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Dangerous Social Ideologies

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In my personal experience, the most dangerous social ideology involves a group that will steal your identity using only the symbolism of colours and what you keep secret about yourself. Ie, if you're wearing the colour black and you reveal something secret about yourself, such an ideology believes that you've lost that secret and it goes to someone else who keeps it quiet better than did you.

In Toronto right now, that sort of ideology is rampant and keeping some members of society prisoner. In other words to such an ideology, your identity isn't your own. It is something agreed upon by everyone else. If they deem you not to be who you claim to be, then you'll be treated as if you are someone else depending upon whose identity they assign to you. So lets dismantle the cult that does this to people.

This isn't a legal ideology and in fact its against the law and violates aspects of the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada. The problem is that its very difficult to bring such an ideology before the courts though that doesn't mean that locally they aren't under investigation. Quite the contrary.

One of their tricks is to steal a person's online identity, in essence giving the credit (and blame) for any online activities of the victim to someone else and this activity is conducted and kept in place by many people, who socially maintain that illusion. Currently the best way to deal with it is to maintain a circle of people who aren't members of such a group who will help to keep your identity while you keep theirs safe as well.

Keep in mind that the people doing this are part of the growing organized crime problem in Canada. Part of their agenda is geared towards stealing everything their target produces and giving it to the credit of other people. A form of social cannibalism whereby the group believe that they become the person whose output they consume.

Ironically they appear to be tied ideologies that have been trying to set up a social structure beneath the currently existing legal and civic infrastructure. We have the right of religion but religion within our borders isn't supposed to conduct such clandestine activities against our citizens.

For whatever reason these groups seem to always attempt to gain my support or membership, of which I am NOT a member nor do I support any of them and never will. I consider that their activities in this way are illegal and immoral hence I am exposing them as completely as possible and I implore others to do the same, though don't allow yourself to be swayed to hate and don't over simplify the issue to one of love and hate. If you experience similar problems then expose them. Talk about them online and with other people and try not to let the people who are doing those kinds of things rile you up towards anxiety and mania, because that's precisely what they'll do to discredit you. Believe me. I know from personal experience.

When people do such a thing in a coordinated manner, they're literally trying to make you "disappear". That is, if a large social group agrees and works towards the ends that you do not exist, they're essentially trying to erase you and your impact upon society from the record and/or wear your identity and being as their own while giving you someone else's history and identity. Don't allow that. When you encounter such problems, tell them that you don't do colours. Maybe tell them that you believe colours are great for art, but not for gangs and stealing other people's identities. They don't rule anything at all so don't let them rule your identity.

 As I said, I do my part by keeping the authorities well informed about their methodology and sharing a LOT of information about their modus operandi. I certainly don't want anyone else to lose their freedom, but if they're attempting to take mine or anyone else's away by these means, then I think that its fair to bring the authorities up to speed on these issues. Your identity isn't a social agreement at all. In other words it isn't something that people can agree to take from you and to reassign to someone else. Don't support people who live and operate that way. I don't and you don't have to either. Most ideologies that do this are organized (or disorganized) hate groups quite honestly.

Hate groups operate by defining you as being whomever and whatever you stick up for. If you stick up for other people, you become them. The reason that hate groups do this is so that the people outside of an issue don't progress the human rights surrounding it and so that human rights are forced to be conditional. If you stick up for others and in the process lose your own identity, human rights aren't progressing at all. They're actually at a stand still and that's because hate groups create conditions through which others gain their rights while sacrificing the rights of others so that the affected human rights don't progress at all. They're especially this way towards Women's rights and LGBTQ rights though their methodology also extends to the abusing the rights of other cultures different from their own as well. They're trying to craft and engineer a society whereby nobody sticks up for others' rights. That way they can quietly remove the rights of others while nobody else does a thing to stop it.

Think about it. If you're a Man and are friends with a Woman, would you ever ask her to pretend to be a Man because you're embarrassed about having a Woman as a friend? Take the same logic and apply it to people of the LGBTQ community or those who are of a different culture than your own. If you're Caucasian like myself you'd never ask a friend of yours from a different culture to pretend to be Caucasian, would you? Likewise if you have friends or acquaintances from the LGBTQ community. If you are a good friend, you'd never ask them or give them conditions under which they couldn't be themselves because human rights aren't conditional. That includes the rights of every one. Men included. We never were excluded.

If we all only stuck up for our own, we'd still be living in tribes under the rule of despots. Women and Children would have NO rights whatsoever and the strongest (and likely stupidest) would be running the tribe because nobody would work together to fight for the rights of any other person. There are people who are trying to bring in such a way of doing things even to this day. The whole idea that might is right rather than might for right.

So when you stick up for someone else's rights, don't let anyone take your identity away by changing your identity into that for whom you stick up because if you do, you're supporting the idea that human rights are conditional and quite honestly they aren't except that they have to be defended when at risk. Just because you share an opinion with someone else or have a similar history, that doesn't make you into them or them into you. Your identity is an unconditional right as well and people that conspire to take yours away are committing a grave violation of your rights and the law. So don't let any cowardly hate group or gang take away your rights in that way or any way for that matter. If I speak up for others in their absence, I never take over their identity and people that attempt to make that the case, I deal with accordingly.

Some hate groups believe that when you stick up for someone, that you're "sucking" their blood like a social vampire or something of that nature. That's because most of those people believe that their blood is superior to that of other people. Not to mention that because people believe that you are who you stick up for, that if you stick up for people who've achieved much, you'll share in their accomplishments. In fact this is the whole basis for sponsorship, whereby you benefit from the actions of a sponsor merely by carrying the weight of the burden of their secrets, sins and crimes. Some people take this to the extreme as a means to literally take someone else's identity completely away from them. If there is no changing of a person's identity when you stick up for someone else or another group of people, there's no gain to doing so and hence nobody is "sucking" blood as they say. So the only motive to sticking up for others would be because you care for their rights as much as you do for your own and maybe the bragging rights of actually doing so. If you do so when there's risk for you in doing so, then your actions are certainly sincere. I've been doing this for a very long time at great expense to myself despite the fact that it shouldn't be that way so you could say that I'm very sincere about others' rights. At least as much as my own. Perhaps that's why so many people like to steal my identity.

Consider those things and if you can, try to stop them when you can. You never know when you'll become a victim of the same thing and by that time it might already be too late.

Brian Joseph Johns

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