Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Stan Lee

Yes, I did hear the news about Stan Lee's passing and I had commented on it on a youtube video as well. I say that I'm sad of his passing yet at the same time I'm happy for him. After all, he's finally at peace and from what I'd understood he'd not been at peace for the last year or two.

Many people fussing over him, his net worth and fortune, their beliefs that they could somehow extract bits and pieces of his essence to fuel their lives. Kind of like wringing him out. A damp cloth from which people wanted to siphon every little bit of his essence, draining him to all but nothing.

I think that its probably people like Kevin Smith and the cast and crew of the Marvel cinematic universe that could appreciate and understand him the best. I'm sure that he was overjoyed to see Marvel's creations come to life through such extraordinarily talented performers, cast and crew alike.

I had remembered thinking last year when I'd heard the reports of incidents causing him great stress just how horrible it has become in western society where a ninety five year old man cannot find peace for what could be his final years. Like North America has lost something, perhaps becoming hell in the hands of such people. There is so much good here, yet there is certainly a need for Superheroes as the forces of despair seem close at hand.

I have to say that I am very happy for Stan that he's found peace. The insight learned from his last years could help us to prevent others reaching their older days from experiencing similar treatment. We need real life Superheroes all over the place. Those who aren't motivated by money alone but by some sense of right, goodness and justice.

Its sad to see him leave the world at such a time where the world needs more than ever what he brought to us each and everyone who read comics and perused Marvel's tremendous portfolio of stories and art.

If in my books, Mishima Sato was inspired by George Takei, Joel Grey, IP Man and Morihei Ueshiba O Sensei, then the Magistrate of West View from A Lady's Prerogative Book II: Wounded Aerth was inspired by a younger Stan Lee. I had been writing the part five years ago and had gone through images on Google looking for an inspiration behind what I envisioned for the Magistrate when I happened upon a portrait of Stan when he was just a bit younger, and it stuck in my head, a sort of cross between Stan Lee (minus his trademark glasses) and Rex Harrison.

I know one thing and that he's out there in the multi-verse still doing his thing and will be for eternity.

Thank you Stan and so glad that your at peace.

Brian Joseph Johns

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