Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Updates From A Strangely Silent Space...

Author Brian Joseph Johns
I disappeared again for a while into introversion and as well to do a bit of work on some of the stories here. I've had myself stretched a little bit thin not to mention a bit of negative attention from a local group who appear to be trying to "unperson" or nonperson me. What it amounts to is that some people locally try to steal my online identity and online output, while locally trying to give me the identity of someone else, with their past and history.

So dealing with that while trying to build this up into something has been a bit fraught with difficulty, though I seldom give up. I'm fortunate to have discovered recently that this sort of thing has a name, and once something of that nature has a name (see nonperson), its as good as done. So let's get to what's been changed or added around here.

The first most noticeable change is the new url: That's necessary for what's to come in the future. Currently Google blogger does not support HTTPS for custom urls. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you require HTTPS support, then use the old url

Secondly, I've finally added a monumental amount of information and links to the Allies section of this site. It details everything from the variety of Charitable Organizations Shhhh! Digital supports either financially or by spreading the word and by volunteering. In addition there are numerous other sections that list the places on the web and YouTube that are related to what we do here, or that I endorse as providing great content. I highly recommend checking out the Allies page.

Thirdly, I've written a fair bit of material which has been added to the site, including a new story called Santa Of The Stars based upon the video game Elite Dangerous and a brush on December 24th with a Santa suit clad ASMR artist. I've also added a story from the Butterfly Dragon archive called Valkyra's Deal with recently edited and updated story elements that explore the character of Valerie Aspen in further detail and gives her closure after the end of Heroes Of Our Own. I've transferred an article from my Poetry And Fiction blog to this site entitled Habitat For Adventure: Habitat For Humanity which details my volunteering experiences with the organization in June of 2013 in the format of a pictorial story. The novella A Lady's Prerogative: Test Of Time which is a work in progress has also been added.

If you're interested in seeing the new Sanctum Logo for A Lady's Prerogative then click the image on the left or visit the A Lady's Prerogative page and check out the first image there (Hey! It's just a backwards 2!). Its something I designed a while ago trying to give a foundation to the Sanctum and how it appears from the outside. The two big doors contain the two defenders of the Sanctum: the Itanicarum which are basically giant magically powered metallic golems piloted by at least twelve specially trained Magi from the Sanctum. The top of the Sanctum with the magenta light houses its magical power source which generates the aetheric shielding that encompasses the entire structure. These features are mostly drawn from the sequel to A Lady's Prerogative which is to be called A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth.

In the next few weeks I'll be announcing something related to both the Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative. Until then look forward to updates to both What Different Eyes See and Bella's Tarot Reading.

To bring you up to date with What Different Eyes See, Heylyn and Monique have departed to the Island of Cora Hau, where Future Tangent Industries is seeking investment capital for their newly constructed pharmacological facility which targets supplying the Far East with a new breakthrough drug that coincides with the Western Delegation's efforts to bring the SY349 formula to the Asian Alliance. Meanwhile Alicia and Valerie have taken the rest of the Western Delegation to Tokyo Japan where much of Future Tangent's effort seems to be focused. They will meet with the Japanese, Australian and Philippines delegates to earn their support. Much is sure to come as the story winds up for its exciting conclusion.

Meanwhile in the controversial Bella's Tarot Reading, Nelony and Sato have found Mila in the Casino where she's been plotting to beat Mr. Fortune at his own game. Shaela has confronted Mr. Fortune for a game of Blackjack where the stakes are rather high and could mean the end for her and Mila if she fails. Barris has also arrived just having spotted Mila from his entry into the Casino when thanks to fate and fortune, he's switched situations with Shaela...

Each of my stories now has a sponsor or a group of sponsors that I'd like to see supported by my readers if they can do so. These sponsors will either be listed at the beginning of the story or in the end near the bibliography. If there is no sponsor listed it most likely will be added soon and you can look to the Allies page and choose a charity from the list. Please help out within your means if you can.

One last note is that my cellular phone has been offline for about six months now, which might mean that I've lost my last number which was (647) 461-4979. If you have tried to call me on this number, chances are you won't get through. Instead, call my land line at 416-203-0928. Its my understanding that if you don't keep your account going on a pay as you go phone, that your number goes back into the phone number pool. That is that someone else can end up with your number in as little as a month or two. I do however still have the same phone which I bought as a replacement phone to the one that was stolen from me in June of 2013.

Oh, Merry Christmas, Happy Chaunukah, Happy Bodhi Day, Joyous Kwanza and Happy New Year or whatever you may have celebrated during the holiday season.

Brian Joseph Johns