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Prior Post Certainly Not About Culture Bashing: Bhagavad Gita

I'm Brian Joseph Johns 
(not Ron Silk or Ron Jeremy or
Jake N with all due respect) and 
I don't live at Finch or Jane.

I am also not named Sebastien, 
someone whom this ideology is 
trying to paste my identity and 
history upon. Stealing my history 
again to attribute to others.
If I was a Woman, this is how 
I'd like to appear courtesy of
Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

PS: I'm not from Nova Scotia but
I'd love to go there someday.
If you read my prior post, I stated that when you stick up for the rights of others that you shouldn't be required to relinquish your own identity to become those for whom you defend. I mentioned that in Toronto, this whole idea is a big problem and resulting in people like myself losing our history and identity to others. The people who perpetuate this sort of thing are instigators and skirmishers. They attempt to provoke reaction which they can use to discredit their victim, though never admitting to their own aggression that resulted in a defensive response from a victim. Pretty evil and very blood centric people who for the most part have been doing so in order to protect crack cocaine throughout Toronto. So my last post addressed this ideology indirectly.

Likely the post was misinterpreted as sounding as if it were against the teachings of the Gita. I mean the Bhagavad Gita which is the holy book of Hinduism. This post is about clearing that misunderstanding from the realm of possibility because I've read fourteen books of different religious origins in my life, with the Gita being one. My friends of past, Skippy (a Canuck like myself) and Dennis (from New York) could confirm this, though unfortunately Skippy passed on a few months ago, rest his soul. Dennis I've not seen for or spoken with for nearly sixteen years. This post is not about trying to unjustly associate myself with these aforementioned friends. Its an honest response to a possible misunderstanding by those who regarded what I'd written in the prior post. Remember that the people responsible want their hate ideology to remain hidden so they divert the attention to other beliefs, like those of Hinduism and many other cultures. A sort of competition of religions whereby deceit and misdirection is the modus operandi.

In my book, A Lady's Prerogative II and several of the other stories tied into the mythos of the Sanctum, I refer to a character named Athandra Rithyani, a mystic practitioner of magic based around the teachings of Ganesh, a deity from the Bhagavad Gita. She is a native of India and a key character within the Sanctum who like all of the other Orders of Knowledge contribute to a holistic understanding of the universe through their mythos and magic, protecting the rest of us from what we fail to understand and rarely seek to. The Sanctum includes representation of every culture the world over including their legends and myths, each having its own mystic school so as to train practitioners of the arts of Wytchcraft and Sorcerkind as a means of defense for humanity against the Infinite Planes. It shares some resemblance to the world of Harry Potter and Doctor Strange, though these are concepts that I initially wrote more than thirty years ago during my adolescence.

Actually the universe of The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative are connected, though The Butterfly Dragon deals more with a connection to the mythos of ancient Asia and the Far East of Asia, and its spread to the world as a whole. Each of these stories examines a particular aspect of culture within our own world. In Canada right now there is an ideology that doesn't particularly agree with the idea of peace and cooperation between people, and most of this ideology is embodied through the extremes of racism quite honestly. Their modus operandi is to provoke other people via social abuse into responses that make them appear responsible for racism rather than the instigators themselves. This ideology provokes and then punishes reaction more so than initial action. So if you're a racist in Canada, its far safer for you to instigate, because the blame for your racism will be placed upon those who you can provoke to react against your abuse essentially exempting you from any wrong doing and this is an activity that isn't solely conducted by Caucasian people. In fact it is a tactic of many cultures within Canada unfortunately and this is very much polarizing the country. We used to have a very good reputation as peace keepers and likely these hate groups are trying to transfer that reputation to other places in the world by abusing Canadians of all cultures into responses that are very unbecoming of what we've stood for historically.

So some of my statements exposing this ideology were used by said ideology deceitfully to make it appear that I was referring to the Bhagavad Gita, which I wasn't at all. One of the core concepts of the Gita is that we are vessels of the Gods. This concept is similar to the teachings of the Kabballah (through the tree of life) and the Spirit (in Christianity) though it entails that our bodies are and can become host to a variety of outside influences but ultimately that our Karma is the sole responsibility of our conscious being and this is reflected through our returning to life through the cycle of reincarnation. If you're consciously good and grow in mind and spirit, you advance towards Nirvana, the epiphany and climax of the cycle of death and rebirth.

Being a vessel of the Gods (Avatara in Sanskrit) means that you become inhabited by multiple deities and are their instrument for a time to carry out their plans for humanity, often as an ambassador or messenger. This concept of being inhabited is also available to the evil spirits of the Gita, who for the most part escape their confines every thousand years to wreak havoc upon humanity by inhabiting the bodies of human beings and causing them to commit acts of atrocity and evil, similar to the concept of possession believed by the Catholics and other sects of the Christian religion. Actually Scientology borrows much from Hinduism in this regard, though the difference being that Scientology exploits this observation financially by requiring its believers and followers to undergo the process of Auditing and taking courses to advance further in the religion. The Gita has no similar financial requirements and isn't about bilking its believers of their hard earned money.

In fact in Hinduism, the means by which you rid yourself of these evil spirits is very elegant and harmonious and perhaps one of the most incredible ways to create a philanthropic society. To rid yourself of the habitation of these evil spirits you only need to do something good for the world and the living of the world. These spirits are completely terrified by goodness and flee the body of people who are of this ilk and conduct. A completely wonderful thing and certainly exempting of the belief in Caste which I find to be atrocious. We all have the ability to aspire to greatness no matter who we are and no matter our heritage. The concept of the Caste was something taken on by the Buddha himself as it was part of the remnants of the Brahmans, whom considered that poverty and wealth were determined by heritage and at least partly by the cycle of Karma and unfortunately many exploited this socially to hold back the very capable populace of India. This has changed over the course of history though the arrogance of the concept of Caste still exists but is a far cry from its earlier stranglehold by the clergy of the Brahmans.

So none of my prior statements were targeted against the beliefs of India at all. They were targeted at dispersing an ideology prevalent in Canada right now that isn't entirely inclusive especially in light of the recent tension with China. These are issues that Canada has to face about itself and I wouldn't bring them up if I didn't care about Canada because I very much admire the generation that begat me and my siblings too. We have much to live up to in the shadows of the giants of human rights and world peace from whence we arrived here. Why aren't we living up to this responsibility? I think that the media focus is missing the mark with regard to having its eye on those who are the sole source of action rather than targeting those who react to abuse.

Yes. I have almost all of my own teeth and brush
and floss them regularly. I also brush and floss my ears.
Their victims and they're being used by those who take hateful action to create a dumping ground for their action by provoking reaction but never being held responsible for their own action. I believe this is a key issue in Canada right now and one that is affecting our relationship with foreign powers like China. Donald Trump exploited this weakness of Canada to its fullest likely knowing what would transpire, shifting the advantage of the trade war in his favour. I mean America is essentially in debt to the rest of the world to the tune of 21 trillion dollars. I think that indicates that the leadership is going to go to great lengths to transfer that debt load in any way they can and seeing as China is the key debtor, they want to see the American dollar grow in value any way they can. Even at Canada's economic expense because their GNP and GDP depends upon the value of the American dollar as it increases the value of the principal to China. I think that China is the key bond holder to the American debt. So this pressure is translating to racism and directly affecting our economy and our regard for our world trade partners like China.

This is me as a guy. Brian Joseph Johns.
I'm not a biker or security guard by the way.
Keep in mind that the value of our trade market as compared to that of the United States is that we're roughly 10% of the total trade market that the United States has as a market for China, so that will affect how we're valued too if they place the emphasis on finances rather than world opinion and morality.

So anyway, I don't dance on colours. That's the kind of thing you do when you don't really appreciate or understand what it is to be free. I say what I mean and mean what I say. This is what I had to say especially with regard to my belief that we all have a say.

FYI, I don't have a fetish for African, Jamaican or Caribbean Women and never have and when I admire the opposite sex online I actually mostly check out Women who remind me of my love interest, who is Mandarin Chinese. No disrespect to any other Women of those cultures but I've never met or known anyone from them that I've had an attraction towards. If I did, I'd be just as adamant about protecting my right to feel that way and the right to be in a relationship of that nature.

Where I live there are people who swap or steal my physical internet connection right at the switch box, though its very hard to catch them in the act. The only way I can catch them is by monitoring my own internet ip address as the switch will likely limit the ip address range and subnet according to my physical address in the building. If my connection is swapped, I'll end up with ip addresses and subnets outside of the range that they would be for my physical address. Hence I could provide a log of such changes to the ISP or the RCMP and they'd have enough to go on to formally investigate.

They do this by swapping the physically wired connection at the switch box with the connection from another apartment. I've actually reported this to the RCMP several times as well, as if this goes undetected I could be held responsible for whatever the other apartment uses my connection for without me even knowing. So that's a big concern. It happened when I was with Bell and its also happening now that I'm on Rogers too. Both companies are great and the companies aren't the problem.

Its a social cult locally in the building with access to the hardware switch box that are doing this sort of thing. Not really a form of sophisticated internet theft, but damaging enough that I could be held responsible for whatever they use the connection for. Actually this seems to be a common tactic of this cult who try to give others a much different impression of me than that of my own reality and actually try to give others the impression that my three different computers are in three separate apartments, none of which are mine which is not the case at all. I have three systems in my apartment which I use for a variety of different purposes in producing media for Shhhh! Digital. As I've stated before, this cult try to steal the impression of who is using this internet connection and the computers within my address. Very difficult to describe. Its a very new form of internet crime. Just a heads up and FYI in case you're experiencing something similar, you might know how or what to do about it.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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