Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy Holidays!

Brian Joseph Johns
(No, I'm not Bobby or Punch)
I hope your holidays have been good so far. The holidays are the perfect time for reorganizing and getting ready for the motivation the New Year often brings.

I've spent most of mine relaxing, doing a bit of coding though I've stayed away from writing for the last week.

I did manage to work on some programming related things over the holidays where I spent most of my day time. As well I managed to get myself motivated enough to start a structured exercise regimen as well seeing as at 51 I've got to start worrying about my health a bit more.

It was remarkably peaceful though I was still harassed for the whole time, I just managed to keep myself in a good mood luckily without reacting to any instigation or abuse.

My harassers will likely see that as a sign of me being possessed by someone else who of course has superior blood or something of an equally racist nature, of course which I don't believe whatsoever.

Regardless it seemed mostly inconsequential during the harassment and only proved to be a minor obstruction to any productivity, which is my main concern.

Most of what this cult are about is stealing the content of their victim's life efforts for the credit of their cult members. So they use someone like myself as a battery to power their lives from what I write, what I code, any of my artwork or other efforts. They take it as if it was them doing it rather than myself. Then they keep my existence hidden as being the source. In fact, they keep it so that this website appears to be the work of someone else rather than my in person self. So they use the web site to fuel to fuel the life of someone else too.

Cannabis might have had something to do with keeping my reaction to abuse a bit more tame, seeing as I used a bit of it over the holidays in the evenings, and found that the cult's harassment was mostly unnoticeable or just a mild nuisance. I get it from the Ontario Cannabis Store so its perfectly legal and it has no impact upon the rest of my functioning as its only for evenings or time off. I'd actually prefer to use it in my cooking more so than anything.

Perhaps over the New Year I'll try to find a part-time gig to bring in some extra money though I'll certainly have to be mindful of this stalking cult's activities to sabotage any such efforts as they'd much rather keep me secret so they can use me as a power source to fuel their lives and the lives of the people they "build". I'll be trying to network a bit more as well so as to prevent this cult from stealing my identity or creative works so often.

I'll be working on the second draft to The Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See, as well as starting work on A Lady's Prerogative III and hopefully finding time to work on The Legendary Of Xarn and Stories From The End.

If you are celebrating the New Year this evening please remember not to drive if you drink alcohol or consume cannabis.

Have a great start to the year!

Trust vaccines by the way as they've already saved humanity numerous times and that's proven by science.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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