Monday, January 14, 2019

Synchronicity, Coincidence and Truth

Hi again. Here for one of my big revelation posts so hang on tight or run. Take your pick.

I am Brian Joseph Johns. The guy in
this picture above.
 My name is Brian Joseph Johns. I look like this guy. As a matter of fact the reason that I look like that guy is because that's a picture of me. It was taken today (2019-01-14) at approximately 2:30 PM.

Something I have to do every once in a while or someone from my community will attempt to steal my identity or swap their identity with mine. Its a part of a local ideology's effort to steal whatever I've accomplished and to attribute it to their members, while attributing what their members accomplish to myself. A sort of identity swapping. Who knows, for them it might be a kind of a fetish-y thing. To forcibly takeover someone else's identity.

Actually members of this ideology seem to be quite prevalent in stealing other people's identities. Not their paperwork identity but the history of their actions, efforts and accomplishments in order to wear someone else's life as theirs. So apparently to this ideology my identity has been up for grabs by their members for some time. How that translates to the impression that people have of me is very bizarre and that's because the impression that people have of me over a distance is often related to whose identity and history with which mine has been swapped by this ideology.

That is the ideology in question attempts to paint a very different picture of their identity swapped victim than of their own life and reality and that's because they're wearing someone else's reputation without even knowing it. So that's basically the sort of thing I go through locally and that often results in some long winded rants (both spoken and written).

My Cat puts up with it and actually finds it quite humorous, often giving me a chirpy "meeeow" after I've finished my oration speaking out against such an ideology. The ideology in question plays on the fact that there is no real correlation between your online identity and your in person identity. For that matter the way this ideology does things, you have no identity if others don't agree that you are allowed to be who you are and were born as. In other words, the ideology in question believes that if they don't condone it, you aren't who you claim to be. They're operating under the guise that a person's identity is a social agreement rather than an individual right.

One way society evaluates people and their connections to one another is according to whose social burden you'd carry without dropping it. Social burden is usually something related to your personal secrets that might be kept by your family, friends or your lover/spouse as a testament to their worthiness of being close to you. That illusion is just another social agreement because those secrets and their burden are created by those around you whom may or may not be a part of your circle. In other words, complete strangers can make the weight that you carry for the people that you care about as heavy as they want to. If according to this concept of devotion they'd prefer to disconnect you from other people, they only need to make the burden of weight so heavy that even the strongest of character cannot carry that weight without losing elements of stability from their own life and that's precisely what this ideology does to break people apart.

So some of you might have a very different impression of me than the real me, because this ideology at some distance will burden you with what you believe to be coming from me, the writer of A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon and the originator of Shhhh! Digital Media. These impressions can go a very long way and affect things at heights that you'd not begin to believe. In fact, Carl Gustav Jung referred to these meaningful coincidences happening for a person at the micro-social level and the macro-societal level as synchronity. This concept is sometimes referred to by those of the hermetic influence by the idiom: as above, so below and as below, so above. It translates to meaning that events are often mirrored independently of scale. You might be poor and consider yourself low on the social or income "ladder" but we're connected in a diametrical fashion with those whom often are our polar opposite in terms of scale.

So with myself being relatively impoverished and certainly close to the epitome of a (nearly) starving artist, some aspects of my being are mirrored at the macro-social level by people who are of the opposite state in terms of income and position on the social ladder. As below, so above. So this connection is the result of the social grapevine between myself and those other people as much as it is for myself from them. In order for the impression of me to make it to the other end, it has to pass through a local circle of people, many of whom are members of the ideology I've been trying to expose and whom are aware of this synchronicity of scale and idiom of hermeticism. They're so aware that they've figured out means of twisting the synchronicity that comes from one person and ends up on another by injecting the life history of a completely different person (usually one of their members). So what happens in such a case is that the person on the other end, gets a very different impression of myself than is the truth, and that's because they're being fed a completely different person, but with the misconception that it is coming from me. So basically if I produce something good in the course of a day, what gets to the other person in this synchronicity is a combination of my good and this other person's bad and this can often cause a great deal of confusion, especially if your good could potentially result in opportunity for you and believe me, this ideology preys upon taking other people's opportunity from them just as much so as they steal their victim's identity (by that I mean their history of accomplishment and their reputation).

For one, I don't use crack cocaine and never have. In fact, I've never used cocaine in my life. Likewise when it comes to heroin, crystal meth, fentanyl or any other similar narcotic. I've never been a narcotics dealer either. I don't consider cannabis a narcotic (its legal in Canada) though I've never been a dealer of any kind in that regard. I'd never take the credit of those courageous enough to have dealt in it when it was illegal because many of those people believed that it shouldn't be illegal and stood by their beliefs in that regard. I've used cannabis in my life and I still do on occasion and I too believe that it should not be illegal, though it should be a restricted substance like alcohol.

I've never been a pimp in my life and in fact, I've never hired a prostitute in my life either though I mean no disrespect to the Women who make a living doing as such. I'm certain that its not like the movie Pretty Woman with every customer potentially being a charming billionaire whose busy lifestyle affords them no time to look for love in all the right places, so they search for true love from the service of Women in the sex trade. I'm certain that it would likely be much safer for Women if that were the case, but it isn't. I've even in my life given a prostitute fifty dollars to buy her time for her. In other words, I gave her the money and didn't want anything in return except for her to do anything with her time but sell herself. That's about the closest I've been to being a customer but that doesn't mean that others of the aforementioned ideology haven't tried to soil my identity and repute with that of being a pimp and crack cocaine dealer at one point or another. What really hurts is carrying that weight for such a life when in fact you have nothing to do with it at all and it goes so much against your principle that it makes you sick. Don't get me wrong, I love adult consensual sexuality but there's something wrong when a scumbag who rents Women out and sells crack cocaine on the side like that puts the responsibility for their identity onto someone else to carry in their place. So that should give you an idea of the kind of ideology with which I am contending.

In fact, in the community that I live, its a competition between who gets money first so they can put the burden for their actions onto others based upon what they do with that money. Most often locally its this ideology dumping their activities with regard to crack cocaine or heroin onto my person, while they often steal the fruits of my efforts as being the author of A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon and my general prior activism as well. This is actually the reason I've ramped down my activism. Because the credit for it was being given to the members of this ideology who steal my identity nearly every day and make me carry the weight of their activities and this happens with the help of numerous people in the community including some employed with the city, many of whom number themselves as being part of the "blue" team. Like that somehow gives them the justification to do so. Last time I checked, using colour symbolism for such discriminatory purposes was illegal in Canada according to the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act. I know about this because remember that this is coming from someone with green, red and yellow eyes.

So I have to worry that the impression that my love interest has of me is originating from the membership of this ideology whom regularly attempt to rewrite my truth with theirs while stealing my truth from me. In terms of synchronicity this translates to some pretty tricky stuff. I don't sell narcotics at all nor do I sell pharmaceuticals either. I do occasionally use cannabis, but I buy that from a Government licensed shop online. I don't hire prostitutes. As a 51 year old man I still do love sensuality and the female form and if I feel that frisky that I need to relieve myself of accumulated sexual tension, I handle it myself so to speak with which I feel there is absolutely nothing wrong and it is completely natural. Besides, in truth there's be nothing but goodness essentially coming from myself for my intended love interest because for the most part I make a very concerted effort to produce as much good as I can for her and Women in general, though it is not their duty to carry the weight of any trash produced by this abusive, identity stealing ideology.

Two of my computers work around the clock 24/7 crunching numbers for Cancer and Medical research, SETI and a variety of other science and mathematics related studies because I want to make a difference even when my financial limits make my options for doing so very confined. There are lots of others like myself who do this as well, but few who've dedicated their purpose and passion to further such research creatively. The people who steal my identity make no such effort and remember, they're leaving me with their trash which they're hoping will end up on my love interest because they're aware that she's Mandarin Chinese. You heard correctly. She's Mandarin Chinese and I don't ive a flying f#ck what you think about that given the current political climate. I produce nothing but good for her but ultimately what gets to her and her culture as a result of scumbags who dump their garbage onto other cultures are the activities of crack cocaine dealers and pimps. The ideology to which I refer has nicknamed this sort of trash "Chinese food", just to give you an idea of their kind of racism. That is they consider what should go to the Chinese culture from Caucasian guys like myself who have a Chinese love interest is our worst social garbage, which they refer to as "Chinese food".

No wonder China is really laying down the law when it comes to foreign policy with Canada. We were manipulated by a Machiavellian trickster like Trump into arresting a foreign businessperson to on extradition charges to stand before a U.S Court for violating (illegal) sanctions against Iran, sanctions which are illegal and not recognized by the World Court. They had plenty of other opportunities to arrest or detain for questioning representatives for the Huawei Technologies but instead left it to Canada to arrest a Lady representative of that company for extradition knowing full well how it would affect our relationship with China, while using this situation to leverage the best trade agreement they can strong arm from China while Canada, China and Meng Wanzhou foot the bill, both diplomatically and economically.  This isn't America's fault. This is solely the fault of U.S. President Donald Trump and those who did NOT stand him down on this issue and the very serious consequences that it could have for generations. No art to that deal. I see no art or science to that deal whatsoever. I see the most underhanded Machiavellian maneuver possible. Perhaps this is the synchronicity of the ideology with which I contend. Trump is the above, and the ideology that are my nemeses are the below. People who regard a 6 thousand year old culture (possibly older) as being deserving of inheriting the worst trash of our own society, which such people have labeled as "Chinese food" are disgusting and do not deserve to be regarded as Canadians. I believe that it is something that is earned, not given. I also believe in gravity and the direction of the flow of time from cause to effect and not vice versa, just to make sure we're operating on the same page in terms of polarity.

I believe that the vast majority of Canadians are not like that whatsoever. Likewise Americans. The devil you see in China is the devil in yourself so be careful not to jump on board with those who see the convenience of making China our diametrical opposite just as they tried to do not long ago with President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation. Its reassuring to know that we've some leaders on the world stage for whom the cold war is still a very dangerous reminder of just how fragile peace can be.

It makes no difference whom builds the 5G infrastructure for it will be used by every power as a potent form of intelligence gathering about foreign powers, social dynamics and economics. China is not guilty in this arena anymore so than the United States is for exploiting companies like Facebook and possibly Amazon for the same purposes. That's the nature and power of big data and 5G will open up the flood gates when it comes to big data being an intelligence avenue for any power. Do we shut down the internet because Cisco and Nokia submitted the RFC which resulted in the IPv6 protocol? Both of those companies are comfortably under the NATO umbrella. Does that mean that every other country outside of NATO should table a proposition to dismantle all IPV6 networks inside their country as the protocol could be misused by NATO members for spying. I ask that you consider this very carefully and try to look at this from China's point of view. IPV6 is a primarily Western technology yet it is quickly becoming a part of China's infrastructure (200 Million IPV6 users in 2017). Does this mean that China should start arresting associates of Cisco and Nokia and charge them with attempting to spy on their country? That's precisely the kind of speculation that is being thrown at China, and the 5G infrastructure isn't even in place. That says a lot about how China trusts the West, and how we repay that trust with cynicism, distrust and what amounts to political kidnapping.

So please, I urge you to think on that and remember that the charges against Huawei in the United States are NOT those of the world court but of American courts as are the sanctions against Iran which were allegedly violated by Huawei. This is political maneuvering and the worst way to begin what could end up becoming the beginning of great future cooperation. Where we recognize that we have very different ideas about how things should run, but are able to accept that maybe the only obstacle is the fact that we think that our way is the only solution.

Once again, I am myself. Please consider that what I produce from my life is pretty tame and most often with the utmost commitment to making the world a bit better than it was when I first woke up in the morning. Don't use me to dump your trash on China or any other culture of the world and in fact, don't dump your trash by way of social burden on any culture of the world. Why would anyone give up the opportunity to learn and grow from their own mistakes by making them the burden of others whom have nothing to do with those mistakes? China doesn't deserve that and that is NOT the Canada I know and grew up with.

I'm not Clarence, Doug or Terence so don't make me wear their identity as they certainly haven't earned wearing mine. I don't know and have nothing to do with a Woman in here named Karen or KN. I don't even really know them. I've not had any sort of relationship for 8 1/2 years. I'm also only a Buddhist and a Taoist (I'm not Roman Catholic or any other religion for that matter). Wearing black carries no special symbolism for me and certainly doesn't imply that I'm someone else's garbage bag just the same as wearing blue does not mean that I mean the opposite of what I say or write. I say and write what I mean just as I have done here. The ideology to whom I refer often misuses the colour blue symbolically to mean that they intend the opposite of what they express. Nor does wearing black or blue mean that I am lying with any of my statements, written or spoken. Also, I am not a member of any blood centric ideology. As a matter of fact, I'd break blood with anyone that was an obstacle to me being with a spouse of Chinese culture. There are many people who believe such mixed culture relationships are wrong and don't forget that I'm speaking of a Woman with whom I was in a relationship between 2005 and 2007. Not a delusion or my imagination by the way.

Also, I'm often identity swapped with none other than you guessed it: Snow! aka Darren O'Brien who performed the rap hit: Informer.

To tell you the truth, we both grew up around the corner from each other, though a generation apart. I was more of a New Waver/Goth and he was into Hip Hop and Rap. He grew up at Allenbury Gardens and I grew up on Lisburn Cres in Willowdale, North York. Facially we look a bit similar but that's where the resemblance ends. His friends in Allenbury Gardens were the bullies who used to pick on me at school, though that's mostly water under the bridge. I think that this ideology has been swapping my identity with his for most of my adolescent and adult life, unbeknownst to myself. I didn't grow up in Allenbury though my parents were musicians. Actually my Mother and Father are Juno Nominees. I even gigged as a keyboard player for years too, working my day gig as a computer technician and computer programmer as well. That's where my background and interest in music theory comes from but as I said, I come from a completely different musical background. Thanks to theory I know a lot about the passage of vocal rhythm through the likes of Dizzie Gillespie and Ella Fitzgerald who were the precursors to what would become Rap music, but it is not a venue in which I've ever played. I was mostly a rock and alternative keyboardist though with a fair bit of Jazz and Classical theory under my belt. Snow and I are on very different sides of the road, but likely having my identity swapped with his probably affected my life in many different ways, perhaps both positively and negatively. Remember that these are people that believed that I was actually possessed and mind controlled by Snow or other people (because of my eye colour being green).

Ironically I actually like mind control erotic role play with my past romantic partners, but only consensual and in a role play sense. This ideology actually tries to control (or convince other people they're controlling) someone. So who's wrong? Me for thinking about it in an erotic sense but never really trying to do it to someone else, or them for really trying to do it to other people non-consensually? Before you answer, remember that to tell someone not to think about it is an attempt to control what they're thinking, which in essence is mind control. So, nobody controls me and I don't try to control anyone. I don't dance on the symbolism of colours because even that is a form of control that most people can't see through. I am also not a member of any religion or ideology that operates via love and hate or blood and fire. Such ideologies are far too abusive for my liking.

One thing that I did experience during the evening from around 8pm on this day was a feeling of hyper-activity, as if I'd drank fifteen cups of coffee. The thing is that I don't have coffee and though I did drink a cup of tea with a bit of honey prior, it wasn't much and it certainly wasn't the equivalent of many cups of coffee not to mention that it was long before I'd experienced this feeling.

Today was a tax rebate cheque day, which means that many of us who'd prior filed for our tax returns had received a tax rebate (around $40 -> $50 Canadian) which helps out midway through the month. Usually if there is money like that going around, that's usually the time those that have a narcotics dependency spend their money for as such. I didn't get mine today, and besides that I don't use narcotics but I do drink on occasion and I'll probably buy a couple bottles of wine to have with my dinner tomorrow in addition to some much needed amenities and toiletries.

I believe that what I experienced today in regard to the hyper-activity is likely related to whatever the membership of this cult bought with their money. I've never used cocaine in my life, but I've been told by others who have that it feels like getting a dentist's pain killing needle (novocaine?) all over your body, and making you feel very hyper and energetic. I did feel very hyper but not numb. What I believe that this ideology does when some of them use narcotics (like crack cocaine, cocaine or heroin) is that they attempt to hit someone else's body biomagnetically with the same nervous system effects as they're experiencing by using the drug, though without the person being hit with the biomagnetism actually taking it in order to experience it. You could say that its like Taoist tantra, which is a means by which two practitioners of Taoist tantric yoga connect via the body's naturally occurring biomagnetic field. This is a real phenomenon that hasn't received much scientific investigation though there are many practitioners of it, including many celebrities.

The idea is that the nervous system is a naturally occurring wiring system within the body for electrochemical communication. That is a measurable current and corresponding magnetic field are produced by our nervous system that represents the ongoing communication throughout our body's systems. Two humans can actually link their bodies via this phenomenon so that one experiences a subset of the other's sensations. Of course in Taoism this is entirely a consensual process whereby the practitioner trying to connect must obtain permission from the receiver of the tantric connection (for lack of a better term). This body energy or magnetism is actually the basis for the concept of Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, many of the dantians correspond directly with nerve endings on the human body, which indicates a direct relationship between the nervous system and the system of meridians and dantians on the body.

The fact that someone is trying to do this sort of thing with myself would indicate that they are either not a formal practitioner of tantra, or they are just casually trying to connect to other people without their prior consent. In either case, if the people attempting this are using some form of amphetamine or narcotic like cocaine, crack cocaine or another methamphetamine, if they did successfully connect with someone else, that person would likely feel the same symptoms of the narcotics use as the person actually using the narcotic. I've never used crack cocaine in my life as I've said, and I've certainly never used a narcotic that made me feel the way that I felt as a result of that hyper feeling. It was very pronounced and sort of an unclean feeling. Very invasive for certain. What I surmise is that one or more persons in the building found a source of whatever it was nearby and have been using it this evening. They likely attempted to affect me via biomagnetism purposely (probably more than one person) in order to force that feeling onto me despite the fact that I've never used such a narcotic in my life and never would. I've had things of this nature happen before as well and it does have a dramatic effect upon one's behavior. For instance, I really felt anxious at having my body invaded in that way and hence I felt like speaking my mind on the matter. Once I began talking, I didn't cease for some time., mostly addressing my neighbours through the walls verbally in hopes of the people responsible hearing what I had to say on the issue. I didn't yell. I just used my noggin and pieced it all together, including their likely source and their connections that may have provided them with it.

I figure that they likely wouldn't do something of that nature again if someone like myself could figure out their supplier and source, and when it was delivered into the building and a rough approximation of who the customers were and then spoke or wrote down that information in such a way that it could be used to piece together their network. Its one thing to destroy your own body of your own volition and free will. Its another thing to violate and destroy the body of another person without their permission and that is certainly the way that I felt, never having used anything of that nature.

Several things occurred today that were bizarre coincidences in that regard. The first was that when I left for the food bank this morning, I noticed no notice on my door that workers would be entering my apartment while I was gone. No big deal if there's a notice, but big deal if there's no notice and not because I have something to hide. Because its my privacy and besides that, I hadn't cleaned my Cat litter yet, which I'd planned to do later in the day. I went to the food bank, received a helping of food (for which I'm very grateful) and returned only to find that three workers had entered my apartment and left a notice on the floor. Again, no big deal but prior notice would have been nice and is actually required, but I'll let that go.

I have a security video camera so I got their entry and activity in the bathroom on camera, with one of the workers sitting outside of the bathroom plugging his nose about the full Cat litter. A bit embarrassing but not really too bad. If the Cat had plugged its nose, then I know for certain that its time to change the litter. So anyway, three workers had to come in to check my apartment on the 7th floor because of a leak in the basement. Sounds a bit bizarre to me, but hey, they know what they're doing. Besides, if things get really suspicious in terms of what might be criminal activity or organized crime, I usually pass intel along to the Federal Police and have no fear of the repercussions from anyone around here in that regard. I don't think that they were doing anything of that nature, though they did have to look in precisely the spot where I had work done on my bathtub faucet two years ago so there could have been a related leak in the basement. Sometimes workers need emergency entrance in certain circumstances but it seemed a little circumspect to me. I'll explain below.

Also, when I'd arrived home from the food bank, two workers who I've not commonly seen in the building started harassing me for some reason just before I went in to my apartment. Something to do with me not being a Jehovah's Witness which as far as I know, is completely legal in Canada. Maybe they're offended that I signed up with Rogers (red logo) over Bell (blue logo). People sometimes have ass backwards reasons for doing some things, and we live in a day and age where people seem to put a little too much credence in colour symbolism despite the fact that in Canada we're not really supposed to do that kind of thing, especially in a discriminatory basis. So I shouldn't be mistreated because I went with a "red" internet provider rather than a "blue" internet provider, just the same as I shouldn't be abused because I voted for the "red" or "orange" party rather than the "blue" party during election time. If I (or anyone) was abused as a result, that's a pretty serious attack on our system and due process.

There were also some people painting the stairwell (they were wearing full white painting uniforms while I was wearing a black shirt and orange shirt (no special symbolism in association with those colours for myself). They similarly started harassing me as well (very subtly) to which I responded very firmly and abruptly, telling them that I don't do colour and shade symbolism and I don't carry other people's trash. I went into my apartment and thought about what had happened. Then by the evening as I've explained, I experienced that hyper-activity that felt like I'd had umpteen cups of coffee despite having a small cup of tea an hour prior to feeling that way. So I considered all of these events together very carefully.

So here's what I gathered from these events when I put them all together.

It was part of the daily colours game and competition, that is played between people based upon the symbolism of colours and amongst which team you'd number yourself during such a competition. Red, Blue or Orange/Brown. Despite Canada having a strict code against such conduct, it does happen a lot more often than people think. I'm completely against it, but I battle it directly head on with blunt truth more so than anything. Regardless, here's what I think happened.

The entry to my apartment was part of a setup. If I'd have reacted nervously or in a way that deemed me to be defensive, they'd have likely regarded me as being suspicious and likely purposely because they were trying to shape my reaction, rather in such a way that likely would give other people a different impression other than what the truth of the situation is.

They knew about cheque day being today so they knew that there were going to be drugs floating around. If I'd have reacted defensively, it would give other people the impression that I have something to hide, like a serious narcotics habit (which I don't). If that was the case and I'd reacted to the entry of the first workers inspecting for a leak, then likely other people would believe that I had something to hide. The other workers who began harassing me were trying to push for a reaction of that nature because they were trying to create the impression that I had something to hide so they could transfer the social burden from other people who really do have something to hide onto myself. Like maybe a cocaine, crack cocaine or heroin habit.

Sort of like trying to paint an impression of someone by creating a situation and circumstances to support that situation and their reaction that they're responsible for something that they in all truth and reality are not responsible for at all. So this was clearly a narcotics related attempt to transfer the responsibility for one or more person's activities onto another person and it was a very intricate attempt at as much that was trying to sell people to believe something about me based upon my response to a series of situations presented me by other people. Then in the evening to make it appear to coincide with a bizarre reaction on my part to the feelings of anxiety and hyper-activity.

There seemed to be much mention of the name Snow (referring obviously to Darren O'Brien) who was one of Rob Ford's supporters during the tragic events that found him in similarly hyper-active public rants. I honestly felt sorry for Rob Ford during that time because I know that he'd been targeted by a group that practices affecting people that way. Using narcotics like crack cocaine as a group and then attempting to connect to the nervous system of another human being in order to affect the behavior of their victim (who was the now deceased Rob Ford). So there are gangs that employ that sort of method to discredit their victims publicly (black lodge gnostics or gangsters maybe?).

I don't do colours. Criminal gangs and organized crime do colours. I'm not afraid of ideologies of that nature at all, and I know from personal experience how such gangs discredit their victims. Rob Ford is one such example. I'm not a politician and never have been, so I'm not Rob Ford as I've never used crack cocaine, cocaine or heroin or any narcotics other than cannabis and as I've stated, I don't do gang colours but I could likely tell you tons about that stuff, much like I've told to the Federal Police as I just learn quickly despite having nothing to do with such gangs myself. I deal with what gets in my way.

So much of what I experienced today was likely an attempt by this ideology/cult to transfer the responsibility for the actions of others in regard to narcotics like crack cocaine, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or some other narcotics onto myself. As I've stated, I don't use any of that stuff and as a matter of fact, I only use cannabis occasionally and completely legally and in the evening if I so feel like it. Not yesterday, today or tonight or for some time to come and I have nothing to hide in that regard whatsoever. I like a drink every once in a while as well, and that's not a crime is it?

Some members of this ideology believe that they can transfer the responsibility for one's actions to another completely different person. Almost like a Faustian nightmare, whereby someone inherits the bits and pieces of someone else's soul and as a result, their crimes as well. In fact many people of this ideology believe that its only certain special people with special blood or essence to their being that are capable of any type of creativity or achievement. If you don't have this special blood or essence on your own, they believe that you took it from someone else. I can't imagine where they in turn got it from but as I've said, its something that I don't believe. I believe that anyone is capable of anything to which they apply themselves wholeheartedly and that there is no special blood or lineage required. Just determination, perseverance and a bit of healthy obsession. There are some "tenebrous ones" who believe that accomplishment only occurs for those with special blood or the attention of a specially enabled spirit that might not so randomly inhabit a person's body. I don't number myself amongst people of that belief and never would, nor do I number myself amongst those of the other extreme. Both are equally damning to the truth of it all and that is that: polarization to extremity is the real enemy.

The truth is that I feel very bad for what happened to Rob Ford, and I'm certainly against stalking groups that would attempt to rile someone to such rants. As I've stated I'd bet that he wasn't involved in narcotics as deeply as were the people who provoked him to such rants. They regarded him as a sort of practice puppet, with very sensitive strings and much like such ideologies thrive on, the one thing that they wanted most to see reflected in Rob Ford were themselves. Signs that their persona and essence had somehow infected him like a contagious disease, making him behave and orate in ways of only which they were capable. A sick form of control over a man who clearly needed help.

So I'm not afraid of such an enemy myself as I have experience with people of that ilk, and I'm not certainly not unarmed when dealing with them. Polarization to extremism is like tipping over a car. Ideologies of this nature that seek to do something like that to another human being victim do so by pushing on one side, and then the other and so on bringing the side of the car up higher and higher until it tips over on one side. Some ideologies even refer to this as "cow tipping" in reference to a bovine cow, whose hyde is made up of the shades black and white. So cow tipping refers to the act of forcing someone to one side of colour symbolism from a selection of two colours or shades in the case of a bovine cow: black or white. So when you've been pushed to the extreme of one side, you may have already lost control on the way. Once you reach the point that you are responding thoughtlessly by way of reaction, you have to ask yourself are you really conscious at that moment? Don't let anyone push you to that because that's when you're most vulnerable in such a way as was Rob Ford. Its very easy for me to explain but very difficult to deal with when confronted by those who do that sort of thing to people. Unfortunately for Rob Ford, the toll taken upon his health did not allow him to become healthy and strong against such attacks. I can't say I supported his lifestyle but I certainly do believe that he did not deserve to be treated in such a way.

Either way, I'd not carry that kind of burden for someone lightly. Even if I had a love interest with similar problems or substance abuse issues, I'd certainly try to lead them away from such dependency but my love interest has no such issues and nor do I. It is handy being knowledgeable and being able to deal with such activity when confronted with it. As I've said, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I have no intention of changing my direction in that regard and if she did have such a problem, I'd help her carry it without even thinking twice about it but I have to be honest when I say that I'd not do that for everyone. In fact there really isn't anyone else for which I'd do that. If your affection for someone is bias, then there are certainly people who will attempt to have that bias favour them moreso than whom you profess to love. Be careful of such persons who would take your love without ever having earned it.

So most of what this day was about was likely a group of people attempting to dump the life garbage of one person onto myself that has nothing whatsoever to do with my life, lifestyle or habits. The way this ideology and cult works is that if you're working, they'll clean your garbage off onto someone else from your proximity who is not working. If that person responds as if they are responsible for your activities, they've bought them. That essentially means that in whatever way you've screwed up, you don't have to take responsibility for it if you have the kind of friends who'll clean it off of you onto someone else who has nothing whatsoever to do with it and someone who isn't working. Once again this whole idea is symbolized by colours (another gang thing?). I don't go for that kind of thing and I'm not a member of any religion or ideology that operates that way.

One other person whose identity that this ideology tries to burden me with is someone by the name of Donald Sebastien Desrosiers. Donald was someone who showed up at Riverdale Salvation Army around two weeks after I did in June of 2004. He actually claimed to be an undercover agent of some form (which I later found out was not the case and that he was actually a hired thug often used by organized crime). He showed up around the same time as Isobel Florea, an abuse victim who'd fled her home with her daughter six months prior to my arrival in the shelter system in 2004. Donald was pining for Isobel's heart though he'd had some aspects to his life that he'd kept from her, like apparently hiring a toothless Jamaican sex trade worker for occasional fellatio, a burden which would often end up on those who knew Donald. In other words, if you had somehow become associated with him (acquaintance or friend), you'd be treated as if you were responsible for whatever he was around that time and quite honestly I am still burdened with his activities from those days despite not being involved in any similar activity myself. Things of this nature are how people like Donald weaponize themselves, to create burden for others to carry. That's not to say that he doesn't deserve a chance at redemption, but it is to say that persons like himself make the burden that ends up on others as a result of his history and past quite heavy and purposely so. So if Isobel had known much of this about him, she may have been a little more wary of him and perhaps he might be a man for accepting the responsibility of his actions.

Instead his prior actions are used as weapons to burden people like myself despite the fact that I've never used crack cocaine and I've never hired a prostitute for any purposes. In fact I'd have nothing to say on issues like this if they'd not become my burden. When I get burdened for things of this nature and then abused by others for his actions, I just reveal the nature of those actions. I'm not anybody's garbage bag and if anyone makes the actions of others a burden for myself, I just reveal the nature of those actions. The nature of this cult is that if someone is working, and you want to benefit from their work (as if you are working their job too), this cult makes you carry that person's weight and burden. If you successfully do so, you are treated as if you are also working too. This means of doing things is often referred to as sponsorship. That is, you benefit from someone else's sponsorship by carrying the weight of their burden in their stead.

For example, if someone wanted to be considered an author or upstanding when it comes to Women's rights, they might carry the burden of my actions in my stead and they'd be treated as if they were involved in the actions I've taken in defense of Women's rights. I don't operate on sponsorship at all and never will because I believe it is ultimately wrong and creates situations whereby someone can create burden for others that is far heavier than the value of the sponsorship they're earning. Not to mention it is NOT a sound method of building a person and results in narcissistic ideals and a "dancing for treats" mentality in people who operate that way. Often such ideologies don't wait for permission to burden someone in such a way. They just burden you with it. In my case the resulting social abuse is so bad that I can't possibly work in public and keep in mind that is not a result of my actions, but his for which I'm being forced to carry his burden (in exchange for his sponsorship). I hate to say it, but I'm not a rose and don't want to be because this cult just uses roses as garbage bags for people who've had past issues with crack cocaine. Once again, these are problems that are not mine and that I've attempted in numerous ways to help those who've had such issues only to be played. So naturally I won't be involved in trying to help and there are real social working professionals whom are much more qualified than am I to do so. For people of this ilk, making a burden as heavy for someone has turned into a cruel game and if you carry that weight for such people they literally consider you their b#tch (their term, not mine). So I don't carry other people's burden in that regard for tjheir sponsorship at all and I'm not a member of any religion that does things that way. I'm not Roman Catholic. I'm not even a member of Christianity at all. I'm not a Gnostic either (Gnosticism as I've stated is nothing more than rebranded Nazism and I'm certainly not a Nazi). Consider that I'm up at 3:30AM writing this because the harassment I'm currently receiving from my neighbours is just too much despite the fact that I am not responsible for the actions of the person for whose activities I am being abused. This is literally how they make others pay for the blood of a sponsor and as I've said, I don't want any such sponsor whatsoever. Not worth it especially if they cannot carry the weight of their own actions. This is the definition of how blood operates, so carrying that burden imbues you with their blood and this cult honestly believes that the sponsor whose blood your paying for by that manner is superior to that of other cultures. I kid you not. I don't believe anything of that nature whatsoever and I'm extremely good at dismantling ideologies of that nature.

So Isobel was a friend of mine from Romania who as I stated ran from an abusive relationship. I lost touch with her in late 2007 and haven't been able to find her since that point in time despite the fact that I consider her a good friend. She actually had an apartment in a building on Cowan Avenue, where both Donald and myself helped her to move in. She had trouble with someone in the building who'd regularly verbally abuse her and I even confronted this individual and told him to apologize to her for calling her a "c#nt". He sucker punched me in the forehead and then disappeared into his apartment. A few moments later Donald showed up (our hero...) and the Police arrived. Piecing it together now it was likely a Masonic ploy to get me a hit on the head for speaking of Freemasonry given all of the clues (Cowan Avenue, sponsorship etc) despite the fact that I wasn't anti-Masonic. So after that experience I formed the opinion that I'll never join and don't want sponsorship. Not worth it. Most people who have blood in it will do things of that nature and make you jump through hoops to earn their blood. I mean I'd have rather earned my own membership from scratch rather than paying for someone's blood and sponsorship. In retrospect the whole this was a sham very much distant from my impression of it. These people who hadn't earned their membership to it were selling their blood to others like myself as a sponsorship scam most engineered to clean off garbage related to cocaine, crack cocaine or living off the avails of prostitution. So the people that were selling their blood by these means weren't very good people at all and once again, they regarded the people who would line up to pay for it as their b#tches. Sorry but that's not what I wanted from it and no matter who it was, I won't carry anyone's weight in that regard for it. Especially not for the people who've not earned their own place within it and were just born into it as a result of their parents' efforts. Besides, I'm not into the whole boys club thing. I believe in coed but regardless after my experiences thus far I won't be joining. Again, I am not anti-Masonic but I won't carry anyone else's burden that way and then be mistreated for what amounts to being 25 years to earn their blood when they've done NOTHING to earn their own heritage themselves. A complete scam.

With it being so blood centric as well, they're very much against the idea of mixed culture relationships, so they're way against me being in a relationship with someone Chinese. I don't want anything to do with people of that ilk.

Hell's Angels are exactly the same (another secret society like Masonry). In fact their system of patch colours is actually done the same way. I'm not a member of the Hell's Angels and not particularly fond of them but certainly not afraid of them or any gang for that matter. The very nature of the word gang, implies the definition: men who have to fear being themselves alone and independent.

So the way they operate is that patch colours represent sexual acts of different kinds. For instance, the purple patch means to the member that wears it: having had sex with a dead Woman. There are other patches of a variety of colours that each represent different sexual activities. Don't get the impression that they go out and earn these patches themselves by committing those acts. No, its a bit more sinister than that. They themselves pay a sponsor who has done the activities to earn that particular patch, and then every member who earns that sponsor earns whatever patches they've actually accumulated. That's how they operate. I'm not a member as I've said and I won't be pushed around by them or people who fear them. They likely have ties to this building, or to another branch of organized crime that is tied to this building (200 Sherbourne Street in Regent Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where I live in apartment 701). Likely, the building is tied to two or three different gangs. The Hell's Angels. Bloods and possibly another Jamaican gang or traditional organized crime given the fact that on fairly regular intervals cocaine or heroin cycles through the building in a fair quantity and always around cheque time. So naturally being abused by people in this building I am pretty fearless and cynical about things of that nature because I for one don't like bullies and I have no fear of death. So the efforts of the evening of the 14th of January are probably seen as these gangs forcing me to carry the weight of their burden. So this post is a very definite slap in the face to those gangs and that attitude that they own anyone like myself. I'm free and I don't fear gangs not to mention that I don't pretend to be anything that I'm not. While living in the shelter system, I was physically assaulted by a Hell's Angel who wielded a steel pipe to conduct the assault. I'm not a violent person or even a fighter. He attempted to assault the lady I was with. I defended her (she wasn't even touched by that pipe once). I took the full brunt of that attack while he had five other guys behind him. I couldn't even disarm him because I would have been killed if I'd have tried. So I blocked it all with my arms, my left arm taking the brunt of the punishment from that attack. I was later threatened that if I reported this attack to the authorities that the Hell's Angels would hurt members of my family. I couldn't even report the attack to the shelter as a result but I can tell you that the person who attacked me is (nicknamed?) Harley and that he's a Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint Hell's Angel who married his cousin. As I said, I don't carry other people's garbage.

So that's part of the price I paid to be the person that I am today and that's just the tip of the ice berg despite the fact that I have no involvement in criminal activity and I'm not remembering someone else's life. One thing about this cult is that they steal other people's life history from them, so they think that my real life experiences are taken from other people's lives but the truth is that they are my actual experiences. I'm not on the blue team and I don't lie about stuff of this nature. As I've said, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and quite honestly I don't give a hoot what the Hell's Angels, Bloods or any other gang thinks about that. Keep in mind that this blog is regularly read by RCMP and other Policing units as well and I believe in their virtues. I'm not going to let myself be pushed around by any gang and I'm not going to be their garbage container and I'm not going to pay for anyone's sponsorship. Now you have a better idea of what I'm about. If I were the Federal Police, unless this building isn't the site of an experimental form of harm reduction (which I do solemnly support as I believe that we shouldn't throw people away in this country despite their history and misgivings), that they should keep an eye on it, especially in around cheque times. Both social assistance payment time and the other two tax rebate cheques as well, because the people who move narcotics through here (probably crack cocaine and heroin though I could be mistaking that for methadone) definitely do so in rhythm with those payment schedules and I get the impression that this building is sometimes a temporary go between for all other locations in the area. That timing I haven't figured out (yet). Seems that is timed as a sort of reward for those who eat the sometimes monstrous burden around here. I'd suspect that there's the possibility that one or more utility rooms is used for temporary storage seeing as one of the master keys went missing about six or seven years ago. That key is likely floating around and I've sometimes heard non-employees accessing the roof through the north stairwell on very rare occasions and at eccentrically odd hours (3AM for instance and not an elevator repair person or trades person). That is not to say that the daytime staff would be involved in something of that nature as they appear to have been cycled fairly regularly so as not to become overly familiar with the building.

One last thing that I'd like to address about this ideology and cult is their racist nature and how that impacts whom they swap my identity with. I've stated that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and as I've said, this cult are very much against that. What they do to prevent anything of that nature is swap my identity with that of other guys who have a cultural fetish for African, Jamaican or Caribbean Women so as to give other people the false impression that is my taste in Women when in fact it isn't whatsoever. As I've stated my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I myself am Caucasian. The way this cult works is that they apparently monitor their victim's internet and swap it with that of another address to keep the identities involved hidden and they literally do this illegally by the way. So from an outside point of view, my internet activities would appear to be coming from a completely different apartment than the apartment in which I live. I've reported this discrepancy to the RCMP several times in order to incur them to investigate as I don't want to end up with the blame for the activities of people whom I don't know. That's actually how this criminal gang protects its local piracy. So their internet activities likely get attributed to my address and my activities get attributed to theirs. Likely this swapping of connections happens in one of two places. Either it is the physical wire connection to the service box, which most likely is routed to the wrong input (the input associated with a completely different apartment in this building). That would be instituted by the installer or the persons servicing the service box, which means that they'd work together in a coordinated fashion to keep that swapping of connection hidden. I don't know which apartment my activities appear to come from, but based upon the fact that I'm treated as if my net activities are completely different from my activities in that regard, I'd say its any one of the apartments on my floor though I could be wrong.

That swapping would also be kept in sync with the billing system as well and my client number too, so it would involve a bit on their part but it does happen. If Police investigated this right now without any warning, they'd likely find that a number of connections don't correspond with their billing address physically. This occurs for both providers (Bell and Rogers) and is how this cult keeps their net activities hidden. It would also explain why I'm often not regarded as being the author of my own books and this website.

In order to keep this illusion as I've stated, this cult swaps my identity with a variety of people who literally have a cultural fetish that is very different from my own taste in Women and the culture of my specific love interest. As I've stated, my identity is often swapped with that of people whose love interests are African, Jamaican or some other Caribbean culture. With all due respect, if I did feel that way about a Woman I'd certainly defend my right to feel as such but that is not the case in all certainty and as I've stated, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. At most, I'll occasionally check out erotic content from Korea and Japan (my last serious girlfriend from 2010 is a Korean lady named Jasmine). That was essentially my last relationship. So what this cult are doing is preventing others from knowing the truth about my love interest by giving the impression to others that I have some mad fantasy to be with someone African or Jamaican (which I don't have any such fantasy whatsoever with all due respect to Women of those cultures).

The people whose identities they've attempted to swap with mine are all of that ilk. An irish guy named Clarence who apparently has a fetish for tricking African and Caribbean Women into giving him fellatio, which of course them becomes my burden as people believe that his activities are mine. So I'm held responsible for his actions in that regard and there seems to be some sort of a rumour floating around of him having tricked a 14 year old girl into giving him fellatio and meanwhile he's close to my age (I'm 51 years old). I don't do that sort of thing and I don't really have a fetish for young, young Women. Also I don't really like the idea of fellatio, because I really enjoy the beauty of a Woman's face I'd much rather kiss or give than receive. So this cult takes those qualities about me and attributes them to their members, who are these guys who have a completely different attraction to Women than do I, not to mention that I'm monogamous. I don't sleep around whatsoever and I consider a relationship a very serious thing. I won't sleep with someone outside of a relationship either. I'd sooner take care of business by myself in such a case.

So it is a lie perpetuated by this cult that I am into or have a fetish for African, Jamaican or Caribbean Women. The truth is that I don't and I've never watched erotic content with Women of those cultures ever, and I say that with all due respect to Women of those cultures. As I've stated I mostly watch anything that reminds me of my love interest and in that regard I'm pretty tame and certainly not a pedophile.

Also the members of this cult try purposely to give others the impression that I'm a guitar player (which I'm not). I'm also not Irish or Italian though I am Caucasian and I don't and never have walked with a Cane and have never considered myself to be a member of the "blue brown" team. As I've stated, I don't do things according to colour symbolism especially as this cult locally does because it violates the Charter of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada (where I live in Toronto). So for the last twelve years the members of this cult have been keeping my identity swapped with that of these people whose internet activities and tastes in Women is completely unlike my own tastes and as a result I'm treated as being someone whom I am completely not. I am not from Nova Scotia either with all due respect though I'd love to visit there some day. I am also completely not a member of ANY form of Christianity and never will be as a result of my experiences. I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist. So this cult are and have been keeping my identity away from me and giving me the identity and internet activities of other people or addresses from within my building of residence. I'd also regard this as their cult trying to punish me for something that one of their members did and according to the rules of their religion, which I'd never join and am most certainly not a part of. They're not much better than the Hell's Angels by the way and I have no problems in tearing them down either by way of truth. As a matter of fact, I'd suspect that this swapping of communications in this regard has helped extensively to protect the narcotics related activities as well in regard to the harder narcotics (crack cocaine, cocaine and heroin and possibly methamphetamine) as I've stated earlier. I've actually reported this exact scenario to the RCMP a number of years ago, indicating both that the gang had the ability to spy in real time on my internet and had swapped my physical connection with that of another address on the router or service box and that they do this regularly within the building to mask the internet activities of key people in the building and to protect the communications between those internally and outside providers of narcotics. As I've stated, a clean identity is like gold to them and that's something they'd steal from a person like myself. So this once again is an issue I'd recommend to the authorities to investigate despite the logistics of doing so. I think that this issue would be of considerable importance as I believe the exact same tactic is being employed in many places and by many other people. I think I'd prefer to have my own identity rather than to have someone else's forced upon me. Keep in mind that knowledge of this swapping is shared throughout the community as well, and there are several other people who seem to be in knowledge of this at other locations in the community, including the local food banks. As a matter of fact, many of the people in here attempt to use me as a weapon against the volunteers of the food banks but loading me up with their garbage and social burden and attempting to dump that onto the food bank volunteers. That's pretty much the same way this ideology attempts to dump their garbage onto members of the Chinese, Korean and Japanese cultures through me which in essence gives members of those cultures a very different impression of me than is the truth. As I've stated, they'd be under the impression that I have a fetish for African or Jamaican Women as the persons with whom my identity is often swapped despite the fact that is not the case and I state that with all due respect to Women of any culture. Likewise, I don't scam 14 year old girls into giving me fellatio and as a matter of fact, I don't and have never requested that of any Woman with whom I've been in a relationship. That's a private and personal matter of trust between myself and my past relationships. I am not named Terence by the way. That's someone else whose identity that the membership of this cult tries to swap with mine. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or even a member of Christianity at all. I'm a Buddhist and Taoist. So the cult like to decorate the male members of their ideology in my accomplishments while they burden me with the activities of their male members despite the contradiction with my nature. I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is

Maybe tomorrow night will be a bit more peaceful and perhaps my neighbours will reconsider using me as a garbage bag for their narcotics related activities.

Just my thoughts on a strange day.

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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