Monday, December 3, 2018

Best Thing About Canada | Worst Thing About Canada

Best Thing About Canada (from my personal experience)

This is from my point of view, someone who has lived here for his whole life and experienced just about everything that Canada has to offer, from coast to coast.

Cohesion through diversity. I mean that on many different levels. I'd say that's the best thing about Canada there is. In fact you find diversity just about anywhere in Canada and experience a variety of extremes and in betweens in just about everything there is. It has changed a lot since the new millennium, but the heart of what drove that within Canada still remains and is beating strong.

Canada's environment, its variety of habitats, ecospheres and biomes makes it one of the most interesting places on the planet. It literally covers just about every aspect of a living ecosystem that you can find in the world, minus perhaps a tropical setting, though you can get pretty close along the southern west coast.

We've got mountainous regions with glaciers galore. We've national parks. We've got thriving metropolises and centers including some of the biggest on the continent and in the world (Montreal and Toronto for instance). We've got ocean regions from two of the world's major oceans on each coast along with the Arctic Ocean bordering our northern reaches. Our interior supports lush life in both coniferous and deciduous forests and a variety of other ecosystems.

There are many organized tours and tourist expeditions in each of these different ecospheres offering a unique experience in each. From horseback riding in the mountains, horseback archery, scuba diving wrecks along the St. Lawrence river, Kayaking tours along the west coast of Canada, Tours atop the C.N. Tower. If you're really adventurous you can even work a Snow Crab ship in the Bering Sea, though technically that's in Alaska and part of Canada's vast western coastline.

Within every one of our large cities you can always find a diversity of culture and religion within. You can literally dine in any part of the world from within any Canadian city and have a pretty much authentic experience as such. Most people will be friendly in this respect as it is very good for the economy and tourism in general.

If you're not known in Canada, you'll generally be treated very well.

Worst Thing About Canada (from my personal experience)

Abusive collectivism that is synchronized through the symbolism of colours, culture and religious belief despite the fact that Canada's Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and Human Rights Act forbids this, citing it as discriminatory. An organized criminal collective that steals people's identities (their social identity rather than their actual paperwork identity) and then steals whatever that person has accomplished often crediting their accomplishments to members of this collective. Essentially this ideology ends up holding citizens hostage while completely denying their existence.

This ideology whatever it may be is particularly rampant in Canada right now. I'd go even so far as to claim that the last three or four incidences of mass violence in Canada were the result of this collective or ideology in Canada, operating unchecked and as of yet uninvestigated and unacknowledged by Canadian authorities. It doesn't seem to affect tourism or tourists (hopefully) but there certainly needs to be something legal done about it.

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