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Brian Joseph Johns
Its great to see how principled everyone has suddenly become on the world stage in reaction to the stand off between Canada and China. A mess essentially created in the name of leveraging bargaining chips in the trade war.

I would think that the threats flying back and forth between the two countries hold little weight in terms of principle on the grounds that nothing was done by the world community about the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which essentially happened in front of the world stage itself with much evidence.

So I'm guessing that Canada values its trade partnership with Saudi Arabia far more than it does its own moral principles. This is evidenced by the state of our relationship with China as a result of honouring our extradition treaty with the United States in regard to the allegations of Huawei breaking U.S. law by entering into a deal with Iran. This is despite the fact that charges are American only, Ie they have nothing to do with the world court. Don't take my support for the Chinese side of this conflict as meaning that I'm anti-American, because I'm absolutely not anti-American at all. I'm against the Machiavellian tactics being used by Trump to win his trade war and ironically this move with regard to Iran was conducted just prior to trade negotiations with Canada and China. A little circumspect if you ask me and likely a planned move to leverage negotiating power. So this whole fiasco could have been premeditated by the Trump Administration to leverage negotiating power.

Its great to see that Canada pseudo redeemed itself by rescuing Saudi teen Rahaf al-Qunun from the risk of the possibility of an honour killing that may have been committed by her own family had she been forced to return to Saudi Arabia. That's certainly a step forward.

Canada's situation is a difficult one as they were merely honouring the terms of their extradition treaty with one of their allies, the United States. The real weasel in this case is whomever jumped at the opportunity to force Canada's arm by requesting that treaty be honoured by having Canadian authorities arrest a Chinese Woman, and essentially keep her confined by ball and chain to her quarters while the courts decide what to do. Remember that this occurred in the midst of the American trade war, a war it declared on the majority of its closest trade partners and using Machiavellian tactics to gain the negatiating advantage. The result is the current crisis with China. I can't say that I blame China for their response, because Meng is looking at a possible 30 years in a U.S. prison if she's extradited and found guilty of these charges.

Not to mention that the negative publicity will damage the possibility of Huawei being involved in the global 5G network on the grounds that it will use the technology to spy for China. Keep in mind that the Western corporations involved in the 5G infrastructure will most likely do the same thing for Western intelligence agencies which once again is pretty much hypocrisy. The message this sends to the Far East of Asia is that the West doesn't trust the people of Asia, despite the fact that the people sending this message make up less than one thousandth of one percent of the Western population. Another case of the few speaking for the many, without the many having a say at all.

If the same thing occurred with a Canadian national there'd likely be similar consequences and the public would expect that Canada would go through every channel to ensure the safety of their citizens. Ironically there recently has been a case of a missing person in Burkina Faso which Canada is treating as a possible kidnapping. The case hasn't been getting much publicity and perhaps the reason for this is to deter similar groups from using kidnapping and the press to draw attention to their activities.

What is the solution to this dilemma? Why is it that the West charges the East with what they themselves are guilty? I live in the West, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada myself and this is something to which I do not want to be a party and I urge others to take a similar stance if that's the way you feel. There are and have been immense imbalances within our society that act against members of the Asian community, particularly the Chinese, the Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Koreans and we have a history of this being the case.

The recent fiasco with a Liberal Karen Wang over her comments about NDP leader Jagmeet Singh as well are an example of how racism is spreading and being used as a tool of politics. I believe personally that there are people who are attempting to fan the flames of racism purposely to benefit from it. Like a Matador baiting a bull that has already been made angry prior to the bull fight so as to charge the Matador upon seeing the Matador's red cape. That gives the Matador the Casus Belli as far as the audience is concerned because they're unaware of what the bull went through to fire them up to charge the Matador. To the public they only see the bull fight, not the treatment of the bull prior to the fight where the bull is likely mistreated to the point of a borderline anxious rage.

This seems to be prevalent in society in many other ways whereby groups of people gang up on one person, with each member of the group providing a small piece of the abuse to rile up their victim, much like the doomed bull so that the victim says something in reaction to abuse that immediately is used by others to undermine their credibility. I don't believe that what Karen Wang said was becoming of a politician or anyone for that matter but I have to ask myself if during the campaign that groups of people weren't socially trying to rile up the opposition so as to react in ways that would damage their campaign. I believe that we're only seeing effect, while cause is omitted. That doesn't excuse racism but organized social abuse isn't justifiable either.

I always found it ironic that so many people attack red, especially if that red is worn by someone Chinese. Maybe there's a hidden racist agenda surrounding colours and colour symbolism in such a way that violates the rights of member of the Chinese and Vietnamese Canadian community? What is it with that? What would it be like to live like that your whole life and to be mistreated based upon the symbol of the colour red and just because you happened to be Chinese or Vietnamese or (insert your Asian culture here). It seems to be targeted mostly at Chinese people. What's up with that? Is there some dark hidden secret that Canada has that its not telling? It seems to me that other cultures aren't subject to this sort of racism. Worse even is that people like myself who speak out against it have their identities removed or replaced with those of someone else. Another dark Canadian secret? When I stick up for Chinese culture, I'm referred to as someone my harassers call African Doug. With all due respect, I'm not African and my name isn't Doug though if I was African I'd be just as adamant about defending rights.

I thought Canadians were supposed to be above that?

I guess not and that is something that I find to be disgusting that we'd target a culture and abuse them based around the ideas of colour symbolism despite what our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and Human Rights Act says we're supposed to be about. I mean King Tut doesn't rule Canada and certainly not me though we're supposed to be free to believe as we choose so long as its the rule of law and due process. Apparently Canadians have some other agenda because the colour red seems to engender racism amongst so many Canadians against members of the Chinese community and it has for a very long time.

Maybe its time for Canada to come out of the closet with regard to these issues?

Brian Joseph Johns

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