Monday, July 23, 2018

A Shame To Be Writing This Once Again...

Its a shame to have to write condolences for crimes that should not be happening but it appears that we as a society are not learning or listening. These murders are and cannot be justified at all but there are good reasons that these rampages are happening in our city and other places in the world. I'll try to list and explain a few reasons that I believe these incidents are happening.

Abusive Social Ideologies That Entail Social Justice

I believe in justice and that victims of crimes should have reparations made and that those who perpetrate crimes should be made to pay their debt to society. That's how the criminal justice system is supposed to work. Unfortunately it isn't fast enough for some people who seek to take justice into their own hands and it is this that has created worse monsters for the rest of society to deal with.

For one, many people in society who do any form of good for society (voluntarily or otherwise) whom are isolated from the rest of society socially can have their efforts stolen from them and be given a completely different identity who then becomes the target of those seeking social justice. In other words, a perpetrator can end up with the identity of someone who does good for society and that same person whose identity has been taken from them can end up with the identity of the perpetrator. This of course results in an even greater injustice that rewards the perpetrator and punishes the person doing good, who in all essences is paying for the crimes of the perpetrator. Substitution in other words. In the legal system there are safe guards to make sure that this kind of thing doesn't happen. When it comes to social justice, there are no guarantees if who you are punishing is the actual perpetrator for the crime that you seek.

Someone who falls victim to this sort of ploy can literally be destroyed (I can speak first hand on that account and have suffered greatly at the hands of a very abusive ideology that is never brought to justice on these grounds). When you become a victim of such an ideology you tend to be used over and over again as a place where people put their garbage as you get pushed lower. Anything you accomplish or create is stolen from you quite often and credited to someone else who is working or part of a group that will protect them. The more this happens to a person the more bitter it can make them and I'd be willing to bet that many of these people who explode and commit these kinds of atrocities are victims of social abuse themselves. That is not to excuse their crimes one bit. It is to cite that there are motivations for their crimes that result from unrelenting social abuse usually at the hands of those who think they're conducting social justice.

Identity swapping occurs as conducted by such ideologies as a means to explain how someone pushed down so low cannot be responsible for anything good. Instead those good things must be coming from someone else that has superior standing in society or superior blood and heritage even. In other words matching up the accomplishments and the crimes based upon a person's standing in life and their blood, rather than truth so that the two are swapped in identity and accomplishment. Sometimes so that the person who accomplishes but is not of suitable blood or heritage has a sponsor who "lends" them the blood and heritage that is capable of accomplishment. The only thing is that person must pay for the blood by either carrying the burdens of that person (their crimes) or by giving up the credit for their accomplishments to that person.

Sometimes this sort of thing includes emasculation. That is punishing a Man for wronging Women and sometimes that punishment is swapped too so that the person who treats Women well gets the punishment in order to protect the Man who has a history or Womanizing or other similar activities that are sometimes scrutinized by social justice warriors, who do not verify that they are in fact punishing the right person. That person suffers and is pushed down further and further, accumulating other wrongs that other Men have conducted against Women along the way and receiving the punishment for those deeds too until they finally blow up. Their crimes are not excusable but neither are the efforts of those who wrongly conduct social justice against innocent people who in fact are just substitutes for the real wrong doers. Often people who are subjected to this kind of thing are punished every time they go outside (I get stalked every single time I go out). Eventually you stop going outside which leads to many other problems.

Social burden of that kind tends to get sorted out by who is working and who is not. If you aren't working and someone else who has committed such crimes is, you'll end up with their crimes as your burden and that's how a portion of society operates. So some groups like unions sometimes get together and make sure that certain people don't work or aren't allowed to work so that they can be used as containers for this social burden of people that do. Not all people in unions are like that, but there is a small corrupt few who do operate that way and with the help of a social ideology will prevent certain people from ever working so they can be used as garbage containers for their social crimes whatever they may be. It makes no difference how badly you want to work. If you do, you'll be chased out of that work or maybe end up injured as a result of a trap someone sets for you (it has happened to me before).

Again when you're caught in such a situation and pushed further down, there might be a risk that some people won't know how to handle that kind of pressure and they overload and explode, going on a rampage killing others. I suspect that there are even people in such social ideologies who attempt to ramp up these people to those extremes purposely despite the consequences of which they are surely aware. Ironically it is always the innocent that seem to pay with their lives for this sort of activity.

If you do point this out, you are labeled as a complainer or a hater. Society tends to sort people out in terms of love and hate unfortunately, a huge oversimplification of the problem as things are never quite so simple as two states of being. Bifurcation does get you closer to the approximation of the problem but in order to tackle it you need and entirely different way of looking at things.

That's my point of view and likely I'd be willing to bet that the answer is very close to that. Investigate the practice of social justice, identity theft and swapping at a social level. Social emasculation. Substitution. You'd find the source of the whole problem within and perhaps hidden or little known about hate groups that radicalize the targets of such social justice warriors.

My condolences to the victims of the Danforth Street shootings. No Woman ever deserves that fate.

Stay Safe and Be Well,

Brian Joseph Johns

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