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Gnosis: Sacred Knowledge And Its Connection To Group Stalking

[Author's Note: I myself am not a Gnostic and never have been (and likely never will be) though I've been introduced to it and abruptly scarred by it as well. I likely am one of the most qualified human beings in existence to speak on this topic, having long been a victim of various sects that have sprung forth from it. Ironically I am a Buddhist and Taoist though, which in some ways are connected.

Gnosis: Sacred Knowledge And Its Connection To Group Stalking

Gnosticism is touted as being one of the earliest forms of mystic teachings in existence. Much like other forms of dualism, it divides reality into two different paradigms of operation: the light and the darkness. The light is all that is nourishing for the existence of our "higher" self, which some might refer to as our soul, while the darkness is all that hinders it and draws it away from the knowledge and purity of the light. It is the eternal dance of these two forces that shape our existence and to have knowledge and experience of these aspects of our being is to be in the know. The Gnosis.

This does sound very alluring, involving hidden mysteries and secrets from the beginning of human kind's trek from our age of darkness (being a nomadic species that had not extensively developed or benefited from spoken or written language) into the age of light.(a fully realized species that has grown itself into a thriving civilization thanks to its investment in language, technology and civics).

Consider Gnosticism a powerful and rigid system of enlightenment (or steadfast darkness) that requires the utmost discipline in order to adhere to what it has to offer civilization in the way of light and in the face of darkness whereby practitioners of this mystic pseudo religion are able to shape the reality of the unknowing and unenlightened in society through the use of symbol, polarity and ritual magic.

It is unfortunately that such a way has become entangled and intertwined with the likes of Nazism, actually leap frogging from generation to generation with such ideologies to remain present even in modern society. Gnosticism itself is not inherently anti-semitic though its offshoot sects over the ages have likely grown over the course of millennia to become the religion of the Nazi Party and the Third Reich from 1935 onward. In fact Gnostism and Nazism are inexorably connected with one another and have been ever since the symbol of the Nazi Party, the Swastika was absconded from the religions of Europe, Asia and especially India where it represented divinity and spirituality.

The Lodges

It has been the present and underlying system of mysticism in most religions of the world with each of these two sides being referred to as a lodge. The White lodge embodies all that is of the intent that benefits the progress and purification of the spirit and the nurturing thereof while the Black Lodge seeks to corrupt the spirit, staining it with the burdens of ignorance and impurity. These two lodges form up a variety of systems of ritual magic whose primary goal is to affect the outside world according to the idioms of the presiding lodge (White or Black). One to purify, the other to corrupt.

Much of this magic is focused around sexuality and temptation (much like the temptation of Siddharta by the demon Mara). In fact, in his book Logos, Mantra and Theurgy, Samael Aun Weor states in the majority of the chapter on lightness and darkness is spent addressing sexual temptation and the potential loss of seminal fluid through sexual temptations and the black magic of the so called "tenebrous ones". Samael Aun Weor could be considered a Gnostic revolutionary attempting to revise and renew its teachings for a modern world, while tenebrous ones represent those who wish these secrets to remain hidden until such a time as humankind is ready for Astral Travel and Sexual Magic.

These lodges remain separate from the changes proposed by Samael Aun Weor and defied by the tenbrous ones, though they do by their very existence follow the rules of light/darkness. For every light there is a shadow, its dark complement and diametrical opposite.

The Magic

As far as the means of corruption are concerned, Samael Aun Weor sees sexuality as an abhorrent abomination and the act of masturbation similarly given the line on Women from his book Logos, Mantra and Theurgy:

Women who masturbate engender incubi from their spilled seminal fluid.
Incubi would be considered the birth form of a variety of different demons such as succubi. Once again we find that Women are often vilified by religion and spirituality despite the duality of gender and the importance of uniting the two genders to become one such as through the originally Gnostic sacrament of Marriage.

In such a sacrament an individual is believed to be composed of the two gender aspects: Female and Male. Marriage is therefore the sacrament that transmutes each of the partners in a Marriage to their respective gender, one taking up the Feminine and the other taking up the Masculine. The Gnostic sacrament of Marriage doesn't differentiate between physical gender, instead regarding gender as a psychological or spiritual phenomenon that sometimes coincides with our physical gender.

There is also other equally oppressing dogma on Men such as:

Likewise, men who masturbate engender succubi from their ejaculated semen.
I highly suggest you check the link on semen in order to understand the significance of sexuality in the ritual magics of the lodges. Succubi are female demons who prey upon their victims through sexuality and suffering. Once again we find that Women have been portrayed by ideology as being the guilty insofar as the fall of humankind is concerned. Ironically, I seem to remember that as a teenager most guys would do just about anything to receive the affections of their particular lust interest, with most girls being naively innocent and perhaps dangerously curious about what adventure they may find themselves upon should they succumb to the wiles of their male admirer. Perhaps history meant it the other way around from what they'd actually recorded.

More dogmatic points of view can be found on how to identify fornicators:

Any false prophet is a fornicator.

Therefore, any prophet that advises the ejaculation of the seminal liquor is a false prophet who is under the commands of the tenebrous ones of the Black Lodge.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. - Matthew 7:16 (quoted by Samael Aun Weor from the Book Of Matthew in the New Testament)

It would be unfair and perhaps dangerous to regard either side of this form of dualism as being better than the other, for both have equally beneficial and detrimental qualities, with each representing the extremes of their particular dichotomy. When the broad scope of Gnosticism is threatened, the two lodges work together to overcome the threat. Perhaps the lesson of their knowledge is that it is far better to be seated between the two, maintaining moderation and balance rather than the excesses offered by either side.

So where does group stalking come into this? Through their use of attempts at magic to possess or control their intended target or victim, one side seeking to corrupt the victim from the path of light while those of the light seek to purify the victim of all they've been burdened with my those of the Black Lodge.

The truth is that the activities of either side cause a great deal of stress and harm to the victim.

Here is one of the rituals prescribed by Samael Aun Weor to cleanse the victim remotely of the ills pressed upon them by the forces of darkness:

Lie down on the bed. Relax all the muscles of the body. Enter into a slumber state and concentrate on the heart of the enemy. Imagine the enemy’s heart like a tabernacle that treasures infinite love. Then, mentally place your image (the image of the disciple, an image full of love) within the enemy’s heart.

Subsequently, the disciple must imagine that he is looking at the area between the enemy’s eyebrows. Thereafter, the disciple must place his/her image, full of intense love, between the two eyebrows of the enemy, within the enemy’s mind. In this exercise, it is necessary for the disciple to feel a true love for that enemy that hates him.

Let us understand that this is not a matter of trying to pretend we love the enemy: for us, it is indispensable for the feeling of love to surge forth towards that individual, towards the enemy who hates us. However, if, despite all of this, the enemy persists in causing us harm, then we must work with the maguey.

It is interesting to note that this is the same methodology one would undertake to achieve Astral Travel (ie leaving the body via our energy or spirit body). Ironically I used to practice Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel from the age of 14. I'm 51 years old now and it has been many years since I've attempted anything of that nature.

Keep in mind that the above methodology is conducted by the forces of light to purify a victim of the forces of darkness. In order to determine the nature of ritual and magic used by the forces of darkness, one would literally only have to convert the above paragraphs to their contextual opposite:

Lie down on the bed. Relax all the muscles of the body. Enter into a slumber state and concentrate on the heart of the enemy. Imagine the enemy’s heart like a tabernacle that treasures infinite hate. Then, mentally place your image (the image of the disciple, an image full of hate) within the enemy’s heart.

Subsequently, the disciple must imagine that he is looking at the area between the enemy’s eyebrows. Thereafter, the disciple must place his/her image, full of intense hatred and anguish, between the two eyebrows of the enemy, within the enemy’s mind. In this exercise, it is necessary for the disciple to feel a true hate for that enemy that loves him.

Let us understand that this is not a matter of trying to pretend we hate the enemy: for us, it is indispensable for the feeling of hate to surge forth towards that individual, towards the enemy who loves us. However, if, despite all of this, the enemy persists in causing us harm, then we must work with the maguey.

The last statement in that paragraph deals with a ritual involving the use of a plant called a maguey, or agave. This is likely given that Samael Aun Weor, born in Columbia was a native of South America where the agave grows in abundance and has long been considered by mystics to be magical in nature.

Many of our ideas on perversity arise from this interpretation of Gnostic teachings and religion in general which often demonizes sexuality and most certainly the feminine.

If it likely that those two methods employed by the White and the Black lodges are what have been reported by victims as being the origins of electronic or microwave weapon attacks upon their body. The victims in fact have likely experienced the side effects of excessive biomagnetism and attacks upon their biomagnetic body and aura. This effect isn't high tech weapons employed by the Government or Black Ops Helicopters. In fact it is the lodges that likely want to pit their victims against the Government or any other enemies they can manipulate their victims into betraying as given by the following line from Logos, Mantras, Theurgy:

Black magicians manipulate people in order to make them the enemies of other people. Thus, the enemies fueled by the Black Lodge attack the victims.

Often, the tenebrous ones take advantage of people’s tendency towards vices (i.e. use of liquors, drugs, the vice of Fornication, etc.). They do this in order to deviate them from the path and in order to inflict severe harm on them.
These ideas certainly would line up with the efforts of some people to label others as conspiracy minded in attempts to pit them against groups that might actually help them such as the legal authorities, Government and even secret societies and what not.

In terms of the actually operative aspect of group stalking, consider that the activities of these two lodges likely account for most of the symptoms experienced by victims. On the one hand you have groups of people (the Light Lodge) trying to extract the possessive and manipulative magics of the Black Lodge from the bodies of the victims which is sometimes a very socially invasive process. In addition you also have members of the Black Lodge trying to test their victim to measure whether the magical attacks conducted by those members who have confined themselves to bed to apply their ritual hate magic against the victim are working to influence the victim's behavior, as Black Lodge members often attempt to control or possess their victim or their spirit (in Gnostic terminology).

This is further compounded by the fact that the Lodges also each employ a method of programming their victims via the symbolism of colours. When you combine those three elements you can explain the entirety of symptoms and experiences of the victims.

It's no coincidence that Nazism was a re-branded version of Gnosticism and the post world war version of Gnosticism is in turn a re-branded version of Nazism. The two have been leap frogging through the generations ever since. That is not to say that there are Gnostics whose methods and intent for the world is anything but noble and perhaps even healthy for society but the real message of the Gnosis isn't its teachings. It is about balance and moderation of the extreme because, it is extremity to either side that is the real enemy.

What makes Gnosticism so dangerous is how quickly it can be transformed and re-branded to become an ideology like Nazism or even Jihadism (both very anti-Jewish ideologies). For many centuries the punishment for revealing the secrets of Gnosticism and Alchemy was decapitation, the signature method of execution of Jihadi extremists (95% of Muslims live healthy and productive lives within their host societies contributing much to civilization and even more as Women's rights breaches the furthest reaches of Islam). As we can see from history, Gnosticism is a real Pandora's Box.

Perhaps the rigidness of its teachings and structure is what has protected an essentially unchanged doctrine that has been carried down from generation to generation for more than three thousand years by its oral tradition alone.

My Personal Experiences And Near Initiation

I've ranted many times at how during 2004 I'd become homeless, falling from a roughly 50K/year job into poverty and homelessness that lasted for eight years. It was during that time that I became extremely interested in Gnosticism. I'd download lectures from the internet and play them back at night on my mp3 player and later on a laptop I'd purchased. It was around that time that a shelter worker named Osama had showed me a printed copy of the Kybalion, which itself is a Gnostic hermetic text, closely tied to the Emerald Tablet of Thoth and similar books. I'd found it quite intriguing comparatively to another book he'd loaned me on Freemasonry despite my intense interest in Geometry. I think it was the mention of the Klu Klux Klan in the Freemasonry book that startled me away from it. So I indicated that I'd found the Kybalion much more esoteric and appealing in terms of its presented concepts. I'd always been interested in Freemasonry and had even known a few Freemasons myself but I never did become a member.

So upon selecting the Kybalion I'd been put into a situation whereby in order to earn membership into an ideology that revolved around the Hermetic teachings of the Kybalion, I had to carry the weight for the activities of three different people unknowingly. That's called sponsorship, when you earn membership to a secret society by carrying the weight of burden of other members higher up in the pyramid than are you. I had no idea that's what was happening, but that's what happened. In turn what they were trying to do was to associate my life with the use of crack cocaine and prostitution so they could put sins of that nature onto my burden despite the fact that I'd never been involved in either activity. That's how groups of this nature turn their victims into what they call their "bitches" and their "guns". All of the sins and transgressions that have been applied to your person that originated from someone else become your ammunition. That means that if you react harshly towards someone, they could potentially end up with that burden themselves which would mean they'd be treated by others as if it was their responsibility, especially if they exhibited any signs that would indicate feelings of guilt for such activities.

So around that time everyone in the shelter had been scheduled to receive housing, as the shelter itself was closing and at that point I'd been homeless for three years. What ended up happening was that I was amongst two people who did not receive housing (the other was a Hungarian guy named Attila). Because the people whose social burden I'd ended up were mostly Muslim, I believe that I was betrayed by those who were supposed to provide my housing. Keep in mind that I'm not a Muslim at all and as a matter of fact at or near that time my love interest was Mandarin Chinese, in fact the same Woman that it is now. The laptop with all of my Gnostic material was stolen along with my cellular phone, work boots and everything that I owned except for the clothing that I was wearing. I literally had nothing as everything I'd worked for had been stolen from me and I'd been laden with the identity of one who was involved in crack cocaine and prostitution despite never having been involved in either activity. I assume that the people who stole my laptop went through it and found the Gnostic lectures on it because within a year of it being stolen, everyone around me suddenly was a Gnostic. So they'd stolen that from me and were trying to steal my identity as well, likely trying to attribute my prior activities (most of which had been pretty darn good) to someone else's credit. That's a common method of stalkers. To steal their victim's identity and apply it and their history to someone else's life.

It took five more years and a lot of abuse and stalking before I finally had a home, for a grand total of eight years homeless. When I'd moved into my housing, the stalking hadn't stopped and in fact it continued to grow even until now. During that time I'd written a few books (works of fiction such as The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative I and II). Most of everything I'd achieve would be stolen by the membership of this cult whose modus operandi most accurately coincided with that of Black Lodge Gnosticism, Pirates (who believe themselves to be related to dead members of the Knight's Templar) and street gangs. Naturally if you try to explain that to anyone you'll be written off as being mentally ill. So I took it upon myself to deal with these people the best way I know of, by using my abilities to expose them. I have nothing to do with the Kybalion at all though now I completely understand how its teachings are used to manipulate others.

Still to this very day I am stalked and abused by the cult responsible for this activity. Miraculously I've learned many ways to cope with their efforts though the worst of their efforts are likely the effort to erase someone like myself. That is, the cult take whatever I produce and credit it to other people so that at the end of every day I've not accomplished anything but fueling the lives of their members. Most of the members are very racist either towards Caucasian persons like myself or African or Caribbean persons. Once again I don't follow any extreme and often the most progress I can make in a day is avoiding not over reacting to the abusive harassment. Most of what I suffer is often attributed to someone else's life, so even my suffering is taken from me. For the most part the membership of this cult believe that they are mind controlling or possessing me (as verified by the Black Lodge methodology I've exposed here and its coincidence with the methodology of my stalkers). I am certain that their methodology lines up with the personal experiences many victims of this cult. The racist tendencies of this cult choose to force me towards a relationship with someone African, Jamaican or Caribbean (literally on the basis of culture and skin colour) rather than my real love interest who is Mandarin Chinese. They often attempt to swap my identity with that of someone who plays guitar, despite the fact that I don't play guitar. I'm a piano and keyboard player myself. I'm not Italian or Irish though I am Caucasian. I've been in a relationship with my Chinese love interest prior, so this is not a delusion or obsession. Ultimately everything is up to her and I certainly do not stalk her nor have I ever done so.

Much of the cult's activity is based around trying to make their victims prove that they are themselves more so than someone else, as this cult believes that their members can possess and mind control their victims. They also attempt identity swapping between two different people quite frequently, often turning it into a competition between the two in order to see who ends up with the better history. This is where it really resembles Nazism.

Also, consider this. Someone who has a voice amongst people and someone that is (or was) trusted by many that is not a part of that way of doing things would likely end up a target of such people in order to discredit them in the eyes of the public, especially when compared to someone who is a part of their agenda. I wouldn't be surprised if such efforts included sabotaging the life and future of such a person. I am not anti-Masonic per se and never really have been but I'd be hard pressed to figure out how slavery became a part of the agenda of Prince Hall when it was devised as a means to do away with Imperial rule and more specifically, slavery. If love and hate can be the same thing, then does that not mean the same of freedom and slavery? What's wrong if someone from one culture ends up in a relationship with someone from another culture. What is so wrong with that and how can it be worse than love and hate being the same thing or freedom and slavery being the same thing for that matter? The truth is that it's all about blood and keeping it from mixing between cultures according to a colour coded rule set. You'll never see a purple that means the freedom to be in a relationship with whomever you want regardless of cultural differences. That's why love and hate are often referenced as being the same thing. Because rather than purple meaning the mixing of red and blue blood, they'd rather it meant something like love and hate being the same. So there is a sort of hidden racism within despite what many people may think unless I'm confusing blood purists for them, which I highly doubt. Freedom and slavery aren't the same thing because love is intrinsically linked to freedom, because most of what hate is relies upon reaction, especially fight or flight response, which in essence is a complete absence of free will and the body's equivalent of auto-pilot. Something that evolved within us to allow us to escape/survive in the most dangerous of situations when we lived in hunter/gatherer tribes. I would only hope that such an ideology would embrace freedom. I am not against Imperial traditionalism at all, being Canadian myself.

Hopefully this article helps someone else besides myself alone. Once you have a name for that which plagues you, it usually isn't too much longer before it falls though be sure that you have the right name.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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