Friday, December 21, 2018

Freaky Friday...

Hello again.

It seems that my Regent Park stalkers don't take breaks during holiday season. This isn't going to be a complaint post but rather an exposure post. By the way, I'm not American. I'm Canadian but I'm a little bit disgusted to be a Canadian right now, but probably not as disgusted as I would if I were American. We'll get into that in a moment.

I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a fairly powerful used computer this morning for a good price. In doing so I'm probably putting my internet connection at risk seeing as I have a hefty bill to pay that will likely cause concern with Bell, my provider. So during the morning I left and it was pretty quiet for the trip to pick up the computer (on Dalhousie Street in the downtown core of Toronto). No harassment. I ran into the custodian of the building and had a short but polite conversation. Went and purchased my computer from another polite gentleman and made my way back home.

I then went out for a second trip to do a little bit of grocery shopping with what I had left and that's when the harassment started. Once again being treated as someone that I'm not from my building of residence. The stalkers first worked on piracy, claiming me to be a pirate which I denied as that is truth. Then they started claiming that I was either with someone from Jane Street or Finch Street or that my lover was named Jane, both of which are completely false.

Then people started harassing me on the basis of colour. That is the colour of my eyes which are green and are most often the target of their symbolic misuse of colour despite the Canadian Human Rights Act. So in other words, the colour of my eyes delineates my heritage, or even that someone else besides myself is driving me around like a remote controlled car which of course is nonsense.

Much of this is all about the stalkers trying to define hate as meaning love and love as meaning hate because they're racists against the fact that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. There's a lot of racism against Chinese people these days it seems thanks to America's misuse of their legal code to fortify their trade war with China. Meanwhile the charges for which they are seeking extradition from Canada are completely illegal as the sanctions that they imposed upon Iran were not approved in a world court. They're purely American sanctions with perhaps some backing by allies, but not having been formalized in a world court or the United Nations. So they're using the charges as a pawn in their trade war and compromising Canada's relationship with China in the process. That's just after having skewered Canadian farmers during the trade negotiations. No, I'm not possessed by anyone from a political party at all. In fact I don't take part in politics besides voting. I received an email from MP Bill Morneau this morning before I left but I doubt that had anything to do with this.

Yesterday I'd also RSVP's to attend the Harry Leslie Smith Memorial in a month's time to celebrate the life of an outspoken activist and hero for both immigration and anti-poverty. I've even commented in my life that Canadians should have to experience a year or two of what its starting life as a newcomer. It would probably help more Canadians appreciate what they essentially lucked into without having to do a thing. So I'm in there with Harry for certain.

So. What does all of this mean? Well as a Canadian I'm upset about being treated this way and even more so seeing what is going on with the arrest of Meng Wanzhou as this is literally the lowest of the low that one could go to with regard to negotiating a trade war, never mind the Western the attitude that constantly seeks to demonize China and quite frankly the Far East of Asia, as if we're somehow allergic to any "red" that isn't from the west or isn't of our direct heritage.

A not-so-hidden racism present in the West that has been for a long time. Some people want their hate to mean love and conversely their love to mean hate. So by this situation they're hoping that it will fool the public into thinking that racism against China is alright, because that's possibly how it might cascade through society just the same as it has for Russians, Iranians, Syrians and others that add to our diversity here.

One might even remember the detainment of Japanese during World War II, for which one of my heroes George Takei actually wrote a play called Allegiance. So I'm concerned about things of that nature and have always been vocal about them especially when confronted by them from my stalkers. As I've said many times, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and this hits close to home for myself despite the fact that it has been years since I've been with her. Most of The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative wouldn't exist if it weren't for my relationship with her. That's the impact that she had upon my life and there's not a night that goes by when she isn't part of my thoughts. So when a group of people try manipulate things in such a way it is quite frustrating.

To see Canada walk this road disgusts me almost as much as it disgusts me to see this coming from the United States. Its like a show of masculinity for every President to arm wrestle China after having tied their arms and legs behind their back. Like somehow America needs a devil to define itself as the savior of the world. You know what United States? You were what you were because the world invested in you and now you're being an asshole to everyone who did. For Christmas to work, you don't need to define China as the devil. Likewise for Women's rights to work, you don't need to demonize China either.

Mr. Trump, you wrote a frickin' book called The Art Of The Deal. So why the hell don't you just negotiate instead of using Canada as your hench-person to take your hostages hoping you can strong arm them like you did us into a deal while leaving our farmers high and dry!???  Where's the art in doing what you're doing?

Likewise, Toronto, I grew up here. I'm a product of my country and my city, but don't ever ever try to tell me whom I am allowed to be with and who I'm not in terms of culture (or gender though I'm heterosexual) no matter who you are. If I had ever become "famous" or note worthy, I'd always remember from where and whence I came and give credit to my home despite how overly warm that might be. That's alright because my home is a home of diversity, and sometimes disagreement.

Anyway, I think that I've expressed what I needed to say. It really breaks my heart to see Weng (or any foreign citizen) being used in this way especially by a country whose national anthem still brings a tear or two to my eyes. Someone doesn't just hand you the hero or role model pin, you have to earn it. That especially goes for every country in the world community. So if you're going to poise yourself in that role, you'd better darn be just that for everyone. Not just one half of the world.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays whatever you may believe and no matter how it differs from what I believe.

Belief sometimes mean staying with an idea despite the evidence to the contradictory.

Thank you to my city and country. Despite your sometimes frustrating behavior, I still appreciate you always though I'm not always the best at showing it.

It will grow back.

Except where I'm slowly balding.
You could always paint a mustache and
goatee on the pic if you want a laff

at my expense...
Brian Joseph Johns
200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5

Merry Christmas from me, the Cat.

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