Thursday, April 19, 2018


Brian Joseph Johns
I must apologize to my readers for my last post though, not for what I actually said. Professionally speaking, this is no place for my personal challenges or other problems of a personal nature.

I do feel my point about the misuse of the symbolism of colours is a very relevant one especially where it concerns due process or electioneering. So pointing that out is a way of enlightening others so that they may realize when they're having the wool pulled over their own eyes.

Many of my stories and writings are built upon great mysteries and wonder of our existence, and I certainly am not against any societies (secret or otherwise) that promote awe and wonder (rather than awwww and plunder).

I like everyone else in this existence have a path and understanding through experience to attain.

I do believe in individuality and that in itself is what makes cooperation such a wonderful achievement, and perhaps one of the greatest challenges for human kind.

Anyone who doesn't believe in individuality I'd suggest that you give up your presence before the public as an icon or any kind of public figure, and receive no recognition or praise for your efforts as a means to put your money where your mouth is or to practice what you preach.

There have been a great many people who've progressed the world in a sustainable manner as a whole who never receive or have received recognition or reward simply because of the fact they lived by what they believed with regard to collectivism, group consciousness or the so called consciousness field. There's a point where too much of anything can become fatal to one's health, life and character (individual essence?) as much as it is to the whole. Balance is key, and yet over balancing itself can become unbalancing.

My picture appears in just about every post here not because I'm narcissistic or attention starved, but because it is something that I want associated with my individual achievements and contributions to the group. I don't ask for money from anyone but I do ask that you support either the charities represented here, or elsewhere of your own choosing.

So regardless, my readers and the people I represent through this web site are certainly not mine or anyone else's gutter and I apologize if any of them felt that way as a result of my last post which has been taken down though it isn't so much offensive as it is hurtfully truthful.

Anyone who believes protest is complaining and that complaining is wrong, should consider the fact that many Women do not report rape for that very reason. There's differences between being battered too much and needing to vent or a shoulder upon which to rest your weary head, and people who for no good reason don't seem to appreciate the great gift of life that we all have.

More updates to The Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See and A Lady's Prerogative: The Devil In Music are coming soon. What Different Eyes See was last updated April 10, 2018 in case you haven't read these updates. Most of the time I don't announce updates to the stories until I've accumulated a great many of them.

Thank you,

Brian Joseph Johns

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