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Mandela Effect...

Brian Joseph Johns aka Weltherwithsp
Alright. I love magic and mystery but it must be real. When we encounter the unknown it must pass the hallmarks of objectivity so that we may distinguish what is worthy of investigation.

The Mandela Effect is the illusion that arises from the belief that reality is or has been temporally transformed. Essentially changed from what its linear path had promised to a different outcome perhaps the result of bifurcation. Bifurcation being a fractal expression of a branch in time and space involving two possible outcomes. If we map such possibilities to every (or any) possible branching pathway in reality we end up with infinite possible realities, each a different branch point from its predecessor.

The Mandela Effect is aptly named from the phenomenon involving a large number of people falsely remembering that Nelson Mandela had died in the 1980s. When in the 1990s he'd been released from his imprisonment many were startled to find out that he'd actually lived. In other words, these people claimed to have experienced an alternate version of reality.

The truth is however a bit simpler and involves an unsung hero of human rights in South African Apartheid. I'm speaking of course of Doctor Stephen Biko, who was even immortalized in a song by the Irish Rock band Simple Minds. The preceding link involves a concert version of the song played by Simple Minds and Genesis alumni Peter Gabriel. Back in the day when many musicians feeling responsible for their influence chose to attempt to make the world a better place. Something brought about by Ultravox Alumni Midge Ure and Boomtown Rats member Bob Geldof.

This isn't about exploiting Doctor Stephen Biko as much as it is about bringing some light to the Mandela Effect and the fact that most people who remembered Mandela's death in the 1980s had actually remembered the death of Doctor Stephen Biko, essentially overshadowing Biko's importance to the liberation of South African Apartheid from history though don't blame the people of Apartheid.

They were part of a structure they did not understand or know of. As much victims as the native South Africans from whom they'd been kept apart. The enemy of peace is often polarity or the misinterpretation thereof. I get angry too when mistreated and I'm often no better than those who find such reasons to hate. Abuse often creates the polarity needed to keep a cycle of hate going. Much like the internal combustion engine, which is essentially an overcomplicated piston based see-saw. So this isn't about elevating myself as much as it is bringing truth to light.

The mysteries of Quantum Physics and the Multiple Worlds interpretation thereof aren't necessarily lies in the face of the fact that we've remembered alternate versions of reality. Sometimes versions of which we have no possible way of proving or disproving. Does that necessarily mean that we've disproven the Mandela Effect?

No. Not at all. It does mean that we've liberated one aspect of history from misinterpretation and misinformation. Its not entirely beyond the realm of possibility that there are those who are trying to create an alternate version of history by rewriting the present. The only way that we can prevent such a thing is by recalling the truth as we remember it, though when it comes to time and history, it seems that even truth can be subjective. So the only truth we really have is that for which we stand currently.

So I've chosen to make my stand in remembering the fact that it was Doctor Stephen Biko, Apartheid activist who died and was remembered as Nelson Mandela, essentially disappearing from popular history to be replaced by Nelson Mandela.

Its a risk to point this out, especially as a Caucasian person for risk of losing my own identity thereof, and especially because my love interest is actually Mandarin Chinese. Honestly though I felt that it was important, and far more important than my own self needs to point out this discrepancy of time and space.

She'd certainly be impressed, maybe even enough so to garner another chance with her. Regardless its a worthy cause.

So, my point being that the Mandela Effect isn't necessarily false, but it most certainly might be true, but more aptly called the Doctor Stephen Biko effect, because it was Doctor Stephen Biko whom was nearly erased from being remembered as an anti-Apartheid activist who changed history simply by dying and being incorrectly remembered as Nelson Mandela.

If you've plans to hurt me whilst I'm out and about, please remember that I'm the person who helped to clarify this issue. I deserve a little peace too.

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