Friday, May 17, 2019

Stopping Online Extremism

Brian Joseph Johns
Though it is certainly a noble cause and certainly justified, the only way that they'll ever successfully stop online extremism is if they stop offline extremism and social abuse by any groups.

Most hate is an attempt to provoke an extreme reaction from another group or person. There are many groups that operate under the premise that if a group creates a hostile reaction from someone, that they are somehow indebted to the group that provoked it.

Actually that is whole idea behind extremism in the first place. The goal with any extremism (and terror based martyrdom) is to create a debt that will be paid by future generations to the group that instigates a hostile reaction from others by way of social abuse or terrorism.

This doesn't necessarily mean violence or terror alone is the only means to procure this sort of "debt". It can happen as a result of social abuse and harassment that is not contained with the same attention that is received by online activities. In other words, it seems that abusive hatred is allowed to occur in real life (off line) more so than it is to occur in virtual life (online). This is the case not only from your common run of the mill hate groups but from a variety of different groups making up just about every cultual group, targeting others in a given community.

Some are more guilty than others, but for this reason the only way we'll see an end to this is if we stop it offline just as we do online.

Most of this occurs as a result of the same "no means yes" logic that is often used as a rape defence plea. You know, the whole idea that hate means love? The idea in such a belief is that if you can provoke someone else to treat you as hatefully as you treated them, that it actually means love and as a result it creates a connection between the people involved in such hate for each other.

The biggest difference is that hate is an activity that defies free will. That is because a person treated hatefully is more likely to react with hate as a result of fight or flight syndrome, which is the result of evolution and hormones in the body that increase when we are confronted by hostility. So treating someone hatefully as a group or as an individual is an attempt to deny someone else their free will by provoking a reaction that is very much not free will. Such people are trying to force a similar connection that occurs between people who have a strong love for each other. So in a sense, its like a group of people trying to connect themselves to someone who wants nothing to do with their abusive ways and treatment of others. In this sense, it is just as much a form of social rape of a person's peace and privacy and the groups who do this often symbolize it through colours despite the laws there are against doing as much in Canada.

So, in order to stop the online variety, they're going to have to stop the offline kind as well.

That's actually the entire reason that I stopped writing A Lady's Prerogative and anything else I work on here. It didn't stop the kind of abuse that I experience, but I'm still very much in control of my own life and I don't reward abusers. I am still very much against any form of Freemasonry that employs situational puppet strings to manipulate people. I'm against any hate group that does the same, trying to provoke hostile reaction from a victim.

I'm not any character from Disney or DC or any book, television show, movie, theatrical play or video game. I am not a professional athlete or a music star. I've played music professionally in my life but was never really a music star. I've worked professionally as an application developer and programmer and PC technician as well. I've also been a furniture mover and landscaper as well which are both great ways to earn cash as they're like a paid workout.

I am not Chuck (any Chuck) and I am not a Rose or a Gun. My love interest is still very much Mandarin Chinese and still the same Woman. I am not a member of Christianity at all, nor am I Muslim or Jewish with all due respect. I am not a Freemason, Rosicrucian or Scientologist and I say that with all due respect.

I don't use, buy or sell narcotics. I drink alcoholic beverages occasionally. I do eat meat, including fish, chicken and sometimes even pork. I rarely if ever eat beef. I am not a member of any blood centric ideology. I do not have a fetish for African or Caribbean Women, and I say that with all due respect towards Women of those cultures. There are many beautiful Women of those cultures but I find myself mostly drawn towards Women of the Far East of Asia truthfully and that is because my last two girlfriends are from that part of the world (Chinese and Korean), and in both cases it was a very good relationship experience, however one that was not accepted by society and its racist views towards certain mixed culture relationships. In fact, both Women were stalked by haters for being in a relationship with me because I am Caucasian. I am not imagining this or remembering someone else's life as if it were my own. I play piano, not guitar. I don't even have a guitar. This is my truth.

Nothing I have stated here is hate. In fact it is asserting my own history and identity, to which I have rights. Most hate groups will do as much as they can to erase their victims from reality by attributing aspects and the output of the victim's life to the credit of other people while denying the victim's identity and existence. Whether this is a form of aggressive religious conversion, I can't say.

I'd recommend though that if they want to stop online extremism that they start with the offline variety.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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