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Quick Update

Happy Chanukah to those celebrating it during this holiday season!

Some of you might wonder what is the correct spelling for the name of this Hebrew celebration? Time Magazine Online posted this great article about the topic.

I was lucky enough to benefit from a resident of Toronto, from whom I received a small Cat house for my Cat and big bag of Cat litter along with some food and an awesome Cat comb! Thank you to that person. I think that you made my Cat's day at least as much as I did by carrying all 75 lbs of it on foot a couple of kilometers back to my apartment. Yes, it is possible to be strong and smart at the same time

This is after all that a great many people celebrate holidays throughout the world. There's of course Christmas, which is based upon the birth of Jesus Christ as discussed in many interpretations of the New Testament.

More likely Christianity is actually a well hidden form of punishment and substitution that religious societies for thousands of years have reserved for all the but the worst of citizens. This form of punishment involves stealing everything about their victim's life and burdening them with the "sins" of everyone else in society while socially torturing them for those sins until the day that they die. At that point the offending society then makes them into a Saint after their death and praises them, hence keeping the whole affair a well hidden secret. I could only hope that such a form of this religion would just die off and disappear rather than it is, which is currently finding use in society even now.

The metaphor of Christianity is more likely one for the Solstices and seasons, with December 21/22 being the shortest day of the year with every day beyond that point in time experiencing more daylight until the Summer Solstice, from which point days become ever shorter. This Paganist view of Christianity is actually celebrated as Shabe Yaldā which essentially means the victory of light over darkness. This seems to be linked to Zoroastrianism as well.

There's also the Christmas made popular by Coca Cola and other brands, who brought the joyous and plump Santa Claus to life, first in advertising and then through a variety of specials which permeated television during the 1960s and 1970s such as this one:

These are the visions of Christmas with which I grew up and had the most impact upon my sense of Christmas though now I am a Buddhist and Taoist. Personally I feel that Christianity is going through  some pretty heavy duty changes that will define it in years to come. Hopefully it will not remain as a zealot's weapon and social pocket that encourages intolerance and nonacceptance of the vulnerable in society or polarizes the population to extremes in order to create conflict and even civil war. I mean abusing someone until they appear mean does not make the abuser the lover. It seems to me that some people are resorting to some pretty devious means of conflict and the effort to win regardless of the morality of using any means to achieve as much.

Bodhi Day occurs on December 8 and to Buddhists the world over is considered the day in history that Prince Sidhartha achieved enlightenment after facing Mara, whom essentially is the personification of the forces antagonistic to enlightenment. From that point on Prince Sidhartha was simply known as the Buddha.

Pancha Ganapati is a Hindu five day celebration from Dec 21 through until Dec 25 in honour of Ganesh, the Hindu God who facilitates the removal of obstacles.

Human Light is a holiday celebrated by Humanists on Dec 23 in celebration of a good future to come.

Koliada is a Slavic winter festival celebrated late in December with parades and singers who deliver gifts to the houses along their path.

Human Rights Day is on December 10 which reflects the date in history that the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed and adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (December 10, 1948 which was a very busy year in the world).

The Relevance Of Human Rights Day In 2018

Perhaps this particular holiday is of the utmost importance currently seeing as there is a particularly devastating Human Rights tragedy currently under way and that is the death/alleged assassination of Jamal Khashoggi.

While the entire world watches this unfold we are being presented with the possibility that a Crown Prince may have ordered the assassination of a journalist whose focus was on advancing Human Rights in Saudi Arabia.

If you'd consider this, that if you accept that someone in power arranged for the killing of an outspoken citizen without doing anything about it, you are basically indicating to the powers that be that you don't care whether the ruling class engage in assassination or not. Hence by remaining silent and doing nothing, you're basically saying that you agree with it more so than are abhorred by it. In such a case then you'd be considered the property of the person who ordered the assassination. Essentially you'd be owned as some like to call it.

Now imagine a world where during the census of an actual crisis the population did nothing to pressure the leadership into investigation of this tragedy, that we could likely expect years of similar activities conducted against others of outspoken tenure, like politicians, activists and other journalists to whom the truth is still of great importance and whose definition is concrete and not merely a game of polarity.

Do not let the population of the world get owned by those who'd resort to that kind a solution. These steps are amongst our first into a much darker world should this situation be allowed to go unchallenged. If it did go unchallenged we'd be entering into an era where that would be a possible solution every time someone spoke out against those in power.

I'm certainly not saying that we shouldn't trust our elected officials. I am saying however that if this goes unanswered and without our support, that the world will be a much more dangerous place from now on, especially for politicians, activists and journalists or anyone who spoke out legally against policy.

This is of greater importance than most would think. So during your holidays whatever you celebrate, please keep this in mind as it will affect us greatly, especially if people choose not to act against this. If I am assassinated after writing this, then I'd say definitely do something about it as that would be a pretty good sign that I was onto something.

Some Good Advice

Stay away from people who obscure truth by reversing polarity using the symbolism of colours. That's a bit shallow not to mention the fact that if one can do that without experiencing even the slightest bit of conscience that's a good sign to consider whether or not to listen to them at all.

Stay away from the kind of people who'd steal what other people say and do, and then give to the credit of people who have nothing to do with those efforts. There are a great many people in my city who do this often unfortunately.

Stay away from people who'd take opportunities away from you, give them to their friends and then place the sins and burdens of those friends onto your life to carry for them in their place. I went through that for a long time while homeless and still do even after having a place to live but I think that the city is slowly being found out in that regard.

Stay away from cults who steal what other people accomplish to fuel the lives of their fellow cult members or anyone other than the creator/owner. You know, the kind of people who forcefully try to make others pay for their blood for any reason?

Once you're clear of those threats to one's being, have a good time and an even greater holiday!

Thank you to my readers. I'm working hard on the A Lady's Prerogative Skyrim Special Edition mod. The current version as of this writing is 0.4.1 and the subsequent release should be along within the next week or two.

Lastly, my love interest is still Mandarin Chinese and in fact the same Woman with whom I was in a relationship between 2005 and 2006. If you're out there reading this, I miss you profusely and please above all else, don't believe anyone else that I'm possessed by someone different than myself, Brian Joseph Johns. I'm not a member of any holy spirit whatsoever, nor am I a Gnostic.

Thank you to both China and Israel, whose readership of my site grew by leaps and bounds over the last week. Unfortunately I was attacked by many anti-Jewish and anti-Chinese bigots who likely tried to abuse me to the point of drawing a bad reaction from me in order to make your attention of my efforts appear to have a bad influence upon me. Don't worry, we'll live in a world one day where that sort of behavior is a thing of the past.

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I'm not from Nova Scotia by the way. In fact, I've never been there but I'd love to go. I'm not a member of Prince Hall either nor am I a Jehovah's Witness, Mormon nor a Scientologist or a Gnostic. I'm not, under any circumstances on the blue team, as this cult defines the colour blue as meaning hate means love and love means hate. A common tactic when they attempt to use someone as a "gun". I'm not a Rose, or a "gun" nor am I on the blue team at all. With all due respect I'm not Muslim either.

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