Friday, June 30, 2017

The new Shhhh! Digital Media...

We are winding up for a re-branding and launch, essentially amalgamating all of our media properties under one flag and web presence. We are now available with our new domain at or just

Throughout the last five years we've been working hard to develop engaging media for a modern generation stemming from the wisdom of those who've come before us. With digital stories such as The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative, Stories From The End, Welcome To The Pleroma and The Legendary Of Xarn as well as our flagship digital software title: Shhhh! For Windows, we've broken ground in many areas creating positive and powerful memes that have echoed from here in Canada through the world over.

In the approach to the coming decade boundary, we'd like to bring those ideas together so that our readers and users can access them in one place and under one identity. The Shhhh! Digital brand.

We will continue to offer for free the stories of your favorite characters such as Mila Rendebelle, Heylyn Yates, Barris Windsor, Alicia Westin, Yirfir Lacharme, Monique Defleur, Shaela Sheowellyn (and her nightmarish shadow cat), Nelony Ardbloem  and of course Mishima Sato and Weltherwithsp.

In addition we will offer book titles from the world of The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative for purchase including interactive fiction for a young adult to mature reading audience. Our goal is to expand to other media in the future as well. Shhhh! For Windows software (which has matured by and far over the three years since its release) will also be available for purchase, evaluation and download from our site.

As we started initially with our commitment to charities matching the content of our media, whether that be via social networking or financial contribution, shall we continue to do the same offering up 25% of our proceeds from the sale of each title to the charities associated with each individual title.

For instance:

We will as promised stick to this course and plan in the future for years to come. Our efforts in this way have never nor will ever be a scam or fraud of any kind. We invite you to report any suspected scams and fraud to your local authorities and here in Canada such activities can be reported to the RCMP and your local Policing force. For more information relating to fraud and scams refer to this page.

We are still working hard to make this dream a reality and in the next few months look for the Shhhh! Digital Media website to expand to encompass these aforementioned properties expanding upon their story lines as we look to the future of the new convergence of media.

Chief Media and Executive Officer

Brian Joseph Johns

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