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The Golden Dawn Of Old And New - What is Osirification?

Hi again. Its me, Brian Joseph Johns with another hotbed topic and this time I'm contending with Egyptology based Mysticism though not directly with The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn. Actually I've personally known members of this Mystic ideology in the south west end of Toronto and the real ones are not what you think.

My experience with them was mostly about liberating oneself from their shell. That cycle which causes one to retreat into the depths of their shell like a snail or crustacean. To be oneself without fear and to tap into one's creative potential. In fact, despite not being a formal member myself my experience with the formal members was actually quite liberating more so than abusive. These were real members who met weekly at their Temple in a hidden location beneath their place of business to educate themselves in the mystic arts.

Despite the association with Egyptology, they held friendships with many Jewish Mystics and debated or shared insight into the related philosophy of liberation from one's shell using the concepts in which their unique forms of mysticism had introduced them. The emerge/retreat cycle which most often was the result of now knowing how to face adversity, social fear and diminishing confidence. Their form nearly undetectable hidden therapy was ever present and never constricting or debilitating for it wasn't abusive. Ever.

In fact, their small corner of this world had garnered a loyal kinship of artists, artisans, students and philosophers much like what I'd envisioned for the Sanctum in A Lady's Prerogative. The two differ in crucial ways but ultimately I'd have to say my impression of the real Golden Dawn was one of awe. So much horror and controversy thrown around about a mysterious group of people who met in the dark and practiced their study craft, while in the light of day they liberated all with whom they came into contact from their own self perpetuated shell, yours truly included and this liberation was not one of indoctrination but one of the appreciation of oneself. Of independence though I'd have to credit both Taoism and Buddhism for rounding out my personal journey. Without them my journey never would have been completed. Please don't shy away because I strongly believe that one should choose their own path through life and belief, even if it means having none. That's your journey and you alone hold the yardstick by which you're measured because you cannot run away from yourself.

You're your own hardest audience!

These concepts are encountered in many ways throughout the philosophy of the Golden Dawn and Jewish Mysticism, which adheres to the concept of a Tree of Life much like the Bodhi Tree of Buddhism and the Tree Of Life and Knowledge in the Torah and Pentateuch and finally the Tao in Taoism which is more often described in terms of its existence in negative space rather than describing it by what it is. I am not much for the Bible myself, but I do stand by the story of Moses, the Exodus, King David and King Solomon as I believe they hold much wisdom within in veiled allegory as much so as the struggle to overcome oneself and the evaluation of one's intent, motive and purpose in life. In essence to be true to oneself but moreso to be true. This isn't a conversion blurb by the way. Not at all. I respect every belief that has similar respect for the choices of every believer to choose their own belief without being bullied into adherence of a belief in which they do not belong.

My experiences with the real Golden Dawn were nothing short of incredible and I'll always admire the people I'd known from one of the precursors to the most difficult time of my life. In fact, I'd not have been able to make it without them. They know who they are and alchemy is their rocket fuel.

My worst struggles came in facing those who'd absconded with the Golden Dawn identity as if they'd invented it, but whom had reinvented it as a means of destruction of their enemies, calling upon works like the Egyptian Book Of The Dead and the historic relationship between the Jewish people and the Egyptians as one of Slave and Master. Instantly pushing the Jewish Mystics from acceptance and alienating the forthcoming version of this bastardized Golden Dawn who carried nothing of the original teachings, Temple of philosophy of enlightenment. In fact, it had just become a weapon of the disgruntled and a way to wrongly motivate many African North Americans as the manipulated soldiers of this new socially aggressive and racist ideology.

This is how I first encountered Osirification. While the namesake of the Golden Dawn was in the hands of this group. Osirification is related to the mythic story of Osiris, Isis and Set taken from Egyptian folklore and the Egyptian Book Of The Dead. In fact there are many different interpretations of this story but I'll stick with the most commonly taught and readily available version.

Osiris, a God and the son of Ra, the God of the Sun is murdered by his own brother, Set in his big to claim the throne of the Gods and Egypt. In order to hide the details of this murder and to prevent Osiris' return, Set dismembers Osiris' body into thirteen parts which he hides in various places around the world. Isis, Osiris' eternal lover sets out on a quest to restore Osiris' body to its full potential so that she may conceive a child with Osiris. This is where things get a little blurry. Some versions of the tale recount than Isis managed to keep Osiris' phallus (his penis) and that with it she was able to conceive a child (Horus Re) who avenged his Father's death and restored order and balance to the realm of the Gods and to Egypt. In fact, Osiris' phallus is symbolic of the Obelisk (including the Washington Monument), which is literally an Egyptian symbol of fertility and renewal.

The significance of Osiris' fate has to do with his parts being distributed around the world. It is said that his parts ended up in the hands of thirteen colonies of the world, and each whom possess one of those parts grew fruitfully from the God Osiris' life experiences. This new version of the Golden Dawn has weaponized this aspect of the Osiris/Isis/Set myth to use it as a means of social cannibalism. That is, when a human being is Osirified, that means that their life experiences and history is divided up amongst other people who've not those experiences themselves. They will though benefit as if they'd live those experiences themselves. So in essence, it is a means of cannibalism. A society literally consuming a person's life and history and wearing it as their own as the victim is further erased from having existed at all.

In the old school Golden Dawn, Isis is able to reconstruct Osiris' full body from his phallus and with Horus Re is able to abolish Set and restore balance and order. The original Golden Dawn never had spite or ignorance towards Jewish Mysticism and in fact the two would work together to liberate others from their own shell. This liberation in Jewish Mysticism is actually referred to as the Shekinah


Dictionary result for Shekinah

noun: Shekinah; noun: Shekhinah
  1. (in Jewish and Christian theology) the glory of the divine presence, conventionally represented as light or interpreted symbolically (in Kabbalism as a divine feminine aspect).

Note that the feminine aspect is also referred to as the Anima, the prime archetypal feminine in Jungian Psychology. It represents the ideal aspect of the feminine Goddess, and a man's struggle to be worthy of her love and admiration. For men it is the idea feminine and certainly related to Imperial devotion, especially to the Queen (no pressure intended for the Queen as if there weren't already an immeasurable sum of such) and to the sense of responsibility that many men feel towards their spouse or wife.

So for this aspect of the Golden Dawn and their original teachings to end up in such a way a weapon to consume and cannibalize a sordid soul in seclusion is simply a sin. In fact, such effort finds its own continuation amongst those who'd take the credit for the words and actions of others and this is exactly what social cannibalism is about. It certainly isn't representative of the real Golden Dawn. The liberators that I'd once known in person for real for they never regarded Jewish Mystics (or other members of the Jewish community) as the enemy. That's changed in this latest generational incarnation of the group, thus discarding the progress, both literal and symbolic of two peoples who'd been separated by a long violation of the rights of the other.

Think about it? How do you think that President Jimmy Carter and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau were able to procure a lasting peace in the Middle East that was only broken with the assassination of Anwar Sadat? The Israelis (through the leadership of Menachim Begin) wanted peace as much so, with Egypt and their Palentinian neighbours. It is unlikely that such an assassination was orchestrated by Israel as much so as it might have been related to the lucrative arms trade ensured by a continuing conflict. Even beyond Anwar Sadat's assassination, somehow both President Jimmy Carter and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau were able to keep the peace. No small feat considering the stakes. This in and of itself is proof of the fact that such schools of mysticism were at work behind the scenes and with these players on the world stage building peace rather than war.

Meditate on this for Osirification isn't about cannibalism. That's a weaponized version of it that is being used to fuel the next generation of division between Africans. both Muslims and otherwise, Palestinians and the Jewish state of Israel. Why is it that we've lost that propensity for peace and the insensitivity to consume the unfortunate of society in a grotesque act of social theft and cannibalism?

I personally believe that we've somehow lost our compass and that a generation has turned to hate in order to foster the vehicle to ensure that peace does not exist because a generation has learned that it is easier to benefit from racism than it is to establish a lasting peace between different cultures and ideologies. They're just refueling the conflict between the Egyptians and the free Jewish people.

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