Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I'm glad to be writing this and certainly feeling much better having expressed my disdain at abuse, though I am sorry that expression fell upon people that I cherish: my readers.

I do not and will not take back anything that I said within prior posts that have now been removed and not because they were wrong, but because they were not in context to this site and its goals. Social abuse of anyone is wrong and I'm no exception to that rule either as a victim or an abuser of it (though I've not abused anyone or that rule my knowledge).

As I said many times yesterday, I love every colour there is and I would not want to be in a universe without any of the colours at all. It certainly would make art pretty dull without them. I also don't believe that any colour is more exceptional than another, though having a favourite colour is subjective and there's nothing wrong with that at all.

Likewise I believe that we all have rights and that those rights need protecting. Where I miss the ball or fail, is another's opportunity to catch the ball. I've missed a few in my life, but far and wide I've caught many more than I've missed and of that I'll always be proud and vigilant. Likewise, I've been a decent goalie too, helping to protect ideals often overlooked by many. I'd like to think that's what Canada is about. The peaceful and intuitive protector and negotiator.

Ontario, under the current guidance of The Honourable Kathleen Wynne, the province in which I live is much the same, though perhaps a bit more forcefully. Toronto, the city in which I live has its growing pains as I've expressed though it is a great city when you find people of like mind and temperament. I tend to treat people how they treat me though I set the degree of my response. Don't let others set the degree for yours and sometimes Toronto has a tendency to provoke that in others? Perhaps I miss the days of Mel Lastman and David Miller, both of whom I admire and that's not a shot at John Tory who is doing a good job for the city.

So Toronto. Where's our lady Mayor? I mean Britain, Germany and Israel have had Women leaders and I'd like to think that people vote by policy, principle and their confidence in a leader and that's an important statement because it indicates a society's confidence in Women. That is not a political endorsement of any party or person, it is just an insight albeit an important one. Canada has come a long way since being one of the first five nations in the world to ratify the Women's vote along with New Zealand in 1893, though it took until 1918 to make its way into formal policy.

I apologize to Amnesty International and the Women's Rights Movement for not taking part in the Wikipedia takeover as I'd agreed to. I myself have two very worthy candidates for recognition in Wikipedia as local Women stars who've made a tremendous difference in the lives of many marginalized Canadians, both Women and Men as they did in my life when I was at my most vulnerable. Their story will make it into Wikipedia by my hands as will a few others at some point in the near future.

It's good to be back and please don't think that I'm dancing because I'm not. One of the benefits of being bullet proof.

I recently picked up a new second computer from my friends at Computers With Pride which will replace my Tynan Research computer as the primary medical and science research computer running Boinc 24/7 as it has been for the last five years. During that time my research computer has returned many research hallmarks including factoring several markers for Cancer research. Many natural protein solutions for antibiotics and virus treatment. It has factored many asteroidal body trajectories helping to keep the Earth (Aerth?) safe from impact and identifying potential future resource bodies that pass near enough to the Earth (once again Aerth?) for possible asteroid mining projects. It has also calculated and discarded many candidates for Prime Numbers, which are imperative to both encryption and information compression. So armed with an awesome new (refurbished) serviced by Computers With Pride, and a fast video card and processor which I upgraded myself. I'll be continuing Tynan And Associates real life scientific research with this new computer and hopefully it has twice the throughput.

Thank you to SEGA from whom I received Company Of Heroes as part of their Make War Not Love event during the Valentine's season. I've been playing it for frequently for the last week and it is an awesome World War II RTS (Real Time Strategy) game if you haven't tried it. SEGA is the publishers of one of my favourite games of all time - Alien: Isolation. Of every medium there is; movies, television, video games etc, Alien: Isolation is the only game that truly frightens me. Actually it is the only thing that frightens me and I often play it when I need to be reminded what fear feels like. I can only hope that SEGA is contracted to give the same treatment to another movie franchise such as The Terminator or Blade Runner.

I hope that you've been watching Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams on Space Channel. Philip K. Dick is one of my favourite authors following visionaries much like Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clark, Herbert George Wells, Jules Verne, Spider Robinson, George Orwell, Douglas Adams and William Gibson. It is a visually stunning sci-fi series with incredible performances by its stellar cast. Like the channel itself, I highly recommend it to all lovers of sci-fi.

On the same topic and channel I have to say that the new Star Trek series Discovery is awesome! I highly endorse it and its cast and crew! I'm loving it. It's very close to my heart.

I recently added a great deal of new material to Bella's Tarot Reading once again and I'm hoping that the more squeamish of readers on the topic of gender will overcome their bias in regard to that subject. This story is tackling a few different concepts in a small space and is certainly worthy of a read by any reader.

The Butterfly Dragon: What Different Eyes See will receive a long overdue update within the next week. I had been neglecting A Lady's Prerogative and wanted to focus some attention on that story line. Butterfly Dragon will arise from the field once again very soon.

Thanks again for reading this and sticking by this blog or at the very least, tolerating it.

Brian Joseph Johns aka Weltherwithsp

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