Saturday, December 8, 2018

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots! Wind Them Up, Watch Them Fight!

by Brian Joseph Johns
Sorry, but I'm done with fighting other people's battles in an arena and then ultimately being ignored and even swept under the carpet until I'm needed to fight someone else's battles again.

So, no. You're not going to wind me up to do battle with anyone or anything. Those days are done. I'm Canadian and NOT American and never have been though I do feel the need to be protective of the innocence and good that I see in both countries while remembering that we all make mistakes in life and that some of us are unfortunate enough to make bad decisions that affect our entire lives at a time when we know little of the value of our decisions or the fact that we do have a say in our own lives. Regardless I'd much rather be living somewhere else, mostly as a result of what has amounted to being local social abuse which I suspect could be something that happens to many outspoken individuals like myself.

At this point I'd much rather be living in Israel, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand or possibly even somewhere in Europe thanks to social abuse that is now rampant in this country against certain individuals whom the country or even North America itself is burdening with the weight of love and hate or blood and fire ideology. Very evil people quite honestly and very two faced as a whole.

For instance, I'd be willing to bet that the United States and Canada both do more spying through corporate alliances with big companies than all of the countries in the Far East Of Asia combined.

Canada actually buys its intelligence about Canadian citizens from the United States and other NATO member nations. That's because Canada has laws against domestic spying that prevent it from doing so against its own citizens. So in order to get around that, they enter into a deal that allows them each to spy on each other and share the intel about domestic activities in that regard with one another. So your domestic secrets are filtered through the eyes of a foreign intelligence agency before they even get to the desks of intelligence analysts here.

Further more, more domestic spying is conducted by civilians against other civilians than these Governments combined and the civilians who do are not investigated or held accountable for their actions in this regard. They're literally running their own system beneath the existing electoral system. If they don't agree with policy, they don't budge on it, though they make it appear to the policy makers that action has been taken and that the paper work is in place but in fact, if they don't agree with it, it doesn't happen according to the policy. Way too much corruption between where policy is created and where its implemented. That is resulting in the rights of citizens being squashed on a regular basis I'd say because those who speak out against such activity are usually silenced by claims of mental illness or substance abuse.

How do civilians get away with spying against other civilians? Easy. They use a bastardization of the golden rule: do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. The way they do it, is they trick you into eavesdropping upon their conversations by making them so loud, obnoxious or invasive that you speak out against them. They use your personal secrets in the context of their private conversation which they have right in front of you, in order to lure you into speaking out against them which would count as violating their private conversation. When it comes to spying on other people's residences while they are contained privately, the same ideology then turns up their computer and conducts harassment through a chat application on their computer so that you can hear it from the neighbouring apartment. The harassment is very obviously directed at yourself or drawing a reaction from you so that if you do respond to it, they regard that as giving them the right to spy on you which for them means using their complex network of information technology spies associated with their criminal gang/religion. They pretend to live by a code of ethics though they don't have any morality at all because their main method of getting away with their crimes against other citizens is to pin their crimes onto their victims.

What happens to North American citizens who stand up against this is what should be of concern to the rest of the world. When a citizen like myself falls victim to targeted spying as a means to assassinate my character and steal anything and everything I create that might help me to get onto my feet from poverty and there are many people like myself out there I'm certain whose voices are being silenced.

Especially those who fight for the rights of people of other cultures as well. My affinity for Israel is often frowned upon as is my affinity for China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and many other countries of the Far East Of Asia. Likewise Europe. I really like what they've got going so far. I could say that I have hope for every country as well but from what I'm seeing in the world and what I'm experiencing locally, I'm not quite so sure. I think that a level of politics is being missed here and that people don't understand what is actually happening.

I find it ironic that nobody is jumping to action in the case of Jamal Khashoggi, a murder case with serious elements of espionage and implications into connections between some of the nefarious activities of other countries in the world. This should be of huge concern! Yet as soon as news of Huawei's alleged illegal sales to Iran surfaced, which once again allegedly violates United States' sanctions againt Iran, a move was made to arrest and have Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou extradited to the United States which it appears that Canada is going to move on unfortunately. Actually it looks like Nikki Haley did and I'd be willing to bet that she'll have to watch her back in light of her courage to make such a stand.

So in terms of law, these allegations have taken priority over the Jamal Khashoggi case despite the fact that Khashoggi's case involves the murder of an outspoken journalist and implies (allegedly) direct involvement of a Saudi Prince and other nationals as well as other countries. As I said in my prior post, be careful of your inaction on those matters because they will set the tone for the next few decades based upon how you respond or don't to the situation. If you don't, then you've just signed an agreement stating that you have no problem with state sanction assassinations of journalists and activists. Maybe you're signing onto that side because you want to be owned by the person who called for the murder. A great way to earn Royal blood is by keeping their secrets, right? So if everyone is in on it protecting that murder from investigation then everyone has Royal blood. That's most people's logic and why they wouldn't act on it. A sort of sponsorship thing where by keeping it secret you earn the blood of a Saudi Prince.

On the other hand, we have a Chinese Chief Financial Officer of a global telecommunications firm who is a national of one of the countries targeted by the United States trade war. Remember that the United States debt is primarily owned by China. That is, the United States is in debt to China to the tune of a portion of 1.2 trillion dollars, and that the interest alone on the deficit is out pacing the financial growth of the United States' economy. That doesn't mean that all is lost and that the end is nigh though awareness of this fact opens the door to some of the questions that you should be asking. Like what are the real motives of these moves? To immediately act upon a Chinese deal with Iran and to all but ignore the assassination of a journalist within the sphere of a countries policy makers. That's very dangerous ground upon which to tread.

Europe, the Middle East and particularly the Far East Of Asia are very important in terms of guaranteeing human rights globally. Here's why. Typically North America, Europe and other activists domestically have been the watchdog of the human rights abuses of other countries for the last fifty years since the human rights movement really got under way. As the countries that have been these watchdogs come under fire within their own borders and from their own citizens with regard to domestic policy, there is nobody in the other sphere or world influence to ensure that our citizens are being treated fairly and equally and that our rights our being protected. There are many human rights abuses being perpetrated from within Canada and the United States and Mexico, that are not being addressed because there is no similar mechanism in other parts of the world that ensure that we're walking the walk at the same time that we're talking the talk. If I can literally be spied upon by my own neighbours and other citizens in my community, who steal my identity and without interference by the Police or anyone for that matter, then something is seriously wrong.

China, Israel, parts of Europe and other nations of the Far East of Asia are aware that something of this nature is going on in North America and possibly parts of Europe as well. In order for them to Police us in terms of our human rights record they have to have a leash on what is going on within our borders and this is likely the intelligence concern that the United States and Canada currently have. If they were seriously concerned about Iran and about possible intelligence leaks, they'd have put serious manpower into investigating the possibility that the rise in interest and membership in the Baha'i faith in North America was acting as a vehicle for Iran to conduct illegal spying on North American citizens, yet they apparently did nothing while the Baha'i faith instituted an oversight committee called the National Spiritual Assembly (ironically whose acronym is NSA), that had the power to spy on citizens of North America who were deemed to be of "spiritual significance". That is, they could install cameras and listening devices in your home and spy via infra red cameras from neighbouring residences or property upon people who met that criteria. Likewise, the Church Of Scientology enters into espionage regularly against its enemies including acts of espionage against Governments and Government departments. See Operation Snow White for more details. There were investigations into these activities coordinated by Interpol as recently as 2006. The Church Of Scientology also enters into intelligence allegiances with other like minded religious organizations (Jehovah's Witnesses, Salvation Army etc), sharing intelligence across the ideological boundary. I applaud Leah Remimi for her courage in facing these monsters to both Women and Men and the family unit. She's my hero. I believe in everyone's right to believe as they choose, but nobody has the right to force others to choose their beliefs or to live by their rules where those rules don't coincide with the rule of law. We're supposed to be a democracy, not a theocracy.

There seems to have been little public awareness on either of these issues yet look at how quickly action was taken upon Meng Wanzhou versus a legal investigation to the assassination/murder of Jamal Khashoggi and very obviously this is part of the action taken with regard to the trade war with China who hold most of their debt. They've targeted one of China's biggest firms with this move. Countries like China, Japan, Korea, Israel, Russia, Jordan and even Iran stand to be an important balancing factor when it comes to the guarding of the human rights of North American citizens because most human rights activism is actually a thinly veiled political warfare, so if there isn't balance in that sense where other countries are keeping track to make sure that North America is treating its citizens fairly and according to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and domestic human rights code, then chances are there are violations that aren't being handled by authorities meaning that we have no similar watchdog process here. We watch for other countries human rights violations, which helps us diplomatically with those countries because its a bargaining chip and a pressure point that gives us Casus Belli in many cases. If there is no similar activity happening on our behalf from other countries, then we aren't having our human rights protected.

So by not speaking out on the Jamal Khashoggi issue, you're accepting that your rights can be ultimately be crushed by the state, even if it includes snuffing out your life. Without countries like China to keep that balance and to ensure that locally we're being protected, our human rights are certainly going to go down hill without us even realizing. Look at how the citizens of my own country treat me. Literally like shit and I'm talking about citizens who spy on me illegally and steal my efforts from me while painting me as having some substance abuse issues related to crack cocaine and being a pimp, neither of which are true nor have they ever been true. I guess I should feel pretty lucky right now because I haven't been assassinated yet for speaking out on these issues.

So this whole business with Meng has only to do with the trade war, not concerns over Iran spying because they did literally nothing while there was a far greater breach of privacy by domestic religions, some of which were connected directly to other countries like Iran. I am not saying that Baha'i is a bad faith at all. I'm stating that its policies especially regarding the National Spiritual Assembly allowed it to take liberties from citizens in both the United States and Canada at the height of post 9/11 tensions. Meanwhile it is important to remember that after 9/11 that the citizens of Iran held a vigil for the United States condemning terrorism and Osama Bin Laden.

Get your act together United States! Canada! Stop sending bullies to stomp on people who want the best for you. I like the idea of having balance in regard to ensuring that the citizens of other countries have my back while I have theirs. In Canada, I have no such guarantee. Is that a polarity thing? Does up suddenly mean down? Does left mean right? Sorry but no vessel in this universe would get far with a navigation device that flips its orientation every ten seconds. Such a vessel would travel for decades and still find itself in the same place it had started, having made NO progress whatsoever. Do something about citizens spying on citizens. That's the real violation that is going on. They're trying to trick the Government into spying on them so they can put the blame upon the Government just like the Government is trying to put the spying blame onto countries like China, Russia and Iran when in fact its our own citizens who are doing so. If we had watch dogs in other countries to make sure that we were up to par in terms of human rights, I'm sure that would happen less as you'd be forced to ensure that such policies were being implemented right down to ground level and were benefiting those they were intended to help. That's because those rights violations would suddenly become diplomatic bargaining chips in the hands of other countries just the same as those of us who've been on the front of making sure that rights are being protected for those abroad in other countries has given you diplomatic bargaining chips to use against them.

Don't let anyone sort you out according to love and hate or blood and fire. We're all way more diverse than to be limited to two states of being. It works great for classical computers but not for people. Don't let others limit you to their way of doing things so they can easily sort you out between those who love and those who hate. Those who have special blood and those who don't. Don't let people decide who you are for you. That's a big cult that seems to be operating in Canada right now. Starting the day with identity based musical chairs, where you're not considered yourself.

I'm not sticking up for Meng just because my love interest is Mandarin Chinese by the way. There's a matter of principal here that is being overlooked. North America is treading into very dangerous waters that could take us back years in terms of the strides we've taken towards global peace. Not all good has to come from suffering.

Brian Joseph Johns

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