Monday, July 9, 2018

Harassment Again...

Let me start out by saying that I don't play guitar at all, as there seems to be many people who attempt to swap my identity with that of someone else who does. I am not Italian, nor am I Irish with all due respect. My name is not Doug, Jake N.,Terrence or Clarence either. I'm not Nelson Mandela with all due respect to his estate. Nor am I Martin Luther King Jr. I'm not Darren O'Brien. I'm not a member of Christianity at all with all due respect. I'm actually a Buddhist and Taoist and have been for years now. This is not my entry to a dating site or anything of that nature, as I've said many times, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and she's someone with whom I've been in a relationship prior. She had very long hair and that's about all I'm willing to give up about her.

I'm part Welsh, French, Spanish and Kree just to clarify. I have green eyes, am 6 feet tall and weigh about 175 lbs. I sometimes wear brown eye glasses. There, with that out of the way lets get started here and this is not a complaint, because the weather is great and there's a lot of great people in the world. The following pictures are of me, and include my full body. One of them includes the exact clothing that I was wearing today when I was out and about. I'm 50 years old by the way.

I actually studied Tae Kwon Do (with my brother) at the YMCA many years ago about the same time I took piano lessons. I'd actually forgotten about that until I looked at this photo.

Notice the Cancer pink ribbon, though I do not volunteer or work at the Billy Bishop Airport, though I am a flight simulator enthusiast. I especially love flight combat simulators. Everything from WWI fighters through to modern world jets. Despite not volunteering for the Billy Bishop Cancer drive, I contribute a lot of other things for Cancer research.

It actually started out as a good day. Unfortunately in my community of Regent Park I was stalked and harassed by many members of the community during my outing to get some groceries, cat treats and wine.

I tried to handle the best that I could for the whole trip, but was pretty much harassed everywhere that I went unfortunately with people trying to give me someone else's identity. That's pretty much how this cult seems to operate. Swapping people's identities using colour symbolism to accomplish as much. I don't really go for that at all or anything that denies me my identity.

The ideology that does this operates quite frequently around the concept of love and hate or blood, which again I do not follow anything of that ilk. To add to it, they use the colour blue to symbolize the reversal of the definitions of love and hate, and every other statement you make for that matter if you should be so unlucky to be wearing the colour blue or have blue eyes.

Ironically, it states in the Canadian Human Rights Act that is a violation of one's rights. That's discrimination on the basis of colours, isn't it? It's also the denial of a person's right to their own identity, which is one of the foundations of our rights.

So it was pretty bad in that regard, and I don't go by any definition of colours that operates in those means. I mean its not like I'm a member of Prince Hall, the Salvation Army or a Hell's Angel or anything like that seeing are those are the only three ideologies of which I'm aware do that sort of thing with the colour blue.

Usually such a group does so because they want to milk a person of anything that they accomplish. So there's many here that believe that because I write about issues and do nothing about those issues except take part in the occasional online activism, with regard to Women's rights and what not. So because what I do takes place on the online world, the membership of this cult believes that is the same as doing nothing, or that I'm just sucking the blood of other people who volunteer in real life and are active in those areas.

You know what. If I wasn't stalked and harassed by this cult, I'd probably be working a good job. I might be volunteering part time as well. Things would likely be a lot different, though one thing is clear. I'd still have this site and have developed The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative just as much as they've been developed as well.

So it seems like this stalking and harassment is more about taking the credit for anything that I do online, and then accusing me of sucking the blood of other people and taking the credit for what they do which is not the case. The thing is that this stalking and harassment started long before I was writing, and even while I was working during 2001 and onwards. It just escalated in nature.

Regardless, it's not right. I don't use, buy or sell narcotics. I don't hire prostitutes or have wild parties. I generally do not do anything that weighs heavy upon the community at all, yet I am harassed and stalked by people in the community every time I go out into the community. In fact, I seem to do more good than most people do in that regard. So what gives!

This typically goes on in Regent Park between Dundas Street and Sherbourne Street up to Wellesley Avenue and Shourbourne Street over to Parliament Street and back down the Dundas Street. Anytime I go outside. I'm sick of it and its ruining my life!

So no additions to the Butterfly Dragon or A Lady's Prerogative for some time into the future or until I decide, thanks to the abuse. I do still however continue my efforts for medical and cancer research and many other causes in the background as always.

Oh, and my real life love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I'm not American. I'm Canadian and I live in Canada.

Thank you to my readers. Thank you for your patience in these matters, even if there is only one of you, though I somehow doubt that's the case. This will get resolved one way or another.

Oh and most of all, to those incredible people doing the rescue of the kids team from the cave in Thailand, you have every once of love and respect that I can muster. That is incredible.

Oh and thank you to the Women I saw today raising money and awareness for I Am A Girl, a charity that empowers Women globally through liberation. Their current efforts were directed at raising the awareness of child marriages globally. It is always great to speak with such dedicated people. The best part of my day outside today. Believe me there's a lot of great Men out there doing this kind of thing too, and many others who stand their ground on that issue daily.

No, I'm not taking the credit for what others do or anything. I'm just doing my rock and roll duty.

Brian Joseph Johns
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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