Monday, October 15, 2018

Gemma, And Individual Consciousness Versus Group Consciousness...

Brian Joseph Johns
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Another Casualty Of Cancer

I am quite sorry to inform you that Gemma Nuttall, the young lady who'd been fighting Cancer for the last several years has passed away.

Her family had started a fund to pay for her medical expenses and treatment, which required her to travel from her native United Kingdom to Germany where they were able to perform a new treatment unavailable in other parts of the world.

It is cases like this one, and there are many that underline the growing need for a global medical fund hosted and managed by the United Nations that would make possible universal health care globally. We are still a very long way from something of that sort being possible as the demand would very quickly outgrow the availability. Perhaps in the future when more nations of the world have joined the global first world economies, meeting such a financial challenge will be possible. It would certainly make available cutting edge treatments to everyone who met the criteria for fund availability. Perhaps idealistic but certainly a possibility to come.

Fortunately we have many great Cancer Research organizations the world over whose efforts might one day open doors for those suffering with Cancer. Please I ask that you show support for the Cancer Charity of your choice in support of Gemma and others like her around the world.

Code For An Hour

Coding is a great profession, vocation or hobby. The hour of code is a promotion to encourage more people to get into the art of coding. Coding is the act of designing and implementing a computer program on the fly, though it pays to work from a design which you've planned in advance. After all, the sturdiest of buildings always start with an architectural blueprint in the hands of the construction engineers.

So become a part of this great movement to get more people involved in coding and programming brought to you by the Hadi Partovi and the team.

Collective Consciousness Versus Group Consciousness

Human consciousness is one of the most difficult areas of science to study. There are several schools of thought on the matter of where does our consciousness come from. Are we merely thinking machines whereby all of the creativity, emotions and experiences from which form the foundation of our being little more than the direct result of local interactions between the network of synapses in our nervous system? In such a case, that would certainly underline the fact that we could model our own consciousness with synthetic classical computer hardware within the next twenty to fifty years.

Our brains, nervous system and bodies essentially operate via a network of cells called neurons, which communicate via the propagation of electrochemical voltage drops. These changes in voltage cascade throughout the nervous system regularly carrying encoded (non-binary) information input from our cognitive senses which in turn are interpreted inside different parts of our brain that result in voluntary or involuntary actions that manifest in the behavior of our body and the expression of our persona. Many of our involuntary responses to this communication network take place within our body and on the macro scale of the information contained within any nervous system message. They result in bodily action like: produce more serotonin, dopamine, cortisol or any number of bodily hormones. They might translate to different muscle movements such as those required to keep the heart beating or the lungs breathing. All of those involuntary actions occur every moment of your life without you having to thing about them.

Our conscious thoughts most often result in our conscious action. Like eating or drinking which both are voluntary actions. Speaking as well. Anything that we choose to do as a result of our interpretation of our sensory input is conscious though reactive. When we do things that don't arise directly from an input source in the outside world, but rather another input source such as our memory and recall that is consciousness. When an action has no or few origins in outside stimulus.

This is something that we all do without knowing or understanding how. One thing is certain and that is that we seem to be able to think consciously when our hormones are in equilibrium. That's because our hormones are responsible for or result in most of our involuntary actions. So our ability to be cognizant and to take advantage of our greatest strength, our ability to reason is the result of equilibrium in our hormones. In fact, our use of our faculties works best when our hormones are in equilibrium giving us the full power of our ability to reason without internal interruption.

When we require fuel energy that we gain by eating, our body will produce a hormone will make us feel hungry. When our body needs to collate cognitive experience and re-energize itself it produces hormones that make us feel tired and sleepy so that we'll go to sleep. When we've got a pressing deadline, our body produces hormones that keep us alert and on edge, sometimes too much in excess so as to enhance our performance and to cause stress or anxiety. Fight or flight syndrome is essentially losing control of yourself as a result of a (possibly misinterpreted) threat to your being that pushes you over the edge into an anxiety attack or even possibly violent actions. So our ability to reason is possible only by the good graces of equilibrium within our adrenal system and hormones. you could confirm this with any Doctor or Chemical Biologist.

So the part of us that makes it possible for us to be creative and inventive is largely the result of equilibrium in our hormones though it doesn't guarantee that we will come up with the same results as others in the same state as that seems to be a result of our experiences and memory and how well they've integrated into our internal or subconscious mind.

Some Models For Consciousness

Given this information, the means by which our consciousness arises from our physical body, brain, nervous system, electrical impulses and chemicals are a few.

Quantum Consciousness involves our nervous system and synapses exploiting qualities of Quantum phenomenon which as a result give us the emergent quality of consciousness. Basically being able to see backwards and forwards in time in the present while still remaining consistent with the collapse of the wave function via the Quantum Eraser (watch PBS Digital Studios explanation of the Quantum Eraser).

Field Consciousness involves consciousness arising as a result of the electrical field in which we're all engulfed. It is in essence electromagnetism, including the minute emissions of electromagnetism from our nervous systems which of course would contain all of the information content flying around within our brain and nervous system much like a radio station. As a result we not only have our own cognition as reference of existential experience, but we in some cases are able to tune into the electromagnetic emissions of others and benefit from their cognition as well. The result is that our consciousness arises from this possible phenomenon much like a moire pattern can be seen from closely intersecting spirals drawn on contrasting paper.

Classical Consciousness is consciousness that results directly from the mechanical and chemical operation of the body, producing with it the sensation and experience of being, existing and being capable of creative thought.

The most intriguing of these possibilities has to lie between Quantum Consciousness and Field Consciousness, though I'm going with a hybrid version of the two as being the most likely explanation of consciousness and our experience of reality. I believe that it will explain at the conscious level that we do have free will though at the subconscious level it is possible that we have a hybrid of free will and determinism.

What I'm writing here is much different than what I had been writing only last week, in the middle of an anxiety attack that we largely brought about by verbal and biomagnetic harassment from others. This isn't a complaint as much as it is an explanation of this idea of quantum consciousness and field consciousness combined.

So, the harassment resulted in the production of hormones that caused me to experience or very nearly, fight or flight syndrome though fortunately I'm not a violent person. Instead I expressed my experience by writing it down and verbally ranting about it. What I wrote looked and read vastly different than what I'm writing today and that's because my hormones today are at equilibrium versus last week, giving me full access to my mental capabilities, which are no better than anyone else's. Having full access to them though is a big advantage. The advantage is taking advantage of times when you are at equilibrium to progress in some way productively, as our being is rewarded with a sense of accomplishment when we do. Accomplishment and completion in some way, however small results in us feeling validated and good with ourselves. Its good for our self esteem and when you don't meet that expectation of yourself, you'll tend to feel bad. Not a problem so long as you don't set the bar too high for yourself.

Group Consciousness

Back on track here. With Field Consciousness it is highly likely that a great deal of us are connected, either through biomagnetism or possibly even quantum entanglement. When I say connected, I mean that some of us are privy to two way information exchange, while some of us experience one way information exchange (either outgoing or incoming). Some of us don't experience any information exchange at all and perhaps that in itself is bliss.

There are many people who aren't scientifically inclined who know about this already and use it on a daily basis. Some more abusively than others but still it does exist. So without fully understanding the mechanisms behind what is going on, there are groups of people who believe that they're responsible for the great ideas, inventions and any thinking that results in creative output from others and some of these people believe that they are of superior stock versus the rest of us.

I mean, if we live in a world where there's a hidden channel of communication between people that is not correlated directly with our physical identity as being the source for a particular thought, idea or expression thereof, then there are definitely people who would take the credit for other people's thoughts and actions. If people who were a part of this consciousness field all knew that someone thought something particularly good or particularly bad with regard to the opinions of everyone who is a part of this field, then the responsibility for those thoughts could be given to anyone who is a part of that field. Its like an internet chat room where everyone uses an alias. If someone typed out a cure for Cancer, everyone who is in the internet chat room could take credit for it in real life despite the fact that they had nothing to do with it.

Now imagine that internet chat room is actually the way that we're all connected (some more than others) via our biomagnetic fields. Then we'd all be privy to the output of others. Especially people who spend much time concentrating on their work. People who worked alone would have no proof of their accomplishments or efforts, as likely others who were in the same field could just "listen in" and take it from the person actually creating it. Now if this is benefiting many people even if they have nothing to do with the expression or creation itself, they'll all fight for that as the explanation. That they're responsible for whatever is coming out of the group consciousness field. Maybe they even think that they're controlling the body and the mind of whoever is creating what they're stealing.

If through this biomagnetic field, a group of people learned to affect the hormone production of another person's body, they could limit a person's conscious time by causing their body to produce hormones that result in stress, or fight or flight syndrome, which in essence would deprive them of their rationality and make them appear anxious whenever they did as such. When that person is in public, perhaps they target that person to affect their hormones in a negative way so that person behaves in such a way so as to contradict being the originator of whatever it is that others are taking from them.

Imagine that some people have honed their ability to tune into the biomagnetic field that they are capable of seeing out of the eyes of other people. Sounds silly and perhaps even like a crazy idea right? What is an IP or Wireless Camera? Its a sensor with a lens and charged coupled device that captures images and wirelessly transmits them to any receiver that can pick them up. Even a usb webcam (which doesn't send information wirelessly on purpose) emits a magnetic field with the encoded information of what it is seeing. With the correct devices you could actually intercept the image from someone else's usb webcam. So how is it a far flung idea that there are people who've learned to tap into the biomagnetic field and interpret what other people are seeing as if they are seeing it with their own eyes?

So the only way to distinguish whose eyes were the ones really seeing would be for that person to look in a mirror. Ironically, that would expose who was the "vampire" as their reflection would not be the reflection of the person seen. Only the person whose eyes they were would be seen in the mirror. Perhaps that whole mythos has a lot more ground in truth than we think.

Now this begs the question, what about our mind's eye? The internal metaphorical eye through which we see our own memories? If such a form of biomagnetic eavesdropping were possible, I'd have to say that it worked by intercepting what our cognitive mind was currently focused. So if we were focused on the outside world, looking through our eyes and seeing things, that's what a biomagnetic eavesdropper would see. If however we were focused upon our memories, and recalling them through our mind's eye, that's what the biomagnetic eavesdropper would see.

If those eavesdroppers wanted to look up specific memories in their victim's head, they might speak without addressing the victim directly, saying things related to what they wanted the victim to remember so they could peer through the victim's mind's eye just as if they were looking it up on a computer. Of course all of the information would be flying around us encoded in our biomagnetic fields. Considering that our bodies are pretty good biomagnetic antennas, being composed of 75% water which is a great natural conductor, this is entirely possible. Not only that, I'd go so far as to say that it is real and that there are people who do this regularly but are urged to keep it secret.

That still doesn't answer the question of who is actually doing the thinking.

That would likely come down to discipline on the part of the victim of this sort of tinkering.

If the victim's consciousness is being manipulated or even controlled by the group, perhaps like a puppet or even directly via biomagnetism then the victim would always argue in favour of the group. One thing certainly we can guarantee though is that if the victim argues for an explanation that guarantees their free will, likely they have independent consciousness, because if they were being controlled by a group through biomagnetism, the victim would argue in support of the group rather than against it.

Just the fact that we as individuals strive for our independence is enough evidence that group consciousness is highly unlikely. Once again the proof would be an individual who argues for their individuality and a group that argues that the individual is merely a puppet of the group would indicate a flaw in the group consciousness explanation.

With that reasoning I say that we lie somewhere in between. Where there is no group consciousness but group awareness of individuals, who seek to benefit the group at the expense of the individual without compensation. Especially where the individual is all too ready to share. One thing for certain, it leaves plenty of room for inspiration. Perhaps one of the greatest motivators of thought and action there is and a rightful form of sharing.

The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative

In terms of writing, I've been focusing on A Lady's Prerogative and trying to get most of the final draft of A Lady's Prerogative Book II: Wounded Aerth online. I finished the first draft five years ago and left it at that after publishing it once or twice then pulling it down. Since moving to Shhhh! Digital Media from my old blog, I've found new incentive to work on it and give it the proper treatment that she deserves. Check in the A Lady's Prerogative section of this site to find it.

The Butterfly Dragon Book II: What Different Eyes See has reached its final stage with the Asian Alliance hearings and the proposed Tynan And Associates Global Medical Fund. I've been recharging slowly for the climax of the book, though some might argue that it climaxed at Edo Castle in Japan, facing off against the Future Tangent Industries Security Forces. I can assure you that more is in store.

For instance you can look forward to a return from all of the members of the Eastern delegation from each of the Asian countries they represented and a lot more intrigue which will take us into the third book in the Butterfly Dragon series, though not before I've finished Stories From The End and The Legendary Of Xarn.

Over this past weekend, A Lady's Prerogative Book II: Wounded Aerth and The Legendary Of Xarn received new chapters additions and editing cleanups, respectively.

Enjoy until my next maniacal rant XD

Brian Joseph Johns

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