in Quantum Physics and as I stated, String Theory doesn't operate on a system of duality (where every elementary particle has a particle with an opposite charge regarded as anti-matter and its explanation of duality in reality involves micro-dimensions that are far smaller than the Planck distance not to mention that there's eleven of them versus our three of space and one of time).

My stalkers would even think that my having written the preceding paragraphs would indicate that I am possessed by a Quantum Physicist or something of that nature. Actually, when I was 12, I became very interested in cosmology and physics and I was a voracious reader on the subject. I first read about String Theory in the early 1980s in OMNI magazine. From there I became fascinated by it and continued learning as much as I could about the topic, cosmic inflation and a whole host of other topics including quantum physics. So much of what I read is ingrained in me and has been for a very long time. I mean most group stalkers seem to treat people as if they never existed. That their existence is the result of these disembodied spirits or the blood of someone else who is imbued with a supposedly superior genetics and ancestry than other people. Blood in that case is actually how group stalkers refer to the biomagnetic field that connects them to one another. So they regard some cultures within their group as being superior and that their blood makes it possible for people of lesser genetic quality to be able to think about topics they normally couldn't, which I believe to be complete nonsense.

My explanation for whether people are able to concentrate or not depends upon their hormonal balance and health, and their environment. If your hormones are in balance and you have a healthy body, chances are you'll find it much easier to concentrate. If there are distractions which cause you distress to concentration then chances are your hormones are a little out of balance and your body might be lacking serotonin or dopamine. The reason that group stalkers believe that it is their blood that makes everything possible is because biomagnetism allows them to affect the hormone production in the bodies of their victims and to destabilize it with a bit of effort. The same phenomenon actually explains why they believe in disembodied spirits jumping from body to body. That's because its not spirits at all and its not blood.

Its biomagnetism and group stalkers that practice using it can affect the hormonal production of the body of their victims. That imbalance can result in anxienty, stress, anger, depression, melancholy, and even calm. So this ability of group stalkers is actually behind their entire belief system which can be explained scientifically and is ever closer to being uncovered in the lab.

For instance, recently we've developed very sensitive sensors called SQUIDS that can detect the most faint of magnetic fields. Even the magnetic fields produced by neurons in our nervous system. Because neurons operate on a electro-chemical process to propagate information through the nervous system, they produce a magnetic field, albeit a very tiny one and only for the instant that the neuron is firing. Now multiply this times the number of neurons in your nervous system and you've got a lot of information propagating cells in the human body, each of which is operating via a charge. When a neuron fires, it is referred to as a voltage drop. These neurons make up the biological information and communication system of our body. If all of that information is flying around in the nervous system via electricity, that means that it is producing a magnetic field. If the information being transmitted through neurons is encoded electrically via these voltage drops, that means that the magnetic field produces by neurons also contains the same information encoded into its field in some way.

When a magnetic field cross through another conductor, it produces an electrical charge. The human body is a wonderful conductor of electricity because its made up of mostly water. So that means that when a magnetic field passes through our body, it produces a current. This is actually happening all of the time because all of our electrical devices produce magnetic fields. Some people are even sensitive to the magnetic fields of appliances and devices and utilize special clothing or refrain from using certain devices to avoid the effects of magnetic sensitivity.

The information content in a computer or cellular phone is encoded in a much different way than our biological systems encode information through our biological network and our nervous system, therefore the magnetic fields of computers and cellular phones don't cause problems with the information and communications systems in our body by way of rogue information somehow infiltrating our bodies from a computer or cellular phone. However.

Because the magnetic field emanating from another human body is encoded biologically similar to that of other human beings, the encoding has a far greater chance of being similar or even compatible (on the same channel in terms of the information theory definition of channel). So when a magnetic field that originated from another human body passes through your body, there's a chance that your nervous system might decipher the resulting electrical charge as information in your own body. In most cases our bodies probably discard that information as there's probably some form of biological error checking and validation built into our internal communication system that is similar to a finger print, and is unique to our body. Given enough time and familiarity though, our body might become acclimatized to the information flying around in the magnetic fields emanating from other bodies if those magnetic fields are amplified in some way.

Enter the practice of group stalkers and their nightly ritualistic hate building, which is a catatonic state they seem to enter whereby they talk in their sleep and seem to be very engrossed in some sort of hateful experience. During such times, they are reinforcing their connection to one another via biomagnetism by the means I just described. That's my theory.

In this sense, its like WIFI of the body. A side effect of the fact that our own communication system, our nervous system uses electricity as the information carrying medium. If the nervous system of another body can interpret the emitted magnetic field of another body, that would mean that a network has been created between those two bodies whereby information can flow in one direction between them or both directions between them. I assert that group stalkers who engage in this ritualistic hate and catatonic state (for lack of a better way to describe it) are doing just that. They're creating a biomagnetic collective and internet between themselves that allows them to communicate and affect each others' bodies and the bodies of their victims.

The effect they most often choose to have on their victims is affecting the hormonal balance of the victim's body because they believe the results of that are indicators of possession (by disembodied spirits) or even remotely controlling the body of their victim. Because most of them aren't of a scientific background their understanding of this phenomenon is based mostly upon superstition and religious belief. So according to their belief, the effects of their biomagnetism upon the bodies of their victims is actually possession by the victim by disembodied spirits from their own bodies and what they regard to as being their "blood". Blood is what they believe to be the effector of the level of emotional balance of their victim and they believe that this is an indicator of the quality of blood in that regard and linked to the genetic superiority of certain cultures. So if they can calm down someone who is in a state of anxiety, they believe that to be proof of their blood being superior to that of their victim.

Conversely, they also attempt to cause a victim to progress towards anxiety based upon what they feel the influence of other cultures upon them is. You see, they believe that they are in competition with other cultures for the influence of their blood over the victim. So if they suspect that the victim is friends with someone of these cultures that they are competing with, whenever the victim interacts with their friend culture the group stalkers will try to provoke a reaction and behavior that is rash and unbecoming of the victim so that they can blame that reaction on the blood of that other culture.

They use that reaction as a justification that the victim should not interact with members of that culture and further use it to condition the victim to stay away from that culture.

For myself, this manifests as the group stalkers trying to keep me away from Chinese, Korean or Japanese culture (as I'm Caucasian) and instead trying to force me towards African, Jamaican and other Caribbean cultures. So most of their racist attitude is directed towards the interaction between certain cultures and cultures of the Far East Of Asia and this is very unfortunate.

It is this symbolism that also makes up their definition for the symbolism of colours, when colours are used to denote blood rather than love and hate.

So the group stalkers use colours to symbolize the blood of different cultures, and measure how it affects the victim in a competitive game that is similar to their game of trying to find the disembodied spirits after a night of ritualistic hate.

When the victim biases the culture they're trying to keep the victim away from, the group stalkers often use a polarity reversal to change this bias to mean the opposite. That's another way that colour symbolism can be used and abused by this cult.

So if I defend the cultural group of my love interest, the group stalkers naturally try to force me onto the blue team, which they can use to enforce a polarity reversal or simply justify keeping me away from the culture of my love interest on the basis that she's red blooded and I'm blue blooded, even though that is not likely the case. I am more likely red blooded but I am not certain in that regard because I have no learned enough about how this cult regards those aspects and how they use colours to trap their victims to within their culture group, like herding cattle.

So the activity is actually very racist in nature and violation of the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act, especially by its misuse of the symbolism of colour.

Unfortunately biomagnetism and the human biomagnetic field are very difficult to measure and we've made slow progress in understanding the information encoding within the human nervous system, so determining the nature of this is still very difficult and this topic does step into some very touchy moral issues like racism and especially our free will.

The group stalkers use bias as their measure of influence of the victim and their goal is to trick everyone else into believing that they have the most influence over the victim. I'm not certain if this is the case only with myself or if other victims elsewhere experience the same thing. I might be one of the highest value targets by this cult and therefore I might be the only one experiencing this at this level. A sort of North America wide or possibly even world wide game.

One of the aspects I suspect about this is that this is an effort to keep people in the same information sharing network and collective of the culture doing the stalking rather than letting the victims end up in the information sharing network of the cultures of the Far East of Asia.

In other words, there's likely a similar biomagnetic collective between different groups of people and cultures and there's likely a lot of intercultural overlap that some cultures want to prevent, like the group stalkers local to myself preventing me from becoming involved romantically with someone Chinese and someone Korean, which they've done to me twice in the past by stalking my girlfriends in both cases.

So the group stalkers are certainly a racist group that is completely against certain mixing of cultures and likely founded in a common religious belief that is very blood centric whereby they don't want the intermingling of certain people or cultures.

Ironically they seem to believe that I'm Dwayne Johnson. Or Tiger Woods. Or anyone who has African, Jamaican or Caribbean ethnicity, but never myself. So in a sense its like identity and culture denial and they are certainly a racist group that operate around the idea of love/hate and blood and fire and use that to trap people like cattle. No disrespect meant towards Dwayne Johnson or Tiger Woods but I'm certain that most people would rather be themselves. I certainly would rather be myself, Brian Joseph Johns rather than anyone else. I'm not superior or inferior. I'm just myself.

I'll certainly put a stop to them with information. I believe that as more people become aware, the less power they'll have and the more people will distrust them on that level, which is a shame because the following generations aren't responsible for their attitude and shouldn't have to pay for their ignorance of other people's rights.

For the record, I've had nothing but fair treatment from the Asian communities and cultures of Toronto. When I was at my lowest, I was actually helped onto my feet the most by the cultures of the Far East of Asia in Toronto, and by a few good agencies. I am ever grateful for that and try my best to be and remain fair.


So I'm just clarifying myself.

I don't do polarity reversals. Sincerity before polarity.

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and tbhis is

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