Friday, November 30, 2018

There's Gems In This Post. Please Read It All.

by Brian Joseph Johns
Just after I got back from picking up a package at the Post Office which of course was my Cannabis order from the Ontario Cannabis Store, I was verbally harassed by my neighbours in the neighbouring apartment.

I haven't even used it yet and they began harassing me trying to force me onto their religion (which I believe to be Jehovah`s Witnesses or possibly Mormonism or Catholicism or even Scientology) despite the fact that I am not a part of any of those religions. I am actually an Agnostic Atheist Buddhist and Taoist, who believes we all have a right to our beliefs and like Canadian law states, whose basis upon we're not to be discriminated.

I don't like posting gripes to this site because this is my brand, and this cult are certainly trying to ruin it. I mean that I don't go by any ideology that operates by reversing polarity of language to suit their needs. I never say the opposite of what I mean.

I was harassed a little bit on the way to the Post Office as well by this cult, who mix their harassment in with their normal conversation in between statements in attempt to bull bait their victims into responding to them. They regard that as a violation of their private conversation so they use a bastardization of the golden rule, which gives them justification to do the same thing to their victim.

I think that they're even trying to impose the identity of my Mother's boyfriend upon mine despite the fact that I'm not of his religion at all and the fact that he's not my Father, biological or otherwise. I'm dead serious that this cult went into my life this far in order to either ruin my brand, or to swap my identity with that of a member of their cult, perhaps to misuse the attention I've drawn from my writing for their own purposes.

The Sanctum is not composed of blood centric people who create conflict and abuse and stalk others. In fact, their enemies, the Norbids and the Culdar Rath would certainly use such tactics to discredit the membership of the Sanctum publicly as the public has no idea of the Sanctum itself or the fact that this hidden conflict is fought at all over our history.

I think that this cult are trying to swap my identity with that of someone they literally worship as King Tut, a guy named Bobby. No disrespect but I am not Bobby nor am I Valentine with all due respect. As a matter of fact I'm not a member of any sort of love/hate blood/fire ideology with all due respect.

My love interest is Mandarin Chinese and she's an older lady who knows every one of my secrets more so than even this cult as I've been in a relationship with her prior from mid 2005 until late 2006. We only parted ways because this cult started mistreating her much like they did myself. The cult are blood centric and against mixing cultures. So because I am Caucasian, they are against me being with someone Mandarin Chinese. I think the statement: blood with blood is their motto.

As I've stated prior many times and as if posted at the top of this site: I believe that love and hate are not the same thing. I also believe that there is nothing wrong with any mixed culture relationship of any genders as long as it involves consenting adults. I'd say that pretty well represents the best of what humanity can be with regard to its interrelations and inner workings with each other much in the spirit of people like Walt Disney, Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, Stan Lee, Kelly Hu (yes she's very much a part of this idea) and many others including my personal friends who've made many strides to further bring humanity closer together rather than struggle to avoid one another on the basis of culture, while preserving the strength of ancestry and the fact that the leaps we make are done so in the graces of those who've often at great risk to themselves pursued the same interests in the name of all of humanity.

This is not a paranoid rant by the way. This is something about which I feel very strongly and I'd do nothing less than to represent it with truth. I'm not under the influence of any substances though I've had one glass of wine which I am sipping as I write this.

Dammit people! This is our future! All of us, young and old alike. Your parents and their parents will never disappear no matter how we integrate with one another. Whether you like it or not, they're a part of you always. Not through the matter and genetics that you inherited from them but as a result of their inspiration to you. That's the real immortality! We carry with each of us the people who most inspired us to feel strongly about something!

We rarely stray from empathy and compassion when we understand the pain of others as much as we do our own. Likewise we rarely yield to confrontation and fear under the same impression and inspiration. We are not a collective, a group where each element lacks individuality and has submitted to some greater combination of minds. We are individuals and none are your greater nor your lesser. We're as equal in our capacity to think and be. Don't impress upon those who are born with challenges that many of us do not have that they are lesser by one bit. Perhaps by learning to cope with their challenge they've grown beyond what we can understand until we ourselves experience the same for our challenges are an opportunity, not a detriment.

We all make mistakes though those who throw their mistakes away or burden others with them are prone not to progress in life, for even our mistakes inspire us to learn and to grow. Why would someone throw away the opportunity to become a better person by discarding the things that prove to be a burden to them upon others?

Perhaps an even better question is why would others make a burden of the secrets of others so that they felt it necessary to discard them if they didn't already know their value?

So abuse and harassment is an attempt to take away from us the possibility to grow and learn from our missteps while giving them away for the education of others who've nought earned the right of such knowledge. Please stand against this! Such people are taking your own growth from you whereas people like those I've mentioned are liberating you and by the way, I could mention many more but I'll keep it limited to a list of people who've influence myself though I do not bow to idolatry. It betrays the principle and many people of these days seem to have a propensity for symbols more so than for what thy stand. I'm not a big Biblical scholar but isn't that what's meant by having false idols? Worshiping the symbols more so than you for what they stand and keep in mind that symbols don't necessarily only mean people. They could mean colours or any input of the senses to which you give allegory or metaphorical meaning.

The type of people who can think of things of this nature isn't limited to those with "superior" blood. People who'd convince you of this are trying to retain the power for their own benefit that we all have within us, though it sometimes does us good to rally behind those who have the courage to first confront those aspects of ourselves personally and socially that inspire us. After all, the greatest praise in their name is to grow and become even more than were they and inspire others to become the same in comparison to yourself.

Stay as long as your health will allow, but ultimately leave this world better than it was when you arrived.

Alright. I've said what I needed to say without ruining my brand and most importantly by bringing us together more so than pushing us apart. So go out there and do what it is that you do that results in the very same thing. Get us closer to that Mars colony. Get us closer to a society where we all work together despite our differences for they're are greatest strength.

Just because I use cannabis though I do use it legally, don't push me down. Don't use my secrets to destroy me. Don't use the secrets of others to destroy them but perhaps help to liberate them from their own limits. It really hurts to be afraid of others. I know because I grew up as such though I know now what it is to be absolutely fearless. Fearlessness can only arise in the midst of the ultimate trust in the good of humankind. So we all have a responsibility not to let each other down in that regard.

Cheers <tipping my glass to you>

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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