Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Brian Joseph Johns
I'd like to give my condolences to the families of the victims of the van attack which occurred in my home city of Toronto at approximately 1:30 PM EST on Monday April 23, 2018.

It is always so sad to hear of tragedies like this happening anywhere in the world, never mind the city in which I live.

Such events always bring with them great tragedy and often heroism as well.

One thing though that we must ask ourselves in society is who is responsible for making such monsters out of ordinary people?

There are some people who believe that we live in a collective consciousness. Where our personalities are not the permanent residents of our material body, and may freely float around from body to body, bringing good and bad as it were to the behavior of these bodies even trying to chase these disembodied personas from body to body. During the process, the victim is often subjected to grueling mistreatment and social abuse (I've been there before but have never exploded in a reign of terror or violence as a result despite the fact that I am not a member of any such belief).

When such an ideology passes through society and people start behaving more on the basis of superstition rather than our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and Human Rights Act, one must ask if there isn't something seriously wrong? Especially when such an ideology can actually manufacture monsters whose exploding emotions and temperament result in death and tragedy around the world.

I know that I've done everything humanly possible to oppose such ideologies that may result in the creation of monsters through social abuse, shunning and exiling a person wrongly despite the rule of law. Maybe its time that more of us did the same, putting a stop to the kind of bullying that results in the creation of such monsters to begin with. After all, it certainly is not the fault of the victims of these tragedies and I doubt that any would have been involved in creating such a monster. So usually the victims have nothing to do with turning the perpetrator into that kind of a monster through social abuse, group bullying and hatred.

I heard one report stating that the accused was an involuntary celibate, that is he'd been emasculated by his social circle or community for one reason or another. That has also been cited at least a part of the motive for the rampage of Elliot Rodger in 2014 resulting in the 7 deaths by firearm and knife and 14 vehicle induced non-fatal injuries. Both of these men claimed to be involuntary celibates. I myself am a voluntary celibate of nearly 8 years (no sex or sexual contact with a partner of any kind). I guess I'm kind of saving myself for someone special in that regard and that certainly doesn't mean that I'm prone to mass murder but as far as the social abuse goes, I'm very familiar with it and have long been a victim as well despite having done nothing wrong to Women in my life, but even if someone has done something minor to wrong a Woman, does that garner their mistreatment for life?

I believe that has prompted many men to steal the best of another guy's reputation and even their identity to use that reputation and identity to pay off their own wrong doing to Women, whether it be sexual assault, spousal abuse or any of a plethora of wrongs that may be visited upon Women in modern society. I believe that there is a link between this activity and the radicalization of people such as Alek Minassian and that does not excuse such horrific acts whatsoever. But radicalization as a form of craft alchemy is just plain wrong. The victims of the resulting violence have nothing to do with such activity and are completely innocent.

The people responsible are often responsible for identity theft (stealing a victim's reputation) and then harassing and abusing a person in place of someone else. I believe that people should not stand for this kind of radicalizing activity and until we don't, I have a feeling that we'll be seeing a lot more of such attacks. It occurs every day on the streets and certainly quite commonly where I live. The perpetrators often switch identities between their victim and someone else, stealing the best of a victim's identity and giving the victim the worst identity from the local community. Then the group proceeds to abuse that victim often attempting to rile them up to harsh reaction as part of this believe that the victim is no longer themselves but in fact possessed by someone else completely different who is guilty for whatever they did in someone else's body. Said ideology then proceeds to abuse said victim until they get a harsh or hateful reaction from them. That is the kind of social radicalization that is rampant today and that is precisely what is making monsters out of seemingly ordinary people. That and the fact that nobody is interested in stopping it.

That does not mean that every case involves this sort of thing, but I'd certainly be willing to bet that the vast majority do. This is a situation where the potential monster does not join a radical group but instead is targeted by another group of people who make that person's life a living hell.

With that said, my condolences to the families of the victims. May these attacks be hindered in the future and may tragedies such as this one be averted.

Brian Joseph Johns
I am not Eugene Francois nor am I on the red and blue team or the purple team with all due respect. I'm not a big fan of the Kybalion myself. I'm certainly not anti-American though at all or anti-South Korean. Unfortunately some people abuse and steal from others using the symbolism of colours. I am also not a pirate and I certainly believe in gravity. Likewise, I am not Italian or Irish with all due respect.

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