Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Cause Of Latest Attack? Watching Suicide Squad on Netflix

I'm still Brian Joseph Johns and not Snow.
I don't think I'm King Tut either or 
King Henry the VIII or the King of Wakanda either 
as I'm not a Black Panther (sorry Peter Andrews). 

That would be like being a member of the KKK 
and then being branded a superhero. The same thing, 
just a different side of the fence. Nor am I Thanos.
I have more than one email account with Google. The other most prominent one is my weltherwithsp@gmail.com which I use for a variety of other online activities one of which is for my Netflix account.

So over the prior weekend, I thought seeing as there had been so much guff put out against the DC Cinematic Universe and because I'd been favouring Marvel for some time that I'd give DC a chance by watching one of the movies from their cinematic universe that I hadn't seen. I chose the movie Suicide Squad. It turned out to be a pretty good movie in terms of its theme on redemption which by the end of the movie it had completely thrown out the window so that the baddies of the film could resume their more sinister roles once again as Gotham's nightmares.

So I watched it in two parts, watching the first half on Saturday and then the second half on Sunday under my Weltherwithsp account. At the same time seemingly coincidentally I received an offer from DC Universe Online to upgrade my characters for free as part of their 8th year anniversary. So I reluctantly installed the game client and went about upgrading my Butterfly Dragon character, played for a bit and logged off. Its important to note that the Butterfly Dragon is my character from my book and isn't in any way associated with the DC Universe or Jehovah's Witnesses or Prince Hall for that matter and I state that with all due respect so long as that respect is mutually given, with them respecting my freedom of choice of religion and the right to not suffer from discrimination or hate related to religion. I've often been denied that respect and this case was no different after watching the Suicide Squad.

Once again the problem has to do with colour symbolism (which in Canada is supposed to be averted where it deals with discriminatory or hateful behavior and that's on a legal basis backed by an act of Parliament). So the colour symbolism in question is once again blue and this time purple. These colours in this particular case symbolize ideas associated with Jehovah's Witnesses and their corresponding version of Prince Hall, which acts as the anti-thesis of what being a Witness is supposed to be about, though I'm not a Jehovah's Witness myself and never have been. As I've stated, I'm a Buddhist and Taoist and have been since 2007 having abandoned my short stint with Catholicism at that time.

So in the movie the Suicide Squad, the anti-heroes are given an ultimatum to help the civil authorities to rescue the city of Gotham from a very powerful Witch named the Enchantress that has a resurrected an Egyptian deity that is slowly turning Gotham's citizens into a mindless zombie army of the apocalypse. A pretty good movie that had great potential for exploring the theme of redemption with some pretty hardcore characters which it avoided completely for some (the Joker) and scrapped by the end of the movie so as to retain some consistency for the future and to keep them bad-ass I suppose.

So after watching that movie, that's pretty much when the current round of attacks on me began and they started off pretty harsh and got harsher as time progressed between Sunday and now and of course it seemed to draw in everyone who considers themselves members of those colour symbolism teams I discussed moments ago: blue and purple despite the fact that I don't follow any ideology associated with those colours as I'm not against mixing blood in a mixed culture relationship and I'd accept a blood transfusion at the hospital any day, just as I've been a blood donor up until I'd been told that my blood type changed from AB to A, despite the fact that two Eldon Card tests and a Doctor's agreement confirmed that there was likely a clerical error at Canadian Blood Services. Its against the rules for Jehovah's Witnesses to donate blood or to receive transfusions. Conspiracy? Possibly but I'll avoid that for now.

They also are against mixing culture that violates their rules for the mixing of blood. So with my love interest being Mandarin Chinese and myself being Caucasian, that naturally violates their rules hence confirming that I am not a member of either Jehovah's Witnesses or Prince Hall. Prince Hall have the same rules insofar as blood mixing goes when in mixed culture relationships, however their definition for the colour purple stems from the mixing of red and blue and in their case, they regard love and hate as being the same thing. Ie love and hate mixed (love being red and hate being blue or vice versa).

I don't believe that love and hate are the same thing. That's like saying that freedom and slavery are the same thing and that sounds a little too Orwellian for my liking and opens doors to others abusing you in place of loving you. So I'm not a member of Prince Hall. I completely support any mixed culture relationship between two consenting adults of any gender. I'm heterosexual myself, but I support the LGBTQ community and their rights as well. So the attacks started likely as an attempt to give others the impression that I am a member of one of those two ideologies and that the Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative are somehow associated with the attacks being from one side towards the other and vice versa (which I am not a member of either ideology and both the Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative are NOT associated with either of those ideologies). Done.

The last 48 hours have been very painful in terms of the amount of abuse I've experienced locally in Regent Park in my home residence at 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 and an emotional roller coaster. Snow (the rapper) was also brought into the picture (allegorically) for some reason as these ideologies have for years since my childhood been swapping my identity and his. My wonderful home city of Toronto. What a great place. So to have that continue was a big addition to this torture as well, hence my prior posts and responses. He was friends with most of my childhood bullies, so there's a few sore spots still there for me and I'm often reminded of that by my harassers and keep in mind that the way that these gangs clean their history off is by stealing someone else's history. So that's precisely what they've been up to for all of these years and many people were in on this. Friends and enemies alike. I'd consider that those people who were once friends that too part in this are no longer friends and never will be ever again. Just way beyond being forgivable.

Snow was likely brought into the fray by City TV and that's because I used to work with one of their news casters at Ferretina on Lakeshore Blvd West in Toronto. Ferretina, the famed animated production that was allegedly partially funded by the proceeds from the Lufthansa heist of 1976 involving Henry Hill, about which the movie Goodfellas was made by Martin Scorcese. So at the time of working on this production I had no idea about this as this was only later revealed in an expose book by an ex-mob capo named Dominick Cicale. I also have no association with the Mob or organized crime. Just a brush with infamy by working for this animated feature, which ended for me in a very hellish way as I ended up homeless for 8 years shortly after leaving Ferretina, despite having kept in close contact with the RCMP.

So during that time, I worked with an attractive and very talented Chinese lady named Janice whom later ended up working for City. At our workplace, we always maintained a very professional relationship and nothing of a romantic nature ever occurred between us and I've never tried to give anyone that impression. In fact when I refer to the fact that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese, it is not this lady to whom I refer. As I said, we had a professional working relationship and she is certainly a multi-talented lady being artistic in many different venues in addition to professional presentation as well. So if any rumours were spread about us, they did not come from my mouth because nothing ever happened of that nature between us and in fact, I've never thought about her in that way. Someone later spread a rumour about her having been in a relationship with someone from the studio named Peter Andrews (the Panther I referred to above, near my picture). Her relationship in that regard is not my business and I was never aware of such a relationship nor would I ever spread rumours about such a relationship. That was purely the malice of other people who I've been dealing with one at a time for some time in order to clean up the slate. Its one thing to state a truthful relationship with someone. Its completely another to smear the reputation of a Woman by revealing intimate secrets or by lies and deceit. I believe his initials were Terence Skinner.

My love interest is someone completely different with whom I was in a relationship between 2005 and 2007, which when that relationship was discovered by members of this cult/ideology, these members in Toronto began stalking and harassing my girlfriend as much so as they did myself. From what I understand of this the reason for doing so was because I'm Caucasian and she is Mandarin Chinese and older than myself. I'm 51 years old right now. When I was dating this Woman I was 39 and she was about a decade older than I. We broke up for her protection in late 2006 and a few months beyond that point another group of people tried to discredit my repute by branding me a pimp and a crack cocaine dealer, essentially cleaning the activities from one person onto my identity so that I inherited this person's reputation. I suspect that the Panthers of possibly Bloods were involved despite the fact that I have no gang or organized crime affiliations. I also don't fear those kind of people whatsoever. I still maintain contact with Federal authorities too on these issues FYI. I don't make up stuff unless I writing a story or book. These facts on this post aren't part of any book. They're part of my real life.

Because nobody that I knew was aware of my relationship with her except for two Security Professionals, one named Rob and the other an Aboriginal Native person whose name I forget, everyone thinks that when I refer to having been in a relationship with a Mandarin Chinese lady that I am either lying or stealing from the events of someone else's life. I can only say that I am not making this up and that I am not and never have stolen anyone else's history from them.

So the ideology involved tried to instead give others the impression that I am someone who has a fetish for African or Caribbean Women, which is not the case at all and that I regularly use or have used African and Caribbean prostitutes and pornography as my form of sexual relief, once again which is completely and truly a set of lies and defamation of my person. This might be connected to this ideology once again swapping my identity with that of Darren O'Brien despite the fact that I did not grow up in Allenbury Gardens, Snow's residence of his childhood.

The last thing that I'll address is my statement about the Black Panther being like making a movie about a member of the KKK into a hero and that being the other side of the fence of the Panther movie. The truth is that the actual Black Panthers are very much like the Klu Klux Klan in the fact that they protect and promote members of the African races in much the same way as do the Klu Klux Klan for Aryan races. I am not a member of either organization and never would be. They're very much two different extremes and mirror reflections of one another. Chances are you won't get trouble from them unless you make it, or someone makes it for you. Don't be deceived though, they're both hate groups just on different sides of the fence from one another.

No insofar as Marvel's and Disney's movie The Black Panther goes, I believe that's a good thing as Africans around the world deserve their heroic myths and legends too. I can't imagine how it must feel going to see a movie and always seeing members of your own culture cast in stereotypical roles that further the socially damaging cliches that lead to cultural mis-impressions. I have to be careful in standing up for this because my community and neighbours are abusing me right now (many are African and Caribbean) and if I sway too far in their favour, they'll assume that I'm their b#tch, forgive the expression. They'll actually believe they're mind controlling me or something of that nature (a Prince Hall thing maybe?). They aren't controlling me at all and I don't dance on colours by the way.

So as I was saying, when kids of all cultures see that they're represented in books, comics and movies and that they are heroes too, that makes a big difference in how they see their own limits versus their own potential. I believe that is a good thing because it will lead to generations that aren't puppets of colours and colour symbolism like the kinds of gangs there are now that purposely try to create racial tension because they've profited from racial guilt for years, seeing as none of their recent ancestors have had to fight for their freedom. In the ever diminishing absence of racism they're so used to getting ahead as a result of racial victimization that as racism disappears they have no other well familiar means by which to advance themselves. Their children are already acclimatized to the idea that education is the way to progress and that they don't have to play the victim to the crass racist society of the past that pushed their ancestors forward. So we're in the midst of an older generation that is losing out because racism is dying while the younger generation who are familiar with the idea that education will be the vehicle that helps propel them into their career and success in the world.

The most recent racism is the result of many adult and older African and Caribbean people provoking and abusing members of other races so that they have the means to prosper and that their victimization doesn't disappear because that's what had been propelling them for so long that they've run out of creative ideas to further their lives and careers. In turn, this is resulting in a backlash by many Caucasian people which will further fuel the means by which racist victimization will once again propel the careers of Africans, Caribbeans and other minorities in the country at the expense of multicultural peace. In Canada, the Chinese are about to become the next victims of this push as a result of the tensions between our two countries. So the weight is certainly upon the shoulders of the young people to overcome this dilemma as members of the older community from a variety of cultures attempt to stir up racist tensions so as to create the means to propel them and their success.

If you react to such racist provocations its pretty bad because what happens is this: other people will feel racial guilt for your racist reaction to abuse from another culture and what will happen as a result is that out of embarrassment and racial guilt, they'll make it up to the provoking and abusing culture. That is they'll reward the abusers for their abuse which leads to a cycle that many people use as a form of control to propel themselves.

Actually abusive men of the 1960s and 1970s did the same thing to Women and I've talked about this many times in prior posts. Abusing a spouse until she blows up and reacts harshly to that abuse. She then would leave her often male abuser alone for a while to recover emotionally. During that time her body starts producing serotonin and dopamine which sudden throws her mood from feeling extremely stressed out to feeling high and giddy. When she then deals with the abuser, she feels guilty for over-reacting against the abuser and then goes about rewarding him to make it up to him, never realizing that she's setting the stage for the cycle of abuse by rewarding him. He started it and likely with that goal in mind knowing that at some point after she confronts him that she'll feel guilty for over-reacting and reward him to make it up to him, possibly sexually. That's a manipulation that scewed a lot of Women up in the 1960s and 1970s resulting in their ending up on Prozac as Doctors had no other solution and they sincerely wanted to help those Women. It wasn't a conspiracy by the Pharmceuticals as some ideologies might have you believe to make a pill that turns them into mindless zombies. That's what people who are against progress and medicine would say rather than confronting the real issue of people trying to control Women emotionally via love and hate abuse. Consequently, Jehovah's Witnesses are against Pharmacology as are other ideologies, but support and actually protect hate abuse.

So consider that this whole racial tension is the same thing but on a social scale continent wide. If a group of people is abused by one culture, and the abused react hatefully and with anger towards their abusers, others who feel guilty about the response by the abused will make it up and reward the abusers out of the guilt of the response by the abused. That's the same thing but on a much larger scale as to what people of that ilk used to do to Women in the 1960s and 1970s. So when you witness that kind of thing going on, keep in mind that there might be a group that are abusing another group into a hateful reaction so as to incur a debt that will be paid by others who feel guilty enough to do so. The way to stop this cycle is to stop the abuse in the first place, not to reward it. That's how you'll stop racism and this is important because at the same time, children are learning from the words and actions of adults. Don't set that example for them to learn by.

Right now in my building, I'm literally being harassed and abused by the same kind of people and they're trying to apply the identity of other members of their ideology to mine, like I'm possessed by someone else which is not the case. I don't have multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia and I'm not being controlled by anyone. I don't use crack cocaine, heroin or any other narcotic or psychotic. This is me, the real Brian Joseph Johns. I'm not a member of any Egyptology based belief system (the old and new versions of the Golden Dawn come to mind, but I'm not a member of either). I'm not a member of Prince Hall because I don't believe love and hate are the same thing. I'm not on the blue team at all, so no blue brown whatsoever. As I've stated I don't dance on colours and shades like other people do. I'm not a gun. I'm not a rose. I just am and I am myself and my name is Brian Joseph Johns. I'm not a Gnostic either. Gnosticism is rebranded Nazism and I'm certainly not a Nazi. As I've stated I'm a Buddhist and Taoist and I stand by my belief in that regard. No disrespect but I'm also not Italian and I'm not Irish either. I'm not from Nova Scotia either though I'd love to go some time. I'm not John Cane as well. My neighbours are literally trying to apply someone else's identity to mine and take my identity for one of their members. That's the real crime going on by hate groups in Canada this day and age. Making people "disappear" by taking away their identity.

So take what I've said under advisement and if you go along with this cult conducting these activities, and their taking away my individuality and identity, then I instantly want nothing to do with you, family, friend and anyone else alike. That's the most heinous crime there is, even surpassing taking someone's life because your taking away their existence while they are still alive.

Ironically I had my wallet and phone stolen from me while I lived in Heyworth House and one of the suspects was referred to as John Cane. This occurred in 2010 and just before I was about to leave the shelter system. It actually resulted in my remaining in the shelter for another two years for a total of 8 years of homelessness. The person who stole my wallet and phone then proceeded to steal and wear my identity since that time and this is again something for which I've had no justice and my identity theft still continues until this day. Ironically one of the volunteers at the St. Bartholomew food bank had a similar thing happen to them recently whereby someone broke into the office at the Church and stole his wallet and laptop and from that point that he mentioned it to me, my harassers started bringing up this John Cane person a lot. I wonder if there is some kind of a connection. I've had numerous laptops of mine stolen as well in similar situations and none of my laptops were stolen goods. They were bought directly from a store and when people steal things of that nature, they attempt to take your identity and your computer activities along with them and they're protected by this cult by the way. Its a big problem in society right now. If you protest this sort of thing, you're labeled a complainer. Keep in mind that's how many people labeled the Women of the 1960s and 1970s who tried to protest the abuse they were subjected to. That's the nature of those abusive people so don't let them manipulate you. The way you can take on any group that does this to people, is to reveal the secrets of their methods and to make sure that many people understand them. That's how you take the power away from any gang or cult. In this way, one person can dismantle an army.

So this ideology is very blood centric and they use infrastructure to signal others of their cult and gang to let them know when blood is at risk of or has been broken. In such a case they'll pull a fire alarm. This is part of the blood and fire ideology by the way. Not just two minutes ago and just before I am about to post this, someone pulled the fire alarm in my building (200 Sherbourne Street). So this is their way of signalling others in their gang that blood is at risk of or has already been broken, meaning they will likely shift to love and hate. The most information of this nature shared, the less their power.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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