Thursday, July 5, 2018

Quick And Cheap Idea To Save Yourself From The Heat

Hi again. This post is going to be short and to the point and deals with the recent heatwave that we've been experiencing in parts of Canada and the United States. 33 people have died in Quebec as a result of the heat and humidity levels.

I myself have a broken air conditioner that I've managed to fix to produce cold air in short spurts, but have opted against using it until I can have it looked at professionally.

Quick Cooling Remedy And Product Idea

Here's an idea and a quick remedy for keeping oneself cool during a heat wave. All you need are a freezer and two or more ice packs.

I don't have the resources to produce anything of this nature myself nor the interest to do so. Rather than see the idea lost entirely I'd rather just share it and maybe someone else interested in product design and ergonomics will produce such a thing that could literally save lives during heat waves.

Here's a drawing I whipped together just now using my body with my love handles reduced just slightly ;-)  as a rough guide. The idea should work equally well with Women too.

The idea involves using a chest strap attached to a pocket that can contain puck shaped ice packs which are readily available from most department and dollar stores. The ChillIt pack pictured is taken from a Canadian Tire product which can be found here. I am not affiliated with Canadian Tire and I don't receive kickbacks for this, but I do like their store as well as Home Hardware. In the United States you could also find similar products of the same or similar dimensions as well.

The idea is that all of your blood runs through your heart. Your blood travels to every part of your body so cooling it from one of the focal points in your body through which it flows will cool your entire body. Having an ice pack reasonably close to your body at that point will effectively cool your entire body and fairly rapidly and keep it as such for quite some time.

There's also another main artery that passes just beneath your armpits and this point too can be used as well by turing the chest strap so that the ice pack fits just under your arm, though your arm pit is much more sensitive than your upper chest. This should work reasonably and so long as the strap isn't tightened to the point of cutting off one's circulation. Buy enough packs and you can circulate them as required.

Something of this nature would be relatively cheap to design and produce. I nick named it either the Heart Sync (after the heat syncs that you often find on computer hardware for cooling) or the Heart Conditioner.

Hopefully someone finds that useful. If you have ice packs or even frozen bottled water, you can do the same thing manually. Just hold the frozen bottle to the area of your chest under which your heart lies (upper left part of your chest just above the left nipple). You'll feel cool in no time. Rinse and repeat.

I hope that helps to keep you cool.

Brian Joseph Johns
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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