Sunday, March 25, 2018

Statistics With Advertising

Brian Joseph Johns
This page is intended as a place where I track the coincidence between any posts or articles that I write with the increase in traffic to the site.

This will basically be directly drawn from a screen capture image of my blogger stats page. It will show the most recent traffic resulting from posts, additional chapters to my stories and anything else I write for this web site, all without advertising said additions to the site.

What this would imply is that somehow, a group of people are somehow aware of the fact that I'm working on the web site or posting to it without me actually advertising the addition or telling anyone about it. Somehow that information is mysteriously making its way to other places in the world.

Most notably and often first, to someone in the United States with an Macintosh browser using Safari and a few other users who immediately show up to my site after posting without me advertising it. Keep in mind that I don't have monetization active for this site or any advertising, so there is no way that my posts are somehow relayed to others immediately, not even through subscriptions or feeds of which I'm aware. In other words, the evidence would indicate that I'm being illegally eavesdropped. The people doing the eavesdropping are likely connected with those stealing my identity in the community.

So I thought that I'd start tracking this mystery by posting an image of the traffic to my site after I've posted information or additions without advertising.

Here's the first such image taken today (Sunday March 25, 2018)

Below represents a 24 hour period:

Below represents a two hour period prior until the current time:

Below represents a two hour period prior showing a graph of access timed with prior post (The God Question at 8:40AM unannounced) and this post unannounced.

The implications are also that such eavesdroppers might be stealing and plagiarizing my content as I have been producing it. Maybe using the justification or implication that I'm a pirate (I'm not) or something of that nature to get away with it. This has been going on at this location for nearly six years. Often prior to any posts or work that I've published, I'm often harassed to unbearable levels. This includes any time that I attempt to go out into my community. In that sense I'm almost a prisoner in my own apartment.

Brian Joseph Johns

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