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Hi. I live in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701.

Its a low rise building in the south/south east quadrant of Toronto. Its low income housing. Its well kept and the in house staff are good. The security is good too but there's only on site security on week nights.

The contractors can anywhere between awesome to assholes. Maybe its that way everywhere but I don't think so. Heck, even I can be an asshole sometimes but if you are going to be, you'd better have a good reason because I'm hoping that nobody likes to be an asshole.

I believe in a world where everyone takes responsibility for their own actions. That way if you believe that what you are doing is right, you'll defend it.

If it is clearly wrong, you're more likely to hide it or at least own up to it and try to do better.

I'm a Taoist and a Buddhist.

I don't believe in god or the devil. For the most part I find those concepts to be the role of human collectives. I don't believe that god is a collective. I don't believe in the bible or the quran either and I am not a member of any religion that has a concept of Kane and Abel or Isaac and Ishmael or the Mark Of The Beast. I mean I love the Biblical account of the Exodus and the story of Moses, and certainly that of King Solomon and King David but I refuse to be part of any religion that divides people up according to Kane blood and Abel blood or denies people the right to heaven because they have the mark of the beast which to many religious people seems to mean an anxious or angry response to abuse.

I mean I believe that everyone should choose their own belief or religion (or none), but nobody should be able to force others to choose what they believe.

It seems to me that the world is slowly becoming enforced to join a collective of the mind, and that many are being held prisoners in their own minds and against the rule of law and their human rights.

It doesn't seem to me that this is something being done by the system, or the authorities and they're probably just as much at threat. I'm certain they'd be the first to defend the rights of others to choose their own beliefs. The second you deny someone that right, you are losing your own right to choose your belief as well.

Is it me or doesn't anyone else think that this is wrong? I mean enforced collectivism is slavery. Cooperation isn't. The most rapid growth of our civilization began when we started consensually cooperating, not maliciously enforcing collectivism. So if you don't like it, then stand against it. Change it! I mean I can't be the only one and as a matter of fact when I was out walking earlier, many many people subtly indicated their support. What would you want to bet that people doing that are doing so as a means of aggressive conversion, playing the opposite side to the religion that they want to convert everyone to. Prince Hall is like that. They're the mirror side of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and the two groups play off of each other as a form of aggressive conversion to their religion which has been outlawed in a number of countries as a result of the unrest it causes. You're imprisoned by one, and rescued by the other as long as you follow their mandate and beliefs. If you choose of your own free will and volition to believe in it, that's your freedom to do so. If others don't, then respect their freedom not to be a part of either side of that paradigm. We live in a country that operates under the rule of law and the human rights act and a backing Constitution.

I just got over days of abuse and harassment of the same nature and had begun the process of healing. I had a group of people begin to attack me at about 1:15am tonight. Some people who'd come in from the street up to my floor and did their harassment from the hallway. I know its cold outside but if you want a warm place to stay, the last thing that you should do is sneak in and start conflict. I guess if I had gotten up and chased them out or called security on them, I'd be on the hate side of the fence and left to wallow in my own misery.

Brian Joseph Johns
Not to mention, I'd signed a petition for only a few hours earlier. You know, I'd really like to see support from for members of the European and Asian communities as well. I've signed just about every single one of their petitions supporting rights for Women across the board, but there has never been a petition that has specifically included support for European and Asian Women. That's a large demographic of people who need our support as well. Then there's also North and South America too. And we can't forget Oceania as well. I'll definitely address a kind but assertive letter to them to encourage that possibility.

The point is that none should be overshadowed for any reason. When it comes to human rights, bias has no place. When it comes to private matters of relationship and affection, bias is everything. Support of human rights is not bias for a relationship as supporting someone else's rights isn't an application to have a date with them or to sleep with them. Relationships and romance is all about bias. In fact, that's all we have to express for our partners and our right to bias and protecting it should be a part of our human rights as well.

I mean, if someone tricks you into a situation where your bias is elusively more than it is for someone that you purport to care for, that doesn't mean that you are no longer in a relationship with the consenting person you care for and are now in a relationship with the one for whom you were tricked into elusively having more bias. Not at all. That's slavery and an attempt of ownership too and there are people who try things of that nature. Making it into a hidden game they sometimes target against someone. I mean having enough time to plan and execute a game like that against someone must be a living hell! I mean I can't imagine a large group of people having that much time to waste on doing that to a naive, innocent or any kind of person. Maybe that's the top of the bottom? Like the heaven in hell?

As I've said, its not like I'm racist at all but I don't like being targeted by specific groups of people. As a matter of fact, a few years ago I started writing a story about the early beginnings of Jazz music in New Orleans. From the point I'd started writing the story, publishing it as I went, I was literally harassed and attacked by members of these groups despite the fact that the majority of the cast were African Americans and French Louisiana colonials, which coincides with much of the early history of Jazz in New Orleans. The story was called The Answer Is In The Keys. Actually it is from these French and Latin colonials that the Creole language originates in New Orleans. I've been to the Big Easy but unfortunately I was only a "little easy" being nine years old. I didn't get to see the great Jazz shows they had at night, but I did manage to hear a lot of music from the hotel room and while walking the streets with my family during the day.

There wasn't any real cliche or stigma associated with the story and as per usual I made my characters deep, interesting and intelligent yet I was abused by these same people. So I scapped the entire story and took it down from my website at that time: I encourage Women not to accept abuse. I mean purposeful targeted abuse against their person. So why should I accept the same thing and why when it does happen, verbal or otherwise? Should I reward the people who abuse me by continuing whatever it is they're abusing me for? That creates a cycle that constantly repeats itself, so Women, don't reward abuse, and remember to enforce no means no if that is of your choosing and intent.

Brian Joseph Johns too.
I'd posted many a good photos of my city of Toronto, trying to build up some positive energy for the city. I'm not a member of any hate ideology as I believe in calm and balance of mood and mind. If you go extreme in anything, you have to do it in balance and at your own pace lest you get bowled over by extremity.

I mean be careful of the see-saw response. That's a natural human response in most people if not all of them that results when confronted with a situation of polar extremity. Almost always most people respond with the opposite. In this way some people intend to play you and much like a see-saw, the higher the one side pushes the higher the other side goes. So if someone is trying to dethrone your peace and calm, that's likely the strategy they'll use. In fact that seems to be taking on a monkey see/monkey do phenomenology throughout society, whereby one group of people learns to do this after seeing another group of people
doing it and it runs out of control from there.

I'd be willing to bet that this is the method behind radicalization that has been resulting in violent attacks throughout North America and Europe though they seem to have died down for the time thankfully but that doesn't mean that they've disappeared. I mean if you're on an emotional see-saw with other people, they could push the see-saw a little harder than you could handle and off the handle you go! Maybe an angry outburst? Maybe run out to your garage and grab a firearm and just start shooting people? Maybe you might experience this too many times and plan an organized assault, trying to target the same people you believe to be responsible for putting you through it? That's likely the scenario from these situations.

Most of those situations arise out of other people using our secrets as puppet strings against us. Another form of unspoken slavery. I mean if someone wants to "Geppetto" you, they only need access to your secrets. For most people that means having their Internet spied upon or their communications device channels intercepted. Mind reading and ESP too. I mean if our brains are electrochemical circuits, that means that all of our thoughts produce an electromagnetic field. Whats to stop someone else's brain from intercepting that and reinterpreting that information? I mean if you can do that, then what would stop you from intercepting the magnetic field of someone hearing their own voice while talking. I mean we're making devices that respond to our thoughts and they're doing the exact things I just described. I'd be willing to bet that our brains and nervous system can do the exact same thing too. So there's a whole range of means through which our secrets can end up in the hands of people who will use them as puppet strings against us. It doesn't really matter the morality of the nature of your secret, though I expect that depending upon its severity it is probably very unsettling to have someone with your secrets, and then to hint to you that they know them, perhaps purposely so as to manipulate you.

I'd be willing to bet that for many people this is a potential stress killer. This could be the method to the Mafia's word of death. Hint at secrets whose very expression demands explanation. It is by these means that they'd build stress and perhaps burst an artery or strain the heart and its the end.

Some religions might even use this as a means of extraction from people. Perhaps alright for expert interrogators trying to find a murderer or obtain a confession but in the hands of the malicious that could be a very dangerous power to wield. Hence I'd suggest to anyone to not be worried about their own secrets unless you are a murderer, vicious or even calm and silent criminal. The reason is that this kind of power has a profound effect to shape us in dangerous ways. I mean if someone can pressure you about the secret of having read a specific book, maybe a controversial one like Catcher In The Rye, then what are the chances that they might try to condition you not to read certain kinds of books? Books that expanded your thinking enough to challenge the kind of people who'd try to cull your reading habits?

I'm not writing this for that particular reason. I mean I really don't care what people know about what I have read and what I haven't. If I did, then someone could really change the course of my reading, meaning they could limit me only to reading books that supported a specific religion, or maybe books that espoused the ideals of a specific ideology. I don't think my secrets are more important than my freedom to choose my path of education and exploration in life. I'd hope that anyone else would feel the same way too. The best way to take away the power of anyone's war cabinet in that regard is to be at peace with yourself and even be unafraid to explain yourself if someone does attempt to destabilize you.

Remember that the kind of people who do that are exactly like the kind of people who try to wield power over others based upon Kane and Abel. That means they believe that you have the right to heaven if and only if you aren't possessed of reactive or violent blood and such people usually set the terms of such a test themselves. So that means they're in control of who gets to go to heaven and who doesn't. Having that kind of power over someone tends to corrupt. So the people who'd use your secrets in that way are no better because they're trying to use them to limit you and to control you. In other words to have power over you to determine your future.

Really this post is the culmination of reworking the vitriol of posts I'd been making in response to being a victim of stalking and social abuse. I managed to stand back enough and piece it together while whittling away the embedded anxiety and came up with much of this. It reads much better and is free of anxiety spurred writing while still having some of the same spark that ignited it.

Anyway, I hope that someone got something out of that. I did in writing it and I just barely managed to avoid writing another long winded vitriol post and instead turned out something valuable and good that isn't even fiction.

Warning To Content Creators!

A warning to content creators everywhere. There are people who will try to destroy your brand by stalking and abusing you in public and while not under the scrutiny of a camera or recording device. Instead their abuse is geared towards causing you to spiral out of control and rant online in such a way that will destroy you and your content brand or worse, attempt to weaponize you into attempting to destroy someone else's content brand.

Have you noticed how many content producers have ended up in conflict with one another? I'd say that digital, film, online and broadcast media is under attack. As a matter of fact, I'd include many aspects of our society that are under attack, including ones that helped to defend our sovereignty and our ideals in representation of our role in the United Nations. I'm talking about our Military. It would appear that we're being played against each other. A sort of divisive bifurcation that is separating us  into ever smaller sub-groups, many of whom are at war with one another. I know. I almost fell for the whole thing, hook line and sinker myself.

The smaller brands need to help one another and when possible, team up with the bigger brands while making sure that nobody is sabotaging your media presence and character. Often such people will attempt to rile you up using the see-saw method I've described here. They're exploiting the natural reaction we have when confronted to present the opposite. As I said in the see-saw example from above, the harder one side pushes, the higher the other side goes. When this is referring to our emotional state, that means you can be pushed to anxiety or anger by this method, and both can serve to put you into situations where you'll really misrepresent yourself and the interests of your brand. I'd highly recommend that you avoid feeling vengeful too. That doesn't lead anywhere but to more see-saw treatment, only this time the see-saw is vengeance.

As I stated above, it is this exact methodology that has likely resulted in many violent attacks throughout North America and Europe. The only difference with how we're being played as people is the extremity with which we react to the see-saw method.

Insofar as content producers go, no matter how honest and hard working you are at what you do, there are people who will spy on your market penetration statistics and if they feel so inclined, they'll stalk and harass you as a means to destroy your brand or outright steal it from you and give it to someone closer to their ideology.

Please. I urge you to be careful and not just for my sake, please do make a stand against this. Don't let other people define what colours mean for you unless you're choosing by your own freewill to go along with it.

Their interpretation is subjective. Any colour can mean love, even more than one at a time and for some people, they all do. That's up to you. Don't let anyone take that away from you and remember that it is the Armed Forces that have ultimately protected those rights for us many times over. Our savior green protecting every one of our colours, even other greens.

One last thing. Despite my having created a Butterfly Dragon character that I've used on DC Universe Online, my book and the characters of The Butterfly Dragon are NOT affiliated with nor a part of the DC Universe though the DC Universe is excellent content and the home of some of my favourite superhero brands, namely Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aqua Man and the Joker (perhaps the first iconic villain). More recently I am looking forward to seeing Shazam. That really looks it is going to be really good.

Likewise, the Marvel Universe, the incredible brainchild of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and many others including the legendary John Romita and Tod McFarlane is the home of some of my favourite heroes including Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain (Ms) Marvel, The Hulk, The Black Widow, Lady Deathstrike, The Thing, Wolverine, The Avengers, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Werewolf By Night, Kung Fu Master, Moon Knight, Punisher, Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, Galactus and so many more that it would take me the whole night to finish naming them here. My characters of Shhhh! Digital Media unfortunately are not a part of the Marvel Universe either though I'd be hard pressed to pick which one I'd like to see them unite with.

The Butterfly Dragon, A Lady's Prerogative, Pleromaworld, The Legendary Of Xarn and Stories From The End are all a part of the SMU: The Shhhh! (Digital) Media Universe.

I'd rather the SMU be a third macro-universe in the multiverse that could interact with either the Marvel Universe or the DC Universe. I only have one stipulation and that is that I believe that it is wrong for comics to sell any particular religion. I don't mean that it is wrong to have religious characters in a fictional world.

I mean in my A Lady's Prerogative books, the Sanctum is composed of close to thirty or forty different forms of mystic belief. Some based upon those of our real world though with their own spin (much like Neil Gaiman's Sandman and American Gods which none of my books draw from), while others are completely original. None of them are sold as the one true answer because for any one of us, that's subjective as should be the yardstick by which one measures oneself. I tend to lean towards diversity in that arena, even keeping my own chosen faiths (of Taoism and Buddhism) in a lower key role within any of the series of books that I write. Nothing I write is a device for conversion to my religion or to any religion for that matter.

I mean if a God (or Goddess more likely) who created us, gave us freewill, then why would we be forced into any particular religion at all and told that all others are wrong? Do we even need to choose a religion? What's the rush? From a young age (I mean from our early teens), we only need to start with learning about and understanding our independence of mind and the confidence to make our own decisions and to be ready for the responsibility that those decisions incur, remembering that not everyone has our best intentions in mind and that some may try to trick you into contradicting your own integrity. Having that we'll eventually gravitate towards the place in the world that best suits us. Keep in mind that all of this is far easier said than done and I can attest to that personally but retrospection is our greatest learning tool.

Don't let others take any of what you say or do away from you via colour symbolism or by any means. Those things will help you to grow.

Now I'm off to enjoy some East Asia alien asparagus magnolia porn.

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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