Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Please Help A Lady Engineer To Get Back On Patreon

Brian Joseph Johns
I recently got the news that one of the video bloggers from my Allies page has run into some trouble.

She is none other than Naomi: The Sexy Cyborg, an accomplished Computer Programmer and Electronics Engineer who regularly posts DIY videos and reviews on her YouTube channel and until recently on Patreon page.

After appearing in a recent Vice Magazine article she claims that her personal information was compromised after Vice Magazine who'd agreed to keep her personal information confidential published the information, bringing upon Naomi targeted harassment (which seems too often to target many Women of a variety of disciplines, especially with a strong social media or internet presence).

Cybersecurity Roundup published an article today entitled Just rude in their April 3rd, 2018 post explaining a bit about what's happening.

Naomi posted this tweet on March 26, 2018 explaining in her words what had happened:

It seems that much of this conflict is fueled by the conspiracy like speculation directed towards Naomi by a number of sources online, mostly arguing that Naomi is a fake and that her work is the result of a number of other people who work to make her into an icon by doing the coding and electronics work for her behind the scenes.

Also due to the fact that she is an attractive Woman and she exploits this aspect of herself in a balanced way, she is often targeted by those who interpret Women that dress provocatively as an invitation for groping and general indecency and disrespect for them.

From my point of view I see that many Women who are embattled this way become defensive and protective and sometimes even manic as a result of the pressure. I'd be willing to bet that there are any number of people out there who seek to exploit this aspect of their being just to discredit them and make their defensiveness seem more like a personality disorder or something of that nature.

Imagine that you're someone trying to manage responsibly your own career and success while representing your own population segment in a meaningful way. As you become more and more exposed to the public at large, you are also exposed more and more to the sort of thing that I'd described in the prior paragraph. That pressure accumulates and you'd hope that the people who'd understand that pressure who are already established would understand that aspect rather than exploit it as a vulnerability. Perhaps that is how Naomi feels with regard to the article that was published by Vice. Someone she trusted and with whom she'd agreed in good faith to protect aspects of her personal life that were not related to the article in question violated that trust within the scope of that very article.

Giving such an interview must be a great pressure that is already atop an incalculable pressure that most public personalities likely have to cope with every day. So in that moment where you've given many of your secrets to a nearly complete stranger who you then have to trust that they'll honour an agreement in wielding those secrets and withholding them from publication with the rest of the article, imagine how that feels while amidst that pressure Naomi is expected to behave with grace.

My respect for Naomi has nothing to do with her appearance whatsoever. When I've seen her work on YouTube, I see an electronics tech and coder with a sharp mind and focused delivery. Maybe some people are threatened by Women who can elicit such determination but I'm certainly not and I know that the many people who look up to Naomi do as well.

What really broke my heart was this video that she was forced to post a day ago:

Considering what she has already been through, to then lose her Patreon page is completely wrong. I am hoping that by the time my post here has made its rounds that Patreon has come to the conclusion that by withdrawing her page, they are not only hurting Naomi herself, but Women everywhere who've boldly progressed the rights and visibility of Women throughout the world in any number of aspects and especially those who populate the world of technology.

The Vice article in question certainly is well written and does positively present many of Naomi's great aspects and appeal, perhaps representing accurately the challenges of a great many Women in the world of technology and China's vast efforts to reduce both intellectual property vampirism and piracy in order to reduce the damage of years of stigma and embrace trade, both import and export on a global scale. That ultimately would be good for the entire world because not only are they capable of producing great products for world consumption, they are also capable of consuming ours and other great products from the world over with a population of 1.3 billion as of 2016.

Too many people when they think global trade believe that local businesses producing consumer goods in North America will be crushed, when in fact that's not the case at all when you take population into account and the fact that population represents an entire marketplace the world over. As more economies grow, so does their consumer market.

Personally I'd want to see a world of possibilities for Women everywhere and represented by every culture and I certainly would want those 1.3 billion people in China to be amongst the world in having heroes like Naomi as I would like to see the West embrace them too, because that is a two way bridge and certainly the starting place for world prosperity and peace.

Please, I encourage you to share this information in order to help Women like Naomi to succeed and have her Patreon page restored. Patreon has helped many creative entrepreneurs like Naomi to succeed in the digital marketplace.

Brian Joseph Johns

PS: That didn't take long. About two minutes after posting this, I was attacked and harassed by my neighbours who attempted to swap my identity with that of someone else so they could punish me for whatever that person is responsible. Maybe that's the kind of thing happening to people like Naomi as well? Keep in mind that I'm not on the blue team at all nor do I partake of love/hate or blood/fire. Thank you all the same.

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