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Synopsis: A Lady's Prerogative III...

I'm just working on ALP III. What's that? Well its just A Lady's Prerogative III, something, something and something.

The storyline picks up five years after the events of Wounded Aerth.


Mila Rendebelle

Mila has become an even more eccentric recluse since losing Barris, spending most of her time in her Manor working on an immense library of paintings and sculptures despite the fact that she's not given any of them up for sale since Barris' passing. They now fill the entirety of her cellar storage where they are not seen by anyone but herself as she continues to add to the collection.

Her attendance to the Sanctum has been dwindling and is almost non-existent at the point in which the story picks up. Despite several attempts by her friends to draw her out of the depths of the depression resulting from her loss, she still remains distant to even the closest of them.

Yirfir Lacharme and Jasmer McCavanaugh

Yirfir and Jasmer postponed their marriage until half a year after Barris' funeral. They were married in the presence of their closest friends and quickly retreated to Paris for their honeymoon.

Upon returning to the Sanctum they both assisted with the reconstruction efforts and designed the new Aetheric Protective Barrier. They also assisted in the construction of three new Itanicarum, each of which can be instantly deployed to any point around the Sanctum within fifty kilometers.

Yirfir continues her duties as the lead instructor and chief of curriculum for the Order Of Elementalists.

Jasmer acts as direct advisor and counsel to the new Lady of the Sanctum, Thara Lansmore of the Order Of The Night Wytch.

Jasmer was also recently recognized by his home country of Canada for his contributions to a program developed by Canadian historians called Keep That Fire Alive: Defining Moments in the land of Canada. He worked with educators, historians, philosophers and indigenous Shamans to recollect significant points of interest along the development of the Canadian timeline, both pre and post colonization. The project includes both a museum in Ottawa and a web accessible timeline which allows users to explore the divergence and accomplishment of Canada's populace throughout pre and post modern history. Jasmer's contribution to Canada's pre-history colonization was gained largely from his real life experiences during ALPWE.

Several other additions to the Sanctum have been instituted thanks to their counsel and Thara's extensive insight.

Shaela Sheowellyn

Shaela has progressed to become the most powerful member of the Order of the Night Wytch, even surpassing Thara's own potential with the weave. She wields this power with a disciplined calm that acts as the thin veil that conceals her fiery temper, which she still struggles to contain. She has perfected the art of stealth and has integrated it into a new subclass of the Order referred to as Solitude Of The Night, a devastating set of tactics and techniques when employed by trained Night Wytches that turn them into one person armies capable of dispatching hundreds of opposers single handedly as did Shaela at the Battle of West View.

Her Shadow Cat has grown considerably as it slowly nears full maturity though still considered a young adult at best. Their bond has strengthened since Shaela learned how it was that her Shadow Cat had began with a special out-of-time link with her seeing as her original Shadow Cat was the kitten from Wounded Aerth. Her Shadow Cat's Mother gave her life to protect them both from the ire of the Wytch hunters.

No other Shadow Cats had nor have emerged as the familiar of any Night Wytch since Shaela's bond with her own. She is the sole emissary of the Shadow Cats of the Shadow realm.

Nelony Ardbloem

Nelony through the story arc of Wounded Aerth overcame her self consciousness and became the Woman and leader she admired so much in her peer from across time, Nelony Theearin. She wears this confidence and wisdom without effort as the Matron of the Order Of the Aerth Mother. The once extinct school of magic is now flourishing with nearly twenty graduated Wytches thanks to the dedication of her students and her own passion for nature.

Nelony's love life has even blossomed, having started dating Myer, one of the instructors of the Order of Elementism. Their relationship has been steadily picking up momentum over the last year (four years after ALPWE). It is through successes like these that she has come out of her shell bringing the Order of the Aerth Mother to the front of the pack.

Xenshi and Xushu

The only sister and brother team of the Sanctum and founders of the Order Of The Tao. Their unique insight often allows for the Sanctum to see aspects of any challenge simultaneously from the two most extreme opposing aspects. It is with this knowledge that the Sanctum has gained a tactical advantage when dealing with hostile forces.

They still embody the undying Tao. The way.

One is Yin. One is Yang. One is up, the other is down.

If one is here, the other is there. The one who's right, may change as is the Tao both change and the same.

As brother and sister they each embody the diametrical opposite of one another, often imploring those around them to find balance within their folly. This is their method of instruction. It is the Tao. The way. To describe by way of what something isn't.

Many find their example confusing but none will disagree that their contribution to the defense of the Sanctum is without equal if not completely bizarre.

Mila grieves.

Shaela seethes.

Yirfir believes.

Jasmer sees.

Sato knows.

Nelony sews.

Xenshi and Xushu are as they should be.

Somewhere between that which is extreme.

Though you'll only find each one at opposite sides of that beam.

To be both the middle in the midst of the extreme is their dream.

On either side of the seamstress' seams.

The healer heals.

All is still and the silence is deafening.

Athandra Nithyani

Though nearing the end of her duty to the Sanctum, Athandra still remains one of the most loyal members. She currently seeks the advice of Ganesh in finding a suitable replacement, though the jewel encrusted Elephant has indicated that a time of parikrama is upon the order of Ganesh. Change is the antithesis of obstacle and therefore beyond the realm of Ganesh for it flows with the being of the Aether. Change is not an obstacle. It just is.

Athandra clings to her duty though she is aware of her journey's end and that her end is the beginning of another. Though there is no obvious choice she is confident that Ganesh will provide the student she seeks to replace her, for in such a student's absence there is obstacle and Ganesh is the vanquisher of as much.

Jexelen and Lannay

Lanny has continued to be the stiff bureaucrat that he has always been and much to the benefit of the Sanctum and the to the detriment of those so unlucky as to have to deal with him. Jexelen's efficiency with the bureaucracy has allowed him insight into the reported manifestations of the Codex. Recently reported phenomenon emerging from the memory of the universe that do not coincide with actual history.

Jexelen has grown to become one of the most passionate resources of the Sanctum. When presented with the offer to act as chief advisor to Lady Thara, she declined instead hanging steadfastly to her position as Chair of the House, managing the institutional democracy and immense resource supply of the Sanctum. Her importance also entails the fact that she remains a neutral party to any proposition hence giving her exclusive veto power over any number of amendable changes instituted by Thara or proposed by the Sanctum Of The New Council. As a result her relationship with that of Thara has become strained though they both recognize that in the name of the Sanctum that it is the best way.

Mishima Sato

Sato returned to his shop in Shepperton, London (off the Thames) and began an immense collection commemorating his friend and life student, Barris Windsor. The collection includes the biggest video compilation of pre-millennial Doctor Who content including episodes, books, comics and action figures (of which the Mary Jane Smith figure still sells best).

The collection also includes the most inclusive collection of Benny Hill episodes, books, comics and action figures (of which the Jackie Wright action figure nearly tops the list, outsold only by the Sue Upton action figure).

Sato's Edgar Allan Poe collection pales in comparison to the Official Poe Museum though Sato ensured that Barris' love for the poet was represented by etching the poem A Dream Within A Dream upon the walls of his shop.

Sato also included the music of a band named Propaganda, whose song A Dream Within A Dream is graced by Claudia Brucken's voice, Propaganda's instrumentation and Edgar Allan Poe's verse as follows:

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow —

You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;

Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?

All that we see or seemIs but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand —

How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep — while I weep!

O God! Can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?

Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

Lorr, The Last Power Lord

Planning much evil.

Really evil and bad things since the last time.

Wait. Lorr might need the help of the Sanctum as might they need his. The twins now gone, Lorr is ever vulnerable and lost having abandoned the virtue of blood there is only the virtue of love, the heart, hope and the weave. But can he ever really be trusted?

Barris Windsor

"Dead. I mean really. I'm dead. Dead! deaD! DeAd!"

"Mila? Sato!? Mila!? Help!!!!!!"

"Get me out of here!!!"

"Wait a second! There's my other pair of gauches."

"Alright. Not quite a real emergency. I've got clean underwear at least."

"Wait. Where's Mila? She'd love these gauches! They've even got handles for Women with aggressive hands! She'd love these!"



"Is that a...?"





"Its only a Jack Wright action figure."

"Har har har. Sato. You're so funny. You could have at least sent a Mila looking Sue Upton doll..."

"Wait... that's not Jack Wright! Its! its! arrrrrgh! ARRRGH!"



"Sorry. False alliteration. Let me correct that."


Coming soon...

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