Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How Different People Overcome Different Hurdles

Brian Joseph Johns
Recently I had posted an addition to both the Butterfly Dragon page and the A Lady's Prerogative page detailing how a bunch of malicious people had attempted to steal much of my work, all while a group of people abused me over the course of fifteen to twenty years during eight of which I'd been rendered into forced homelessness.

Now if you as the reader have stopped reading and are thinking:

Ooooh no. Not again. Here comes the poor me story of the century and that's a good thing because I'm a musician. Here's me playing the world's smallest violin for you...

Nobody likes to hear someone in good health complain. Let's face it. So many people who've started out with the cards stacked against them have achieved so much more despite that fact and here's a grown man complaining about how a mean and treacherous the world is to him. [This time, the world's smallest accordion plays a tragic, epic piece penned by none other than Beethoven himself long after he'd lost his hearing!]

I suppose that we all have poor me stories and they have become quite a currency amongst those who really do have legitimate obstacles in life other than mean and nasty plagiarists who target content creators who've accumulated the bad history or stigma of being movie or software pirates and having stolen directly from the dinner table of the countless employed in the movie or software industry.

Imagine when someone laden with that kind of cliché or stigma complains about being targeted by others for abuse, theft and harassment!:

Damn those bastages, they deserve every bite of it! (to borrow from the hilarious movie Johnny Dangerously).

Naturally, for anyone who is a part of committing such abuse the best way to clean up their public relations is... as soon as one of the targets complain about their victimization we'll find someone with real and legitimate obstacles, perhaps someone who is differently abled who will talk about their hurdles in life and put those friggin' ice holes in their place! (once again to borrow from Johnny Dangerously).

There's it is done. The abuse victim appears a complete ice hole for complaining when of course they're perfectly healthy and able bodied next to the person for whom the abusers arrange to speak about their obstacles in life. The lesser-abled innocent versus the able bodied guilty. The worst aspect is how the two are being completely used and exploited, and often for the benefit of those who are promoting the abuse and then highlighting the efforts of the "differently abled" and all for the wrong reasons.

In other words, those people don't care one bit for the "differently abled" except that their testimony can help them ease the conscience of those who abuse and punish others because they believe it is their duty to do so according to some twisted moral inclination rather than to help someone who is really guilty of wrong doing to make up for their wrongs to the very people they wronged. For most people who are driven by the sick pleasure of punishment, it is not about the crime but perhaps the pleasure derived by those employed for the purposes of punishment? I speak not of the judiciary system or Police. I mean people who otherwise just like to do it because of the pain it causes others. Sort of social sadists.

Imagine a world where everyone, and I mean everyone responsible for a crime against another had to carry the weight of their own burden for what they'd done rather than someone else carrying that weight for them. I bet that within months of such an idea spreading throughout the world that people would effectively sort themselves out between what they truly believed was right, just and fair and what they knew in the deepest and darkest recesses of their soul and being to be wrong.

The point is that when you have to take responsibility for your own actions, you tend to behave a bit more responsibly without sacrificing your own free will. When you are burdened with aspects that you truly believe not to be wrong, you'll stand up for what you believe and that is what drives a civil society.

If someone else carries the weight of your burden and perhaps as a means to pay for something special about your heritage. Something that others believe sets you above the rest, a few big problems start to manifest. For one, the person responsible for any action whose burden may be carried by others who are seeking to buy that individual's heritage for their own, does nay make up for their misdeeds against others and especially the innocent. In other words, the travesty their victims experience are made amends for the none and the real perpetrator learns nothing about how they affect people nor do they empathize and understand the suffering they've caused no matter the degree. Especially when someone else can just carry the weight of their mistakes for them.

We each of us are made better people when we can truly understand our impact upon the world and the people around us. More so, we become better people when the burden for our own actions affecting others' lives is carried by nobody else but ourselves. The worse the action the bigger the burden. Our conscience will let us know when the scales are in balance and more importantly when we've forgiven ourselves. The weight of such chains will likely be none upon us at that point having made it up to the very people that we've wronged.

Keep in mind that's a message coming from a Buddhist and a Taoist, though spoken through the heart and mind of someone who had long before been a member of Christianity and long before it seemingly had gone astray. I've always completely embraced the sciences, mathematics and literature for what it offered us all and because I can't believe that God (or Goddess, and I'm highly thinking the Aerth Mother) could not be so upset by our love through understanding of the universe and all of creation no matter how or what begat it. First of all I'd say that God is nothing without the Goddess just as Man is nothing without Woman. We are inextricably woven into each other's being, whether we like it or nought much the same way that we each are inextricably woven between ourselves and perhaps in order to understand the nature of our being through the aspects of our being that cause us to defy one another and ultimately what is uniformly right between us all. Science. Religion. Responsibility. Forgiveness. Though above all else, innocence.

Much as the tree of life mirrors the synapses of the brain, both tree and root so do the orbits of the Koran mirror the path of planets in the skies. Much as the pain we experience in life relies upon our wants versus our needs, so does the peace we find rely upon kindness and our deeds as cited by the Buddha. The truth is that the Kingdom of Heaven is within, as cited by the Christ, Jesus. The peace and the understanding that we seek can only be found within ourselves. Not through the dogma and pragma suggested by many who'd wield the belief systems of the world for their own power but rather those who look within that wonder and curiosity that drives us all. Just as the darkness gave rise to the light and the two became the head and tail of a cosmic dragon chasing itself through the sky in the Tao of the philosophy of the Chinese. The dragon is not bad, nor is it good. It just is. It you examine any half of the day/night cycle, you're only looking at one half and not the whole. Just the same if you only look at the bad, you are only looking at one half of the whole.

In fact and though for the purpose of the proof of my love for a Woman who in fact is Chinese herself, I'd kept secret one of the biggest with regard to the Tao and Yin Yang. In fact I'd kept it for myself all and one in hopes that I'd be in her sights having recognized it. The truth is that it was nought mine to keep to begin with. It was meant to be shared for in Te Tao it finds peace where there is none. It is hidden within my book in progress What Different Eyes See, though few if none have found it as of yet. It is the This and the That. The concept that peace has no constant bearings while conflict can easily be found. Hence looking for peace to be resting in one place is futile while seeking conflict in one place is never without yield. Just like my love for Yi, it is mystery without measure. It is loss with absolute destination and a find without absolute bearing. It is a concept that is very difficult to grasp and one that has taken me great loss to know. In fact, the heart upon the Butterfly Dragon's crest is my hope to be reunited with Yi, though it is never completely without loss just as it is never completely found. You do remember my story series: The Lost and the Found? The best way to describe it is: Secrets Aren't Hidden and the Obscured Are Easily Found.

Perhaps one of the most incredible insights of the mysticism of belief comes from the Kabbalah and Zohar and it has to do with the very nature of giving. A commonly misunderstood concept by many despite its simplicity. The concept being that to give requires one to allow others to do good unto them and to be sincerely appreciative of that effort they share, or to do good unto others sincerely. Even her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth in her 2014 Christmas Message had explained it to us each and every one: "The highest calling is to be in the service of others".

My point is that despite our differences and I call into question those who'd use the testimony of others whose hurdles are much more than that of others that we all, each and every one of us have more in common than nought.

In the elder ways, some of us learnt to volunteer ourselves as lambs for the slaughter. To hold ourselves responsible instead of others and in their place so that we may be more Christ like... After all, self sacrifice is what being Christian is about. Isn't it? I'd say that taking responsibility for your own words and actions is really what its about. Keep in mind that's coming from someone who has been the lamb for the slaughter one too many times. However that's not the fault of anyone differently abled than the rest of us, is it?

Thank you very much and Happy Passover and Easter, no matter what you truly believe and that's coming from myself, a passionate Buddhist and Taoist.

Brian Joseph Johns

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