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What Does Red And Blue Really Mean?

I'm Brian Joseph Johns. 
My "as above, so below" representation isn't 
Harvey Weinstein or the fellow with the 
death sentence in China despite how some 
people are attempting to shape that appearance. 
I'm the writer of A Lady's Prerogative 
and The Butterfly Dragon and I eat cults and 
gangs for breakfast. I'm actually bit full at 
the moment.
Hi again. I thought that I'd talk about colour symbolism some more and how it plays a big part in society and how those colours are used to signal the rest of society about its current state, referring directly to the colours red and blue.

First of all, society operates on a concept of keeping a moderate and balanced temperature. This temperature refers to how a society is poised between being warmer and cooler and usually refers to how those two symbols are biased throughout the whole of society.

For instance, when Women's rights are being taken seriously and there is progress towards that goal, it is often considered to be at least a little in favour of "red". Its generally regarded as getting warm. As well, if you're like me and your love interest is Mandarin Chinese and you go to great lengths to defend that, that as well would be considered to be getting even more "red". If you say and do things that favour specifically your culture, your family or even Children in addition to Women, that too is considered to be "red" and getting even more red and warm.

Society is nothing more than a battle between these two diametrically opposed forces with the more aggressive (usually blue) trying to maintain a constant imbalance in its favour. In fact, we've just come out of two and a half decades of being biased significantly towards blue and being considered "cold", especially when it comes to rights issues.

So this is a universal symbol across society and most of the world. For instance if I favoured or took exception to President Vladimir Putin and his good actions as a leader for his country, It once again would be considered to be getting even more red.

So society is largely governed by this (recently revealed) hidden battle of symbol that in all truth is not balance at all. In fact, it by and large favours blue for most of the time unfortunately.

One can see this manifest too by how others who are getting a little too warm or red are treated comparably to others who aren't nearly so red or warm. People will start doing things to such a person in order to cool them down and sometimes those things would just be regarded as simple bad luck but quite honestly doing as such is woven into societies fabric and the people who do, really have no minds of their own independence because they're carrying out a goal they barely even understand because this form of colour symbolism is used to steer the masses and those symbols represent nothing.

Think about this. Most people consider themselves part of a brand without even thinking about it or taking time to understand that fact. They might be part of a religion that is symbolized by a colour, for instance a blue religion might be Jehovah's Witnesses. It could be Roman Catholicism. Protestantism. All of those religions are symbolized by the colour blue and as a result have become a part of the blue "brand". So there's an unspoken team membership between those religions as they are considered tools to cool things down when it gets too red (see Women and Children's rights, Russia, China etc). So when the world tips the scales towards a balance that includes the "red" brand, the blue team kicks in trying to cool things down. This is part of our social architecture and how we're all controlled without even really being aware of it to bias being ever more and more cold, as if being warm or "red" is a crime. See McCarthyism for a great example of this architecture in action which defines the red symbol as being communism and the blue symbol as being capitalism and free enterprise. Let the witch hunt begin.

Though it might sound kind of funny, we're living in exactly the same battle even in a different country like Canada because most of the world's citizens have been programmed without knowing it to think in these terms and to act as an agent of bias towards blue. The funny thing is that nobody and I mean nobody (except for myself) has ever questioned it directly, head on.

Here's some of the repercussions I've experienced as a result of shifting towards red. My mail (specifically finances such as cheques or payments) takes longer than those who aren't in the red zone. I'm abused by others in their attempt to cool me down. I don't quite have the same social rights as others despite the fact that Canadian law and several acts of Parliament state that I'm supposed to.

This isn't just about me though as it is about the whole of society because if we shift even a little bit towards "red", there are people who will attempt to force things in the blue direction in terms of colour branding and how its defined and most often this circulates around racism as well as denying the rights of Women and Children or anyone who happens to have been unlucky enough to be defined as part of the "red" brand, and this supposed balance favours the blue brand nearly always (especially since 1995+). Most people don't see it though and even fewer are bold enough to stand against it directly.

So because of this recent red shift, we have one of the the cases against Harvey Weinstein being dismissed (Ashley Judd's more specifically) as the agents of the blue brand attempt to force things back over into their favour. Blue in this case might be misinterpreted as being Jewish, but in this case it more would represent the interests of Men versus the interests of Women. I've often stood my ground defending Jewish people, but in this case I'm siding with Women. The reason being that when the blue team backlash starts, it will make things very difficult for Women and for the progress of their rights in society. The blue team might even be tempted in such a case to pit Women's rights against a speculatively blue branded item (like being Jewish) in hopes to prey upon the seemingly inherent anti-semitic guilt that permeates society but keep in mind that there are people like myself who still do speak up for Jewish people, but won't be brand bashed into denying Women their rights when the blue brand is pit against the red brand.

Being manipulated on this basis of branding is most often beyond the conceiving of most people. They don't even know it because most people don't take time to self reflect on their own motives for action within society. As a result, we're pushed ever into the blue rather than achieving a balance. Over time, this results in a cycle that appears like a sin wave form, with crests of the waveform representing one extreme and the troughs of the crest representing the other extreme. That's because you can't control people who maintain balance. If the struggle between red and blue was equally balanced throughout society, nobody could be manipulated. There are volumes of books and ideologies founded around this concept of controlling others and being a "master" by being able to conceptualize polarity. The Kybalion is one example of such a work and believe me, there are many others that push for a cyclic form of balance where the time on the red side of the fence is equal to the time spent on the blue side of the fence despite society favouring one or the other over one half of that cycle rather than a decided balance that involves no cycle. When one is out of balance with the other, people's actions become determined by an innate guilt to force things back to the center or even to the other side and this almost always favours blue.

So you're being sold a concept of balance that isn't even real balance at all. The cards are stacked in favour of blue from the get go without most people even realizing. This form of branding also plays out in many other ways without people realizing that they're being manipulated.

Another example is the branding of Women's rights to the side of blue (a change that was ushered in by the United States elections of 2006) and the idea autocracy being decidely red. So they've completely changed that branding in an attempt to force people over to the symbolism of the colour blue without even knowing it and once again this is all about the symbol, not what it represents. In terms of the religion of many, we're warshipping false idols. Colours more so than what they represent and most people aren't even aware that they're giving up their free will in favour of colour branding.

For example, if you're a member of a blue branded religion, you might automatically vote for the blue candidate (the party whose logo colour is blue) without even considering their platform. Likewise is the case with red. Just because you're a member of a red branded religion, you might automatically vote for the party with the red logo. Its the same in Canada as it is in the United States.

Now that we have world wide information and communications networks whose primary interface is visual more so than auditory, the means for shaping how we choose colour branding is more powerful than ever and as a result, we're living in the day and age of electioneering through the use of colour branding. I mean, if you are part of a red or blue religion, then you might as well go and vote for the corresponding political party without even knowing or thinking about their political platform.

The same applies to our social media of choice. Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? Snapchat? All of those involve colour branding as well and they are staples of world wide communications in the day and age of the internet. So all of these elements are coming together and most of you like the good slaves you are, go along with it without even questioning it. Wake up!

Believe me, I know. I have people of that ilk trying to puppeteer me all of the time so I usually go for the expose them in one shot approach.

So most people don't even realize that they're being steered into this architecture because like good pets, you're rewarded with treats when you follow their biased agenda and you're denied treats or punished when you don't. I usually give my Cat treats and tell my Cat how good she is regardless of how she behaves or acts. I find that she's a really peaceful and loving friend. If I treat her the same and let her know that I love her, there's no ulterior motive to control her behavior. She's free to be and for the most part that freedom coincides with mine. So the people conditioning you to colour symbolism don't regard you as being free. If you're stupid enough to buy into this whole misuse of colour symbolism in the way its being misused, you don't deserve your freedom and inevitably at some point we'll likely have to wrest it away from such people in the future because we never seem to learn.

Most of us have been programmed to think in terms of love and hate. Blood and fire. Hot and cold. On and off. I know of another thing that operates the exact same way, in a literacy of two states: 1 and 0. They're called computers. Billions of years of evolution resulted is our consciousness and ability to reason. We've even developed grammatical language, by and far our greatest achievement and Achilles heel as language is built upon finite symbolism to represent infinite objects in the real world. That is, language limits our thinking so that we only develop our ability of though process and abstraction based upon the amount of language we know and comprehend. Most of our thoughts are formed up of grammatical symbol rather than free form thought unlimited by symbol. Therefore by its very nature, language is now the key factor in the evolution of our brain and mind and that's already apparent by how quickly we fell into the pit of colour branding and symbolism which for the most part, makes our biggest decisions for us in the absence of our mind. That means that when you go to put that little X on the ballot, your mind isn't making that choice for you after considering the  parties and their platforms. You're making it based upon the symbol of colour without even knowing it.

Wake up or don't. The choice is yours but I'm not going to let that happen without trying to stop it. Besides, you don't owe it to anyone who relies on colour symbolism to protect their interests because they don't believe in anything but symbol rather than what it means and most of your are chasing that notion of membership based upon a colour symbol regardless of its meaning. I'm not a Christian at all but from what I remember of the Bible, I seem to remember Moses freaking out after coming down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments and smashing them because the people he'd led to freedom had begun to worship symbols without meaning, placing emphasis on the symbol more so than what it represented. I think that he was so mad that he smashed God's suggested list of rules.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

So if you want to throw all of the progress towards Women's rights away just because its getting a little bit too warm, perhaps you should question your own validity in that architecture because its going down and soon.

Despite what many people out there might think, I'm not being controlled by anyone but myself. I don't do colour or shade symbolism so I'm not really a "Cow" per se. So no Cow tipping. If you're still chasing colour symbolism, I hear gangs like the Bloods, Crips, Hell's Angels and Nazis are looking for members. You've already got the quality that you're easily swayed by colour symbolism so you're one step up on everyone else. Perhaps you should join?

Me, I'll stay away from goofs like that.

One last thing is that love and hate are not the same thing any more than are freedom and slavery. There's nothing wrong with any sort of mixed culture relationship between consenting adults.

In case you believe that you're part of a "pure" blood line, consider this. You're definition for blood or cultural purity is defined as follows:

The two common ancestors of every living person that considers themselves a member of that "pure" race or culture. That's the definition and starting point for what you consider pure in terms of being the more one culture or race than any other. Now think about this. That's a constantly moving target as people are being born in your pure group and people are dying. The people being born have a different genome than their parents. Not very different but enough that its certainly measurable. As generations from your pure race die out, and are born, your most common ancestor pair changes to a completely different set of people. So your concept of being a "pure" race is actually based upon a moving target whose genome is always different from the prior most common ancestor pair. That means there is NO common genome or blood between people who consider their races to be "pure" and all of this can be proven scientifically and statistically using a blood test and sample of our genome.

So it looks like there is no such thing as a "pure" race because there's no two pairs of common ancestors who share the exact same factors of genome meaning there's no basis for consistency in terms of race. In fact you can apply the exact same logic to our relationship with our ancestors in the animal kingdom, from primates to the mammalian rat like creatures that emerged from shelter in the ground after the impact event that wiped out the dinosaurs. So kiss purity in the sense of race and genome good-bye because it just doesn't exist.

After all of that my love interest is still Mandarin Chinese and I still believe in Women's and Children's rights. I am also grateful that Putin is a good politician who remembers the risks of the cold war era. Despite this diplomatic crisis with China, I would still love to go there and I'd even live there if it mean being with my love interest. If that's too red for you, too bad. I'm free, you're not if you still live in the cage of colour symbolism.

I'll never be a part of any blood centric cult ever, nor any ideology centered around love and hate. So say goodbye to love/hate and blood/fire.

Currently I'm being told that I'm not an Ontarian because I didn't vote for Ford (which I didn't, I voted for Wynne). So this is something going on in Canada in Toronto. I have to believe China's travel advisory to Canada because there are  a lot of very abusive people part of this ideology here in Canada right now who try to build up hate in others by way of constant harassment and targeted verbal abuse. I certainly can't wait to for life to cease, though I'd never commit suicide. I tried it twice and failed between 2000 and 2002. Not worth it.

Not really much to live for as most of what I do here is stolen by my neighbours, whom literally verbally abuse me every day (as they're doing so right now). Police or security never stop them so there's not much use in trying to pursue it legally. Chances are if I write another A Lady's Prerogative or The Butterfly Dragon book, this cult will attempt to steal it from me so what's the point? This sort of abuse follows me throughout the community as well, so there's no getting a job and earning enough to escape. Again, cult members who are on the blue team trying to purposely cool things down or possibly a barbecue (when the cult tries purposely to warm things up according to the divisions of blood (culture and family) between people. As I've said, I'm not a member of any blood centric cult or ideology (Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons come to mind in that avenue). I'm a Buddhist and Taoist. I don't believe in Jesus Christ or Christianity at all as many of the people involved in such abuse claim to be Christians. Ironic eh? If you protest being abused, you're labeled by the community as a "complainer", because apparently Jesus didn't complain when he was carrying the cross. That's their logic by the way. So that's their justification for abusing other people and if you protest that abuse, you're labeled a complainer.

Keep in mind that I'm not a pedophile or spousal abuser, and I don't use, buy or sell narcotics and I will NOT pay for someone else's sponsorship by carrying the weight of their burden. There's no club or cult that I want to be a part of that operates that way. No thank you. If you do the crime, you do the time. I think that most people assume that there's a justification for abusing me, like I did something wrong and I'm paying for it now but that's certainly not the case. As I've said, this cult regularly abuse other people as substitutes of punishment for their crimes. Many of them believe that their cultural blood is superior to that of other cultures and that the only way to earn the protection of their blood is to carry the weight of the burden for their secrets, sins or crimes. In other words sponsorship. Most of the people who conduct this abuse are heavily involved in the local narcotics activity as well, so their goal is to disconnect any association with law enforcement. I won't let this cult bully me.

The blood centric aspect of this cult is basically referred to as Roses. There are two immediate varieties of people used as Roses, Red Rose and Blue Rose. A Red Rose generally carries no burden and usually shoulders aspects related to the symbolism of "Red" (which are often good things like love, affection etc). Blue Roses shoulder everything hateful and regard that anything that comes their way as being the opposite in context. That is to them, hate means love. A Blue Rose would be more offended if you were nice to them than they would be if you abused them. I am not a Blue Rose and in fact, I wouldn't be a Rose at all because people around here in Regent Park (especially the gangster-ish bullies and persons) use Roses to carry the weight of their crimes (mostly blue roses).

A Blue Rose who has a lot of heavy social burden on their being is often used by these gangs as a "gun". A "gun" is generally a person or Blue Rose who is burdened with as much social burden as they can possibly pile onto one person, and that burden is considered their ammunition. They then attempt to manipulate the person they're using as a gun into reacting harshly against whomever they're trying to "shoot" with this ammunition.

Shooting someone means that the burden the Blue Rose is carrying is transferred to becoming the burden of the person shot. So in other words, they'll be treated as if they're responsible for that burden themselves and if they're unfortunate enough to react in a way that makes it seem like they're guilty of it, they've bought responsibility for that burden and that is considered a successful shot.

Many times when these cults and gangs are trying to use a gun in this manner, they setup a situation that is designed to provoke a reaction from the victim into appearing like they've bought the burden with which they've been shot. This is actually a means by which this cult transfer the responsibility for their crimes from one person to another. The person who inherits that crime is then treated as if they're responsible for that crime and will carry it until they say or do something that contradicts it. When such gangs are attempting to hide their crimes on other people through the use of a Blue Rose, they'll make much effort to keep the nature of that crime secret so that the shooting victim doesn't know how to get rid of it.

So likely what's happening is that this gang or cult around me are trying to force me onto the Blue Roses team (which I am not a member of). So by abusing me, they're trying to transfer their secrets, sins and crimes to me as ammunition. If they had been successful, they'd have later used me as a gun against one of their enemies. So blue to this gang means that what you say means the opposite in context. So they're likely trying to turn around the context of what I've revealed on this post and probably attempting to turn around the context of what I had to say about them and their gangs. I won't take that back either. So my hate doesn't mean love and my love doesn't mean hate and what I say and my opinion or by burden alone to carry. I have no problems taking responsibility for my words or my actions. Something that makes me quite different from the membership of this cult.


Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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