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My Life WIth Wendy: Boys. Will They Ever Learn?

Mature Content Warning: The content of this story is intended for a mature audience. Viewer discretion is advised. Not that younger people aren't deserving of learning from the mistakes of adults, but that until you've learned enough to differentiate the symbolism involved in context and distinguishing make believe from reality, you've got some road to cover. So instead of trying to read this story and perhaps learning something from it why don't you instead go and mow the lawn. If the lawn doesn't need mowing, then mow your neighbours lawn. If you live in an apartment building then instead, why don't you work on growing a lawn on your balcony? There's much life experience to be gained by mowing one's lawn.

Boys. Will They Ever Learn?

Well it seems that Bryce got his say, so why shouldn't I? After all, I'm a Woman and it is a Woman's Prerogative isn't it?

I'm a Woman with greater than the average skills of the guys on the football field and I'm not even on the damn team. Perhaps the guys could use a hand this season. After all, we're behind in the the Men's standings. Men stand? Maybe while they're pissing and hopefully while they're playing football though I'd doubt that of our team.

I mean fetching beer and snacks for your hubby and his friends on Superbowl weekend has become a sort of Women's passtime. Yes, even in Canada where we measure the football field in meters rather than yards. Metric football. I mean Women historically have affected the outcomes of many great events in history. Football being one of them.

"Maternity being the other?" Bryce responded.

"How dare you interject into one of my thoughts!" Wendy replied defensively.

"I take it that you're in agreement?" Bryce responded.

Wendy paused a moment, thinking carefully of her words in defense of her personal genius.

"Were you looking at my tits again?" she responded tactically.

Bryce looked at her bewildered for a moment and perhaps in guilt of being caught.

"Damn! Your astuteness for observation is beyond real. Yes. No. This isn't the United States so I can't plead the fifth. It's Canada so I'll plead guilty with an explanation. My defense is that I'm a pretty face and legs man." Bryce replied.

"Come on Bryce. I was just playing with you." Wendy responded.

"Really!? Damn, you caught me again without even trying!" Bryce responded.

"You brainy types are all the same. Except you." Wendy replied.

"So am I forgiven for admiring you or am I admired for being forgiven by you?" Bryce asked her.

"Both and yet none until you can adjust my shoulders for me." Wendy replied lying on her stomach on the outskirts of the football field as they watched the football practice.

"...And my dreams became real as my hands found purchase on her..." Bryce elicited playfully.

"Patience...?" Wendy responded.

"As every prospective Doctor in training should have." Bryce replied.

"Har har. So you still haven't lost interest in me despite my lust for the High School Quarterback?" Wendy asked him spying the Quarterback's core lustfully.

"One day you're going to look at me the same way." Bryce replied rubbing her shoulders lovingly.

"Oddly enough sudden blindness affects one in ten Canadians." Wendy responded.

"One in ten eh? I'll play those odds for you." Bryce responded.

"You play a pretty good game I'll have to admit. So genius, you'll probably own the school long after we're gone. Maybe I should show you what I've got?" Wendy joked playfully.

"The question is Wendy my friend, what can you show me that I haven't already imagined?" Bryce responded.

Wendy laughed for a moment as Bryce massaged her lower back before continuing.

"You've clearly never seen the body of a Woman that has it out for you." Wendy replied seductively.

"I don't know, I can imagine quite a bit." Bryce replied purposely sounding much like an Episode IV: Han Solo.

"Then I'd say it looks like you're playing Hand Solo tonight." Wendy replied.

"I'm playing Solo tonight? So low I didn't hear you." Bryce responded.

"You certainly are a charmer, aren't you?" Wendy asked.

"Honey, I don't know the first thing about what I'm doing. My only hope is that you find my approach cute or amusing. I can only hope that you admire me for knowing my place in life. Beyond that, its my best bet." Bryce replied honestly.

"Damn you Bryce. If brains were sexy muscles you'd be very hot." Wendy turned over onto her back trying to find something redeeming about him as he stared back at her.

"What I lack in muscles, I make up for in mind." Bryce replied.

There was a moment where their eyes met and they experienced something beyond explanation. Energy. Electricity.

To be continued...

Brian Joseph Johns
Regent Park - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Copyright © 2018 Brian Joseph Johns

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