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We're Moving...

Brian Joseph Johns
Hi again. Looks like I'll be moving my hosting service soon to another host, most likely located in Canada in my country of residence, though I'd love to find a host in the Far East of Asia as well if possible.

I've run into a number of problems with people trying to steal or swap my identity with that of another person so I'm currently looking for the best solution. Attempted theft of my content has been a constant problem for as long as it has been published and unfortunately there are a great many people who want my identity as being the author of what I produce here. I'm not going to give it up to them.

Its clearly a case of people trying to hold my identity hostage, and this occurs not only from some members of the public but sometimes agencies who are bonded and sworn not to violate such aspects of a client's being. Seems to me that this is the activity of an organized ideology. It mostly started after working for Ferretina in the west end of Toronto and then after becoming homeless for 8 years, it seems that a number of different shelters even got into trying to do so. In fact, I still have problems with residents and workers at Heyworth House attempting to steal my identity even since leaving 7 years ago.

So it would appear to me that there's a common ideology or cult of some kind targeting me in this way though I have sought legal help for this through a number of avenues (Federal Police mostly) as many of the people making such an attempt seem connected to the world of narcotics or at least have alliances with it which would indicate organized crime.

Just a few days ago I lost my phone line (416-203-0928) and that caused some problems with at least one of my Google accounts (which has a corresponding youtube channel too). So that makes the problem a bit more involved. After thinking about this carefully I've decided that it might be best to relocate my content to another server that doesn't have internal ties to such an ideology and one that is hosted in a place where I have a bit more honest sway. I love Google's services and especially the price.

I would have considered monetizing my content with Google if I hadn't been harassed so much locally and then posted controversial (not hateful) points of view to this site to expose activities such as this. From the sounds of this it is likely a religious cult or at least with religious ideology backing it. Very abusive, hence why I am a Taoist and a Buddhist.

They are an ideology who attempt to dump their crimes and sins onto other people as their substitutes. So I'd much rather ensure that my content isn't vulnerable to having the whole site taken from me and hosting where I have much more legal sway and supportive allies. I think one of the strategies of this cult is to abuse their victim to cause reactions which make the victim appear unmarketable. Sabotaging someone's ability to earn or generate an income online and trapping them in poverty. It is racist for certain and very much anti-Chinese and very blood centric about cutting Asians out of the loop, so far that I've seen. Fortunately they don't seem to be everywhere and many sites and youtube channels of which I am a fan are unaffected by them.

So in order to continue writing I feel that the best way to do so is to move my content to another server. There is the possibility that this cult are trying to force me and my content offline as I've been exposing them pretty effectively and will continue to do so. I'd much rather write and create positive and influential content than have to contend with an abusive cult, but they are in the way so until they aren't, I have to contend with them. Moving my content to another server is a good start.

The domain ( will remain the same but this will likely affect the site layout considerably unless I happen to find another Word Press site with similar templates to those of Google. As I've said, I would have liked for this to blossom into a business relationship but unfortunately organized crime or an abusive cult seems to be winning this battle.

I'll keep you informed of my progress on this matter. Its a shame as I had planned to start writing A Lady's Prerogative III on Tuesday, and the Butterfly Dragon III on Wednesday but thanks to these new hurdles I'll likely be rescheduling or postponing that. Hopefully Google will be able to help me resolve this account verification issue that arose from having lost my phone number.

As far as a casual crime goes, I think that identity theft and identity hostage taking are two very rapidly increasing crimes. Identity hostage taking is where someone takes over your identity while allotting you with a different identity in lieu of the identity they stole from you. It isn't a crime with a detectable audit trail, it is a social crime that is conducted by how you're treated. Without your identity the cult or organized crime responsible treats you as if you're someone else and quite often the identity they allot to you and the way in which they treat you are very abusive. Because no actual clerical data is changed and the entire activity is coordinated between a tightly nit group with regard to your identity it is very difficult to investigate.

For example, if this cult wanted to someone to pass on a medical test for a job that required a medical background check, when that person requested their medical history, your medical history might be given in place of theirs if it would give them a better chance of passing. Sort of borrowing someone else's history from them. In addition, if you applied for a job that required a criminal background check, when you request that check, the data is sent directly to your prospective employer. In the case of this cult though they might send someone else's data in place of yours in order to prevent you from getting the job in the first place. That doesn't mean the Police are corrupt. It might mean that the right person who has say over how this data is fetched and how it is distributed to the requesting employer might conduct such a switching seeing as file and record numbers are confidentially held internally.

Consider that if someone wanted to be the writer of my books and the owner of this site. Though they couldn't log in without Google's help unless they somehow hacked my password, the cult in a large group would work together to give others the impression that someone different was the writer than the actual writer. If you post your pictures online to associate your content with a visual identity, this cult might just give it to someone who appears like that picture, maybe not even the same height or weight. Then the real content creator would be treated as someone else other than themselves.

When I am asked for my name by an agency or organization, they might ask: can I have your name?

Some members of this cult operate quite literally rather than figuratively when it comes to language. So if you give them your name, they and the cult that protects the regard you as having given up your name and they'll literally treat you like that. As if you are no longer yourself. If one person does this, big deal. If a hundred people help that one person to keep that illusion in place, that's a big problem. If a hundred thousand do it, that's a really big problem that needs to be investigated by the authorities.

Keep in mind that such ideologies that do this sort of thing operate using the symbolism of colours much the same way that criminal gangs do. In fact, if they wanted to swap your identity with that of a dangerous criminal or someone with a violent criminal record, as a group they'd only need to stalk and abuse you for a time to the point that pushing you to verbally aggressive reaction would take very little effort on their part. When someone experiences anxiety as a result of abuse, if they are continually subject to similar abuse it isn't long before Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sets in. They're more likely to react with anxiety as a result because when they begin to experience stalking and abuse from strangers, they immediately anticipate the same outcome and their body and hormone production does the rest and they might react in a way that is consistent with the other person's criminal record. This is the means by which said cult swaps identities between people and makes it convincing to onlookers though it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Abusive smoke and mirrors but still just smoke and mirrors nonetheless. This activity is a coordinated effort and many people who benefit from it are aware of it. They use this aspect to steal other people's identities and to cut them off from everyone else. By the time I begin writing a book, the membership to this cult are already sizing up who they're going to give the credit to for writing it, and that person isn't me.

How many people out there who know of my writing actually know who I am? Could you point me out from a crowd at random? You'd likely expect someone much different than the person that I really am though that doesn't mean that I didn't write those books. In fact, if I decided to break my cessation of writing for the time, I could write a few chapters right now, but I've chosen not to for the reason that I'd rather have my own identity in doing so. This is different from people who live in houses with spacing between their living space and that of their neighbours. I have walls between myself and the people who harass me the most and their effort is nearly constant. Like they've been commissioned by someone to do it.

So part of taking care of this is making sure that my content is mine and protected. Its not that I don't trust Google. Not at all. I just don't know that a particular blogger admin of their company might not have ulterior motives that favour this cult more so than their clients. I can't say much because I don't bring in much for Google. If I was a part of their Adsense program, then I'd be a bit more valuable to them. Perhaps in relocating I can rebrand while retaining the Shhhh! Digital name. It has started a huge meme around the world, but I'm still impoverished and abused by people who want that for themselves and are willing to steal it from me, perhaps while attempting to gaslight me.

So that's the real reason why there hasn't been any new material posted recently, except protests to the kind of abuse I'm subject. No, I'm not a member of Prince Hall and would never join. I believe that there is nothing wrong with any two consenting adults being in a relationship regardless of culture or gender. I don't believe that any culture is superior to another. I'm not a member of any ideology that would prevent me from being in a relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese and here where I am that seems to be a very big problem. So much so that in order for me not to get abused, this cult forces me to pretend that I'm African or Jamaican despite the fact that I'm not. So there's definitely some racism involved in this cult. I'm Caucasian. I'm actually Welsh, Spanish, French and Cree but I'd break any blood ties if I thought that blood posed a hurdle to a relationship with my love interest who is Mandarin Chinese. Apparently to this cult if I'm African or Jamaican and in such a mixed culture relationship (with a Mandarin Chinese lady), its alright. But if I'm Caucasian and I'm in such a relationship (with a Mandarin Chinese lady), it means I'm worthy of abuse and stalking by this cult, so essentially they're racists.

Anyone who takes your identity and/or forces another identity onto yours should be guilty of a crime.

After having to make a post like this, do you think that anyone would want to advertise on this space despite the fact that what I stated in this post is a bold stance against racism and social abuse?

I'll think about whether I want to start writing A Lady's Prerogative III on Tuesday. I've already got the story down and believe me this one will be very different from the prior two in many ways while hanging onto what makes the characters of the book so interesting.

Likewise with The Butterfly Dragon III. In fact this third installment of the Butterfly Dragon will wrap up the entire series in a trilogy.

See you soon and I'll keep you updated.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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