Thursday, November 29, 2018

Possessed? Here's The Cure!

by Brian Joseph Johns
Hello everyone. I just thought I'd say hello and let you know that according to a cult locally in my community of residence, I'm possessed by the spirits of other people who are apparently puppeteering or controlling me into saying everything that I say and doing everything that I do.

I don't know about you, but it sounds a bit fishy to me. I mean if you wanted to take everything from a person and by that I mean what they accomplish over the course of a day or their entire history, wouldn't it be most effective to convince a bunch of people that you were possessed by other people and that you were being controlled by them?

So apparently on my way to getting some money and going shopping for my food and amenities, I had become possessed by other people. I didn't really feel any differently myself but I began to be treated differently by others. Cue the Twilight Zone theme here.

I checked my shoulder a few times for any signs of Linda Blair, Max Von Sydow, or Puzuzu but saw nothing of the sort.

Then I remembered that last night I had donated some money to the American Red Cross through and also to Wikimedia (publisher of the Wikipedia site). I'd also donated some money to Mother's Against Drunk Driving, Sick Kids and Princess Margaret while at the Liquor Store grabbing a couple of bottles of wine to go with my meal tonight. Not out of guilt but just because of the season. I was being kind of like Santa Buddha Tzu (I'm a Buddhist and Taoist that loves the holiday season by the way). I have a neighbour nearby who supports the Red Cross as well and is a philanthopic person too. Quite inspiring.

Then it occurred to me! I'd suddenly become possessed by the sheer fact that I'd done something beneficial for society. So I thought to myself, what would happen if I did something detrimental? Would I then become possessed and have been controlled by other people to whom the credit would go for my words and actions?

So I quickly devised a plan and with the help of Toronto's Sewage Engineers, we rerouted the incoming water pipes and exchanged them with the outgoing sewage pipes so they were essentially swapped. I mean if we're doing things in reverse here, then fair play is fair play, right?

Just to ensure the effectiveness of this sort of thing, I contacted Toronto's courts and justice system and they agreed for a day to switch Toronto to the Reverse Onus system Of justice. You know, whereby the accused is guilty until proven innocent and the burden of proof lies with the defendant rather than the Crown.

Suddenly I'd been miraculously cured of my possession with all the offending spirits having run for the hills in the aftermath of a completely reversed drinking water/sewage system and a reverse onus justice system.

I mean nobody wants to take the credit for having done those things right? They'd only want to steal the credit for doing the good things? Perhaps in exchange for the price keeping your secrets, right? Kind of like criminal extortion.

So if someone keeps my secrets for me after prying into my life illegally to find them out, I'd better pay them to keep them secret. NOT.

So my secrets are quite easily shared with everyone. Since Canada legalized Cannabis I've been using it infrequently but still using it all the same and buying it from the Ontario Cannabis Store. I don't endorse anyone doing this sort of thing without checking the health risks for themselves and certainly I'd recommend to youth to give it some time before (if ever) you explore that avenue of existential experience. I believe that everyone needs to wind down for about 6 - 8 hours at the end of their day and get in touch with their contemplative or spiritual side, though you don't have to be religious. If you work in an extremely stressful environment and have trouble relaxing enough to reach that point by the end of the day assuming that you are a consenting adult, perhaps a glass of wine or Cannabis might be the answer, as it does assist you in arriving at that point much easier in moderation.

Please though do not make such a choice without an informed decision with the help of your Doctor who may have other suggestions as well such as exercise, a healthy diet etc. So that's one secret about me out in the open though I didn't feel any guilt in it being a secret. Its kind of like sex. Everyone knows that in order for us to exist that two people must get together and have sexual intercourse. Its not a big secret but nonetheless its something personal that we probably should keep in our personal lives though sometimes it does us good to discuss it openly in the right moments and certainly amongst the right company in terms of maturity, respect and dignity. The only time our secrets are painful is when they don't sit well with us, or when they don't sit well with others. It is that aspect of our being that defines what we fight for in terms of our rights.

For instance if you feel that some aspect of your life that you're forced to keep secret isn't wrong, isn't bad for you or anyone else then you're more likely to fight for that right against others who feel it is wrong. However, if you know and feel that it is either bad for you, bad for others who do it, bad for others that you do it, you're more likely not to fight for that as one of your rights or the rights for anyone in society. So the only painful secrets in that regard are the ones you keep. If you know what you're doing is wrong for you, you'll change yourself according and likely do some soul searching too. If you feel it isn't, then you'll likely have no problems expressing that and fighting for it as a right, not just for yourself but for others.

So if people pressure you about secrets that you feel aren't bad at all but of a personal nature that only involves yourself, don't be afraid to speak about it. The only people you'll lose are the ones who may disagree with you in that regard and chances are, they aren't healthy for your being anyway as you are for theirs. Its just a necessary part of growing and understanding ourselves.

With that said, I'm completely unashamed that I use Cannabis. The only thing that bothers me about it is that I have to smoke it rather than use some other form of ingestion, perhaps like eating it via food or an oil product or even a capsule so as to spare my wonderful lungs.

Secondly when it comes to sexuality, I feel there is nothing wrong with it at all and I am not ashamed that I am the product of it, and by that statement I mean the same point towards those who were produced via artificial insemination or via test tube. What I mean is that there is nothing wrong with sexuality that the reason that most people never speak of it isn't because there is something wrong with it. Its because its personal and most often but not always involves the personal life of more than one person and therefore consideration with regard to. Whether sex is by yourself or with a partner you should never feel ashamed of it nor be made to feel ashamed of it by others trying to play you about your secrets.

So nobody who keeps your personal secrets should ever be rewarded with the credit for your good. That opens the doors to criminal extortion and that in the law books is defined as when anyone tries to obtain anything by those means, not just money.

So don't let other people take from you on the basis of keeping your secrets for you. If its wrong and you know it, chances are you'll stop yourself or someone will stop you. If you honestly feel that it isn't wrong, you'll fight for it as a right.

So don't let people of that attitude take your identity and being just by extorting from you by carrying the weight of your secrets. Screw 'em.

The only time that people want to do that when  you've done something for which they want to steal the credit and that is pure selfishness, because they don't want to do it themselves, but rather they want the impression of having done it rather than you. So they erase you from the equation and then take the credit for themselves in exchange for keeping your secrets that most often are of a personal nature anyway.

So rather than other people steal what I say and do when it comes to things of that nature like charitable donations or activism, I'd rather everyone just follow suit and try to donate to the same things that I did. Makes sense doesn't it? If not, then donate to charities of your choosing or support some other activist group. Most of all stay away from the kind of scumbags that steal what other people say and do and erase you in the process by claiming that they possessed you or were controlling you. They're leeches and scumbags of the lowest order not to mention they totally screwed up our water/sewage system not to mention they forced us into a reverse onus system of justice ;-)

Wait, I guess that makes them guilty of what I've just accused them. I guess they'd better start proving they aren't...

In Light Of What I've Said, Please Read The Following

Though one thing that cause and effect in that order pose a risk to any and all is the opioid threat of Fentanyl and other stimulants which have the ability to kill those who ingest them in even very small doses. Please do not obtain opioids from the street and never sell your prescription opioids or pain killers on the street. They may be used as vessels for real killers like Fentanyl. Please stay away from opioids and notify authorities when you find them or obtain them.

Stay Safe and Be Well

Brian Joseph Johns
200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PS: Remember that a bunch of Nazis between 1936 and 1942 tried to do the exact same thing to the entire Jewish population of Germany. Don't get the impression that the German people are bad. Its Nazism thats the real bad.

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