Friday, April 27, 2018


Brian Joseph Johns
Hi again. After my outpouring of grief and misery that in and of itself is very valid and much of which I will not recant, I would like to correct something and that is in regard to the Toronto Police Services and my disregard for the critical efforts they made with regard to the Van Attack of Alek Minassian and other investigative efforts they've made in our fine city.

I guess in the midst of such extreme emotions and frustration (certainly not only mine but that of the public as well), I took it upon myself to direct some of what I had to vent towards them unjustly. That does not alleviate the fact that I do have some grievances that need to be addressed, though they are not directed towards the Toronto Police Service or the authorities in general. I have and always have had the most confidence and support of due process and I have and always will defend it and the Canadian way. I believe that some people who are not so supportive or confident in due process may have a hand in manipulating the impression of those who are supportive of the system and due process in attempt to pit them against one another. The Toronto Police Service have done a tremendous job in this investigation and have my complete confidence. My prior statements that were directed towards their effort were unjust and uncalled for especially during such a trying time and I sincerely apologize for any strife I`ve directed their way.

Once again to the victims of this tragedy, I offer my most sincere condolences. Believe me when I say that I want to see a world where this kind of violent attack does not occur or can be prevented in time to prevent tragedy. I believe that through effective communication that goal may be possible.

Brian Joseph Johns

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